Friday, 29 June 2018

Simply Summer...

And what a summer we are having here in Lancashire! I've never known the weather to be sooooo hot for soooo long...being able to sit out in the garden has certainly helped my 'stir-craziness' from having to rest and not being able to drive and go out!! :( My tan looks good too! ;) hahaha
I'm completely bored with Netflix and Amazon Prime and don't even mention the World Cup Football ...'we' watch every single game, all the highlights, all the analysis, all the after-match interviews, all the pundits wittering on and on and on and soooo many replays of the same goals, tackles and yellow cards ...I'm drowning in football!!! :( :( :(  hehehe
My life saver has been the sun, my kindle, maybe a teensy bit of online shopping but most definitely my stitching :) I'm certainly on a roll so to speak..I'm struggling to keep up with myself...hahaha Although all my new stitched projects are complete they are  still un-ironed and not properly finished ...I'm not sure whether to be totally happy that I'm banned from the ironing ... I have a very heavy iron! ;) ;) hahaha

So fresh out of my hoop and finished this week ....
 Simply Summer by The Drawn Thread.... I was very happy that I already had all the recommended and required threads and linen in my stash so I was able to crack on and complete this lovely little piece relatively quickly..
 I really enjoyed this design and I loved the favourite had to be the blue, 'The Gentle Art' thread,  'Freedom'. The variations in the colour were just perfect. Those itsy bitsy teensy weensy little bees weren't tooo bad either :) I loved the shape of the birds and I even didn't mind the one-over-one of the ladybird :) The Bee skep may have seen me utter the odd 'Gggrrrrr' but the air didn't turn blue! Satin stitch is my very, very least favourite stitch, I'm either too tight or too loose and my 'satins' always look uneven and lumpy and bumpy to me. But it is finished and I love it... there are 3 more 'seasons',  and I'm sorely tempted to pop them in my shopping basket ...when I next dare to shop online again !! hahahaha

I have my next project already in my hoop and I've made a good start on this next piece ...
Live Simply by Brenda Gervais ....
Again I already the pattern and the recommended linen and  most of the threads in my stash, I think I'm just missing one (I admit to a sneaky order being placed for that one thread ...with maybe a few more added...just to allow for reduced postage naturally! ;) hehehe)  This piece is a little bit special as my lovely Abi asked me to stitch it as a wedding sampler for her 'BestFriendForever'.  Its like having a stitchy commission...hehehe  :)   With a few tweaks I think it should be easy enough to turn it into a wedding sampler, we'll loose the 'Live Simply' and add the Bride and Groom names and the alphabet will become the wedding date details. I'm also stitching it bigger...on the same count but over 2 threads instead of the original 1 over 1. So far so good, its all looking lovely and if I can avoid any silly mistakes I should have it ready in time for Abi to get framed and gift wrapped for her friend ....the wedding is in August!! :) Its exciting if even a little bit nerve wracking. I am chuffed to bits that Abi asked me to do something special for her BFF, so I really wanted to stitch as much love and happiness into it as possible no frogging or Ggrrr-ing allowed ! hahaha

That is really the sum of my days at the moment, I'm gradually doing more and more pottering, I managed to shower my little Angel Esther this morning OK, she's tiny and sits beautifully on the shower seat so there's stretching or pulling. I haven't attempted Angel Mim in the shower yet as shes almost taller than me, always refuses to sit down so that I'm always on my tippy-toes when it comes to showering her and  especially when it comes to shampooing those beautiful golden tresses ...hehehe   Slowly but surely we are getting back to normal...soon my days of stitching in the sunshine will be over and I'll be back to my Grandma duties with my Grandbubba so I'm going to enjoy it whilst I can and keep my nice tan topped up! ;) hahaha
Also, I haven't forgotten about sharing my ill-gotten-gains of my naughty online shopping...but I'm being watched by eagle eyes and we all know that there are spies everywhere...hehehe Soon my friend ...soon! ;) hehehehe
Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Frustated stitching ...

I have to be honest and say that I'm not in love with my latest cross-stitch project  :(  It had nothing to do with the pattern or design particularly ...
 'Heart Pinkeep' by Stacy Nash Primitives' ... it's a really sweet pattern. 
If I was being picky I'd just say that I found it hard at times to follow the pattern because it was all black and white and very small ...I probably should have saved my squinting eyes from grief and just printed off an enlarged copy, but I'm always a bit scared of copyright laws the copyright police can see into my very room and tell me off for photocopying a 'working chart' ..hehehe...I obviously have deviant guilt issues ...hahaha probably comes from all that sneaky secret online shopping I do (LOTS to share there at a later date!!!) hahahahaha   :) :) :)

Anyways.... Whilst I did like the design and pattern in its original form, as I was sat stitching I decided to tweak and add my own little flair if you like ..... you need to remind me in future to leave well alone! ;)  I may have got carried away with my tweakings ....
 and I ended up with stitchy frustration, from not initially measuring the center of the linen correctly so that the whole design is higher than it should be, fortunately it did just fit onto the fabric but it leaves  me a scant of an edge for sewing and finishing the final piece into the heart-shaped pinkeep/pillow it should be  ....uuurrrgghhh! And, as you can see,  it's very obvious the mistake I made trying to add a bit of extra vine in the top left corner....lots of unfrogging because I kept stitching that wrong spot several times  :(  My brain was sooo befuddled that I had to put it down for a day and not look at it  :(

So I stitched some woolly strawberries instead ... :)
 Much better ... and much more calming and satisfying ...true woolly love.... there's nothing better  :) hahaha

I came back to my Stacy Nash with a fresher mind and fiddled and flapped a little more...there may have been the odd snarl and curse but I reached a point where I just wanted her finished so that I could move onto something else :)   Taaadaaaahh....
 She's definitely not perfect, I can see soooo many flaws and issues that will forever grate on me but I'm done! I've put my needle down on this one and I'm not picking it up again :)

My tweaking confessions ....
 I didn't love the dog shape so I changed it to a crow, I also felt like I needed to add a little bit of that vine on the right side of the house too ...and my initials are tooo wide because I accidentally added an extra stitch in the K and didn't realise until I was stitching the W but I was beyond frogging then so it stayed. :)

 I didn't like the girls green dress and green eyes so I changed  her into a blue dress and gave her brown eyes ...I'm happy with that tweak ;) but because I decided to add the vine up around the curve of the left side of the heart I didn't leave enough space for her to hold her flower bud, so I had to ditch that. I don't like cats, they give me the heebie-jeebies so I nearly always cut them out of any designs, so the cat had to go too! ;) But I only realised after I put my needle down that I'd forgotten to stitch the little heart that is off-centre ....naaaahhhh.... I wasn't going back to do that! ;) hahahahaha

I like the house! :) Probably because I didn't interfere with that ...hehehehe :) :)  So all in all I've learnt that:  It doesn't always do to tweak a pattern. Maybe the designers really do know what's best.  I should leave well alone and not fiddle. Ooooh and I really, really, really hate frogging and unpicking the same stitches, over and over and over again! :) hahahahaha

Talking of stitches..I had my stitches out on Thursday and was allowed to take the dressings off today....feels sooooo much easier and less tight. Unfortunately, despite changing the dressings regularly I have had my usual reaction to the stitching thread and the adhesive of the sticky tape stuff that holds the dressing in place my tummy is still a bit sore and tender...I have several pretty red raised patches with bruising and neat cross stitches  dotted around my tummy. It does look a bit like a Frankenstein patchwork job :) hahaha  I always have a reaction like this to stitches and elastoplast  and tapes ...the soreness and redness will go do in a week or so but instead of a nice neat line of little incision scars I will have slightly raised red crosses will add to my charms ..hahaha ...Good job I have NO aspirations for becoming a bikini model ...hahahahaa ....that naked tummy of mine never has and never will see the light of day... :0 :) :) :)

Everything else here in Angel Land is oki-doki. :) My Angels are being good girls for their Daddy and carers. Angel Mim and I survived her 5 days overnight respite at Evergreen, she had a fabulous time..I've seen the photos to proove it ;) She came home full of love and cuddles for Angel Esther, who has thoroughly enjoyed her Daddy's undivided attention whilst Mim was away and I've being 'locked-up' in either the bedroom or the little room :)  I've had some gentle cuddles as my Angels have settled back together, Angel Mim is very interested in lifting my top and looking at my tummy, but never she touches :)  I'm starting to potter around the house abit more , exercise is good for healing but I'm still resting lots too. I did attempt to help shower Angel Esther this morning and my side and back are a bit sore this evening so I'm being good and not pushing myself and staying away from all the handling and moving needed to care for my Angels. We still have our carers coming in to help for another week ...we'll see how I am then as to whether we need to organise more help for a bit longer. I'm very conscious of the extra strain and pressure it puts on Hubby in caring for me and  our Angels so I know I have to heal well and properly so that we don.t have any further issues down the line ...I'm petrified of giving myself something silly like a hernia just because I try to lift an Angel too soon. We don't want any further surgery thank-you very much , so I am trying to be careful and sensible :)  I have being a teensy bit naughty locked away, on my ownsome ....Online shopping ...!!!! ....waiting for Mr Postman to visit ...again ....!!!!! ....hahahhahaa ...Shopping Confessions next time! ;) hahahhaha
Hugs Wendy x x x

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Gallbladder adventures...

I survived the surgeons knife and I am alive, a bit battered, bruised,  tender and sore but definitely alive! :) Everything went well, I was in and out so fast that the whole thing was a bit blurry and surreal. Not really having had any previous experience of the way the NHS works as regards to elective/planned inpatient operations it was quite a surprise that there is a system in place where you can choose which hospital to have your procedure carried out... I was given the option of choosing to go to our local-ish main  general hospital in Preston or a smaller hospital just down the road, in all honesty I picked the smaller hospital because it was closer and the parking was free...and they don't tend to keep you as an inpatient any longer than necessary, also I could go there because my surgery was pretty routine and I was classed as in good health with no other contra-indications for concern. Anyways in I went last Thursday, after duly starving myself from 7am  I was to report to the front reception desk for 1pm ready for the afternoon theatre list....I barely had time to sit down and take my pictures before I was gowned and tagged and walking down to the operating theatre...
 My nice little private en suite room, that I actually barely spent any time in ...hubby didn't even get to play with that nice TV on the wall either ;)

A rather fetching gown to go with my itchy-scratchy wrist name tag...

Devoid of my wedding rings and a very neat cannula in the back of my hand...
 the Anaesthetist must have been good because there's barely a mark on my hand to show where it had been, maybe just a very slight pinhole dot  :)

My nice new PJ's and slipper-flops that didn't even make it out of my bag :)

I was out of recovery by teatime and apparently very concerned about the where-about's of my knickers! And I really hope that's all I was rambling about, the nurses were very kind and promised that I'd not caused myself or them any embarrassment but we all know what I'm like so I suspect they were being kind!! :) I'm also happy to report that the boobies were safely wrapped up in the top half of my gown out of the way so no unfortunate nurse or doctor was exposed to them :)
My consultant/surgeon came to visit as I was recovering, he was a very nice man and quietly pleased with himself for making the right call to take my Gallbladder out as it was filled with lots of stones and apparently the tissue walls were very thick which would indicate that I've had several infections ...all this time I've just thought I had a delicate tummy that doesn't like spicy food and  that my back and shoulder pain was from all the handling, moving and lifting of my Angels...just goes to show what I actually thought was just routine aches and discomfort  turns out to be symptoms of my pesky gallbladder ...I still think I was very lucky :) And I'm glad its gone.... naively I hadn't anticipated soooo many holes and stitches in my tummy ..once they're out later this week I'm  going to look a little bit like a Frankenstein patchwork quilt!!! hahahaha :)

I'm happy to be home safe with my little family. I'm actually in hiding from my Angels until my stitches are taken out, just to ensure there's no cuddling accidents. I'm locked in a room and only let out when our Angels  are at School and Day Services...hehehe   Hubby has been very sweet, he's working soooo hard to take care of me and the Angels  and I've even enjoyed some pampering ... and I finally got to wear my new PJ's! :)

Some not sooo  healthy nourishment ... he's trying! :)

Beautiful flowers to cheer me up...

And lots of stitching time in between snoozing and healing whilst I'm locked away ..hahaha
 the chocolates are definitely a healing necessity! ;) hahaha

I have one little project already finished ....
'Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm' by Brenda Gervais ...a lovely easy stitch, not too taxing for my still slightly befuddled brain :) I'm told I have to do no lifting and handling for at least 2-3 weeks, which is going to be hard to stick to once the stitches are out, but our carers have been wonderful as have Abi and Jake. Its wonderful how everyone pitches in to help and get things sorted :)
I'll be back soon with hopefully more stitching ...I have a whole basket of prepped projects to keep me busy ...just need to make sure there is a steady supply of chocolate ! ;) hehehehe
hugs Wendy x x x

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Stitchy Post ....Just in time! :)

Mr Postman didn't let me down :) He got that little package here just in the nick of time ;)  Some much needed supplies of linens and threads...with maybe and extra pattern or two ...or three or four!! ...hehehe 
 Just what I need to get organised and prepped for my enforced rest after surgery ... no heavy lifting and moving I'm told ....thank goodness that doesn't involve stitching ...hahaha

I'm super keen to start stitching too ...soooo...
 'Simply Summer' by "The Drawn Thread"...
 with a close up of my first stitches on the tree ...I'm loving those little green leaves, they are going to look soooo lovely :) There are another three designs in this series, Spring, Autumn and Winter and I am very tempted ...but...I must at least look like I'm trying to be good for a short while ....besides what would happen if Mr Postman came whilst I was resting and I couldn't get to the front door in time!??? hehehe ...What if Hubby got to the front door first!!!???? Oooohh the horror on his face doesn't bear thinking about! ;) hahahaha :)

Some of the linen and the threads were for another design that my fingers have been itching to make a start on ...
 'Brick House Sampler' by "Brenda Gervais"... I was a little bit of a tinker and instead of using my stash I bought the recommended linen and threads...
My first few stitches had me a little worried...even with my lamp on at the side of me the thread colours seemed to melt into the colour of the linen, especially where the two colours of the door and frame sit next to each other. But since I took this photo I've persevered and stitched some of the 'red-brick' of the house and it really helps to make the door and the frame 'pop' and look more distinct :)
I have a few more small stitching projects out of my stash that I've sat and prepped this evening, so I think I should have plenty to keep me occupied.

Hubby and I had a meeting with the manager at Lisieux Hall about Angel Esther's respite that they have cancelled....I purposefully didn't say much, not because I didn't have anything to say but simply because my emotions were all over the place, I felt very tearful and I just didn't want to look like a complete fool. Fortunately Hubby is very succinct and very effectively let them literally have it with both guns ...I was really quite proud of him and if I'm honest a teensy part of me did enjoy seeing that manager squirm under Hubby's piercing eye...he didn't get anything past my Hubs! In fact whilst it isn't much in the way of consolation and doesn't change the final outcome, we did come away with a promised extra two nights for our Angel Esther just whilst I'm in hospital...this will help us soooo much and in a strange ironic way feels like a small victory for us.
We still need to meet with Adult Social Services and plan a new support package for our Angel...I don't relish going through that whole process again but it is what it is. I can cry and cry and cry about it all (which I do), I can eat cake until my hips expand (which they have done) and I can eat lots of chocolate (which I also do and I'm not sure that I could ever stop doing ...hahaha!) But I can't change what has already been decided, we just have to forge on and keep going. I was thinking this afternoon... I can't decide if I'm an 'Optimistic-Pessimist' or a 'Pessimistic-Optimist' ...I don't know if I'm a 1/2 cup empty or 1/2 cup full person ...or whether my cup just holds tooo much and I'm trying not to spill might just depend on what day of the week it is :)   There must be sooo many analogies I could use but in the end I'm just a Mum who sometimes cries a lot and eats a bit tooo much chocolate and cake! ;) hahahaha

I have a busy day tomorrow, a last set of Blood tests, last minute shopping, piles of washing to wash, iron and put away. Meals to plan and organise to help make life as easy as possible for Hubby over the next few weeks ...I also need to stock up on my chocolate stash too! ;)  I tell you after all the planning and organisation it's taken to get this close to that operating theatre... I better not get a phone call cancelling  my operation at the very last minute ...there could be tears if they do! :) ;)

Back soon ...Hugs Wendy x  x

Sunday, 10 June 2018

News ....

Good and Sad-Bad news .... The 'Good' news is that I've received my date for my Gallbladder Surgery ..I think that's good anyways ...hehehe   I'm booked for surgery this coming Thursday 14 June. It's a teensy bit sooner than I'd anticipated, which is good :) but I had convinced myself that with our overstretched NHS that I'd be waiting months and months yet. I've had my pre-op appointment, being weighed (grooooaan!) sucked dry of blood for whatever it is that needs to be tested nurse had sooooo many glass vials filled with my blood that she couldn't hold them all in one hand! :) I had my blood pressure measured in both arms, proved that I could open my mouth wide and swivelled my neck in  what felt like practically a full 360 degrees rotation.  hehehee   I also got the opportunity to discuss any concerns and worries. I only really had one worry and that was .... What do we do with my boobs!??! I'm a well endowed lady, I breastfed all my children (and it's a lie what those midwives say about breastfeeding ...they are never pert and pretty again!) Sadly I'm a full cupped, under-wired, scaffold and corseted, brassiere type of girl. Those boobies  of mine are definitely ones that can't hang loose if you know what I mean! :(  So naturally I'm a bit worried about what will happen to them when I'm on the surgical table. I've had visions of boobs under my armpits, boobs flicked over my shoulder, even tied in a knot on my chest....??? Fortunately the nurse (although she said she'd not come across this particular worry before ...I'm sure she was trying to hold back a giggle or two) reassured me that my boobs would be in safe hands (!!??!!) and  that they won't end up tied in a knot on my chest :) We shall see!!! ;)

Which leads onto the 'Sad-Bad' news :(   As you know both my Angels have access to Respite Services to help us as a family cope with the many demands of their disabilities and care needs.  Up until Angel Esther transitioned into Adult services both Angels had their overnight respite together through Children's Services at Maplewood/Evergreen Lodge. I'm sure we all remember the trauma of 'transitioning' Angel Esther and my Angels being separated :(   For the past 2 and 1/2 years Angel Esther  has received her overnight respite support from a private charitable organisation called the "Brothers of Charity Services", based here in Lancashire at a place called Lisieux Hall. They've been around as a support to Families of disabled adults since the 1950's so are a long standing and very well established 'provider'.  I can't say it's being easy, we've had quite a bumpy ride, which we fully expected but overall we've all coped without loss of limb or tooo many loose marbles and settled into our new routines and developed friendships and trust with the ladies who support and care for our Angel. That all came tumbling down last week :( A manager from Lisieux Hall rang me on Thursday to tell me that their organisation is changing direction and that they would no longer be be able to support Angel Esther's overnight respite ....from the 19th of June!!!!!  12 DAYS!!! He gave us 12 days notice that Angel Esther will no longer receive the  support that is so very crucial to us as a family .... 12 Days!!  :(  :(    I'd like to say that I was forthright and direct and everything I'm supposed to be ...but ... I wasn't...I just burst into tears on the phone and didn't really grasp anything of what he had to say other than we are loosing that most valuable respite, that we fought soooo hard to keep last year when we were battling Social Services for funding and support for our beautiful Angel :(    Hubby has taken over 'communications' with the manager and we have requested an immediate urgent meeting with Adult Social Services (who were just as shocked  and unaware of the changes!)  but realistically we can't force them to keep providing support until the end of our contract.  We are beyond devastated, I feel so very betrayed by the management...12 Days...that's all that keeps going around my head, how could they give us 12 days notice when they know how long and hard of a struggle it has been for Angel Esther to change and adapt and how challenging it will now be for us  to start from scratch and find somewhere new for her??  I'm just heartbroken, heart-sore and heartsick. :(  And naturally it couldn't come at a worse time for us with my surgery planned in the next couple of days..... BUT.... I am blessed to be surrounded by a good family and wonderful carers that help and support our  Angels and family. Children Services have been fabulous and as soon as my surgery date was confirmed they'd booked Angel Mim  for several consecutive nights of respite, she'll have 5 nights of fun and shenanigans with our  wonderful 'Evergreen Lodge' family. I'm very anxious about that amount of time,  as I've never been away from either of my Angels for more than 3 nights but I'm comforted knowing that Angel Mim loves going to Evergreen and they are only a phone call away...should I need comfort ..hehehe    I had been patiently waiting to hear  confirmation from Lisieux Hall about  Angel Esther's requested overnights whilst I had the operation ...I guess we got our answer when hubby spoke to them.  :(  We'll have no overnight support for Angel Esther :(  But....our carers really are fabulous, they  have already rallied around and set out a plan of action to help collect Angel Esther from Day Services, take her out for dinner and then bring her home, to be showered and PJ'd for bed, thus allowing me to rest from the lifting and moving needed to care for my precious Angel. :)  They'll even continue to do this for the following 2 weeks with both Angels to make sure I recover as much and as well as possible. :)  They truly have lightened my heavy heart, even though sometimes we can't see it very clearly, there is always a little light of joy and love in the darkest of times family and carers are that light :) 

Pheeeeewww!!! that was a lot  wasn't it?! Life as it really is...blaaaahhh! :(  :)

Sooo in between all the manic chaos that seems to be our life I have managed to stitch a little and I've recently put the last few cross-stitches in this little beauty ...
"Blessed Bee" by Brenda Gervais, hot out of my hoop, un-ironed but very much loved :) I enjoyed every single stitch, it was a pleasure from the moment I picked it up until I laid  it down of those projects you just don't want to that you start limiting how much time you spend on it ...crazy-backwards-thinking...huh??! :)  I'm not sure how I'll finish her off...maybe I'll look to Pinterest for some inspiration.... or maybe I'll make another small pillow for my little wooden tray! ...hahaha   I think I'm ready to do some more Summery stitching, I have a few ideas ...I maybe waiting on a teensy-weensy package ...hehehe ;)
Well that's me ...I think I'm all worded out :) My bed is calling and I'm beyond brain-exhaustion ...I need to somehow switch of those brain cells that insist on worrying... I also need some chocolate ...LOTS of chocolate ...and snuggles with my Angels :) Thankyou for listening to my moans and woes :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

P.S I forgot to mention ....I don't seem to be getting email notifications from Blogger when my lovely friends leave a comment on a blog-post ....I've only just accidentally found a few when I was fiddling with the blog layout, sorry my lovely friends, I  wasn't being rude and ignoring you but I can't seem to reply to you  either :(  I'm not sure why...from asking the 'help' section it seems to be a glitch that Blogger are aware off and trying to rectify,..hopefully we'll be back incommunicado soon! :) x x x

Monday, 4 June 2018

Happy Post Day..

Mr Postman came knocking at my door with some happy post ...
Two lovely, scrummy, wool-lovin' books for me to drool over  :) I may have been a tad overly excited when Mr Postman handed over my packages ...a little squeal may have escaped! ;) It's OK my Postman is quite  used to my excitement ...he even commented that I've been quite good with my 'shopping' lately!  hahaha 
Both books are filled with soooo much loveliness, I absolutely adore Maggie Bonanomi's beautiful and  simplistic designs ...I think my favourites are the 'white tulips' and 'step into my garden' ...
I'd love to do both of those projects :)

And the 'Seasons at Buttermilk Basin ' Book by Stacey West,  didn't disappoint either ...
There are sooo many projects to choose from ...You're going to be impressed with this next bit ... I have even started on a couple of the simpler projects ... some little Heart Pillows ...
I've only completed the basics of the wool pieces, I haven't started on any of the pretty and fancy stitches that will make these little pillows pop ...but you've got to admit that that's pretty quick going for me! :) hahaha

Whilst I was rummaging around with scraps of wool and looking for threads I suddenly realised that I think I'm possibly a bit of a thread snob! :) I keep all my balls of Valdani threads and DMC perle threads that I'm currently using for any woolly project  in my thread pouches ...
But I can't have them mixing ...
I have to have my DMC perle's in one section and my precious Valdani's in another ..hehehe and to prove what a total thread snob I am ...I don't even use Anchor threads .... and we shouldn't even start talking about my threads that I use for my Cross-stitch projects. ;)  My DMC's are in plastic tray boxes and my Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Art  and Classic Colourwork threads are separate in their own little pouch ...I do tend to keep them in the same big thread pouch ...but they have their own storage hoop so they don't get too mixed up ...hehehehe See what I mean Thread snob! :)

My Abigael has finally convinced me to make up an Instagram account, to share photos and such but also so I can see photos of her and little man's adventures (even though I see him nearly everyday..hehhe) It is quite fun and there is definitely instant gratification. I'm quite happy to tag along and see how it goes but I'll always keep up with my blog/journal ...I have tooooo much to say ...hehehe ...I've never been a person that could  condense my words ..hahhaa... I'm not a get-to-the-point-quickly kind of girl ! :0  :)  hahahha
Should anyone be interested, my Instagram name thingy is ... kirbywendywoo  
Unfortunately  I can't figure out how to add a gadget thing at the side of my blog that allows people to go there or anything but that's OK, I'm a fairly anonymous person, I've always been a secret blogger and I'm happy to be a secret Instagram-er too! :) hehehe
 Hugs Wendy x x