Thursday, 23 March 2017

March Madness....

Spring fever would be nice but its definitely 'March Madness' that we have been experiencing in our home this last few weeks! :) Soooo much seems to have happened that I'm not quite sure what and when certain things occurred that a sign of age? hehehe     Hubby and Jake and I had our wonderful mini adventure in Madrid, which was fabulous and I have soooooooo many photos to share, I'll probably do a 'Madrid' post just so I don't forget anything and get muddled. As always we've been busy with our little Angels, good and bad there's always Angel fun happening and we've had a mixture of both. The epileptic seizure demon has been very active just lately :( Poor Esther is exhausted and wiped out, her seizures are quite aggressive and brutal on her small body. Our Paediatrician is fiddling with her meds at the moment, so she's a teensy bit agitated as she settles down to the new doses. Also poor Mim has progressively, over the last several months, had increasing seizure activity too, which is unusual for Mim who hasn't had any seizures for about 7-8 years...we suspect its puberty and hormones triggering a surge of her epilepsy   :(   Unfortunately for Mim her seizures have meant not only few scary blue light rides to A&E like Esther, but she also had to endure a couple of visits on the children's ward with  several failed attempts at sedating her for some EEG and investigative tests. I'm not sure why she actually needed the tests and prodding and poking as we've known for years that she is epileptic, she was just unmedicated but 'controlled', we always expected a re-occurrence of her seizures as she hit puberty and the need for medication to become necessary. The doctors have kind of given up on trying to 'test' her and although we don't like pumping our girls with medication, sometimes it is necessary and we are both relived and saddened that our my littlest Angel is in the process of starting a new regime of medication. All of which means that she too, like Esther, is a little bit topsy turvey and know its a bad time when the paramedics arrive and recognize and know the girls by name and are asking which one is going for a ride in the back of their ambulance ...booohooo :(  So we have two sad little Angels at the moment and an exhausted Mum and Dad. One sweet glow of light and happiness has been having Jacob home ...oh how I've missed that extra pair of hands, that are so fortunately attached to healthy strong arms that can help and scoop up not-so-little Angels :) I wasn't sure how he'd feel about been thrust back into the hellish pit of epilepsy, but my heart has been touched so many times with the love and tenderness he has for his two little sisters ...Abi too has been sooo wonderful, helping me care for her sisters, they both love her sooo much :)  
Abi's pregnancy is fast approaching its final few weeks, my baby girl has a lovely round tummy and a very wiggly baby boy inside. She's 36 weeks now and we are preparing for our new family member to hopefully arrive soon :) ... I may have freaked Abi out by telling her where I was at this same stage of my 4 pregnancies; at 36 weeks I'd already had Esther, Abi would be due in the next 3 days at just over 37 weeks, Mim was 1 day late and Jake...well for a Jacob she needs to add another 2 weeks, he had to be pulled out (quite literally!) at 42 weeks!!...hehehe...she was not impressed with the thought of waiting another 6 weeks for  baby boy to arrive ..haha) She has one more week of work left before her maternity leave starts and I'm hoping we can then squeeze and afternoon-tea-room-visit in before we get all busy with our new baby boy :) Its a busy. busy time here!

On the sewing front, I've completed a few small cross-stitch projects, mostly forcing myself to finish several UFO's and WIP's ....I need to make room in my overflowing baskets! :)
This is a Blackbird Designs pattern ...
 I can't remember the name of the pattern has been in my basket soooo long, I have stitched this piece previously, this time I tweaked the thread colours, and I'm quite pleased with how its looking.

Next is a Silver Creek Sampler design called Forever Love...
I was stitching this little piece on our flight to Madrid and whilst we were away, in the hotel on an evening. I made a teensy mistake and didn't read the chart properly whilst on the airplane (I'm blaming the dim lighting!) and so I accidentally stitched all the wording in the same colour (I thought I had tooo many threads! hahaha)  By the time I realized what I had done I was 1/2 way thru so instead of frogging everything I opted to continue and miss off the bottom border...It's ok-ish, not the best and the colours are a bit muted because of my mistake, but I'll stitch it again properly another time :)

This is a Country Threads -with thy needle & thread design, 'Forget Me Not'
another quick little stitch whilst waiting at Madrid airport to come home ...we had a delay due to an air strike in France or something. I just need to add some Mother of Pearl buttons to the flower stems and I have a cute little finish :)

We've had a birthday for Abi, and choosing which cake she'd like proved a teensy bit taxing...
so I made her 3!! :) A red velvet cake, a very yummy lemon cake and a scrumptious velvety victoria-sandwich sponge cake ... my baking skills may have out done themselves ...hehehe. I'm happy to report that all 3 were eaten pretty quickly, with no left-overs ...we Kirby women are definitely cake girls (hubby not so much...but we always enjoy his slice! hahaha)

It wouldn't be right not to have any sneaky shopping purchases to show ....
I ordered these yummy bundles as a belated birthday present to myself ;) some lovely woolly kits from Buttermilk Basin and new cross stitch designs ...I admit to ordering a few more too but they havent arrived yet! hehehe

I now need to sit down and organise all my photos from Madrid so that I can share and make sure I forever-remember that wonderful adventure...I was very nervous about going all the way to Madrid, especially leaving my Angels amidst all their health concerns at the moment. But we had such a special time with Jacob, and the girls didn't have one seizure the whole 3 days we were away...saved them all for when we got home :(  Cest la vie...We go thru ups and downs like this every now and then with their Epilepsy, hopefully we'll get them sorted soon and they'll feel better and the nasty seizures will abate somewhat...fingers crossed :)
Back soon with lots of photos from Madrid!
Hugs Wendy x x x