Friday, 30 June 2017

How ...

did it get to be the last day of June already? This month has just past me by in a blur of  confusion and head fuzziness! :) I honestly didn't even realise today was the end of June until Abi mentioned it ...hahaha...she's supposed to be the new mother with the 'mummy brain'  ... my 'mummy brain' at my grand age of Motherhood is supposed to be organised and correlated and possibly even colour co-ordinated with cross-referenced post-it notes!..hehehe... I'll never have a brain like that! ;)  My days seem to have been full of school meetings, sick Angels, cuddly grand-babies, sick Great-Grandmas, a bad back for the hubby and not a cake shop in sight!...hehehe It's a busy time of year and I feel like I'm hot-footing it from one thing to another, I'd like to say with all this kerfuffle that  everything in our life is clear and planned and sorted ...but its not... is it ever? hehehe   Frustratingly,  we are still awaiting decisions on funding and placements for Angel Esther, we have a date to 'start', the 18th of September,  but not the written approval and more importantly the finances in place to go ahead. I've decided just to let the professionals get on with it and plan to start in September and stop worrying about it ....besides I have a beautiful Angel who needs dressing in a spectacular dress and adornments for her most important and upcoming Prom Graduation! We've seen the dress, we've ordered the dress, the dress is on its way, and we are hoping the dress fits! :) hahaha ...and Angel Esther is completely oblivious to all the dress angst! :) As soon as it arrives I'll take a photo so that everyone can gasp in admiration and awe!!

The land of Lancashire was blessed with lovely hot sunny rays of sunshine several weeks or so ago (we are back to our usual rain now!) and hubby and I managed to potter a little in the back garden. Whilst Hubby is the professional horticulturalist I am the purchaser of plants...I often have no idea of what particular species of plant I am buying, my particular favourites are the weedy, dying ones that are reduced for a quick sale at the end of the aisle in the supermarket ...the  more scraggly and dead looking the better :) I bring them home for hubby to identify and re-pot and then we hopefully nurture them back to life ...I like to think of myself as a plant 'saviour', hubby just thinks I spend too much money! :) I feel I've 'saved' a lot of plant's so far this year! ... these are some photos I took back in May ...
 This is my favourite area...these are mostly survivors from last year regrown! Yes the old dilapidated shed is still standing ...and yes hubby is still talking about replacing it ..and yes we've even been 'shed' window shopping ..again...just like we did last year!!..Mwaaahahaha ...I suspect that terrible shed will stand forever and each year I will just try to prettify it up with more plant pots! :) I have learnt that  nothing comes between an man and his love for his shed! ;)

...and this is my new 'Miss Marple' cottage garden area, pretty for taking a moment to sit and read and sip cool lemonade ...or if you are addicts like Angel Esther and I a glass of  'Pepsi Max'!! hehehe

This next area is new to the invasion of plant pots, it is  a work in progress... it still needs a little bit of something :) but I'm sure I can find more plants to save! hehehe
Again I really need to take some new photos as even in a few short weeks everything already looks soooo much different ... I need to get my camera out :)

 Amongst all the business of June passing me by I have had time to do a little shopping...thank goodness for 24 hour Internet shopping!! hahahaha
 A lovely new woolly book to ooohh and aahhh over by Rebekah L Smith, a new summer cross stitch design by Plum Street Samplers ...with thread and linen ..hehehe    I cant wait to start stitching that lovely red barn :)

I tried to catch up on some sewing, I have stitched a little but I'm glad that I finally managed to finish these old cross stitch projects that have been in sat in my basket for ages...

Thats all I really have to show for the last day of June ...hopefully I'll be back before the last day of July ...especially with pictures of the beautiful prom dress ...that hopefully fits!! :)
Hugs Wendy x x