Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween...

..from the Kirby Angels :) Angel Esther has wandered around all day with her black velvet cloak and witches hat on, she makes us laugh because she pulls the brim of the hat down low over her eyes and then thinks that because she can't see us that we can't see her either ..lots of silly giggles ensue when we cry out "where's Essie gone?" and "Oh No Essie's disappeared!". After nearly 20 years this is still her favourite game to play  and she'll use hats, snuggle blankets, towels anything to aid her with her magic disappearing act :) We've had a lot of disappearing witches today :) Angel Mim is not so impressed, she gets quite anxious with things like wigs and masks and hats, she loved answering the door to 'Trick or Treaters' this evening but invariably as soon as she saw the masks and costumes she ran away before she had chance to share her treats :) (She's even worse with Father Christmas /Santa Claus ...she won't go anywhere near the man in red, not even for a gift...although she's learning that a strenuously stretched out arm often comes back with a gift ...hehehe) We've spent our day carving pumpkins and watching our favourite Halloween films, Hocus Pocus, The Corpse Bride, Coraline and Monster House (my favourite!)
Our Pumpkin carvings are quite tame this year ...
and all lit up with our safe flickering battery-operated tea lights...
 I do actually miss using the real little tea lights and watching my Angels constantly try to blow the small flames out, but these are safer ...no risk of singed fringes with these ....hehehe

I have a few Halloween cross stitches that I've completed over the last few weeks...
 It's a design by Jardin Prive - 'Quaker d'Halloween'  I absolutely loved stitching this piece, I used a random piece of linen out of my stash...I think its just  a DMC linen and at some point I've obviously tea dyed it, not sure what thread count it is, I would hazard a guess at 28 or 30 ?? I used the colours, 'Pitch Black' and 'Snowdrop' of Nina's Threads. I haven't used any of these threads before, they've been in my thread bag forever (I can't even remember when and what I purchased them for) but I was pleasantly surprised with the variegation of the black , I possibly need a stronger white but I'm happy with it, Despite having to continually count stitches and frog several times I actually enjoyed this design and I may even look out for more of the two toned ones in the future.

A few stitches from my favourite cross stitch designer...
 Brenda Gervais's "With Thy Needle & Thread" designs  - 'One for the Crow',   and
'Witches Night Out'.   Loved, loved, loved both these witchy stitches, I always love Brenda Gervais's designs, I love the detail, the colours just every thing about her designs ....guess that's why I have soooo many of them ...hahahaha :)

One last little quick stitch...
'Old Crow' by La D Da Designs ...again this was such a fast simple stitch, really enjoyable.
I've completed lots of small stitches this last year, with the odd medium sized one, I'm kind of feeling a pull towards doing a slightly bigger project, similar to when I completed Abi's wedding sampler two years ago (!!!) (and it was a year late, she got it just after her first wedding anniversary!) I love the small quick stitches but sometimes I'm almost sad to finish them, its like I want to enjoy stitching them longer...hehehe   I'll have to sift through my vast collection and find a pattern I really want to do, I kind of have one in mind ...but it is BIG...its more a matter of whether I am brave enough to start it! ;) hahahha

 I'm going to say goodnight before the clock strikes midnight and I turn into a Pumpkin! :) My Angels have a few hours out with their carers tomorrow and I'm planning on baking Pumpkin pies with all the scrapings from our carved pumpkins today...Ooooooh its going to be a yummy kitchen day :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Wifi Trauma and Stash Surprises!

Oh my!... what a couple of manic and busy weeks, we've been without WiFi and any land line  telephone connection for aaaages, we were finally back fully connected on Friday. Who would have thought that we would become soooo dependent upon WiFi for just keeping up with the day to day necessities of life?  I know we certainly missed the ease of viewing films on Netflix and Amazon Prime for the Angels, luckily we still have a huge DVD collection so we were able to keep them relatively happy :) The amount of emails we have waiting to be read has amazed me, trying to filter through them and find any important ones, particularly relating to my Angels has been sooo time consuming....its going to take me several days to reply to all the necessary emails, so in a bid to cut down on all the excess I'll been 'unsubscribing' alot as I wade through them all ;)

Soooo why the trauma of the WiFi and my beloved Stash??? Welllll ....two certain gentlemen decided that it was time to speed up our WiFi connection, admittedly it has always been very slow ... although not slow enough to stop me shopping! ;) hehehehe. The menfolk decided enough was enough and we had to switch providers (I'm certain that the slow speed was interfering with their football viewing and that was the main reason for the switch!) Goodbye to 'BT' and Hello to 'Virgin' :) There was only one itsy bitsy problem... we would be receiving 'Virgin' by cable ...a cable that comes into the house through the front room ...which just happens to be my Quiet Room ...aka stash city!  Eeeeaaakkkk!!!  I was given one weeks notice ...yes, just one week!... to empty the Quiet Room so that holes could be drilled, fireplaces and carpets lifted and cables laid ...I was also rudely informed that this would be a good opportunity to sort the wheat from the chaff and organise my room ....very rude! ;) Because I am an obedient wife (not!) I did empty the room and I did reorganise my stash...I may or may not have done the wheat and chaff thing ... ;) hehehe   It was very traumatising but a little bit fun too ...I found soooooooo much that I  had obviously just quickly pushed into a basket or a corner to hide from hubby and forgotten I had :) ...That's soooo bad isn't it!? Its a confession that I really don't want to share with the hubster ..hahahaa:) 
But look at all these yummy hidden /forgotten  woolly kits....
 Yep, you counted correctly.... six woolly kits ...all in the original postal envelopes! I do feel a little bad, my 'shopping' may have gotten a little out of hand ...but how lucky am I that I didn't double buy anything by accident! ;) hehehe

I also found an unopened envelope with these cross-stitch patterns and threads ....
 Is it bad that I can't even remember when it or any of the packages arrived?! Opening and finding all this new stash was as much fun as shopping  for it in the first place! :)   Everything is now back in place, neatly organised and easily accessible and I haven't told hubby about my exciting 'finds' hehehe :)

No WiFi does have its benefits, no web browsing or social media spying allows for more stitching time :) I managed to finish of several summer pieces....
This is a Plum Street Samplers Design, "Berry Cottage". I used all the recommended threads and linen. I only changed one thing, on the original design there is a teensy weensy '1 thread  over 1 thread' house stitched on the lower left branch...I couldn't for the life of me cope with the intricacy of windows and doors 1 over 1 so I opted to add two small sheep instead. its not quite right and ....hmmm ...it probably does need that little house and maybe I should have just put the piece to one side until I could face the 1 over 1,  but I have tooo many unfinished stitches waiting for me to tackle and  I really didn't want to add another, so sheep it was. I'm feeling a bit blaaah (even baaa ..hehehe) about this piece but its my own fault. Mehh!

I am happier with my next piece ...
 "Ann's Sampler Pinkeeps" by Stacy Nash Primitives.
 Here is a closer look at the two pieces..
 I enjoyed these two stitches, they were quick and fulfilling :) The only change I made was to add an 'e' on the end of the  Ann ... Angel Esther's middle name is Anne after her Irish Grandma , Hubby's Mum, and I thought it a nice way to make the piece a bit more personal :)

This last stitch is a pattern I've had in my stash for a very long time (I think it was originally published in 2009ish) and I  just felt the pull to finally stitch it :)
It's from my favourite designer Brenda Gervais of  'Country Stitches - with thy needle & thread' designs... "Sarah's Garden". I used all the recommended threads. The original is made into a little 6 inch hanging pocket,  I want to make  mine  into a slightly larger pouch to hold threads and such for my 'on the go' projects, so I stitched it on a slightly bigger linen count than was called for. When I'll get around to actually stitching the pouch is anyone's guess but I'm happy to have finally stitched Miss Sarah and I'm pleased with the finished enlarged size :)

My fingers are starting to tingle with all the typing, and my little notebook is getting warm on my lap so I will close for now. I have more to catch up with, I've just finished a couple of cute Halloweenie stitches and we've started carving Pumpkins with my Angels :) I'll be back soon :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Thursday, 5 October 2017

I really do try to be good....

...but I just can't seem to help myself.... I think I may have a problem, only a teensy, round, orange problem. I may have to join a therapy group ...because every time I see one, it makes me go oooohhh ...I just have to.....BUY...... PUMPKINS !!!!! :) ;) Goodness knows what I am supposed to do ...Hubby had this weird suggestion that I just STOP buying Pumpkins! ??  Huuuuhh?? How weird is that ...it'll never work! ;) hahaha

I'm pretty certain that not many people could refuse this handsome chappie! ;) Mr Pumpkin Man was just toooooo hard to resist, I tried to fight the desire for as long as possible but I think we might be Pumpkin soul mates ...hehehe :)  Besides he looks very happy nestled in amongst all the Pumpkins on top of the piano ....it would be shameful to cast him out and return him ..hahaha :)

I spotted this pottery pumpkin grimacing at the back of a shelf in TKMaxx, there was just something about that face just made me snigger, so into my basket he went ...along with some  small yummy candles... 'Caramel Pumpkin', 'Apple Pumpkin' and 'Autumn Orchard' ...they smell as yummy as they sound :)

It doesn't get any better ...still more Pumpkin temptation....
The large white pottery Pumpkin didn't immediately tickle my fancy, but when I realised that it lit up ....Sold!! hahaha   The smaller Pumpkin is actually a soup bowl...I didn't think Hubby would appreciate a whole cupboard full of Pumpkin bowls ;) so I just bought the one ... and I will probably never use it as a soup bowl ..hahaha

I nearly had heart failure with my next purchase ...yep! ;) .... another Pumpkin!!!
How I didn't break my neck running into the shop when I spotted this  Pumpkin Snow-Globe in the window I'll never know ?? And I certainly did pick it out of the window display (very discreetly, and making sure no shop assistants were watching! hahaha) and pop it in my basket and nonchalantly wander on down the aisle :) I also bought yet another Pumpkin Candle 'Pumpkin Spice', just to make my casual browsing look realistic and blase, hopefully hiding the fact that my heart was beating ten to the dozen and I was anticipating being wrestled to the floor at any moment for interfering with the window display !! I safely made it to the till and paid for my goodies ...then hot-footed it right out of there!!! :)    Are we getting the feeling that I have a Pumpkin Problem ...possibly even a Pumpkin addiction!??? hehehehe :)

Almost finished....Why buy one ...when you can buy two ...or three...or four!????
Oh-My-Goodness!! :) I will quite willingly put my hands up, and 'own it' (whatever 'it' is ...hehe) I admit that I have a Pumpkin problem. I dooooo really, really, reeeaally try sooooooooo hard to resist. But there seems to be almost unearthly pull that Pumpkins have over me, its like they hypnotise me and I'm forced to do their will...well forced to put them in my shopping basket and buy them ..hehehe ;) Each time I leave the house I have every intention of turning away and not looking, but it only takes a sneaky peek before I'm lured in and trapped in the glow of  a Pumpkin aura ..hahaha

You might think that I cant possibly have any more space in the house for any more pumpkins ???...Do you think hubby will be able to spot the new ones ? hehehe
Naaaahhh...I'm pretty sure he won't ! hehehe...And there's still lots more room to squeeze another one or two in! ;) hehehe

Pumpkin Hugs 
Wendy x  x x

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Happy 1st October :)

or as we like to say here...Happy Pumpkin Season :)  The Pumpkins are out! I have had Jacob slaving to my every Pumpkin Need and managed to get just about all my Pumpkins out of storage and displayed....

This rocking chair is a new addition...
 Abi's Mother-in-Law gave it to Abi so that she could sit and rock Bubba Daniel in it. But Abi actually found it quite uncomfortable and the Mother-in-Law didn't want it back !!! ....Sooooooo.... the Mother is looking after it! hahaha ...It just looks soooo sweet with its Pumpkin and mouse ;)  I'll have to be careful the Mother-in-law doesn't want it back now! ;) hahahha

A few more little corners decorated...
 they're not quite complete, and I haven't quite finished setting out my treasured glass Pumpkins in the kitchen... I may wait to do that when the Angels are both out at school and the day centre :)

I found these punch needle pumpkin heads going for a song on a UK Ebay site.... that very rarely happens so I couldn't say NO! :) When they arrived I was a little bit dismayed at just how rustic they were ...as in rusty, loose nails and rough wooden blocks with splintery edges...not really safe for nosey Angel fingers...
 sooooo with a big pair of pliers I took them apart, threw the rusty sharp nails and splintery wood away and safely stuck them on top of some wooden spools :)
I'm actually really pleased with how they turned out...in fact if I say so myself I think they look better on the spools. They are certainly a lot safer should sticky Angel fingers decide to explore them :)

Oooh  look at me ;) ...I did  manage 2 posts in 2 days ...hehehe  I'm not sure I'll manage 3 in 3, but you never know ...stranger things have happened ...hehehe :)
Hugs Wendy x x x