Monday, 31 October 2016

99 Days and Happy Halloween ..

Halloween is upon us already :) My Angels were all excited to decorate with our carved pumpkins ...they were very eager to help with the carving !!! Eeeeaaakkk knives!!!...I don't think so! ;) ...we are not quite ready for that kind of excitement in our life yet! We'll settle for the excitement of wonderful battery operated "can't singe your eyebrows off" tealights...even if they are not as much fun to blow out! Hehe....
I missed Abi and Jake helping me with the carving again this year...not quite sure that these are quite up to scratch but my Angels like them and that's what fact one of my Angels likes her own glittery pumpkin a bit toooooo much! ...hehehe...
That pumpkin is receiving a lot of attention...and my Angel is covered in glitter from all the pumpkin hugging! :) 

I may have acquired a few non-carved pumpkins too.... ;)

LOVE this glass pumpkin....had to have it, nowhere to put it...but I had to have it! Hahaha

And these two sweet pumpkins just happened to be lucky finds on the dreaded EBay only seemed right that they come to live with me!  ;)
I love the teensy weensy  crocheted pumpkin....wish I could crochet!

Then I also found this cute dried/plastic fake Autumnal floral arrangement in the sale section at the supermarket...
They were tooo cheap to not buy! ;) haha and I think it makes a welcome addition to my pumpkin display in the kitchen ..haha...any excuse!?! :)

And the 99 Days??? .....well it's  99 days today and my Jacob will be home! How wonderful is that!?...we are starting to get very excited here! :) Next year Jake can be in charge of the pumpkin carving...I think I need a rest! ;) 

Halloween hugs, Wendy xxx

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Oooooh my new favourite book!!!

I accidentally found the most wonderful book a couple of weeks ago, randomly 'recommended' to me by one of those annoying daily 'books to buy' Amazon Emails ...I very rarely click on any of the recommends but the front cover of this book caught my eye  ...and click it was in my basket! Seriously it was that fast! haha  :) I had to wait  an agonising 3 weeks for it to be despatched but it arrived on Tuesday of last week and I'm soooo in love with it ...its just such  a gorgeous book! ...
'A Change of Seasons' by Bonnie Sullivan ...
 Does that front cover, not just grab you and get you sooooo excited!???? :) :)
And inside ..... page after page after page of beautiful, wonderful designs 
Where do you start first.... as I turned each and every page , I was coooing, I was drooling, I havent loved a book as much as this for ...forever! :)  I just want to make everything! It is such a wonderful, wonderful book was a very loooooong 3 weeks waiting for Amazon to deliver...but soooooooooo worth it :) Now my only problem is ...which do I do first! ??? :0 :) Eeeeaaakkk!!! :) :) :)
Hugs Wendy x x x  

Friday, 28 October 2016

Parcels, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins :)

Time for Mr Postman to deliver another parcel to sunny Spain and our favourite Missionary... For Jakes Halloween/Autumn Parcel this year I decided to do something a little bit different, I learnt last year that the Spanish people  don't really do Pumpkins or 'Halloween' as such, its much more of a religious, 'remember the dead' kind of thing ...I would absolutely Love to go and experience it. Jake says that the Spanish do celebrate ...just a lot differently  :) 
Sooooo instead of Pumpkins and ghosties  I made him  a parcel based on the Guardians of the Galaxy film , one of his favourites and also one of  the last films he saw before he left for his mission soooo long ago  :)
Lots of fun and silly goodies and treats ...I'm pretty certain he liked it, especially the nodding Groot 'plant' and the mini nerf guns (I put in extra 'shooters' so he could have fun with his companions :) hehehe

It didn't quite seem right not sending Jake a Pumpkin ...hehehe .  So the Angels and hubby and I spent an afternoon painting and glittering up some paper mache pumpkins.. we purchased '3 for the price of 2' Jake had to have one! :) 

we filled the prettiest one ;)  with lots of mini chocolate treats and sent one to Jacob ...Mim was very generous with the glitter and Esther reeaally did not want to put the chocolate inside ! hahaha    Jake wrote at the beginning of this  week and said that both parcels had arrived safely and that he loved them...even if he and his companions were covered in sparkly glitter for several days! :) Our Spanish Mr Postman was super fast delivering our packages ...he must be  recognising  my handiwork by now! hehehe

Angel Mim also helped me decorate the Spooky corner in time for Halloween...
and I finished off a few small Halloween stitcheries ... 
and made a sweet squishy first this year! :)

I did actually squeal out loud with excitement last week when I went supermarket shopping, I may have startled a little old man walking past me with his trolley at the time ! ;) hehe  But  look what I found ....
some more really cute mini squash-pumpkins but also ....
when I went to buy our large Pumpkins for carving and decorating I spotted the white ghostie pumpkins !!! Ooooh I was soooo excited ...I  spent a full 2o minutes carefully going thru' the great big box of white pumpkins to find the best ones ..they were all a bit mushed up and scratched but the two I chose had the best stalks! :) How sad am I to get soooo gushy and excited over Pumpkins ...hehehe ...I had soooo many Pumpkins in my basket that I had to go buy them first, put them in the car and then go back and do my regular shopping! hahaha 
You've just got to be feeling the Pumpkin Love! hahaha

Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 15 October 2016

London adventures....

How is it that once you are back home from an adventure away that time seems to somehow twist and bend and it feels like it was aaaaages ago? :) I'm sooo glad that we have the luxury of cameras to take photographs to help us remember, looking through all the photos we took just brings back all the happy memories and we can enjoy it all over again  :) We had a wonderful whirlwind of an adventure in London, booking a last minute deal is a teensy bit nerve racking but great fun... No time for second thoughts, you just have to go! :) We spent 3 nights in a beautiful luxurious hotel , a little bit further away than the centre of London than last year but only by a quick 10 minute walk ...and for the comfort of that huge soft bed, it was well worth it ...hehe ;)
When we arrived on the Saturday the weather was slightly drizzly, but Sunday and Monday were beautiful, clear, bright, Autumnal days, cardigans and not coat weather. We had a more leisurely visit this time, which was soooo much easier on my short little legs and feet ..hehe  
We visited Trafalgar Square and The National Art Gallery,
The National Portrait Museum,
And my favourite ...Kew Gardens...(It must have been 'Pensioner Discount Day' because we were by far the youngest people there! Haha)
Love, love, loved Kew :) is soooo breathtakingly beautiful....
We took literally hundreds of photos....far too many to share, it was such a lovely place to visit, and we even had cake in the Orangery Cafe :) ...yummy!!

Hubby always treats me to some of the many wonderful Theatre shows that are on in London...we couldn't have pick two shows more opposite than the ones we saw this year... Les Mis, was very good, I have to be honest and show my cultural  crassness, but whilst I could appreciate the beautiful singing , overall I did find it quite dark and sad ...everyone dies! And I know that's what it's all about ...I'm just obviously not sophisticated enough, it didn't knock my socks off :( but I was glad we saw it, it's  a tick off the bucket list :)

The other show we went to  see was the polar opposite to Les Mis, and we weren't quite sure what we had let ourselves in for! When we bought our tickets, the lady in the booth assured me it wasn't too naughty (I am a teensy bit prudish and I hate bad language and abundant flesh!) I was quite nervous, but felt quite daring going to see Kinky Boots...what will my Mother say!...haha ;)
But do you know what?? It was an excellent show, the singing and dancing were outstanding and the story line whilst only very slightly cheeky in places was actually very heart rending, I was moved to tears a few was just about accepting the differences between us all and caring and empathising with one another as human beings certainly would never usually have been something we would have chosen to go see, simply because of the name of the show and our initial expectations of what exactly 'kinky boots' suggests, but it was fabulous and we loved it! :) Would I see it again ...yes, with a private box so the Angels could come with us and clap and giggle all the way through it! Itcertainly taught me not to judge a show by its title...haha :) 
Hubby and I certainly had a wonderful weekend break away, and we are sooo grateful to our lovely Abi and her hubby Nathan for looking after the Angels for us...they had a fun weekend too, the girls love spending time with Abi and Nathan :) I'm sooo lucky to be able to spend some much needed quality time with hubby and be blessed to have family that love and care enough to help us do so :) 
Hugs Wendy xxx