Saturday, 1 September 2018

Happy 1st September...

I'm always excited to see the beginning of September arrive, partly because it follows on from the school holidays and means we are soon to be settling back into routines and normality after the long and sometimes frantic days of Summer. It is also the time for new beginnings, new adventures and new excitement. And  even if Autumn isn't technically due to start until the 23 September it is also time to start thinking about  getting the Pumpkins out!! ....The 23rd seems an awfully long time to wait to unpack the Pumpkins! ..hehehe  
School and Day Services resume on Wednesday and that's the day I'll be suuuuuper sweet  and hopefully persuade someone to venture into the loft for my Pumpkin boxes :)   As the favourite son Jacob is currently  away working in Madrid for the next 3 weeks and son-in-law Nathan, with Abi and the Grand-Bubba  is on holiday also in Spain,  it's looking like Hubby is the one to be persuaded ;) hahaha  Wish me luck in my ability to cajole and coax him up that ladder ...hehehe 
I'm sooooo ready to say farewell to all my Summer decorations, so in preparation for the Pumpkin loving season I've been happily stitching away this last few weeks on my first Autumn/Fall/Pumpkin design of the year :)    
Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street Samplers, straight out of my hoop and not even pressed before I started taking Photos ...hehehe :) ....
As always this is my favouritist stitch ever! ...hahaha...I know I say that after nearly every finish ...hehehe
 I used all the recommended threads and linen...
  The colours are just beautiful, so rich and warm and ...Autumnal ..:)
 I loved everything about this design ...but there again whats not to love about Stars, Sunflowers, Pumpkins, Picket Fences and Scarecrows ?? I wasn't sure about the thread colour for the picket fence at first, I was contemplating fiddling with the colour and choosing a whiter thread but decided to stick with the designers choice  :)  I'm glad I did too as my choice could have looked a tad stark against the richness of those yummy pumpkins!
I'd like to be a little bit more adventurous with finishing this piece ...but I can't promise that it won't end up as a piano pillow! ;) hehehe

We have exciting and new  adventures happening in the Kirby and Woodward homes ... Miss Abigael has handed in her notice as a Teaching Assistant at School and this summer sat the entrance exams and interviews to be awarded a place at University to gain her Teaching qualifications. She'll be studying to be a Maths teacher. We are sooo pleased and excited for her. Its going to be full time and hard work but she is more than capable and she has always been extremely motivated and determined so I have no worries that she will excel and be the most wonderful teacher ever! :) :) And Jacob , my blue-eyed-boy  ;)  is turning full circle and after a year of studying his Engineering Degree he's decided to completely change the direction of his studies  and once he returns from Madrid he will be enrolling onto his new Degree course in Modern Languages, studying Spanish and French  ...could you get any more different to Maths and Physics? :) I always suspected he wasn't enjoying the Engineering course, and I'm actually quite proud that he has taken a big step to change of his future and decided to pursue his love of  Spain and the Spanish language and culture...He had to have an assessment to determine his ability and competency in Spanish, particularly as he didn't even study Spanish at GCSE or 'A'level and passed with flying colours to be accepted onto the Degree course ...we were suitably impressed and very proud of him :)  Then there's also my wonderful  Hubby ...he'll be realising one of his own longtime ambitions and starting his Masters Degree in Horticulture in October, whilst working full time and taking care of all of us!  To say I'm super-duper proud of my little family is an understatement, I love that they are all so willing and excited to be pursuing their dreams and potential. I'm happy to have my Angels to care for and my  little Grand-bubba for several afternoons a week and maybe time to  slip  an hour or two of stitching in my day  :)  Exciting times ...and it all starts in September! :)  hahaha
Hugs Wendy x x 


Barb said...

Wow! Your family is really moving along! I love the feeling of a new start in September too. I feel it more in Sept. than in January. That just feel dull and the end of the holiday season. Of course, I taught for 30 years so my life really did start new every September. Best of luck to your adult kids in their new adventures.

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Ruth said...

Well, how wonderful that two of your children are taking higher education courses at the same time! They might be comparing efforts and grades along the way. That's great that Jacob has decided on a better fit of study. It should be easier on him to do something he really you and stitching (and not cooking)!

Diane-crewe said...

So glad to hear your family are beginning the studies they WANT to do x I always think of you at this time when I get out the pumpkins you made for me .. they sit on my hall table and greet visitors with such fun xx

Kindred Quilts said...

How is it I never stumbled on your blog until today?!?!? Love the Cinnamon Stars cross-stitch... can't go wrong with a Plum Street Samplers design. How ever you decide to finish it, I can't wait to see!
It certainly sounds like you have much to be proud of in regards to family. It's the best feeling for Moms, isn't it?