Sunday, 7 October 2018

Witchy Stitches..

Remember my trauma of the lost Witchy Stitches that I spent a whole morning rummaging around in the Quiet Room looking for??? I was emptying cupboards and boxes and all my baskets and generally turning the place upside down only to find them hung on my cupboard door right in front of my eyes!??? Well I decided I really, really needed to try and finish at least a few of them for this coming Halloween :) Soooooooo...I pulled out four of them, which all happened to be designs by Brenda Gervais- with thy needle & thread and got to work! ....
Three little shelf /bowl pillow fillers, all backed with woolly goodness and an attempt at prettying them up a tad with some pom-pom trim and ribbon. And one little hanging bag ...simply because I'd run out of stuffing! ;) hahaha   I'm quite pleased with how they all turned out. Here are some close-ups ....

 'One for the Crow'
 A soft woolly black backing and brushed orange check fabric (same as the handle) for the inside and a mix of buttons to decorate the top edge ...I like to think of it as my Witchy herbs and roots gathering bag ..hehehe :)

'Hilda's Alphabet Brew'
 I'm really pleased with this little pillow, particularly because its been waiting to be finished for several years ...I made a big-big-boo-boo when I originally stitched it.  I didn't measure the linen fabric correctly and I ended up with barely 1/2 an inch of fabric from the edge of the stitching ...I was sooo worried that it would all unravel as I sewed/stuffed it, but it was fine ..I did a double row of stitches to secure it to the backing too ...Sadly my  problems with this piece  didn't end there either should have orange pom-pom trim all around the edges (like Mrs Pumpkin below) but as I finished stitching and trimmed the pom-pom I nicked one of the pom-pom's with my sharp little scissors and it was like a domino effect all the pom-poms disintegrated and became a fuzzy mush of thread...Oooh Nooo! ...But, after I recovered from my initial dismay I realised that  I quite like the bobbly edging it left so I decided to leave it and not unpick it ...And now its probably one of my favourite finishes! :)

'Tricks & Treats'
 I love the green of Mrs Pumpkins dress and her stripey socks :) Fortunately her pom-pom trim stayed intact ...thanks to much carefuller scissor snipping! ;) hehehe

'Witches Night Out'
 Not a brilliant picture, sorry :(   I used a black lace edging for this spooky lady, which I quite like ...the recommended design was mini orange pom-pom trim ...I wasn't keen to risk the orange pom-pom's again...hahahha :) There is definitely something about the way Brenda Gervais designs her Witches...body shape, thread colours, the boots! hahaha.... but all her witches are a delight to stitch and pretty adorable. I'm still happily stitching on my current Witchy design but I am  yearning to start more ...I wonder if I'll manage any more Witchy ladies before Halloween ??:)

I was inspired by a new Instagram friend, Kathy @kindredquilts, for these next two finishes...
 Two old  charity-shop bread/chopping boards, some black paint and a little bit of ribbon and trims and I had  two more finishes :) They caused me slightly more consternation than my usual little pillow finishes and whilst I am overall pleased with how they turned out, I can definitely see several 'icky' places and lots of room for improving my 'gluing' and finishing techniques.

'Buttons Black' by Pauline Stewart - Plum Street Samplers 
 This is one of my first ever Witchy cross stitchings, that I stitched years ago ...again I stitched  a bit tooo close to the edge of the linen and was not sure how to finish it without ruining it, so it has hung on that cupboard door for a long time  :)  I did make a bit of a hash with this as I was attaching the black ribbon...I'd carefully glue one side at a time to try to be as neat as possible ...when I got to the third and top edge I realised that the black ribbon had been semi-snipped and it was tooo late to remove without possibly ruining everything. So after several days of feeling slightly  miffed and a tad sad I suddenly had the idea of attaching an old wooden bat ornament to the top and strategically placing it 'artily' over the torn ribbon! whoop-whoop-whoop ...I was pretty pleased with myself ...problem solved and I quite like the quirkiness of the funny little bat stuck at the top :) Lesson learnt- check the full length of my ribbon before I start attaching it!

'Something Wicked' by La-D-Da Designs...
This one only just fitted onto the painted chopping board and once again i attached my pom-pom trim, fortunately it stayed in place and didn't unravel on me again :)

It is quite satisfying to  actually finish off my projects ...much better than them hanging on the cupboard door! ;) hahaha   I'm still thinking about my other Witchy projects that need finishing ...Ideally I'd like to have them framed but that can get pricey might be a matter of waiting for more inspiration to strike and fire-start me into action ;) ....hehehe

Back to my Witchy Stitching  and hopefully another properly finished piece soon :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

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Barb said...

I am so impressed with those wonderful finishes! The pom pom disaster really turned out great, I would have never guessed there had been a problem!I'm with you, I love Brenda's witches.