Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Just 3 stitches ...

that was all that was needed to finish this little beauty off that has been sat languishing in my basket for the last month or so...I must have run out of thread and put it to one side waiting for a new skein to arrive and forgotten about it .... sigh.... is it a sign of old age or brain-funk?? ;) hahahaha.... I'm hoping its just brain-funk!  Anyways I'm happy to report that those 3 little stitches are all done and we finally have a completed design :)
 'Have ye any wool' by Brenda Gervais
As always I love everything about Brenda's designs, they are so very clear and easy to follow, no eye-strain or squinty eyes as you try to read the pattern :) A coloured pattern too, making it much easier to see colour changes and the little symbols representing the thread colours....can you tell I'm a big fan...I might even go as far as to say her number one fan! ;) hahahaha
I still need to get the iron out on all my recent stitchings...I did try a little ironing the other day but I could feel the 'pull' on my side and had to stop ...it's the same with pushing shopping trolleys in the supermarket, I'm like an old lady ...I can barely make it down one aisle without feeling that 'pull'.   So I'm waiting a little longer on the ironing and shopping trolleys until everything feels less delicate. We've done soooo well with avoiding lifting and moving my Angels so that I fully recover from the Gallbladder antics ...I don't want to waste all that with an iron or shopping trolley! ;) hehehehe   So its very much looking like I'm going to end up with a basket of un-ironed finishes until I'm all set to go.

The School summer holidays are quickly approaching and it is getting busy here with  activities at School for Angel Mim and Day Services for Angel Esther. We also have our annual holiday to look forward too and which we are taking earlier than usual ...in barely 17 days we will be heading on our adventures to....... Port Isaac in Cornwall! We are having a change from France this year :) The driving last year was really challenging and we just decided to splurge and stay in England and go to Cornwall instead. You'd think that would be the cheaper option too but not so...we could have had two weeks in France with all the Euro-tunnel fares included for the same price as a week in Cornwall!! Crazy isn't it!? But it will be fun and much less stressful, especially as in all this hot weather that we are still having, it is playing havoc with my poor Angels Epilepsy....my poor girls are not coping very well with the muggy heat and are both having seizures far tooo often and I would be very anxious if we were away in France and they were taken ill. This way we are only several hours away from home but even if we have an emergency their medical records are much more accessible to Doctors here in the UK :) I'm quite excited to go to Cornwall too, it has being several years since we explored the South Coast. Abi and Nathan and Bubba Daniel will be coming with us too, sadly Jacob (the tinker!) has other plans, he's visiting friends in Oslo, Norway!!  I'm not convinced that it was an accidental clash of dates ;) hehehe   I've a feeling it was a more of a precisely planned fortunate clash of dates for a young man who didn't fancy a holiday with his Mum, Dad and family ...hahahaha ...the tinker ...We will  have plenty of time left during the summer  to grab him for a few days away with us ...he's not escaping the torture of a family holiday that easily! :) mwahahahaha :)   And we all know who'll be sad to miss out on all those scoops of Cornish Ice-cream ....I bet the Vikings don't have that! :) I'm not even going to mention that Norway is somewhere that I have always wanted to visit ...I'm not in the least bit jealous of his trip to Oslo!! ;) hehehe   I'll fix him the little tinker just you wait and see! ;) hahahaha
Hugs Wendy x x x


Diane-crewe said...

OH! How sad that he HAS to go to Norway while you are in Cornwall!! lol x Hope it gats a bit cooler for your girls .. and me! lol x

Barb said...

I have read several books that are set in Cornwall. That is a place I would love to visit. I hope you all have a wonderful trip. I love that piece you stitched. I totally agree, her designs are wonderful!! I have a few planned for Fall and just finished A Basket Full of Summer.

Wendy said...

Do you know Diane...I’m beginning to suspect that son of mine is quite sneaky and conniving...fancy going to Norway as an excuse to miss Cornwall!!ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚ðŸĪĢ😂❤️❤️Xx

Wendy said...

I promise to share lots of photos from Cornwall 😊 I’m already making a list of places to visit down there 😊 I suspect you and I are probably Brenda’s number 1 fans!😊❤️Xxx