Thursday, 20 July 2017

The summer Holidays are almost here...

we have barely hours left at school before we break up, Angel Esther will be saying her final goodbye to Mayfield School tomorrow, her home from home for the last 16 years. We have had a busy couple of weeks as we prepare for the next stages ahead, there have already been a few tears shed and I'm sure there'll be more (All my tears...Fortunately or not my Angel is oblivious to the big changes ahead of her ...September will probably be full of her tears :( when she finds herself not going to school with Mim) I will forever be grateful to all the teaching staff that have loved and supported Angel Esther (and our whole family) for the last 16 years, we are lucky that we still have a few more years left with Angel Mim before we completely leave our Mayfield home :) It's a sad and poignant time, I never truly believed all those years ago that we'd reach this day, its a tad scary and my emotions are all over the place. We have some big challenges for my Angels ahead but I'm hoping we can enjoy a fun and happy summer before any angst starts....fingers crossed ... :) We have had some exciting news that we are celebrating, as son-in-law Nathan enters the final weeks of his Masters Degree in Business Studies, we are excited that he has secured employment in his chosen field of 'Project Management'. Equally exciting is my darling son Jacob accepting an offer to study Engineering  at Manchester University, he'll be starting his degree in September. Sooo proud of my boys :)

I've desperately been trying to get all my summer decor out before the end of school, I'm just about there . I still have a few sparse places where I'm missing some bits and bobs but we are starting to finally look more Summery :)
I've stored my summer piano pillows somewhere and I just can't remember where....I've searched everywhere! :)
Angel Mim put these woolly strawberries and the heart ornament in my pine bowl all by was just too sweet, she loves to follow me around as I tweak and move things ....I haven't moved her woolly strawberries! :) hahaha
Angel Mim also put the rag doll in the basket...I actually thought it looked cute so let her add one or two more dolls to the little bookcase :) Love having my little decorator helper!

The kitchen I did on my own ...hehehe...tooooooo many glass breakables for Angel fingers! :)
Angel Mim was at it again ...she added the pink butterfly clip to the black bears ear!  hahaha She's toooo cute ...  Maybe I should just let Mim-Lou go around adding her Angel tweaks to everything ...I think she did a pretty good job! :)

Summery Hugs Wendy x x x

Friday, 14 July 2017

The dress arrived...

in time for Esther's Graduation Prom...
 and my Angel looked like a Princess :)
 She spent the whole night swirling and swishing and smiling and giggling...
She thoroughly enjoyed herself and was soooooo good, we had no anxiety or fretful moments just a happy giggly Angel :)  
Now, I know the big question everyone is desperate to ask  ??????    
Did the Graduation cake survive the Kirby Angel this year????
 not quite is the truthful answer! It was all going soooo well, we had purposefully hidden the cake behind a big screen that was playing a slideshow of photos of all the graduates...perfect...until after the presentations and farewell talks and they brought the cake out and placed it in front of the screen!!!!  Our beautiful Angel seemed to be much more calculated in her approach this year, swirling her way nonchalantly towards the table...we were all completely oblivious to her intentions, she was just swirling, wasn't she? ...Ooops, Noooooooo.... she wasn't! In one speedy almost Matrix style movement that little hand shot out and scooped a very yummy morsel of chocolate fondant icing  :) hehehe  She was that swift and accurate it almost made her Mummy proud! ;) hahaha
Big sister Abi practically flew across the dance floor to save the cake from a second strike ....the fastest she's moved since her c-section healed! hehe.. As you can see she didn't make toooo much of a mess (the other messy patch under the wording was actually made by  a staff member who earlier in the day had stuck her hand in it whilst transporting it to the graduation venue ...she made a bigger mess than Esther! hehehe) I might have hoped that our Angel cake antics had gone unnoticed but it was like the whole crowd was on high alert, ready and waiting (Big Brother Jake was soooo ready he filmed all the action on his phone ...Yes, he filmed it and didn't get up to rescue the cake!!hehe)  and absolutely everyone noticed and they all cheered and clapped! :)  I even had one person tell me how glad she'd been there to see Esther get the cake this year made her night ...because she'd missed it last year!!! (I was honestly speechless at that comment!) My shame is so great that  I'm not sure well be going again next year ...I don't think I could cope with the shame ...two years is bad enough but three would be setting a precedent! hahahaha 

Did I mention how gorgeous my Angel looked?? :) :)  And not one spec of chocolate icing on her dress ... she thoroughly enjoyed licking those fingers clean ...what a pro! :)  Love my Angel soooo much :)
Hugs Wendy x x x