Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Stitchy Post ....Just in time! :)

Mr Postman didn't let me down :) He got that little package here just in the nick of time ;)  Some much needed supplies of linens and threads...with maybe and extra pattern or two ...or three or four!! ...hehehe 
 Just what I need to get organised and prepped for my enforced rest after surgery ... no heavy lifting and moving I'm told ....thank goodness that doesn't involve stitching ...hahaha

I'm super keen to start stitching too ...soooo...
 'Simply Summer' by "The Drawn Thread"...
 with a close up of my first stitches on the tree ...I'm loving those little green leaves, they are going to look soooo lovely :) There are another three designs in this series, Spring, Autumn and Winter and I am very tempted ...but...I must at least look like I'm trying to be good for a short while ....besides what would happen if Mr Postman came whilst I was resting and I couldn't get to the front door in time!??? hehehe ...What if Hubby got to the front door first!!!???? Oooohh the horror on his face doesn't bear thinking about! ;) hahahaha :)

Some of the linen and the threads were for another design that my fingers have been itching to make a start on ...
 'Brick House Sampler' by "Brenda Gervais"... I was a little bit of a tinker and instead of using my stash I bought the recommended linen and threads...
My first few stitches had me a little worried...even with my lamp on at the side of me the thread colours seemed to melt into the colour of the linen, especially where the two colours of the door and frame sit next to each other. But since I took this photo I've persevered and stitched some of the 'red-brick' of the house and it really helps to make the door and the frame 'pop' and look more distinct :)
I have a few more small stitching projects out of my stash that I've sat and prepped this evening, so I think I should have plenty to keep me occupied.

Hubby and I had a meeting with the manager at Lisieux Hall about Angel Esther's respite that they have cancelled....I purposefully didn't say much, not because I didn't have anything to say but simply because my emotions were all over the place, I felt very tearful and I just didn't want to look like a complete fool. Fortunately Hubby is very succinct and very effectively let them literally have it with both guns ...I was really quite proud of him and if I'm honest a teensy part of me did enjoy seeing that manager squirm under Hubby's piercing eye...he didn't get anything past my Hubs! In fact whilst it isn't much in the way of consolation and doesn't change the final outcome, we did come away with a promised extra two nights for our Angel Esther just whilst I'm in hospital...this will help us soooo much and in a strange ironic way feels like a small victory for us.
We still need to meet with Adult Social Services and plan a new support package for our Angel...I don't relish going through that whole process again but it is what it is. I can cry and cry and cry about it all (which I do), I can eat cake until my hips expand (which they have done) and I can eat lots of chocolate (which I also do and I'm not sure that I could ever stop doing ...hahaha!) But I can't change what has already been decided, we just have to forge on and keep going. I was thinking this afternoon... I can't decide if I'm an 'Optimistic-Pessimist' or a 'Pessimistic-Optimist' ...I don't know if I'm a 1/2 cup empty or 1/2 cup full person ...or whether my cup just holds tooo much and I'm trying not to spill it...it might just depend on what day of the week it is :)   There must be sooo many analogies I could use but in the end I'm just a Mum who sometimes cries a lot and eats a bit tooo much chocolate and cake! ;) hahahaha

I have a busy day tomorrow, a last set of Blood tests, last minute shopping, piles of washing to wash, iron and put away. Meals to plan and organise to help make life as easy as possible for Hubby over the next few weeks ...I also need to stock up on my chocolate stash too! ;)  I tell you after all the planning and organisation it's taken to get this close to that operating theatre... I better not get a phone call cancelling  my operation at the very last minute ...there could be tears if they do! :) ;)

Back soon ...Hugs Wendy x  x


Diane-crewe said...

I am so sorry that it takes a "confrontation" before anything can be sorted out x BUT .. keep your chin up.. think positive and think about yourself and your recovery x

Barb said...

I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers!