Tuesday, 29 August 2017

29 August 1992...

25 years ago today ... Hubby and I said "I Do" :)
It really doesn't feel like it has been 25 years....it feels like no time at all..but the calendar tells me it is true! I honestly can't remember where all those years have gone ...I suspect the calendar must be wrong ;) ...hehehe    If I've been married for 25 years that must also mean I've aged 25 years too ....Uuurrrggghhhh ...lets not dwell on the age thing tooo long ..hehe  We've had 25 years of happiness, sometimes sadness,  a fair few challenges, lots of  laughter, some special blessings but most especially our little family, a very wonderful family :)  All those years have flown by in a flash....Old Man Time definitely has a funny way of 'keeping time' even when it doesn't feel like its passing at all!

We celebrated our special day in fairly low key way, we only arrived home from our holiday a day ago so had no time to buy each other cards or gifts (we all know I'll remedy that soon enough ..hahhaa) But hubby did pop out this morning and buy me some beautiful roses.... 
there was chocolates too but we had to hide them from Angel Mim as she'd sniffed them out as soon as they entered the front door ...hehehe    As a family we all went for a drive to Southport, walked a little around the Botanical Gardens and enjoyed some ice-cream from the little Italian ice-cream parlour...like I said low key, nothing overly exciting. This evening hubby and I went out for a meal, again no fanfare, just the two of us and some very yummy food :) ...I really will have to work on the gift side of things ...I can't have that low key too!! ;) hehehhe

August has flown by and been such a busy month, and September is looking to start the same way. I have lots of memories to write down and lots of stitching to share. My routine is off-kilter at the moment and time is slipping by ...hopefully not as quickly as the last 25 years!! :)  I'll catch up eventually ...Old Man Time may have got the last 25 years over me but I'm ready for the next 25!:)
hugs  Wendy x x