Wednesday, 29 August 2018

29th August 1992

Happy Anniversary to Hubby and I :)  ....26 years ago today we said  "I do"  :)   :) 
I'd like to say that in all that time we've not only  grown  in Love and life experiences  and built our precious little family ...but that we've learnt all the necessary skills needed to maintain a good marriage and a happy home .... 
Eeeerrrmmmm possibly not in the cooking department ...ooops!! ;)
What can I say should have been a rather yummy spiced apple strudel for a romantic family anniversary dinner.... I'm truly not sure quite what I did to it ...obviously I burnt it but it was only baking for 3 hours!!! What can I say ...Strawberries and nutella spread instead???...
 ....hahahaha ...after 26 years my cooking skills are still pretty woeful...I blame it on  the fact that I'm sure I was meant for higher things ...I function on a higher plane than mere domesticity ...I'm definitely 'Upstairs' and not 'Downstairs' as my lovely  Dad used to say! hehehehe

Luckily Hubby is very forgiving and patient and took me out for a very nice Anniversary dinner ...Char-grilled Chicken and Creme Brule ....Mmmmhhh yummy ...couldn't have made it better myself, really I couldn't!!! hahahhaa

Beautiful flowers and chocolates too....
Notice how there's TWO boxes of chocolates ...??? ... After 26 years of marriage our secret is ...we don't share chocolate ! hahahaha A box each ensures there are no squabbles or discontent ...although swapping of toffees is permissible ...hehehehe .... I wonder if we'll make it to another 26 years??? Wonder if I'll still be burning the puddings then too?? hahahaha Love you Hubby! :)  ;)
Hugs Wendy x x x 

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Brick House Sampler

I've been  a little bit tardy at sharing , but ....Hip-hip-hooorraaaayy!! I've finished my 'Brick House Sampler' by Brenda Gervais of 'Country Stitches-with thy needle & thread'  :) Yaaaay...lots of  happy dancing  and clapping ....whoop-whoop! :) hahahaha 
It feels soooo good to have finally completed this lovely design :)  For the most part I've enjoyed every stitch :) The last border had me a teensy bit angsty at times but after several froggings and restarts I finally conquered my nemesis and 'got-er-dun' :) 
I thought it would be nice to re-share some of my 'in-progress' photos, really so that they are all in one post together should I need to look back if I ever decide to stitch this design again ...not sure that that's likely to happen... as it was a big, long stitch ...hahahaha

So this is my little photographic record of the very lovely Brick House Sampler ....

That Border!! hahahaha
I really dont' think I could love the final outcome any more :)
Its definitely my 'biggest' stitch for quite some time that I've more or less stitched on continually and not abandoned to my basket for months or even years at a time ...hehehe. Now I just have to finish and frame it ...I've seen some cute ideas on Pinterest and Instagram that I'm leaning towards, not necessarily the conventional framing ...partly because I'm not sure I left enough spare linen around the border for a framer to successfully work with ... I'm hoping to tackle it when I have some quieter days once the Angels are back at School and Day Services  ....what are your bets that it may endure several months in a basket?? hehehehe

Returning to our happy routine of School and Day Services can't come quickly enough for my Angels ...or me! One more week to go, we are back in action next Wednesday 5 September :)  It has been a hard long slog this summer holiday...I'm not sure if it is because we had our holiday away to Cornwall earlier than we usually go,  or the fact that since we got home the weather has returned to it's usual dreariness and Mr Sunshine has only made very weak and sporadic appearances ;(  It could also be that we've been especially hit by the seizure demons for the last week or so ...not sure why ? It could be a virus, medication tweaking's, the light of the pale moon...I don't know???   But we seem to be constantly battling those epileptic monsters almost on a daily occurrence with one or the other Angel ...if I'm super-lucky they both have seizures on the same day! Blah-blah-blaaaahhh :(  :( :( 
If both Angels were sick or had temperatures I would suspect a virus or bug, but both girlies  are healthy, eating and drinking reasonably well, sleep is not brilliant with it being the holidays but that's not unusual ... so I am suspecting Meds ...I'm in touch with Angel Esther's 'Adult'  Epilepsy Nursing Team ...who are fabulous... I've a feeling that Angel Esther needs hers slightly increasing and Angel Mim is still readjusting to an increase at the beginning of the holidays ...either way they are keeping me on my toes ...I haven't even had time to go out for Cake !!! Although my wonderful Abigael knows her Mum soooo well ...
....she brought me some lovely treats to cheer me up the other day ...

Cakes from Betty's in Harrogate !!!! That's real LOVE right there in a box!!!! hahahahaha 
I'm one lucky 'Mumma'  :) 
Hugs Wendy x x x

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Cornish Pixies

The last of our Cornwall holiday photos, I promise...but as always I just wanted to save a few of my favourite photos of my precious little Angels ...or temporary Cornish Pixies whilst on holiday ..hehehe ...just because they make my heart smile ...

I love this one of my Angel Esther looking out of the cottage window ...
She would stand there for ages watching people walking down the hill into Port Isaac, you could also hear music on an evening from the fisherman friends singing their shanty's, which often made her giggle and clap :)

My Adventurous Angel Mim always leading the way...
Sometimes she'd let Dad come with her too...:)
but usually my Angels would just walk hand in hand ...Angel Mim still in the lead ...hahaha :)
Although Angel Esther has her own distinctive way of directing you on the right path !

There is never enough time to sit and paddle and wriggle you fingers and toes in soft warm sand ..
Little bubba enjoy a paddle or two too ...

Gatekeepers ...pass them if you dare! hehehehe
And just a pair of Angels enjoying the view ...

We had a lovely holiday in Cornwall, one of our best. It was a shame Jacob wasn't able to come on holiday with us this year, but we will definitely be going back so we'll just bundle him into the boot and take him whether he wants to come with us or go to Norway instead!! hahahha
 Thankyou for indulging my many photos and holiday memories ... I told you we took a lot of pictures! hahahaha  :)
Hugs Wendy  x x x

Cornwall Part 4

I promise I'm nearly done with all the photos of Cornwall :) Possibly one of our favourite days out was to Trebarwith Beach and Tintagel. We travelled just a short way up the coast from Port Isaac to Trebarwith Beach, its one of those places that you have to know its there to be able to find it :) Just a small little hamlet of a cove but it really is one of the best of the bestest beaches in Cornwall ..hahaha It has everything , stunning scenery, with a rugged coastline, fantastic sands, the beach is incredibly clean. There are rock pools at the base of the cliffs where you can find tiny fish and crabs ...or just sit and splash and paddle to your little Angelic's hearts delight :) There are mussels and limpet's clustered over the rocks if you fancy a light lunch ;) There are also wonderful caves in the cliff that are magical and exciting and a teensy bit scary to dare one another to see how far inside you can go :) Its a real hidden gem. 

After several hours, once we'd been chased of Trebarwith Beach by the incoming tides we headed into Tintagel for some more exploring ....
Tintagel is set high on the rugged North Cornwall coast, it has dramatic sea views from both the castle ruins on the headland and Tintagel Island. We didn't go over to the Island as access is very steep and narrow and there are lots of sheer was just toooo dangerous to take two unsteady Angels and a very wriggly bubba. But whilst obviously you cant see the castle ruins or cross the narrow bridge to the island you can see just about everything there is to see from the coastal path the path is free entry ;) hehehehe   Tintagel is a spectacular place, it is steeped in myths and mystery associated withe the legend of King Arthur. You can totally see and feel its history and why it has been the place to inspire so many people.

In Tintagel village is the Old Post Office, which started out life around 1380 as a medieval Cornish hall-house. It was closed when we arrived but you could still admire the building and its pretty cottage garden.

A short walk out of the village centre brings you down to the Coastal path (that is free!) and the entrance to the Castle ruins (that's not free! hahaha)

This was our coastal path, and you can see from our photos how much of the ruins we could see, which made us happy, it was also safer (believe it or not!) lets just say we didn't dilly-dally along the path! ;)

As you can see the views are spectacular ... and free! ;) (I may have had a slight bee in my bonnet about the charges, I understand money is needed to maintain and treasure these beautiful areas but I kind of felt they'd gone overboard in their 'tourist' charges ... from £10 entrance fee, then extra for crossing the bridge, extra for this that and the other, it even cost 50p each to use the public toilets ...that's a lot of pennies to spend!...being a tight-fisted Yorkshire lass you can see why I loved the coastal public footpaths! :)  But Tintagel is a beautiful place and over the years it has obviously become a tourist magnet and so needs must I guess. I'm glad we were still able to enjoy the views and the atmosphere ...I would love to visit in the winter time as I'm sure it takes on a much spookier and otherworldly feel. 
We were all exhausted that evening and in our little beds earlier than usual, tired-out from adventuring but thoroughly happy :)

hugs Wendy x x x