Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Almost forgot the Snowmen!!

I must still be recovering from the fire alarm evacuation on Sunday...I'm still all in a bit of a tizz ;) ..hehehe  ...because I can't believe that I forgot to show photos of my Snowmen!....  I LOVE my Snowmen :) Boxes and boxes of Snowmen ...that Hubby was soooo very happy to get down from the loft ...at the same time as he was putting the Christmas boxes up into the loft ...I'm pretty certain that I saved him a job there ... he only had to get his ladders out once! :) 
I did have a few new sneaky Snowmen purchases to add to my decor this year too ...
The large wooden snowflake practically leapt of the shop shelf and into my basket when I saw it. There was a smaller one too which I was tempted to buy but it had had one of its snowflake corners broken off ...if that corner had been lying around I'd have bought it, taken it home and glued it back together ...but it was nowhere to be seen so I was good and just came away the the large one ...and the glass snowman head ;) The head is supposed to light up, but it's a red light inside and it doesn't quite look  right somehow ...like its an angry snowman head ...hahaha ...so the light stays off ...hehehe The other two snowman ornaments I found on Amazon , the jar one is quite cute but I was slightly disappointed with the glass dome one, in the original photo the bottom base didn't look so prominent and its actually just a piece of white card ...its a teensy bit disappointing but that happens, but thats what you can get  when you are shopping on line ...nevertheless they were all very quickly  submerged into all my other snowmen decorations ...:)

Lots of Snowmen photos next ... no words , just lots of Snowmen :) ...
The Family Room ...

Ooooh this is my new little bookshelf/cubby in the hallway ...
its not technically for decorating, it is supposed to hold some of the books that I've stored in Jacobs room over the last two years (that was my excuse for buying it! haha) But until I actually empty the books out of Jake's room ...it looks pretty with a few little Snowmen ..not tooo many, in case I have to do a swift refill with books! hehehe ;)

The Kitchen ...

I have a few more areas to tweak ...The little Room doesn't have any Snowmen as of yet, but once I tweak things around and put out the Valentines corner in February (which I've just realised is tomorrow!!!) it will soon fill up ...much to Hubby's excitement ...he just loves all my decor ...I think he said something about 'loving that every surface in our house is beautifully cluttered with stuff'! ;) hahahaha ...or words to that effect ...I'm pretty certain that that was what he meant! :)

OOooohhh its the 1st of February tomorrow ...its official,. tonight is the last Tuesday that I will sleep before we go collect my handsome boy from the airport ...7 days to go ...whoop-whoop!! ...and a whole load of books to clear from his bedroom!!! Yikes ...guess what I'll be doing tomorrow ...Yes! ... setting up my Valentines corner ...hehehehe :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Shameful Sunday... :(

I hope you can tell by the subject line of my blog/journal entry that I have a very shameful tale to tell you today! :(  Please feel free to keep schtum and not tell a living soul...!! Fortunately Abi and Nathan were not at Church with us today and didn't have to face the embarrassment.... Yes, today it was Shameful Sunday for the Kirby family...we are currently in hiding and probably won't even be allowed back onto the Church grounds ever again! 
Soooooo you know how Sunday Church services  can sometimes be a teensy bit hard for our little Angels..sitting still, being quiet...yada-yada-yah... They were relatively settled today, Grandma was sat with us, we were all happy, lots of smiles and waves to the congregation ..hehehe  As always agitation and fidget bums set in and we eventually reach that point where we need to leave our pew and have a little walkabout in the corridors. :) Hubby and I diligently escorted our slightly whingy Angels out of the meeting so as to not disturb everybody else's Sunday worship ;)  Our Church building has recently had a new extension on one side ...a rather grand two level corridor full of new classrooms and a rather enticing lift to allow access to the lower level for anyone not able to use the stairs. That lift has become the bane of our Sundays! haha It is like the there's some kind of mystic, magical pull that just draws my Angels to it...even if we are on the other side of the building! :) If we are lucky we can get in and out without touching the lift alarm button (I actually think it may have been deactivated several weeks ago when someones finger accidentally set it off!!!)  The new extension is quite nice for us, especially downstairs where the classrooms are empty  and there is a great big conference room at the very end that the Angels can wander around in without getting up to too much trouble and on the plus side we are not disturbing anyone :)  Soooooo we leave the service with our whingy Angels and the lift is calling to Angel  Esther, we all make our merry way out and enjoy a ride down to the lower floor....we tootle along the corridor quite happily ..Mim leading the way...straight to the big new conference room at the end ...and what does she do ...please try to imagine all this happening in slo-mo...Mim enters the room...wanders around,  eventually heading  over towards the fire exit doors (which we sometimes sneak out of to go for a walk around the gardens instead of risking going upstairs in the lift again)  Instead of going to the exit doors Mim turns and reaches out her finger...Hubby enters the room ... he sees Mim's outstretched finger .. !!!!.... Hubby does a Mission-Impossible-Jason Bourne- leap thru the air shouting ...noooooooooooooooo... Esther and I are now entering the room ... we witness the visual impact of Hubby flying thru the air and Mim's outstretched finger ...noooooooooo...!!!!! ....All in vain as Mim's finger flicks the fire alarm switch !!! :( :( :( The whole building erupts to the screeching sound of wailing fire alarms.... Oh-My-Goodness !!...We just wanted the ground to open up and swallow us all there and then. We have two congregations meet in our building at the same time,  which is approximately 250+ people.... That's 250+ people who are  evacuated out of the Chapel building... 250+ people standing outside in the possibly/very probably, slightly chilly/absolutely freezing weather of a Winters January afternoon....!!!! .... Oh-My-Goodness ...the shame!!!! The two congregations only had to wait outside, shivering in the cold for maybe a maximum of 20-30 minutes...!!!! ...It wasn't snowing or raining...!!! ...That's got to be a blessing... Huuhh ?????    A few people were possibly grumpy at having to stand out in the cold,  I heard a few people asking what had happened...faulty wiring maybe? One of the youth been stupid???.... Yes, we kept quiet!!!...very quiet despite two very happy giggling Angels intent on waving to everyone...they have no shame ! Yes, we scarpered very quickly once the all clear was given..we weren't foolish enough to hang around and be condemned ...and we didn't leave Grandma either, despite her actually thinking "I bet that's the girls" when she first heard the alarm go off!!! Traitor! :) ...we took her home with us ...so she couldn't betray us! ;) We were actually quite disappointed that no fire brigade engines arrived, the Angels would have loved to have seen the flashing lights and firemen :)  As I said we scarpered pretty quickly once everyone started walking back inside...not sure if it's known yet that we were the guilty party...thinking we might move before Jacob comes home! Oooooops...will he be ashamed of us? Will he  find it in his heart to still love us and want to come home to our shameful antics??  Truly I can't believe what happened ...I think I'm still in a state of shameful shock!

To try and end this blog/journal post on a positive note ...I've finished some sewing ... :)

A lovely woolly project by Buttermilk Basin, "Seasonal Winter Basket". As always I loved stitching this lovely design, kitted by Winterberry Cabin with her gorgeous, luxurious wools. This is the final basket in BB's Seasonal Basket Series that I have stitched, I already have Spring, Summer and Autumn ...all as piano pillows ...so you can already guess how I'll finish it! hehehe 

A little bit of cross stitch over the Christmas holidays ...

'Country Santa' by Teresa Kogurt designs ..a happy jolly fellow, who looks better in real life than in my rubbish photo :) He'll sit for a little while whilst I think on how to finish him ...I might frame him or even make him into a small hanging bag ...hmmmm... thinking  :)

I cant remember if I shared this finished little Christmas mouse ...

'Merry Mouse' by Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches - with thy needle and thread. I sat and stitched this little chap whist sat with Dad during his last few days with us in the hospital, then when life got busy and hectic with all that comes when a loved one passes, it got put to one side and neglected ...I just had a few snowflakes to finish...so Dads mouse is now finished and will always be a reminder of those tender last moments spent close to his bedside, not too sad, just peaceful.  

That's it for tonight, remember, don't tell anyone of our shame...I'm kind of hoping the faulty wiring theory might circulate and get us off the hook...do you think that's possible??  Oh my what a Sunday...at least my Yorkshire puddings that I made for dinner today  were fabulous!! 

Hugs Wendy x x

Thursday, 26 January 2017

It's taken me a while....

to share my 'just-in-case' Christmas goodies. We've had our usual shenanigans keeping us busy... life with Angel's and Grandma's is never dull!   Also my trusty little notebook is feeling unwell, so I haven't had access to the computer to write. I have my IPad but all my photos are on my netbook :(  I'm hoping it can be fixed, primarily because I've been a bit of a numpty and not very diligent at saving everything onto  a pen-drive thingy and now I'm worried I've lost them ...including several months of Missionary photos sent home by Jacob :(  Tonight I've 'borrowed' Hubbys Laptop ...where everything is sightly different and its taking me aaaaaages to upload photos of my goodies! hehehe....

I always live by my mantra "its easier to gain forgiveness than it is permission" ...hahaha ...and I may have pushed the forgiveness bit to the maximum this year ...Eeaakk ...but he never makes me send them back! ;) 
Winterberry Cabin had the most yummilicious Christmas wool kits this year ...
buying two was a tad excessive I admit ...but just look at those wonderful woolly kits ...luscious and beautiful ...how could I resist?? The kits are for,  'Night before Christmas ' by Need'l love  and 'Merry Christmas to All' by Bonnie Sullivan of All Through the Night. Both are such lovely designs that I really couldn't choose between them...so I chose both! hehehe :)

I also 'treated' myself to a selection of threads and linen and one or two cross stitch patterns...:)
I'm really looking forward to stitching some of the Plum Street Samplers designs ...'Kringle & Woodard in particular is calling out to me ..haha

I'd like to say I stopped there ....but I didn't ;)
A selection of Buttermilk Basin goodies ...in my defence I actually ordered the Autumn and Fall patterns in Autumn, but I think that they went a-wandering judging by the postal stamps on the package when it arrived, so I don't think I should actually be counting that little package as Christmas shopping :) Technically I was expecting that package to arrive in November ...but at least it did arrive! haha

I couldn't resist Buttermilk Basins Gingerbread designs (..and they arrived in a timely fashion with no adventures and were meant to arrive for Christmas!)
Lots of stitching time to be planned this year me thinks :) I'm quite excited about some of them too. There maybe one or two more 'purchases to share but I don't want to risk leaving any evidence on Hubby's Laptop so I won't push my luck ..hahaha...who am I kidding I'm always pushing my luck!! :) Next time ...hehe    I hope to be back soon ...hopefully on my little notebook where I don't have to hide what I'm up too ...hehehe ...now I need to figure out how to hide/delete those 'just-in-case' photos from Hubbys Laptop ...I'm just going to go with deleting the photos and the  history button thingy ...hehehe     Oooh its also getting closer ....12 days until we drive to Manchester Airport to collect a special someone ....I'm getting excited! :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 14 January 2017

It's definitely January!!

We had a late return to school after the Christmas holidays that has left me feeling excited and anxious all at the same time :) Excited because its already the 14th and Jacob comes home in 24 days  and anxious because its soooo close and I have a million and one things to do before he gets home! (because naturally I've not procrastinated for the last 2 years and put off any of the jobs I needed to do in his bedroom! hahaha) My Angels have struggled going back to school this week...they've not been happy at all to get up early out of their warm snuggly beds and get on the little school bus each morning :( Its been cold and wet and very windy, with even a few flurries of snow ...enough to put anyone off getting up...hahaha Whilst they've been at school I've spent my time catching up on housework, disgraceful, I know ;) I've  also been spending a fair bit of time with Mum, shes more or less settled in to her new little bungalow. She's only 5 minutes around the corner and its lovely being able to pop over regularly during the week to see her :)...I certainly don't miss that long drive to Southport!

I realised during the week that  hadn't shared the Christmas treasures that my Angels brought home from school just before we broke up for Christmas ...I always love my Angel treasures :)
Angel Mim brought home this amazing baked creation ...I remember it being a struggle at the time to take a good photo of it because she was soooooo keen to eat it  :)  
I think it was a chocolate Christmas pudding muffin...it was mahoooosive and the size of a small cereal bowl...but she had no problem demolishing it ...not a crumb was left ..hehehe

These were some of our school Christmas crafts this year ...I was most impressed with Angel Esther's Reindeer and singing Angels (quite a bit of hand-over-hand work going on there I think ...hahaha...I suspect if Esther was left to her own artistic devices it would be more squished Angels heads and broken antlers ...hahaha)
Miriam created the snowman and the paper mache fish (!!??) No idea what the fish has to do with Christmas and why it is sooo big, but Mim loves it and it did sit it under one of my Christmas trees in the kitchen ...hehehehe 

I was wonderfully spoilt as always .... (and that's before I show you my 'just-in-case -gifts-to-myself...that we all know I was always going to buy!!!..hehehe...I'll share photos of them next time! ;) haha)
lots and lots of lovely gifts and treats ... I love that 3 separate family members bought me KitchenAid accessories that match ...
I Loooooooved these gorgeous bears that Abi bought me from Mim and Esther...they are soooo cute in their little outfits and so tactile and lovely to touch and hold. I just love everything about them ...perfect gift choice! :)

And Keith blew me away with his beautiful gift ....
My very first Rotary watch ...it is bea-u-ti-ful, The photo doesn't show how pretty the mother of peal face is and how sparky the real diamonds are ...I've never owned anything sooo posh and expensive before! Its definitely only going to be worn on bestest occasions! hehehe ...I did feel guilty that hubby had bought me something soooo nice and expensive ...but like all men he shrugged it off before confessing it was on sale and he got a really good deal ...hahaha ... That's my Hubby, stick to your budget all the way ...hehehe...But I Love it and I love him and his thoughtful, generous gift ....and at least it didn't fall of the back of a lorry! ;) hehehe ;)

As you can see I was truly spoilt :) Hubby was happy with his longed for telephoto lens for his camera ...he's been clicking away continually since he opened it ..hehehee  My Angels were bought great big blue yoga balls (!!!) not my choice of gift ...Abi and Nathan's !! But they love to sit and bounce on them ...hopefully it will help build their core muscles and balance! :) Abi and Nathan were not neglected ...but they received very practical gifts ...because ....and I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to ...but I'm going to ....My Baby is expecting a baby!!!!!!!!! We are sooo excited :) we are actually further along, we haven't just found out ...I feel like I've had to keep it a secret for aaaages :)  ....I wasn't sure if I could bog/journal about it ...still not sure if I'll get into trouble ...hehehe :) My baby, having her own baby!!!  :) I'm going to be a Grandma ...and the Angels will be Aunties!!! hehehehe   We are expecting our very first little Grandbaby to arrive on the 20th of April (so Abi is about 26, or maybe 27 weeks ...and she has the cutest football bump ever!!!) and we are having ........ a little boy! The male population of our family are very excited.... Another footballer for the family team! So Abi and Nathans practical Christmas gift was a baby car-seat-come-pushchair-come-buggy-come transport-system-something or other ...hahaha...We just paid, Abi did the choosing ...and I'll get to enjoy the pushing! ;) Everyone was happy and excited with their gifts ...and we still have a few gifts for Jacob to open when he gets home  :) But naturally the best gift is always family. I am so grateful for my little family , so excited that in a few short weeks we'll be back together again and in a few short months we'll be adding a little munchkin  ...life is good and we are blessed :)
hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017

I couldnt miss 'posting' on a the first new day of a brand new year! ๐Ÿ˜œ
The Kirby Angels and hubby and I welcomed 2017 quietly snoozing in our beds ...we all just couldn't quite stay awake until midnight...hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ Today we have quietly celebrated the beginning of a New Year in our pjs with a feast of left-over Christmas nibbles and lots of films and movies ...perfect ๐Ÿ™‚Hahaha...
I've been able to sit and stitch a little ....

It's a Teresa Kogurt design "Country Santa' ...nice and easy and relaxing๐Ÿ™‚
That's all I've got for you...hehe
Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful 2017 ...oooh and just in case ....it's 37 days now!!!๐Ÿ˜œ
Hugs Wendy x X  x