Friday, 30 March 2018

Happy Good Friday !

Is it already Good Friday?? Is it me or is it reeeeaaally early this year? I always think of Good Friday as being Jacob's birthday as I was in "baby-labour" with him and he eventually was born in the early hours of Easter Saturday...his birthday is the 13 April, so this years Good Friday happening on the 30th March is definitely too early for me...hahaha :)
As is our norm, life here at home has been busy and hectic... I continually seem to be running from one place to another, frantically trying to keep a steady pace balancing life with the Angels, Grand babies, adult children and elderly mothers is keeping me on my toes ...I'm sure life was less hectic when the children were all little, I must be reaching that point where I don't fully remember the manic-ness of the terrible twos, the tantrums or even the dreaded angst of the teenage years ..hehehe... Looking back and reminiscing, it's all starting to look rosy and nostalgic ..hahaha  Its probably just another indication of age creeping up on me ....Naaaah.... I'm still young ....hehehe ...well at least young at heart :)

Easter has snook up on me, luckily my Angels brought home some Easter decorations to remind me to hurry up and get my Easter-Spring bunnies out ...
Angel Mim apparently got a little carried away tearing the yellow tissue paper ... her class had enough 'nesting' yellow strips to fill several boxes !! :) My Angel loooooves to shred paper!

At home the Snowmen have been put back into their storage boxes and Spring has arrived. We are mostly decorated in the family room...
All my little nooks and crannies are mostly filled with happy bunnies. My fireplace mantel is still looking a little bit sparse ...I did happen to find a cute little blue pottery bunny ...
 Who fills a gap on the fireplace quite nicely ...
But it still needs a little something more .... I haven't started on the kitchen window sill and have another storage box to empty so I might find something else in there to fill it up a bit more ....I love my clutter! ;)

 Stitching wise I have progressed quite well with my 'Birds of a Feather' sampler ...
The light in the photo is a bit bright which makes the colours look more muted than they are, but at least I can see my progress...I've started the border now and its really making all the colours 'pop' and look brighter :)  I have finally uploaded my photos from my camera of hubby and mines adventure to  Edinburgh, now I need to just sit down pull my finger out and share those memories ...before I forget them! hahaha My Angels are home now for the Easter/Spring holidays so hopefully we'll have some snuggle days and I'll be able to catch up on everything. Wish me luck! :)
Easter Hugs, Wendy x x

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

First day of Spring...

Here in our happy little corner of Lancashire the weather has tried really hard to brighten up for  welcoming the first day of Spring :) We've not quite had brilliant blue skies and our clouds haven't been white and fluffy ... not like the Spring weather forecast for this time last year ... hehehe...
lots of blue sky and fluffy clouds then :) Our clouds have been a little greyer but I'm sure that the sun was trying really hard to shine through :)  But  nevertheless today has felt a bit brighter and happier. It may be nothing to do with the first day of Spring, blue skies and fluffy clouds and more to do with the fact that my Mum finally came home from hospital today ....yaaaaayy!! She's still very poorly and at the end of her first  week in hospital  we had a bit more drama when the doctors discovered that poor Mum's gallbladder infection was actually due to a perforation...3 small holes to be exact :( 
No wonder she's been in such pain and discomfort! Sadly due to her other health issues surgery isn't really an option, so after 2 weeks of intravenous antibiotics and daily blood tests (her poor arms look like pincushion's) and lots of poking's and prodding's and scans of one type or another she's been sent home to rest. She has a prescription for  several weeks of strong oral antibiotics in the hopes that the perforations will heal themselves ... We're back at clinic for check-ups in 2 weeks but for now Mum is so very happy to be home safe and sound in her little bungalow. She is under strict instructions to stay in her nightgown and rest in bed as much as possible to allow that gallbladder to heal...we'll see how she does with that ...Mum really isn't a 'PJ-Nightgown-lounging'  type of lady, once she's up she likes to be fully dressed :) I feel a little guilty that having her home will make my days easier , no more driving over to Preston each day on the motorway, I can just pop round the corner to see her several times a day  if necessary :) I'm hoping it means I can start to catch up on my housekeeping jobs too should see the height of my wash basket ...and don't even think to mention that huge pile of ironing!! hahaha   I might even get around to posting my Edinburgh pictures! hehehe ;)

I have managed a teensy bit of 'Online' Spring shopping ...
 a really pretty blue flowered  fabric tote bag from Cath Kidston, a delicate blue china cup which I couldn't resist and a new cross stitch project ...
I was attracted to the blues again must be Spring calling out to me ;)
I have made some progress on my cross stitch projects whilst visiting with Mum in the hospital, I just haven't taken a photo yet because as usual I'm not that organised ...hehehe ...but I'm hoping that I can still sneak a stitch or two in when I'm home-visiting!  :)
I really think the arrival of Spring has brightened my day today! :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Happy Mothers Day

Today it is  Mothers Day here in the UK and I'm happy to report that I have been thoroughly spoilt and enjoyed every minute of it :)
All my vases are full of beautiful flowers...
 And I now have a very healthy supply of chocolate to stash away :)
My Angels had made me cards at School and Day Services, Angel Mim made me some 'hand-print' flowers and Angel Esther had decorated (with help of course ..hehe) a paper mache 'MUM'. I even received my very first Grandma Happy Mothers Day card from Baby Daniel.  Abi got to celebrate her first Mothers Day too, we all got together here at home and had the menfolk cook us a very yummy roast chicken dinner. Sadly Great Grandma, my Mum, couldn't be with us today as she is back in hospital with another gallbladder infection, so after dinner we drove over to Preston to spend some time with her and give her some cards and gifts. We purposefully didn't take the Angels to the hospital this time....Eerrrrmmm ... not after the shenanigans of taking them to see her when she was in at Christmas! :) 

It has been a little bit hectic here this week,  Hubby and  I did eventually make it to Edinburgh last Sunday  and we had a lovely couple of days exploring and having fun. When we arrived home late Tuesday evening it was to find that Mum had been admitted to hospital again whilst we were away... the tinker hadn't told us she was in hospital so as not to spoil our trip  :(  We also came home to a very sad and tearful Angel Esther,  she had injured her knees whilst in overnight respite on the Sunday and Monday.  We're not quite sure what has happened exactly, but  it sounds like she  had a couple of small Myoclonic Seizures and got very anxious and agitated afterwards and crawled around and couldn't be comforted and  basically tore all the skin off her knees with the crawling :(  Her poor little knees were just raw and looked terrible when we got home.  I feel soooo terrible and soooo guilty for leaving her, I think we both just spent Tuesday night cuddling and sobbing together :(   But after a few days of tenderly nursing those knees, Angel Esther is starting to  heal well and she is almost  back to her usual mischievous self....Angel Mim had a lovely time at her respite and came home 'happy-as-larry' :)   So it has been a busy time caring for my Angel, fulfilling my Grandma-Day-Care-Services with baby Daniel whilst Abi is at work  and travelling backwards and forwards to the hospital each day. It almost feels like we never went away!  I'm hoping Mum will be home in the next few days and we can take care of her there, not travelling to the hospital each day will be good. We will hopefully plan to cook her a special Mothers Day Meal at home  once she fully recovered and is feeling up to it. 
As I said I was loved and pampered and treated today by my wonderful family, I know I say it  a lot but I am blessed with my beautiful children and wonderful hubby, they love me and take care of me so well :)   It is business as usual in the morning, I'm ready for a quieter week! hahaha  I need to sit down and import all my photos of  our adventures in Edinburgh from my camera to my little netbook, then I can share and remember the fun memories hubby and I made :)
Wishing all a very Happy (UK) Mothers Day 
Hugs, Wendy x x x  

Thursday, 1 March 2018

More Birthday fun and more cake!

My birthday always poses a problem for some people  :) ..because I was actually born  on Leap Year Day,  the 29th February.  And as everyone knows you only get a 29th once every four years, so some  people are not sure, when its not a Leap Year, when  should my birthday actually  be celebrated ..hehehe... I always work on the fact that I was born in February so I celebrate on the 28th if its not a Leap Year. But I still get some friends and family that think my birthday should be March 1st, because I wasn't born on the 28th ..hahaha And there is always the one joker each year who has to say ...Ooh it's not your birthday for another 2/3 years so you don't get one this year ... I generally blank those people .. I don't think they realize that I've been hearing that same line every year for 50's old hat now ....hehehe :) 
So today being the 1st of March and I guess still kind-of my birthday :)  I still received some birthday cards and gifts to open  ...
I was grateful to receive some very luxurious perfume, a sweet polish milk jug, a gorgeous small firkin bucket and another box of chocolates (the exact same box as yesterday ..hahaha...maybe they are on special offer in the supermarket  ;) ..hehehe)  I have to admit to being really excited about the little firkin bucket ..I've already stood one of my small 'out all year' faux Christmas trees in it and it looks perfect! 

Angel Esther brought home more birthday cake treats today too ...
Thursday's are when she has her baking class, and today her fabulous support staff helped her bake me a chocolate chip sponge cake for my birthday :) How sweet and thoughtful is that? We have been very blessed with Angel Esther's placement at this Day Centre, the staff are really kind and caring and definitely go the extra mile. It is such a comfort to know that they all care about my Angel so much :) Soooo more cake meant we had more candle blowing and more cake to eat tonight ...even I am beginning to feel all caked out ...hahaha

Whilst Master Bubba slept ...for all of 45 minutes!.. today  I forgot about the washing, the cleaning and the hoovering ...well, you can't hoover when the baby is sleeping! ;) hahaha   I neglected all my housewifely duties and rummaged around in my stash to gather together threads and linen and a pattern for my next cross stitch project.... 
I chose an older Brenda Gervais - with thy needle & thread  design ..."Birds of a Feather". It was originally issued as a 3 part mystery sampler club, from 2011 I think?  It was actually one of the very first patterns I purchased years and years ago when I picked up on the cross stitch bug again. At the time I thought it was possibly a bit too advanced for me and carefully stashed it away for another I decided it's day to be stitched had arrived :)  and I decided to start it on more or less the 1st day of my 50th year in the hopes I'll finish it this year. (Isn't it really the last day of my 50th year and the first of my 51st ...urrggghhh that's a depressing thought, I've only being 50 for a day and 51 is already rearing its head! ..hehehe) At some point or other I must have for-planned because I already had the recommended threads and linen in my stash ready and waiting to go :)
 It will actually be a nice project to take with me to Edinburgh at the weekend and stitch on the train journey ...and possibly stitch in the hotel room if we are kept indoors with snowy weather ...that's keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the snowy weather allows us to get to Edinburgh in the first place! :)  We are scheduled to catch the 11:07am train from Preston Train Station on Sunday morning and arrive back in Preston at 5:15 pm on Tuesday ...hopefully the weather warnings will have calmed down by Sunday thru' Tuesday :)   Like I said...I'm  keeping my fingers and toes crossed.
Well, that's 3 blog/journal posts in 3 days from me this week ...goodness me,  getting older isn't slowing my one-fingered typing skills  down..hehehe ;)

Hugs Wendy x x x