Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Oh My....!!!!

...what a wonderful birthday surprise! I'm not sure I can quite believe it...I'm excited, so very very excited but also a teensy bit scared :) My promised surprise birthday gift from hubby ...and I might add Jacob and Abigael and Nathan ... is ...to be whisked away for 3 nights ....to.... Madrid!!!!!! ...Madrid in Spain!!!!!! Madrid where Jacob was just a few short weeks ago! :) Hubby and Jake and Abi have made all the plans and arrangements ... My beloved Abi and Nathan will look after my Angels and Hubby and Jake will look after me! Jake seems excited to take us to Madrid and see all the sights and visit the places he served in, and maybe even do some shopping! ... But with two menfolk in tow I'm not really expecting any shopping ...hahaha ...more likely a tour of the Real Madrid football stadium ! hehehe But I do expect to at least enjoy some traditional Spanish churros and hot chocolate! :) I feel so very loved and special to have my lovely family plan and organise such a wonderful treat, I'm excited to visit and see the same places Jacob 'lived' in Madrid...a little nervous as it is  a long time since I flew on an aeroplane but I'll have a man on each arm so I will be well looked after :)
We enjoyed a scrummy meal in Manchester last night, we went to TGI Fridays and had huuuuge plates of steak ribs and shrimp ...MMmmm yummy ...especially as I would never choose shrimp normally...but it was recommended and was very delicious! :) A pizza tea party tonight with raspberry cheese-birthday-cake ...I'm going to be tooo big to fit into those aeroplane seats if there's many more food treats this week! hahaha

I not only received the most wonderful surprise gift I also got to open these goodies too...
 Chocolates, candles, chocolates, flowers and more chocolates! :)
 Pretty flowers not just a vase of stems..hahaha :)
A pretty new bracelet...
 does it make my wrist look fat?? hehehe
And even more gifts...
 One of my favourite Perfumes ...with body wash and cream ...I'm going to smell soooooo yummy! hehehe :) and the sweetest little tea cup and saucer...
A hand painted Cath Kidston tea cup and saucer  no less! I was truly spoilt but naturally the best gift of all (here comes the mushy bit) is obviously having all my wonderful family around me,  and knowing that they love me soooo much even makes turning another year older bearable..haha

Soooo in a few short days, hubby Jake and I will be saying Adios to home and Hola to Madrid :) We will be catching an evening flight from Manchester Airport on Sunday evening to enjoy three full days in Madrid before returning home Wednesday evening :) ...Ooooh what do I pack?? I best stay away from those chocolates for the rest of the week! hehee
I'm soooooooooo excited ! :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 25 February 2017

My Birthday month is almost over.....

...and I can't say that I've properly pestered everyone into remembering!! hahaha ...I must be getting lax ...or I could be soppy and just say having my favourite boy home is gift enough! ...Naaaaahh :) :) hahaha ...you know me, I love my gifties ..hehehe ...I'm soooo bad, but at least I acknowledge my naughtiness ...and possibly embrace it a bit tooo well ...hehehee ;)
In anticipation I did place a few little online orders! :) I couldn't resist Mr Toby...
He's a sweet, scruffy little bear...I love his upturned nose, he almost has a regal look to him I feel ...a 'down on his luck' regal-ness..hahaha

I also had a lovely yummylicious woolly parcel delivered...
 Ooops the camera flash glare is pretty bad in this photo...But I purchased this lovely woolly kit from Winterberry Cabin, "Our Cottonwood House" by 1894 Cottonwood House designs...loved those pumpkins as soon as I spotted the pattern.
and the wool kit is just scrummy...I'm looking forward to stitching up this design...my photos are rubbish, the colours are much more earthy and rich in 'real life'  :)

One more parcel was delivered to my door! :)...
 A new book by Bonnie Sullivan , "Heart of the Home"...published by Quiltmania ...I had to order this from France, the book is in English and French and very easy to read and follow... I took a risk and ordered it purely based on the front cover ...and the fact that it was a Bonnie Sullivan book and I love all her woolly designs :) When it arrived last week I was not disappointed when I opened it up ... I cant decide which is my favourite!...
I'm soooo pleased with the book, its just full of wonderful woollyluscious designs  :)

Not tooo bad for a little pre-birthday shopping :) Hubby is taking me out on Monday evening for a pre-birthday meal (My Angels have respite that night) and on my actual 'kind-of' birthday, Tuesday 28th, we'll have our traditional birthday tea party at home once everyone is home from school and work ...Hubby has me all excited, nervous and intrigued ...he says he's got a special surprise present for me this year! He's usually very good and just asks me outright what I would like, he knows I'm terrible with surprises.. I've tried wheedling it out of him but he's remaining tight-lipped! I actually might have to wait and find out ....Eeeeaakkk! :)

Hugs of anticipation :) haha
Wendy x x x

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

What a week! :)

It's been a whirlwind of a week :) My boy is home!!!!! Oooooh how sweet those first hugs at the airport were...I truly didn't want to let go...and I'm happy to report that he hugged back just as tightly ...hehe :) The Angels were absolutely fabulous at the airport waiting patiently, waving their Spanish flags as we held our banners ready to welcome him as he stepped thru that 'Arrivals' doorway ...not once did they attempt to escape, not once did they whack any passers by ...and it was really busy with lots and lots of people...I truly never expected it all to go sooo smoothly, I was all prepared for a mini meltdown from Angel Mim with all the noise and crowds...nothing.... she just stood beautifully holding Grandma's hand and quietly waited :) Angel Esther was our star cheerleader, she loved waving her flags and again stood really well, patiently waiting and didn't flinch once with all the people shoving and pushing ...and she didn't poke any passing eyeballs either! :) We weren't sure how our Angels would react to seeing Jake again for the first time after 2 whole years?? Would they recognise him and be happy to see him or would they be anxious and agitated? I needn't have worried...Esther greeted her big brother instantaneously with giggles and shrieks, happy to run up to him and give him the biggest smile...Mim was just as excited but a teensy bit shy about having that first hug, she just went all giggly and shy and coy...it was very sweet :) My heart just melted having my family all together again and watching my Angel's reactions and excitement. It couldn't have been a more perfect reunion. After all our hugs and cuddles we made our way home ..Jacob had to be officially released as a missionary so we'd organised to go straight to the Chapel for that to happen, then it was home to eat and celebrate...with a bit more hugging :) 

We had a lovely cake for our RM (Returned Missionary)...

It was very yummy...chocolate fudge cake ...mmmmm...it's supposed to represent Jacob returning home, taking of his shirt, tie and name tag to reveal his beloved Manchester United football shirt ..hehe :) And it wasn't long before he had his football shirt on and the boys were off to play a welcome home football match for Jacob with family and friends in Manchester. I swear the boys have been planning this football game since the very first week Jacob left home ...hehehe   The Angels and I didn't go to the football match, it was too cold and dark and late for us. We were well tucked up in our beds fast asleep when the menfolk returned home...but I was excited to find this upon waking the next morning ... 

my boy is definitely home! Haha :) I was more then happy to tidy away smelly football socks and boots! It's been a week of meeting up with friends and family, reconnecting and reminiscing, sharing stories and catching up on everyone's life for the last two years. Possibly Jake's biggest surprises were not only how tall Ange Mim has grown but the baby bump his big sister, Abi,  is definitely no longer able to hide! Haha :) Fortunately he said  Esther, Dad and I are no different ...should I be concerned that he did or didn't notice those extras pounds on my hips??...haha ;) 

I've not had much opportunity to do much stitching, a little here and there, not much to show ...but there's always time for a little sneaky shopping !....

I couldn't resist these sweet little prim dolls from eBay...naughty ...but very nice! 

I also joined a new Block-Of-The-Month ...
Misty Meadows by Briar Roots Primitives ...its actually a facebook run BOM, which I have never done before as I'm pretty anti-facebook, but I was tooo tempted and I couldn't resist all that woolly yumminess :)  ...I'm kind of hoping I'll get lost amongst all the other members and no-one will notice if I'm not 'posting' regularly ...hahaha

Valentine's day wasn't forgotten yesterday...
Beautiful red tulips and chocolates from my lovely hubby and salt-dough glittery hearts from my Angels ...with one solitary short-bread cookie ...I think the rest of the batch didn't make it off the cooling rack into the gift bag ...hehehe   I'm not sure why Peppa pig and Poppa pig made it into the gift bag ...maybe they ate all the cookies! ...hahaha  Time to go enjoy the rest of the chocolates before my little gremlins sniff them out and finish them! Wishing lots of belated Valentines love to all our family and friends :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Monday, 6 February 2017

One more sleep!!!

Can you believe it ??? Only one more sleep until my boy comes home! 2 years and 18 days ....its been such a long time. Friends told me it would fly by and be over in a blink ...I think I've blinked an awful lot because it seems to have taken forever to me ...hahaha :) 
We've been busy this last few days preparing and planning, making sure everything is ready to welcome our favourite son home :) This afternoon Abi and I have been very industrious making welcome home banners to decorate the house with and to wave at the airport ....
I may have gotten carried away with ordering some Spanish flags for the girls to wave ...they're a teensy bit bigger than I anticipated ... My Angels will love them ...can you not see them stood waving and flapping their flags at anyone and everyone ...hehehe ...we just have to hope we don't poke any passing eyeballs out!! :) 
I'm soooo excited  that I'm almost tearful ...sigh... I think the anticipation of Jacob coming home is almost as bad as when we were preparing for him to leave ...what a muppet I am! hahaha :)   If you happen to be at Manchester airport around 4:15pm tomorrow, please excuse the frantic flag waving family, we will most likely be cheering every young man in a suit that passes by until we hit upon the correct young man!  Oooh, also if we do poke you in the eye with our flags ...I'm very sorry! ;) 
Time to try and see if I can get some sleep ...not sure its going to happen...I'm soooooo excited!! :) hahaha
Hugs Wendy x x

Friday, 3 February 2017

February is here ...

It's an exciting month for us! ...4 sleeps until Jacob is home ...I can barely sleep with excitement as it is ...I'm going to be soooo pooped by the time Tuesday arrives! hehehe And because I know how much Jacob will have missed all his mum's decorating ..hehe...I made sure to get my Valentines corner set up nice and early :) 
I was also a teensy bit naughty and purchased some 'extra Valentines ' goodies ...just to fill a hole or two! ..hahaha
I couldn't resist the sweet little primitive  bear with his scented wax heart and baby's breath bouquet ...tooo scrummy...he was beautifully created by Angi of Drakestone Attic Bears ...Love him to bits :) and the red fabric heart  I got from Etsy, it smells divine...fully stuffed with lavender ...I am tempted to hand stitch some primitive crosses along the patchwork seams ...hmmm ..thinking about it :)

With Jacob due home in just 4 days , I took the opportunity to 'risk it for a biscuit' last week and send him one final Missionary parcel :) Surprisingly it got to him in Madrid easily within a week of posting and he's been able to enjoy it. Missionaries have all sorts of odd sayings and traditions ...one is that as a missionary's time to leave is drawing nigh, they are referred to as dying missionary's ... soooooo... hoping that Jake wouldn't find it tooo macabre, I attempted to make him a 'dying' /coffin box... 
I didn't want it to be toooo weird so I just used a 'coffin'  label on the outside of a black box and on a thin old glasses box lined with red tissue paper and a body of chocolate bars to go inside with lots more chocolate and then  some "RM"  aka Returned Missionary advice on how to survive awkward moments and Dating advice  when you return home. I also added some  Airport emergency info - just in case he gets delayed or stranded in between flights ..it was meant to be kind of fun but practical too ... Fortunately he liked it and he wrote and told me they all had a good laugh at my 'advice' ...hehehe

Advice on how to avoid those awkward “Return Missionary” moments
·       *Your name is really Jacob ….not Elder
·       *Not all of your shirts have to button up to the top of your collar.
·       *You are allowed to go places on your own…stop looking over your shoulder for your companion …also stop following the man in a suit ahead of you, he’s not your companion and  he’s walking faster cause he thinks you are stalking him!
·       *You may forget how to speak English properly …just so you know, Spanglish is not a real language and that’s why we look at you like you are a weirdo
·       *Coming home is going to feel weird, your family is going to seem weird, you are going to feel weird …it’s all absolutely normal …but you really are the weirdo, not us!
·       *It’s OK to talk to girls , it’s OK to like girls …it’s NOT OK to marry the first girl you kiss…sample a few first …any further queries about this point consult with your Mum …she’s the right person to ask about girls!
·       *Don’t be afraid to ask your sister for fashion tips…there’s more to life that suits and shirts …beware that if you ask fashion advice from your Dad you could end up wearing a lumberjack shirt!
·       *Remember when your Mum said Facebook is Evil?...the first time you log into Facebook after your mission …you’ll believe her!!
·       *You were good at sports and football once … first time you try when you get home …you will suck … you can be good again , once you are  coordinated enough to play ...
·       *Be prepared for the “when are you getting married?” question …again. And again…and again.. it will never end …when you feel like screaming refer them to your Mum…she knows how to shut them up!
·       *YOU will be weird for a while …but don’t worry we still love you!

What do you think...?? He seemed to find it funny so I think I'm off the hook with my cheesy cheekiness :) hehehe    I'm sooo pleased he enjoyed his last ever parcel, and extra pleased it got to him in time. He wrote a lovely last email home this week, I've been sooo worried that he might be anxious about coming back home to the restrictions of living with 'Angels' but he sounded sooo excited to see his little sisters again...it just lifted my heart :) He sounds as happy and excited to be coming home as we are to have him back with us! :)

I have one final shopping confession to slip in ...A teensy bit of online shopping in the Cath Kidston sale ....
Woolly pom-pom scarf and gloves ...soooo snuggly ...love them and a cute little tote ... you never know when you might need a little tote bag! Sooo naughty I know but they were in the sale!!! hahaha
I need to go tick one of those sleeps of my list, so I'll bid you a good night and hope my excitement doesn't keep me awake again! :) hahaha

Hugs Wendy x x x