Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Snowy nooks and crannies ...

These are some of my favourite little iddy biddy spaces around our home, they are usually  just filled with an accent of seasonal loveliness :) Despite what the menfolk of the home may think, I do not have enough Snowmen to fill each and every room in the house ...but...I do try ... much to their dismay!  hehehe I'm probably a classic hoarder and collector of  'stuff', all things useless and clutterable ...but I like to think its all pretty useless clutter! :)

This wooden cutlery drawer sits on a small cupboard next to my comfy spot and stitching basket ...
It holds my Bobbin lamp, an old humped-backed bear with some old wooden thread spools that my Angels like to fiddle with. I usually fill it with some small seasonal goodies ...just because I like to  :) ...I also hide the TV remote controls under the cushions .. so that they are out of sight of my darling Angels who regularly enjoy flicking through different TV channels ...usually when I'm engrossed in a little bit of nostalgia programming ..hahaha

In the hallway I have my 'Let it Snow' light up box, that my Mum gifted me a few years ago. It  sits precariously on top of a broken and old small box shelf  and usually is knocked off several times during the day as people swish past it ...this year I've added a small blob of blu-tac to the back of the box and so far, touch wood, its not being knocked off once yet! :) 
I also hang my favourite snowman wall hangings up ...with a few little snowman decorations...naturally! ;)

Remember the rocking chair from the Mother-in-law (Abi's not mine! hehehe) ...well she's still not called around  to collect it, so it is still sitting in our family room near the patio windows ...and I'm still filling it with my pillows and snuggle blankets has actually become one of Angel Mim's favourite spots to sit and draw/scribble in her colouring books ...once ... she's thrown my cute cushions and throws onto the floor ...hahaha :) 
If the Mother-in-Law does decides to reclaim her rocker back, she may have a bit of a job getting Angel Mim out of it ...hehehe ...I have to naughtily  admit that that is a tussle I'd quite enjoy seeing ...hehehe ...soooo naughty! ;)

And I've put my newly refurbished Christmas wooden tray from Hubby to good use ...
It sits perfectly on the piano filled with several min pillows and bowl fillers ... I love how it looks :) Sooo glad that Hubby took the time and effort to repair it and give it a new lease of life ...albeit holding my clutter ...hehehehe :)

These are just a few little areas filled with Snowy goodliness.   It's hard to believe that we are almost at the end of January, our first month of the New Year is  giving way to February ....February the month of Love (I have my Valentines box  out all ready to decorate with.. haha)   February is also special for me because its my birthday month ...But ... I have to say it is one that I don't think I'm quite ready to welcome this year :(  ...I'm sure that someone, somewhere,  must have gotten their dates mixed up because I can't possibly be reaching this milestone ...I'm not sensible, or grown-up or mature enough ..hehehe  The dates are very obviously wrong!  I think  to distract myself and take my mind of the impending date, I'll just concentrate on the Valentines bit first  and not think about the birthday bit ...hahaha   I'll just go coo over my useless but pretty clutter ;) ..hahaha
Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Snowmen are out :)

Noses and wings are all glued back on and no Snowmen were injured in the process ..hehehe
The piano is always  a favourite to decorate ...I quite like how all my Snowmen look this year, I think  the tree in the middle adds a little something or other...a bit of paahzing :) was a bargain find last January so this is the first year its been properly 'out'...hehehe

The corner drawers with my Jim Shore Snowmen and the lovely flour snow sifter that I received from my Angels for Christmas :)

The fire place mantel with my new Snow-Angel doll ...still loving her lots! ;) hahaha

I'm not quite convinced that I've  'dressed' the old dresser just right....
I'm thinking I might need to do a few more tweakings yet's looking a little bare on the very top shelf.

The kitchen as always is where my delicate treasures are displayed  and yet hidden from inquisitive Angel fingers ....

I love how once unpacked and shaken (but not stirred ...hehehe)  the snow in the snow globe has settled on each curve of the Snowman's body :)  ...
And all the extra greenery from my sale shopping just helps add some extra needed colour to everything. I have a few other favourite  little nooks and crannies that I've filled with snowy decorations around the house ...Blogger or the Wifi is awfully slow tonight so I'll try and add them another day :)

The traveller's in Madrid are having a fun time, Jake is showing Abi  some of his favourite haunts, with Hubby tagging along to enjoy them a second time. The older Spanish ladies are enjoying cuddles with our "nino bebe" as they call him in Spanish ...I think it translates to baby boy, and Abi reports that Baby Daniel is lapping up all the attention like a pro :) hahaha 
 I realised this morning  that it is exactly 3 years today, since we said goodbye to Jacob as he left home to go and serve his Church Mission in Spain ...that means he's almost been home a full year! It is soooo scary how fast time flies ...I can vividly remember feeling that two years felt like forever for him to be away  and now that he's home and after only a year it seems so long ago that he was leaving that a dreaded sign that I'm getting older ..hehehehe ... I think Jacob has enjoyed going back to Madrid on his kind of  'mission  anniversary' :) I'm hoping Hubby has worked hard and remembered to take lots of photographs.  When Abi and Jake were younger, hubby would take them away for little weekend breaks ... the 3 of them camping together and such ... they used to all love those little adventures together. They will be home later tomorrow, probably tired  and worn out but hopefully happy to have made some more fun memories together ... and exploring the wonderful city of Madrid with all its elegant boulevards and large beautifully parks, has got to be a bit more exciting than camping ...hehehehee :) I'm excited to hear about all their escapades tomorrow :)
My Angels and I ate all the chocolate pudding last night ;) not a crumb was left for tonight,  so this evening we are enjoying warm, homemade, gooey, chocolate-chip cookies ...with ice cream! ...hehehe You have to indulge when you're not in Madrid ...hehehe ;)
 Hugs Wendy x x x

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Snowmen shopping !

 It has to be's just plain wrong to turn away sad, homeless and cold little snowmen ;)
Two sets of ... 'triplets'... snowmen,  just looking for a forever home ....with meeee! :)
 they were a lucky chance find on Ebay ...OK, I was browsing-searching for daaaaays until I spotted these handsome chaps know you couldn't have refused them either! hahahaha

I've been trying to be  good at resisting the urge to buy any more Jim Shore Santa's and Snowmen ...simply because I'm running out of storage space ..but...I spotted these on Amazon as chips...and cute ...and I thought ...why not? ...and ... can I sneak them in? hehehhe
They are not from his Heartwood Creek series but a newer 'Folklore' collection ... they're similar so look lovely with my other small collection of Jim Shore Snowmen ....a good enough excuse for me anyways! ;) 

Then the  garden centre down the road from home always has wonderful Christmas displays and decorations. They are always  very tempting and usually very expensive :( I try really hard every year NOT to buy anything at full price and wait until the New Year when everything Christmassy is at least 50-75% take a bit of a chance not getting something you like that you've seen at full price but over the years I've been lucky and snapped up some yummy bargains. I was a bit late getting to the sale this year, there wasn't much left,  but I managed to find some sweet little snowmen...
 all for £1 each :) ...but best of all I managed to pick up some greenery sprigs  ...
 The 2 bigger berry sprigs were £1:50 each and are lovely and  very full with chunky rusty bells attached  and the smaller ones were just a mere 50p each. They were all that was left so I nabbed them all  ...hehehe  I'm really pleased with the greenery, they'll add lovely wintry green colour to my snowman displays and  I didn't stretch the purse strings too tightly with my sale shopping  :) 

I have managed to get all my Snowmen out and displayed, I've made a few tweaking's here and there along with some repairs ....
A couple of noses needed reattaching and a pair of wings ...hahaha ...not toooo bad for two pairs of inquisitive and sticky little Angel fingers :) Luckily they are all very easily reattached ...although I'm sorely tempted to leave the noses on the snow angels off ...they just look funny to me ...almost like they are commiserating with one another over their sad nose losses ...hehehe  I will glue them back on ...if only to ensure no Angel eats them!! hahahaha

It's just me and my Angels home alone for the next few days ... Hubby, Jacob, Abigael and even baby Daniel have all jetted off to Madrid this afternoon from Manchester Airport  for a quick Winter break. Jake was hoping to get a chance to say goodbye to one of the older Missionary couples that he served with when he was on his Mission. Unfortunately their flights back home to the USA were moved and  changed  and they actually flew home this morning whilst Jacob was sitting a Physics exam at University! :( ...they missed each other by a handful of hours :( ...Guess who'll be saving up for a holiday to the US next?? hahaha They'll still have fun meeting some of his Spanish friends and getting to show Abigael where he served, Hubby has the job of taking as many photos as possible  :)
Our party at home doesn't properly start until after School/Day services tomorrow, its also Great Grandma's 71st birthday tomorrow, so whilst the Angels are at School I'll take her out for a birthday lunch and then over  the weekend the Angels  and I are planning lots of girly fun with snuggles, films and possibly a bowl or two of warm chocolate pudding  ;) It might not be Madrid ...but with Chocolate pudding in our tummy's we are more than happy! :) hehehehe
I'll be back soon with all those Snowman photos ..hahaha
Hugs Wendy x x

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Christmas stitchings...

I've finally managed to get the last bits and bobs from Christmas packed away safe and hopefully secure from any possible mousey visitors whilst everything sits up in the loft  :)  As my Angels only went back to school/Day Services this week it feels  like I'm a little bit late, but I have my beloved Snowman boxes ready and waiting  to be unpacked in the Quiet Room. I'm hoping to get them all out before the end of the weekend :)
 It's been a busy week so far, January is always choc-a-bloc full of  appointments for my Angels ...and now Great Grandma too ;)  hehehe..  The Angels have done really well with stepping back into their regular routines...even waking up beautifully and happily in time for school each morning :) They are tired tonight, they are both currently laid on the sofa cuddling together watching a film, Spiderman I think.  This week its all been about eyes, we have already had  appointments with  the Ophthalmologist and Optometrist for the Angels and just the Optometrist for G-Grandma  ...hehehe... Next week its our Annual Genetics appointment for the Angels and also their Annual healthcare checks with the GP (its always fun trying to take the Angel's blood samples ...Eeeaaakk!)  Later in the month we have Dental and Orthotics to look forward to dairy is full to bursting already :)

I did manage to complete a few stitching projects over Christmastime...
Abigael wanted some Christmas Tree decorations to mark Baby's first Christmas and also to mark her and Nathans first married Christmas together (that one is only 3 years late ...hahaha) I used the same design that I'd previously stitched for Jacobs Missionary Decoration...its a 'Lizzie Kate' design , quick and simple and pretty, the only tweak I made was to add a felt pom-pom instead of a ribbon-ed bow ...I'm not very good at tying bows ...hehehe ;)

This next project I actually completed a year or so ago...
but each year as the cushion has sat on the piano, I've looked at it and thought it was missing something...I jumped in with both feet and cut out lots of free-hand woolly tongues in varying shapes and shades of green and with a primitive cross stitch attached them to the edges of the cushion and Voila...I was once again happy with it :) The tongues just add a  little bit more ummphh to the cushion..its not as boring anymore ;) hahaha

Three bowl fillers were next...
'Kringle & Woolard' by Plum Street Samplers,  I stitched this Christmas... The other Santa is by Teresa Kogurt and I'm not sure about the redwork snowflakes, that piece has been in my basket for a few years waiting to be backed and stuffed ...well it finally happened this year! :)

I finally finished stitching "Dec 25th by Mosey n Me"...
I tweaked all the colours for this design, partly because I couldn't find the Belle Soie and Gloriana Silk threads so I used some Gentle Art threads out of my stash. The biggest change I made was to Santa's hat, the original design is more of a woodland Santa with a brown/tawny-gold  coloured hat... I kept the brown for the fur trim but chose to go with a traditional red for a more Christmassy feel . I like him in his red hat! :) I can't promise that he'll be finished any time soon, most likely he'll be pulled out in December and Ummmed and aaahhed over ..hehhe

I also had a late/lost  postal deliver this morning...
A cute Scandinavian Gnome or Tomte, Nisse or Santa ...they are called by various names ...he's very sweet and even though he missed Christmas I'm sooo glad he arrived because I can see myself keeping him out all year just to stroke that plush soft beard ...hehehe
Well I need to get my tired Angels ready for bedtime...before they fall asleep on the sofas and I have to wake them up  :)  I wouldn't mind an early night either...Its tiring keeping up with everyone's appointments ..hehehe
Hopefully I'll be back refreshed with my Snowmen soon :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 7 January 2018

School Tomorrow ...Yaaaay !!!

I'm soooo excited I'm not sure I'll sleep tonight ...but there again there's not been a lot of sleep going on here for the last week or so anyways! ;)  My Angels have just about worn me out with their sleep shenanigans this Christmas holiday, it hasn't helped with me been gone a lot when Grandma was in hospital and even home she still needs quite a bit of help and support until she's fully recovered. My Angels' anxiety levels go up an extra knot or two when I'm 'in and out' and our routine is  unsettled ...which is already a given with been at home and not School/Day Services :(  I'm feeling a little bit frazzled and worn at the edges :) I need a big mug of hot chocolate, a handful of sinfully yummy biscuits and free control of the TV remote to catch up on the Christmas shows on TV... I've still not seen  Call the Midwife that was shown Christmas Day! hahahaha  In preparation for hopefully being able to get the girls up out of their beds in time for returning back to school on Monday morning, we've been attempting to encourage them to leave their snuggly warm beds earlier and earlier each morning (hard to do when we are all soooo tired!) ...we managed 8am this morning ...not tooo bad to say we didn't get to sleep until after 3am! Angel-Owl-Shenanigans ! :) hehehee   Angel Esther is sat looking decidedly sleepy snuggled up to me right now, if I can keep her awake until bedtime we might be OK for the morning :) I don't know how she does it but Angel Mim can last days without sleep but will usually stay in bed if Essie is asleep ...the joys of  having night Angels :)

 The Angels had an afternoon of respite with their carers yesterday, so in between taking down all the Christmas decorations  I managed to have a little rummage and coo over my Christmas gifts ...they'd hastily been unwrapped and put back in gift bags on Christmas morning and I'd not had a chance to properly enjoy them. It was almost like Christmas morning again! ..hahahha
Stocking Goodies ...
 Years and years ago when Abi and Jake had properly stopped believing in Father Christmas but we all still wanted a Christmas stocking, we decided that  we would change how we filled them, instead of Santa filling our stocking we all buy each other one or two small stocking gifts. Its always been a fun  thing to do ...and this year our stockings were a bit fuller with Jacob being home...hahaha

Gifts from Grandma...
 With Mum being in hospital we had to wait a little longer to share gifts, which we did on New Years Day. I was spoilt with a lovely fleecy throw and woolly cushion and some beautiful Jim Shore Santa's to add to my collection and some pretty porcelain pot-pourri ornaments. That fleece is soooo snuggly and warm! :)

Family Gifts ...
Oooooh tooo much yumminess here :) and some cheekiness too!  Abi and Nathan got me another lovely Jim Shore Santa. He looks lovely with all my other Santas ...although its starting to get a little crowded on top of that cupboard..hahaha     Abi shopped for the Angels and found a lovely primitive Angel with her Christmas pudding pincushion and a sweet tole-painted 'Snowman' flour sifter with a star tree ... I'm sooo lucky that Abi knows my taste so well :) Jake gifted me with a lovely wooden box which contained a beautiful pair of diamond earrings. Hubby was the cheeky one this year ;) One particular gift looked a little bit familiar ;) ...a lovely wooden tray filled with some beautiful cotton fabric fat quarters ...I recognised both straight away ..hehe ..the wooden tray I had actually thrown out in the summer because some paint  had spilt on it and warped and cracked the base..hubby had spotted it as he was taking a car load of rubbish to the recycling centre.  Hubby rescued it and took it to work where he took it apart, sanded and stained and polished it looks better now than it did when I first bought it! He thought it would be funny to fill it with some of my fabric stash ... he was sure I wouldn't recognise them ..silly man, every woman knows her stash...hahahaha  He made up for hid cheek with the most beautiful vintage style garnet silver heart locket..
 It is just beautiful and I love it :) Its nice an chunky and suitable to endure a few tugs from the Angels ...and the bubba ..hehehe...which is good because I can actually wear it each day :)

A close up of Abi's Angel gifts...
 They are soooo lovely, I'm thrilled with them too :)

I was a little naughty and may have purchased a few 'just in case' gifts to me this year...
 A selection of Cross stitch patterns, I cant wait to start on that sweet snowman by Stacey Nash :)

A cute wool applique book and sweet woolly kit for a Santa's sleigh table mat..

And my special ...I-couldn't-stop-dreaming-about-them gifts...
 A gorgeous Snow Angel, with her little wintry tree and primitive bird, made beautifully by Karen Shaw of  "Olde Cottage Primitives" from Etsy. She's absolutely adorable and I can't wait to display her with all my Snowmen this year :) Also a cute 'Drakestone Attic Bear' by Angi Roberts ...I have quite the collection of Angi's bears now ...but I thought just one more wouldn't hurt and I love his necklace of old rusty bells...hehehe  And you can't say no to a trio of mini Gingerbread men especially when they are created by Maria of The Cinnamon Shack. I was very naughty but very pleased with my Just-for-me gifts ...if I like them sooooo much does that counter act and cancel out the naughtiness?? hehehehe
Well my Angels are still awake , only a couple more hours until bedtime ...we are currently watching the 1975 film JAWS and the girls are loving it ...I'd forgotten how good the music was ...terrible mechanical  shark but fabulous music ....My Angels are giggling hysterically so I'm going to close and enjoy the rest of the film with them :) Keep your fingers crossed that they sleep tonight so that I can wake them up in time for school in the morning ...oooh yaaaay school!!!!! :) :)
Hugs Wendy x x

Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy 2018 !!

Wow ... Monday 1st  January 2018!  ..It sounds soooo new...  hehehe :)   After a very, very late night ...The Angels and I had foolishly decided to snuggle in our PJs watching Lemony Snicket on Netflix whilst we awaited Hubby and Jacob coming home...sure that they would be in by 12:30 ...and you know when you start to get tired..tooo tired to move  so you think you'll wait a teensy bit longer and the longer gets longer and longer and longer ...?? Until it's almost 3am in the morning and the jammy dodgers come strolling in! I think the Angels and I must have fallen asleep all curled up on the sofa together at some point because it was a bit of a shock when the menfolk crept in and Boo'd us! :)

My New Year didn't quite start sooo smoothly as I had hoped ...I had a little misadventure during the night (No! I didn't wet myself as everyone else keeps initially presuming!) Obviously it was very late when we went to bed ...or rather very early ;) and as a lady of a certain age is want to do ...I needed the bathroom an hour or so after retiring. Up I tootle to the bathroom, only to discover that I can't quite get my PJ bottoms lowered for the necessary 'spending a penny' so to speak... I'm twisting and turning and hobbling around in the dark, naturally, because no-one puts the bathroom light on in the middle of the night....when I'm suddenly flying over the side of the bath and landing in a most unladylike position in the tub itself...desperately trying not to spend that penny on my nice new Pjs!! I've got one leg in and one leg out off my PJ's, I had my Pj top pulled down tight on one side cutting off circulation in my neck ...I practically throttled myself with my own PJ top!  No-one responded to my weakened cries for help (I had to be fairly quiet so as not to waken the Angels...although I'm sure the whole neighbourhood must have heard the great big elephant landing in our bath tub!)  What on earth had happened I can hear you wondering ....well....One of our old family Christmas traditions is that each year everyone gets a new pair of PJ's ...Mine were a pair of navy blue and beige stripey bottoms with  a nice baseball style plain navy top ...very nice ...and very comfortable ...but slightly tooo big on the bottoms :) :) ...which I was secretly pleased about ;)  Often when you buy sets of pyjama's so they don't become dislocated from one another in store there is a small elasticated snap clip connecting the top to the bottom my wisdom I had decided to utilise this little clip to help keep my bottoms up and prevent inadvertent 'dropping of the drawers' ...nobody whats to see that sight  before bedtime or first thing on a morning!  And it was that little clip that I had forgotten about when I went to spend a penny last night, the very same little elasticated clip that caused soooo much bathroom consternation and commotion ... I was soooooo exhausted that when I finally got out of the bath and spent that penny and then back into bed that  I slept until nearly lunchtime ...slovenly woman!! ;)  Not an experience I would like to repeat each night ...I'm wearing different PJs tonight! :) hahahha

Today we welcomed in the New Year with our usual New Years Family meal ...we dragged the naughty table out from behind the sofa where its been hiding since Christmas ...I thought I'd share a picture of it ...just for remembrance sake ... :)
It works sooooo well ...I was quite sad to see hubby drive it back to the Chapel tonight ...I was hoping we could keep it for Easter  ;) hehehe  Oooh and just in case you are suspecting that my little incident last night was because I 'need to take more water' with my drink ...we are all non alchofrolic drinkers here ...those are fancy bottles of sparkling grape juice on the table  :)   I have enough problems controlling myself without the added worry of what I'd be like if I participated in the odd sip of beverages of the spirit kind ...grape juice is obviously too strong for me! ;) hahahaha
So with my very nice glass of sparkly (non-alcoholic) grape juice I'll raise a cheer hoping for a wonderful 2018 ...without any more late night trips into the bath tub! :)
Hugs Wendy x x x