Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Pumpkins!!! :)

I have finally managed to finish unpacking all  those storage boxes and  my darling Hubby is no longer tripping over them in the hallway and kitchen ;) hehehe....The Pumpkins are out!! Hooorayyy!
I know I always go a teensy bit overboard with the whole Pumpkin Loving thing, and every year I think that'll I'll cut back and not unpack them all...but each year it's like unpacking old friends ...which ones don't I invite out to play?? hahahaha    I think hubby often wishes I could be a minimalistic seasonal decorator ...BUT ...between you and me I just don't think that is ever going to happen! hehehehe   I just Love my 'stuff'  toooo much ;)  Is there room for anymore? I can hear you thinking??? Well I'll be honest and own up to a few new purchases that are already intermingled with old favourites makes it much harder for hubby to spot the new comers!...hahaha 

Sooo without further ado, here are some photos of this years Pumpkins ...similar to last year and the year before but possibly with some new treasures! :) :)
The Kitchen Window....
Did you spot anything new?? hehehe    Noooo? Hopefully Hubby didn't either ! ;) haha   I'll confess all later :)

The Family room is pretty much the same each year...the piano covered in Pumpkins, the old dresser covered in Pumpkins and Pumpkins on the Fire-mantle and the chest of drawers ...Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere! hehehe
I can actually see a few little empty spaces here and there that might need filling with a Pumpkin or two :) At the end of the month I'll tweak the Pumpkins on the chest of drawers and make that into my Witchy corner for Halloween  (so there is one more box to be emptied ..hehe)  I'm just glad to be in my happy place feeling the Pumpkin Love :)  I have a few more little areas that I've decorated but Blogger as usual doesn't like it when I try to upload tooo many pictures so I'll share those later  :)
Just wanted to share the Pumpkin Lovin'  :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

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