Saturday, 27 May 2017

'One step forward...

  ..and two steps back, nobody gets too far like that '...those words pretty much sum up my days and weeks at the moment :) Just as I'm making headway in one direction, something else crops up and turns me in the opposite direction ...I may eventually meet myself coming backwards! hahaha I also think I need an upgrade on my professional job title ;) it needs to be updated to Full time Mother and Grandmother ...and I think I'd like some extra job bonus's ...although baby cuddles are wonderful , I do think an extra bar of chocolate could help! hehehe
The one thing that is spinning me around in circles at the moment, is that we are currently in the final stages of 'transitioning' Esther from Children's Services/Education into Adult Support Services...she has 7-8 weeks of full time education left.... Eeeaaakkk!!! followed by 6 weeks of summer holiday....Aaaarrrrgghhh!!!... before she officially starts with her Adult placement. Naturally we are still awaiting on the professionals to organise the funding and the actual placement and with everything that has been happening with a new baby in the family I'm possibly not quite on top of everything as regards pestering people ...I may have to rely on some tearful phone-calls to get things moving  :(  I thought this would be a really worrying time and I am anxious about all the changes, but I feel more like I'm in some surreal dream and I'm numb and dazed to all that's happening.  Fortunately we have found a really good service provider for Esther, a lot of our previous Mayfield-ers access their services, so there is some familiarity and its mostly little points that need to be decided upon, like transport, lunches, etc...... I know I'm going to fret and worry whatever happens. I'm especially anxious about how the changes will affect both my Angels ...Esther being apart from Miriam and Miriam from Esther...they'll no longer be travelling to school together, no longer see each other at break time or during school activities ...its going to be very different for them both ... But we will manage, we always do...I guess its just the uncertainty and the 'settling in ' period that are challenging, hopefully this time next year we'll be happy and settled and have ridden the wave of change without any worries  :) ...fingers and toes crossed! :)

I've managed a little bit of stitching too... :)
'Bloom Where You're Planted' and 'Tulip Festival' ....
both designs by Brenda Gervais of "Country Stitches-with thy needle & thread"   I enjoyed both projects, I did tweak the colours of the hummingbird in the Bloom design, I changed the green of his body to blue...just because I liked it better :)  The Tulips design was my favourite to stitch, I just loved everything about it, the colours and the shapes and especially those itsy bitsy buzzing bees :)

I had a little 'win' on EBay ;) ....
and this cute gingerbread man in the shaker-like box with 'fixins' arrived, I straight away put into action my 'hide in plain sight' plan ...and its worked ...:) as of yet there's been no comment made about my 'winnings'! :) hahaha

This little rabbit also made its way onto my fireplace mantel ...
I wasn't as lucky with my 'open-to-view' subterfuge ...Angel Mim spotted it as soon as she walked in the room ...she's eagle-eyed that munchkin! haha We get to enjoy Mr Bunny for a little while longer and then its time to pack away Spring and open and decorate with the Summer boxes :) I need to find some strong tape to seal my plastic storage boxes to protect them from any visitors ... ;)

My Angels are off school for another week's holiday, I must be getting old because it only feels like we just went back to school after the Easter break, this holiday has snuck up on me :) The weather has been glorious here in Lancashire this last several days so I'm hoping it continues so we can get out into the garden lots. Jacob is heading to Madrid for a weekend break tomorrow, just to hang out and chill with his friends there :)  Abi is settling into her own 'Mummy' routine with her cute bubba and Hubby is the only one that is working hard ...hehehe  ;)'s a busy. busy, busy time for our Head Gardener :) He's planting and planning and has a big project with Britain in Bloom coming up so we may not see tooooo much of him this next week  ....never fear I was prepared enough to make sure my hidden chocolate stash was fully stocked! ;) hahahaha :) :) :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 14 May 2017

A little bit of naughty shopping :)

You know me ...there's always shopping ...just lately its been baby shopping for a very handsome young man...who is growing soooo fast, in just over two weeks our little Chubba has gained over 12 ounces!! Abi is obviously doing a wonderful job of feeding and nurturing her beautiful bundle of much so that Bubba is stretching the toes of his 'newborn' clothes and getting ready to move up into the next clothes size ...hence the shopping ..hehe  
But there is always the naughty shopping that I valiantly try to hide from hubby...and as is usual I always get 'found out' ...hehehe  I don't think he's spotted these little deliveries just yet :)  We are BIG Harry Potter fans here, we devoured all the books and went to see all the films at the cinema...Over the years I've bought Abi and Jake the odd bits and pieces relating to the books and films...I loved this wooden box when I saw it, they're not uncommon, and I suspect quite mass produced as some are quite 'roughly' constructed. I liked this one because the wood is smooth and has a lovely 'touchy' feel to it, I know it sounds strange but the wood almost feels soft  ..hehehe, so it came home with me :) did the lovely old keys and the very sweet little panda could i refuse that face?

I openly admit to searching Ebay for more bunnies ...
...especially as some of my old time favourites were 'got' by the visitors in the loft :( I found these from one of my favourite sellers on eBay  'countryspiceangel' every now and then she has some lovely handmades for sale...I was just lucky when I spotted these bunnies ...I bought the one with the wax heart first ..then went back for the second one! hehehe...Sooooo worth it almost eases the pain of my bunny loss! ;) hahahaha

I was passing a charity shop several weeks ago when I spotted these chunky wooden hearts along with the wooden spool in the window...
£5 for the lot ... no need to ask me twice ..sold to the excited lady dancing a jig in the shop! :) Two of the hearts are about an inch thick with holes to hang on the wall with some pretty ribbon...which I have done  (I gifted one to one of the Angels carers ...because she's lovely and I knew she liked hearts too) The third heart is a really thick pine, quite heavy and seemly a new favourite object for Angel Esther to wander around lives on the bookcase but I keep spotting my Angel with it and then finding here, there and everywhere ...she's obviously a little bit of a wooden heart lover like her Mum! :)

And if you're going to be naughty and shop...
you may as well go the whole way and get your shopping shipped!! :) I couldn't resist this lovely woolly kit for a pattern/design by Maggie Bonanomi...'Strawberry Thief' ...I'm looking forward to stitching this for Summer :)  I bought this from a seller on Etsy 'Fiddlestix Designs' she has lots of yummy patterns, wools, and threads for quilting, applique and cross stitch ...she's one of my 'go to' Etsy shops and has never failed to impress me with not only the great quality of her woolly kits but also how fast she can ship out her orders :)

Not tooo much actual stitching has been happening here over the last few weeks, I have  a couple of little cross-stitch  finishes that I need to press and decide how to 'finish' and I've also been slowly ...veeeerrryy slowly.... stitching a Spring wool design by Buttermilk Basin ...its only slow because most days instead of my hands finding time to hold a needle, my arms are full snuggling a little Chubba! ...and I wouldn't have it any other way! :) hahaha As soon as my arms are free I'll try and encourage my fingers to pick up a needle and stitch  a little  :)
Baby snuggles,  Wendy x x x

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mummy treats...

I think May is going to be my catch-up month :)  I'm soooo very late sharing these next photos...unless I pretend to be American and say they are early gifts for Mothers Day this next weekend ...hehehe  
These are my lovely Mothers Day treats and gifts from back in March ...our UK Mothers Day! 
As always I received lots of lovely gifts and cards ....I had sooo many flowers I could have opened up my own florists stall :) ...I had quietly suggested that flowers would be better than chocolates this year ..hehehe... being the chocoholic I am I did slightly regret that suggestion later on ..but I did remedy it ...hahaha  This year Mothers Day was extra special because I had all my lovely children home to share the day with me, having Jake home made the day extra special after missing him for the last two years whilst he was on his Mission :)  I made sure I got extra hugs and squeezes off him...much to his chagrin! ;)
My favourite part of Mothers day has always being the homemade/schoolmade gifts from my children ... although Abi and Jake are very much grown up now, I am blessed to still receive handmade-school gifts from my Angels. Esther's card was a masterpiece this year with a dangly stuffed felt flower/pincushion :) ...I know full well that Angel Esther didn't do the stitching but I'm sure she will have been encourage and coaxed to poke some stuffing in! haha  And I'm grateful for kind, patient and loving teaching staff that help support her in making something special for me :) Angel Miriam proved herself to be a bakers artist ...that silver foil scrunched up mass turned out to be ....
a very beautiful ...and very heavy ;)... pink-iced-flowered muffin! Decorated all by herself ..with her thumbprints to prove it! hahaha ...I must confess to only admiring its beauty, as much as we Kirby girls are known for our love of cake ....the sheer weight of it kind of put me off from sampling it...I feel its beauty was to be admired and not consumed!...hahaha  :)

Remember I said I was regretting the 'please no chocolate' request ...fortunately my wicked alter ego had already bought herself/myself some 'couldn't resist treats' earlier in the week...
I tried to balance out the naughty chocolate praline hearts with a new spotty scarf and spotty cup! hehehe ..those praline hearts were scrummy by the way ...I'm very wicked and I didn't feel the slightest twinge of guilt eating them! hahahaha :)

Hubby was not impressed with my impulsive "I must have another gift because it was Mothers Day yesterday" purchase ...As a professional Horticulturalist (his official title)..or Head Gardener (his jobsworth title) ..hehehe a professional, he was quite disgusted with my tacky plastic artificial 'boxwood' topiary hanging heart ...
It is pretty awful! hahaha but from a distance it doesn't look toooooooo bad! ;)
Hubby is certainly not impressed and probably not a day has gone by without him grunting in disgust as he passes it each day coming in and out of the house! :) I might have to see if I can torture him further by searching for a Pumpkin shaped one for Autumn ...I'm thinking I can get away with having the heart shape out for Spring and Summer ...hehehe

I'm not doing tooo badly at catching up ...two posts in one week...pretty unheard of for me ...but happy sunny evenings and Angels playing outside in the garden gave me a little bit of extra time ...and instead of eating more chocolate I decided to write instead ...what a gal! :) hahaha ...Can I make it three posts in a week ??...depends on the weather and the chocolate supply! hehehe :)
Hugs Wendy x x

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Catching up...

It is all quiet on the home-front, not sure for how long it will be quiet...hahaha :) So instead of eating chocolate  I thought I'd do a quickie and catch-up with some of my Spring photos :) I have more than I thought so I may have to do a couple of posts :)
First I thought I'd share my Spring decorations, before its time to take them down! ;)  I had a little bit of a surprise this year when I opened up my Spring storage boxes ...visitors had been and nibbled several of my bunnies :( I store my boxes up in the loft of the little room that was the garage and I guess visitors can still roam around in there. I've possibly not quite sealed the boxes shut either which made it easier for the visitors to party with my bunnies ! hahaha  (I have to call THEM  "visitors" ...because calling them by their real name makes me cringe too much ....hehehe)

So with my Spring decor somewhat bereft I was thinking my kitchen window-sill in particular looked quite sparse I added some pretty Spring tulips ...
 Baby bunnies with no Mummy bunny :( ...she's gone to bunny heaven thanks to the visitors :(
 I do feel my window-sill still kind of needs feels bland to me somehow ...maybe I'm mourning the loss of my bunnies ?? hehehehehee

In the family room, I only lost one bunny from my corner drawers, I managed to save the Tilda bunny at the front, she just needed a stitch or two on her 'derrier' which is fortunately hidden by her dress :)
 Fortunately there were no more casualties... :)

I feel like I rushed my Spring decorating this year, or maybe it was the loss of some of my bunnies, but it doesn't quite feel up to my usual standard of clutteredness ..hahaha...Hubby would say that's not an altogether bad thing ...hehehe   I would tweak things around but they'll be coming down ready for the summer decorations soon enough. Besides I have more important business at the moment ...cuddles with our new Bubba! ...and chocolate ...I've still got time for a nibble before Angelic chaos erupts! :) 
Hugs Wendy x x

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

April....and a Baby!!!!!!

I thought it was still April ! :) But it's May ....Time seems to be passing me by an an unexpected rate, at the beginning of the year I gave myself an unwritten but secretly whispered goal to try and write in my blog/journal at least 4 but hopefully 5 times a month ...I have completely, utterly and miserably failed ! Haha ...Have I lost any sleep over it?....No...I had good intentions and I tried, I've maybe felt a few sad twinges that I've missed recording Mother's Day cards and gifts made by my Angels and family. I've not shared any of my 'naughty' postal deliveries. I can't remember which stitching I've started, stopped and started again. :) I just know that I've forgotten to brush my hair on several occasions and one day I even wore my t-shirt inside out until well after midday, until a friendly neighbour mentioned it! hehehe We have had such a lot happening this month...Angels needing lots of snuggle time and extra tender care.  A funeral and family visiting from Montana. Jake's first birthday at home for 2 years and a special 21st birthday for my blue eyed boy :) Sad Angels and hospital visits, the start of Abis maternity leave, school holidays, Easter egg hunts and chocolate! (We've had lots of chocolate!)  We also had a baby due date that came and went....I have lots of photos and tales to share but time has just gotten away from me and those 4 or 5 journal entries a month I wanted to make have just not happened is what it is :) 

This month has probably been one of our most memorable ever! We do have the most wonderful exciting news to share ....ahem...drum roll please.... baby "Daniel Kenneth Woodward" arrived safe and sound, 6 days after his due date, on Wednesday 26 April at 3:32pm weighing a most cuddlicious 7lb 12oz. He is the most gorgeous, precious chunk of a bruiser, he is the double of his very handsome Daddy, with skin like velvet, lots of thick dark hair and eyelashes to die for,  Oooooh and that dreamy baby smell!   We are all absolutely besotted and in love with him :)  We already have a ton of photos of our new favourite boy, but  Abi and Nathan are not comfortable with pictures on social media so I have no cute faces I can show you just have to take my word for it that he is scrumdiddiliumptious! :)
 My sweet darling Abigael had a bit of a rough time with labour and endured possibly some of the most challenging hours and days in all off her life. She had a hard time delivering a little baby who was waaaaay  too  comfortable, with very much an attitude of, "I want to stay in your tummy mummy"  ;)   She worked sooooo hard, 32 hours in labour that ended in an emergency Cesarean ...that was a bit of a surprise to us all, as we thought the doctors were just going to use a different pair of  forceps! Naturally she's very tender and sore, but she has a very neat wound, nice and clean and hardly noticeable as anything other than a red pen line only 6 days after delivery! :) Maternity hospital stays are not very long anymore and Abi was home with baby on Friday. She is struggling slightly with the forced rest, she tried to be up and about on her 1st day home and suffered for it the next, so we are busy trying to ensure she rests as much as possible to promote good naturally means I'm having to suffer lots of baby cuddles...I'm trying to suffer in silence!  ;) hahaha  And ...WoW! ...Baby's arrival means that I'm now officially a Grandma! It seems strange to think of myself like that, exciting but strange ...Granddad and Uncle Jake are thoroughly smitten too ...Hubby/Granddad has always being a bit of a baby whisperer...and he's not lost his touch! Baby Daniel just drifts off to sleep in Granddads arms!  Uncle Jake has already mastered multitasking...cuddling baby and playing on the Xbox "hands free"!!! Hahaha   We are taking it slowly with our Aunty Angels, simply because they both love Abi sooo much, they just want to be sat with her and be cuddling up with their big sister... it's a bit too much for Abi at the moment, my Angels are not delicate with their cuddling ...hehe ...and we want to avoid any accidental elbows in that tummy area!  Aunty Mim has had a little cuddle of baby with Mummy(me) and very gently gave him a nose kiss (yes, she stuck her nose in his face!) she was sooo excited to have a little cuddle she was all smiles and giggles (think of Wallace, from "Wallace and Grommet", saying cheeeeese)   ;)  Aunty Esther is a little more cautious,  she gets anxious and possibly slightly jealous, but she did have a little poke and a squeeze of baby's toes (he was wearing a baby body coat thingy so she actually only squeezed the foot of the coat as his feet don't reach the bottom ..hehehe) all in all good first baby experiences for our Aunty Angels.  Great Grandma hasn't missed out on the cuddles either! My Mum is enjoying being close by and able to visit and pop in for a cuddle top-up :) 
As the Angels go back to school after the Bank Holiday and cheeky School Inset Day (Teacher Training Days) I hope we can help settle Abi into a more comfortable routine, ensuring that she has the support and love she needs, just until shes able to move around with less pain and discomfort. Hopefully that will also mean I can find some time to share some photos and memories too ....and thats about all I have time to share right now, Angel Esther is pulling me away from cuddles ...and you cant refuse Angel cuddles :)

Lots of love
Wendy x x