Friday, 7 April 2017

More Madrid .....

On our second day in Spain with Jacob, we visited the city of Toledo

Oooops, not sure if I've tried to uploaded too many photos at once, they've all posted in bit of a jumbled fashion and not really in the order I wanted to show them. Hopefully you can see that our visit to Toledo was also helped that we had the bestest 'tour-guide' once again showing us all the best places to see :) The city of Toledo was about an hours drive from Madrid and  is located on a mountaintop with the most spectacular views, it is surrounded by the Tagus river on 3 sides, and is just chocca-full of the most wonderful historical buildings and sites. It was a little bit like stepping  back in time, back into traditional old Spain, we had such fun wandering and exploring, we walked around towering and daunting medieval walls, got lost in the labyrinth of winding streets, cobblestoned streets and narrow lanes until we were excited to find small quiet courtyards. (Although thanks to our 'tour-guide' we were never truly lost, it was just fun to pretend...hehehe) Visiting Toledo was completely different from our day running around Madrid, we weren't running quite as fast! hehehe :) We got to see the 16th century Alcazar fortress, the beautiful Toledo Cathedral and sooo much more.  I've also never seen soooo many sword shops ...selling nothing but swords and armour ...hehehe...struggled to keep the boys out of there! ;) We saw shops with Toledo's famous marzipan almond sweets and manchengo cheeses and the traditional Spanish Jamon Iberico (thinly sliced  pig leg that has been cured with salt and left to dry for up to 12 months.) We even got to have a few samplings too...yummy! :)
Apparently there is a Spanish saying "until you've seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain" and that is sooo true, Toledo is the heart and soul of Spain and you truly feel that when you are there :) We had a lovely day and it was so special sharing it with Jacob and seeing him in all his Spanishness (does that make sense?) We were sooo proud of how confident Jake was with the culture, the language ...everything. It was especially lovely to meet some of the people he worked and served with and actually see how loved he was. I'm soo pleased we were brave and took the opportunity to go back even for a few short days. Hubby and I are sooo blessed that we have Abi and Nathan who so lovingly made it possible by taking care of our Angels (despite Abi being soooo pregnant...38 weeks today , its getting close!!)  My heart was full of so much love and joy and pride as we were able to spend just a little bit of time with Jake as he proudly showed us his Spanish home...I suspect a little part of him will always be Spanish now :) He loved his Mission in Madrid and it was very apparent that they loved him too ...which is the most wonderful thing any Mum could hope for. We hope to maybe go back to Spain again sometime...I'm sure there is more to see and explore...maybe we should get our 'tour-guide' to take us to Northern Spain next or even the Islands ?? :) hehehe
Again sorry the photos are a bit haphazard, but I just wanted to share a lovely memory of some very special days spent with my blue-eyed-boy!
Hugs Wendy x x x

Thursday, 6 April 2017


Sorry I'm soooo late sharing our photos from Madrid :( It's crazy to think that it is a whole month since we were there!! Life has be demanding and slightly traumatic at times over the last few weeks ...I'd like to say we are over the worst but I'm not sure that is true  :( ...we are kind of in the midst of what I call medication poo-pahh! Both my Angels are still adjusting to increased doses and new medications, Angel Esther is just about there, poor little Angel Mim has several weeks yet before she reaches her correct dosages...fortunately she is not showing any signs of reacting badly to the medication, no skin rashes, blisters or sickness, she is very tired and a little bit 'off' her food but hopefully nothing that won't remedy itself, her seizures whilst still not controlled don't appear to be as aggressive, but in all honesty it is hard to tell. We are now on our Easter Holidays from school for the next two weeks so I can keep a better eye on my Angels and let them catch up on their sleep. 

Anyways enough of my Angelic angst ...Photos of Madrid !! We literally took over a 1000 photos in 3 days! I couldn't quite fit them all onto my Blog/journal ...hehehe so I've tried to pick out some highlights, this post/entry is mainly day 1 in the centre of Madrid (Day2 will hopefully come shortly..but you know me ..don't hold your breath! hahaha)


Breakfast is a must at the start of your day!
Churros and Hot chocolate ...scrummy yummmy .... the hot chocolate was delicious but soooo thick and waaaay too rich to finish, and those churros were mahooosive!! ... they were the best churros I have ever tasted! haha

 Jacob gave us a whirlwind tour of Madrid, taking in all the sights we started in the centre of Madrid, walking into Puerta del Sol...

This next photo is from very centre of Madrid, and where all the main roads leading out from Madrid radiate  out across Spain ... or as Wikipedia says .."The territory (without the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands) is divided into 6 radial sectors, whose boundaries are the radial roads that link Madrid to the coasts and borders. " Did that make sense ...Hmmm me neither but its where everyone stands and photos their feet! hahaha :) 

The famous statue of the Bear and the Strawberry Tree... it represents the coat of arms  of the city of Madrid.
there is even a floor tile of the bear :) ...

Plaza Mayor

Almudena Cathedral

Royal Palace of Madrid

Cervantes Monument at Plaza de España

Alcalá Street and the Metropolis Building

Cybele Palace
Fountain of Cybele
Puerta de Alcala

Parque del Retiro      

Prado Museum

Las Ventas Bullring

and finally...... you can't go to Madrid and not see the bronze sculptures of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (the Plaza de España)

I told you it was a whirlwind tour...all on foot too! My feet were throbbing by the afternoon. But it was wonderful to be shown around by Jake, he knew all the back little areas to take shortcuts (although they felt rather long to me!) and he was able to explain lots of the history and even show us hidden little gems ...far tooo much to really take in in one day ...but wonderful nonetheless :)
On our second day we travelled to Toledo ...and I'll  try and start uploading photos as soon as I hit the publish button ...hehehe  
Hope you enjoyed the sights too :)
Hugs Wendy xx