Sunday, 30 September 2018


I'm feeling a teensy bit proud of myself  :)  I've finished stitching, sewn borders on and actually got my Tingles all ready to hang on the wall ...all in the same year!! hahahaha  :)  I'm not tooo sure that that has ever happened before  ...well certainly not in the last year or two if my 'waiting to be finished' basket is anything to go by ;)

I present to you ....drum roll please.... "Tingles" by Lizzie Kate Designs  :)
 I couldn't quite get a full length photo of it laid out flat,  so that's why it is kind of draped over some cushions on the sofa :)  I am chuffed to bits with it. I tried to keep my borders simple and not too fussy. I used a smokey, slightly mottled, black cotton fabric for the thin inner border. Then a piece of brushed woven, orange check that was just the perfect colour match to some of the thread in the cross stitch designs. I backed it all with a dark mossy green, brushed cotton fabric, which gives a nice contrast ... I didn't think to take a photo of the back  ;)  I've sewn fabric tags to the top edge to tie-hang it onto a wall pole...I have just realised that I've forgotten to sew the teensy-weensy buttons onto each little design ...guess I'll be doing that next ...hahaha :)

Some close-ups of the last lot of designs ...
'Jack Lantern'...

'Just Batty'....

'Trick or treat smell my feet'...

'Double double toil & trouble'...

'It's Halloscream'...

Two little stitches with some extra border stars , 'Tis Halloween' and 'Fright Night'...


And the final one , 'Gone haunting'...

This is how they all looked before I added the borders ...long and skinny :)
I followed the recommended layout as suggested by Lizzie Kate Designs on their website ..they share a  few extra little borders and flowers and stars to pull everything together into one long finished piece...

I have soooo enjoyed stitching this design,. It has been a joy to sit down and sew on an evening snuggled next to my Angels (who are both doing much better ...Angel Esther's seizures are sooo much more controlled since her last slight increase in her meds ...she's much more happier and settled too ...we've been Angel-seizure free for over a week, which is excellent !)  ... This design has helped to soothe and calm my frayed and tired nerves :)
Initially I thought I was going to struggle with some of the recommended colours for the threads ...but .. I was good I trusted the design and didn't tweak or change anything ...and the colours work beautifully together. This will definitely be a wall hanging that I will bring out year after year, and will always make me smile as I remember how much I enjoyed stitching it  :) 

The Angels and I have worked hard this afternoon, my girlies have helped me to set out our little 'Witching' corner in the family room, ready for the 1st of October and Witching month  tomorrow ... I may have to tweak a few things  tomorrow before I take some photos!! :) :) hahaha
But my Tingles is ready to hang in place just as soon as I sew those little buttons on ...which I should probably start doing right now! :)

Tingle hugs
Wendy x x

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Confessions of a Pumpkin Shopper...

Oh My!!! Even I am prepared to say that  the Pumpkin Shopping may have gotten slightly out of hand this year!  ;)  I have reasonably good excuses...I even have someone else to blame ...admittedly he's not quite 17 months old but he did put me under a lot of pressure and I really felt like I was 'up against it' !! ...the 'it' being getting out of the shop before he had a major explosive poohy nappy was a very close call I can tell you! :) 

Sooooooo on our First shopping trip the Grand-Bubba and I purchased  matching Pumpkin lighty-uppy-ornaments ...I may have added the really cute green glass Pumpkin in tooo ...just to give balance to the basket in one hand and the Grandbaby clinging onto the other hip ... You do need balance in all things ;) 
I can't quite  remember picking up the little 'Pumpkin and Marshmallow' candle ...and because I was worried about the whole balance thing ...and the 'trumpy' smells signally a possible  soon-to-be explosive-nappy coming from the Bubba ...I decided to just go with the candle and not make tooo much of a fuss ...I'm that kind of Gal! ;) hahaha

Fortunately ... Bubba and I made it home safely ...despite one of us stinking-to-high-heaven....why do babies smell sooooo bad??? :) hahaha   After a clean-up and a change of clothes for the exploding one, I started thinking about a Pumpkin Snow globe that I'd seem but just not had enough hands or space in my basket to pick it up.... Hhhmmmm .... would it really be that bad of a thing to GO BACK to the shop and Buy the Pumpkin Snow Globe????
In the short time that we were away they must have had a little reshuffle of the shelves, maybe a restock or something....because....I spotted the cutest little smokey glass Pumpkin plate and a lovely bright yellow glass Pumpkin !!! .....forearmed or forewarned ...I'm not sure which ...but I had the sense this time to use a trolley for our second visit and so Bubba was sat in his seat and there was plenty of room for all three Pumpkin Treasures balancing baskets and babies on hips this time....Fabulous! :)

I'd like to say that that particular days shopping was over and complete .....BUT....
When Abi got home from University and discovered what Bubba and I had been doing with our day ...SHE wanted to go shop too ....Let me just say right now that I have no affiliation with TKMaxx or Homesense and sadly for all of Hubby's hard-earned money I spend there ...I never get a discount as a frequent shopper!!! ;) hahaha     Sooooo our THIRD trip out shopping was actually all Abi's fault ...and the fault of the store staff for continually topping up their shelves with stock and basically torturing me and tempting me each and every time I go in ..... My excuse this time was that I really could do with some 'just-in-case' Candle gifts ...for other people!...not me!..well maybe one of them was for me ...they dooo smell so wonderful!  ;)  And the Crow snow globe will look spooky enough but not too scary for my Witchy corner ....and the Pumpkins ...well they're Pumpkins what else is there to say???? :)

Three 'shops'... but actually only one SHOP,  just visited three ONE day ...hehehe
It looks pretty bad when you put it all together doesnt it ?  ...errrrmmm... I'm trying to think of an excuse here...struggling ;) ...Nope, I got nothing is as bad as it looks! hahahaha :)

And if it all ended right there we could possibly draw a line under everything and move on. But does my ability to shop ever diminish???  ... The honest answer is just a straight forward, plain ...NO! I'm beginning to think I may have a medical condition or something ...possibly one thats not been discovered yet ! :) And I also suspect its a lifelong condition ...most likely terminal!
Sooooooo Ebay! I really do think that I must be the luckiest Ebay bidder/winner ever! I win all the time ...surely that's not my fault ...some people are fast runners, some people can juggle ...I win on Ebay! :) I'm not too sure how I won these lovely treasures ...but, I'm almost certain it had nothing to do with placing the highest bid ...or anything sordid like money...I'm just lucky! ;) hehehe
I'm not toooo sure what the Pumpkin plate with all the metal bits coming out of it was in a previous life...but the Pumpkin Folk Art painted on it  is beautiful  as is the griddle pan...and the punch needle crow?? ...They are all sooooo hard to find and buy here in the UK so I just had to win can understand that can't you? ;)

Then there was the Autumn/Pumpkin wooden comb-thingies (I think they were originally sheep wool carders) Again very pretty folk Art and just crying out to belong to me! Honest they were!
I'm really, really pleased with all my new Pumpkin treasures and I will try really, really, reeeeeaaally hard not to be tempted and buy anymore ...truly I will ...but as I'm sure it's a medical condition that I'm suffering from it is possible that I could have a any moment! :) hehehe

And to prove that I don't just buy Pumpkins ...
This little Rag Doll came home with me during a lucky shop during the summer (I just forgot to share a picture)  She's very cute and I love her little face, it's like she's kind of sad, concerned, worried ..??? She doesn't have to worry I'm not going to put her in a box with any Pumpkins, she can sit on my sewing table next to my sewing machine and give me concerned looks. :) 
Talking of boxes ...I might need another box for when I pack everything away in November ready for Christmas ...that will make 10 Pumpkin boxes you think hubby will notice that extra one??  EEeeaakk! ...hahahhaha :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

More Pumpkins...

Just a few more photos of some smaller areas decorated with Pumpkins! :) As much as I might like to Hubby and Jacob won't let me decorate the bedrooms or bathrooms with Pumpkins...which I think is a bit mean ;) ..hehehe I only want to share the Pumpkin Love with them ! :) hahahahaha

The Kitchen table HAS to have some Pumpkins ...

Just one or too in the Hallway ....

And its only fair that the Little Room has a share of the Pumpkin Love too ... (I hate those wires from the TV but the Boys insist that they can't be tided away because it interferes with the Ninetendo machine thingy-a-mi-bob :) ...I like to thing that I embrace compromise, so I haven't completely blocked of access to their plug bits and pieces ... they're all  just behind those felt sunflowers! ;) ! hahaha ;)

This is my little vintage cutlery tray that sits next to me in the family little bobbin lamp helps light up my evening stitching :)

A small wall cupboard/shelf... I'll stick a Pumpkin anywhere! hahaha

And even the Angels rocking chair gets its own big Pumpkin and giant mouse ...
they are the perfect size for throwing across the room when you just have to sit in your rocker next to the window :) ... It is Angel Mim's favourite spot to sit and draw :)
I think that's it, that's all the Pumpkins ....tooo much?? A bit OTT? Maybe I've got an OCD thing for Pumpkins ....I'd be willing to join a 'Pumpkins Anonymous' group  :) you think they would let us share the Pumpkin Love with one another? hahahahaha .... I know ...completely Bonkers! :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Pumpkins!!! :)

I have finally managed to finish unpacking all  those storage boxes and  my darling Hubby is no longer tripping over them in the hallway and kitchen ;) hehehe....The Pumpkins are out!! Hooorayyy!
I know I always go a teensy bit overboard with the whole Pumpkin Loving thing, and every year I think that'll I'll cut back and not unpack them all...but each year it's like unpacking old friends ...which ones don't I invite out to play?? hahahaha    I think hubby often wishes I could be a minimalistic seasonal decorator ...BUT ...between you and me I just don't think that is ever going to happen! hehehehe   I just Love my 'stuff'  toooo much ;)  Is there room for anymore? I can hear you thinking??? Well I'll be honest and own up to a few new purchases that are already intermingled with old favourites makes it much harder for hubby to spot the new comers!...hahaha 

Sooo without further ado, here are some photos of this years Pumpkins ...similar to last year and the year before but possibly with some new treasures! :) :)
The Kitchen Window....
Did you spot anything new?? hehehe    Noooo? Hopefully Hubby didn't either ! ;) haha   I'll confess all later :)

The Family room is pretty much the same each year...the piano covered in Pumpkins, the old dresser covered in Pumpkins and Pumpkins on the Fire-mantle and the chest of drawers ...Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins everywhere! hehehe
I can actually see a few little empty spaces here and there that might need filling with a Pumpkin or two :) At the end of the month I'll tweak the Pumpkins on the chest of drawers and make that into my Witchy corner for Halloween  (so there is one more box to be emptied ..hehe)  I'm just glad to be in my happy place feeling the Pumpkin Love :)  I have a few more little areas that I've decorated but Blogger as usual doesn't like it when I try to upload tooo many pictures so I'll share those later  :)
Just wanted to share the Pumpkin Lovin'  :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Tingles and Angel Cuddles...

Autumn seems to well and truly have arrived here in Lancashire, our summer shorts have been packed away and extra layers have been added on top of our t-shirts. The snuggle blankets are out most days as my Angels cuddle up together on the sofa :) We've had mostly a wet and dreary start to Autumn, I'm hoping we get some drier days so we can enjoy a little bit of sunshine and some walks thru' crisp crunchy fallen leaves ...that's what Autumn is all about ...hahaha :)
My Angels have returned for the most part happily to School and Day Services. Angel Mim's seizures seem to have finally calmed down and she seems more settled on her slightly increased Epilepsy meds. Angel Esther is not quite there yet, she's lucky if she gets a 'free-seizure' day at the moment, the convulsions are much shorter but she's not quite as she should be just yet :(   Fortunately the team of Epilepsy Nurses that support us are fabulous, they are so kind and understanding. I speak to one of them at least once a week to update them on our Angels and they are really helping us get the best is hard to get the right balance between controlling the seizures but not 'numbing' so much that we end up with Angel-zombies ...if that makes sense. It takes a fair bit of tweaking and small increases or even decreases in meds but I have absolute confidence in our nurses and their expertise, Angel Esther is doing sooo much better than just last month. so hopefully we'll continue to see improvements in the next few weeks until her seizures are fully under control :)

Sooo that's why we've been spending a lot of time snuggling and  cuddling with our Angels  :) and its surprising how reasonably adept at stitching with a head in my lap I've become ..hehehe 
Mr Postman has stopped by once ..or twice with some little packages to help me stay a calm and happy mummy ;)
I may have gone a teensy bit overboard! ;) But I really needed every single one of them and I'm already putting them to good use as I've started that fun new little project, in the top photo, by Lizzie Kate Designs called Tingles  and it is sooo much fun that I'm trying to slow myself down because I'm stitching tooo fast and I'm worried it will be over tooo soon...hahaha :) Each card has two small designs which can be stitched as individual little pillows or on the Lizzie Kate website they have instructions on how to stitch them in one full piece ...after seeing some lovely examples on Instagram and Pinterest I decided to go with the one piece :)
Here are  my Tingles so far...

 Threads and linen all ready, with my photocopied layout to hand ..
Tingles number 1..
 'Ghosties & ghoulies' favourite is the little ghost and the owl :)
 and 'Haunted'...naturally I love those pumpkins
Tingles number 2...
 'October 31' ...I just love the O  and the smile on the pumpkin face  :)
Following the recommended layout this is what they look like so far...
The colour of the fabric  looks better than it has shown  up here is more like in the first photo...but I'm loving how it looks all ready. There are six Tingles cards, so that's twelve little designs, I've stitched another two that I need to take photos of but I really am having to hold myself back ..hahaha They are just too fun and it's kind of exciting seeing them come together as a long stitched piece. I've already decided that I'm going to finish mine as a fabric wall hanging as opposed to framing ...I can see just the right spot of the wall where it will hang perfectly! :) With this level of excitement there is a good chance that it could be fully finished ..THIS..YEAR!!! hahahahaha
I must have the finishing bug at the moment as I absolutely ransacked the 'Quiet Room' yesterday searching for several other cross-stitch finishes that I knew I had ...I turned that room upside down looking in every single basket and box, there may have been the odd cuss as I was getting frustrated because I couldn't find them ..hehehe When Bingo I found them ...hung up on my storage cupboard door right in front of me ...literally at eye-level!!! I was happy to find them but a tad miffed that I now had to tidy up ..hehehe ....
The lost but now found Halloween stitches ...
I obviously have a thing for Witches ..hehehe ...I managed to spend a little time with my sewing machine and a few of them will hopefully be all-dun' soon :)

I've also had Hubby risking life and limb by climbing up into the loft to get these yummy boxes down...
I've almost finished emptying them ...I had nine of those big boxes stacked up in the hallway ...hubby was not amused! ;) So the Angels and I have worked hard (with a teensy bit of help from the Grand-Bubba) setting each and every Pumpkin in its rightful place .... I'm a bad Mum ...hehe...I'll probably...most definitely... be tweaking everything a little when my Angel's are at School and Day Services ..hahaha :)
But I think I can safely say that we are feeling the Autumnal and Pumpkin love here in Angel land ...I need to make sure I'm well stocked up on hot chocolate and marshmallows ..hehehe 
Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 1 September 2018

Happy 1st September...

I'm always excited to see the beginning of September arrive, partly because it follows on from the school holidays and means we are soon to be settling back into routines and normality after the long and sometimes frantic days of Summer. It is also the time for new beginnings, new adventures and new excitement. And  even if Autumn isn't technically due to start until the 23 September it is also time to start thinking about  getting the Pumpkins out!! ....The 23rd seems an awfully long time to wait to unpack the Pumpkins! ..hehehe  
School and Day Services resume on Wednesday and that's the day I'll be suuuuuper sweet  and hopefully persuade someone to venture into the loft for my Pumpkin boxes :)   As the favourite son Jacob is currently  away working in Madrid for the next 3 weeks and son-in-law Nathan, with Abi and the Grand-Bubba  is on holiday also in Spain,  it's looking like Hubby is the one to be persuaded ;) hahaha  Wish me luck in my ability to cajole and coax him up that ladder ...hehehe 
I'm sooooo ready to say farewell to all my Summer decorations, so in preparation for the Pumpkin loving season I've been happily stitching away this last few weeks on my first Autumn/Fall/Pumpkin design of the year :)    
Cinnamon Stars by Plum Street Samplers, straight out of my hoop and not even pressed before I started taking Photos ...hehehe :) ....
As always this is my favouritist stitch ever! ...hahaha...I know I say that after nearly every finish ...hehehe
 I used all the recommended threads and linen...
  The colours are just beautiful, so rich and warm and ...Autumnal ..:)
 I loved everything about this design ...but there again whats not to love about Stars, Sunflowers, Pumpkins, Picket Fences and Scarecrows ?? I wasn't sure about the thread colour for the picket fence at first, I was contemplating fiddling with the colour and choosing a whiter thread but decided to stick with the designers choice  :)  I'm glad I did too as my choice could have looked a tad stark against the richness of those yummy pumpkins!
I'd like to be a little bit more adventurous with finishing this piece ...but I can't promise that it won't end up as a piano pillow! ;) hehehe

We have exciting and new  adventures happening in the Kirby and Woodward homes ... Miss Abigael has handed in her notice as a Teaching Assistant at School and this summer sat the entrance exams and interviews to be awarded a place at University to gain her Teaching qualifications. She'll be studying to be a Maths teacher. We are sooo pleased and excited for her. Its going to be full time and hard work but she is more than capable and she has always been extremely motivated and determined so I have no worries that she will excel and be the most wonderful teacher ever! :) :) And Jacob , my blue-eyed-boy  ;)  is turning full circle and after a year of studying his Engineering Degree he's decided to completely change the direction of his studies  and once he returns from Madrid he will be enrolling onto his new Degree course in Modern Languages, studying Spanish and French  ...could you get any more different to Maths and Physics? :) I always suspected he wasn't enjoying the Engineering course, and I'm actually quite proud that he has taken a big step to change of his future and decided to pursue his love of  Spain and the Spanish language and culture...He had to have an assessment to determine his ability and competency in Spanish, particularly as he didn't even study Spanish at GCSE or 'A'level and passed with flying colours to be accepted onto the Degree course ...we were suitably impressed and very proud of him :)  Then there's also my wonderful  Hubby ...he'll be realising one of his own longtime ambitions and starting his Masters Degree in Horticulture in October, whilst working full time and taking care of all of us!  To say I'm super-duper proud of my little family is an understatement, I love that they are all so willing and excited to be pursuing their dreams and potential. I'm happy to have my Angels to care for and my  little Grand-bubba for several afternoons a week and maybe time to  slip  an hour or two of stitching in my day  :)  Exciting times ...and it all starts in September! :)  hahaha
Hugs Wendy x x