Saturday, 20 October 2018

Shopping weaknesses....

I know we've discussed my terminal shopping problems before ...and really that's kind of why I need lots and lots of love and help, with plenty of understanding  and support ... I definitely don't need condemnation ...or heaven forbid ...'rolling eyes' and heavy sighs ;)  hahaha That kind of reaction only sends me into a downwards spiral  ..hehehe :)   
I seem to be able to manage to be good for a week or two but then it all happens within a matter of days (minutes sometimes if it's adding to your basket on the Internet !) 
Shopping is really toooo easy for a person with a shopping weakness...I  really do  think it could be a health issue or something :) hehehe  I suspect it could be causing serious health issues for poor hubby's wallet!  :(  
My problem seems to be in the region of ... 'it was the last one', 'it's tooo cute not to buy it', '' it was soooo cheap', I loved it at first sight' or my particular favourite..'it just jumped into my basket' ...all very true and as much as I try to avoid using them just seems to somehow happen! I think Hubby thinks I'm a lost cause ...good job he loves me! ;)
Naturally we are talking Pumpkin Shopping!  and I dare anyone to say that they could have walked away from any of these goodies! ;) hahaha
I can't even choose a favourite! BUT..... if I had to.... the Pumpkin Man is so grungy and ugly that he's adorable! The Pumpkin head on the spring is just a lovely colour ....I can never say no to a Pumpkin snow globe ...or any snow globe really! ;) hehehe   I loved the black spotted pumpkin lidded dish as soon as I saw it and the fabric pumpkins were just lovely...and one came in a decorated pan!  Definitely my very very favourite is the ceramic pumpkin head jar ...that stalk! The only one I was a little unsure of was the metal tin thingy, decorated with pumpkins was a 'cheap as chips'  win on EBay  and it looked different in the photos ...but it is cute just not as cute as everything else ! hahahaha 
I'm hoping that as the  Pumpkin season wanes, so will my Pumpkin shopping !! Although having said that, technically I keep the Pumpkins out all through November too.... soooooo.... that's another whole month of possible Pumpkin shopping!!! 
Oh dear...I think I may have a very serious problem!! ;) :0   hahaha

Hugs Wendy x x x


Robin said...

I love the eyes on the middle one in the 2nd picture. I can think of a lot worse things to do than shop for pumpkins. And, you don't just find joy in the purchase, you have fun displaying your collection too. You won't find any criticism from me.

julieQ said...

I just bought a whole bunch of plaids...I think it optimism and zest for life! Go with your pumpkins!

Barb said...

It is just not possible to have too many PUMPKINS. Plus, they are good decorations for Sept. Through Nov. I also felt the weakness at JoAnn's just this evening. How can I resist 60% OFF?????

Sherry said...

I love the pumpkin man!!

Robin said...

Oh Wendy! I can't find your email address so I'll comment here. I am so pleased and delighted with the pumpkins that you sent me. What a generous gift. They just make me smile whenever I come into the room with them. Thank you so very much! I'll be storing my decorations differently this year with all the pumpkins together so I can get that box out in September and wait till October to get out the rest of the things. That way I can enjoy these little pumpkins longer. They will be on display for all of November too. Thank you, thank you. (I'm even using the chocolate as part of my decorations.)