Friday, 30 September 2016

In the blink of an eye...

..September has ended and it's October already ... how did that happen?? haha And October brings news ... exciting news ...Hubby and I have managed to book a little adventure away, belatedly, to celebrate our Anniversary and Hubbys Birthday ...we are going to London for a few nights :) Just like we did last year, we booked another last minute late deal ...really, really late this time ...Eeeaakkk! And we are catching the 11:35am train from Manchester Picadilly and by 1:38pm we will hopefully be arriving at Euston Station, London :) As always I'm excited  and apprehensive. I'm anxious about leaving my Angels ...Abi and Nathan are having the girls for a full weekend and will also have the added fun of getting them off to school on Monday morning ....which usually means chasing grumpy Angels out of bed to get up and ready on time for that school bus arriving  :) Mondays are always hectic in Angel land Angel likes waking up for school on a Monday morning !! hehehe watch they'll be no trouble at all for Abi's just Mummy's heartstrings they like to tug at ...hahaha

So before Hubby and I escape on our little adventure I thought I best share the last of my Pumpkins ...because I'm hoping I'll have lots to share when we come back :)    My Pumpkins in the Kitchen are my Angel free, treasured fragile glass Pumpkins ...fragile, glass, and Angels do not mix very well, so they are always displayed as far out of reach as possible ...the kitchen window ledge ! :) haha


There's even room for a chunky Pumpkin on the kitchen table ...hahaha

 I've always been very lucky with my delicate pumpkins...very few breakages throughout the years I've had them... Ii had just a very slight mishap this year with a broken stalk  :( fortunately its a fairly clean break so should glue back into place very easily :)

Mr Postman called by this morning with a lovely squidgy package ....
 Three sweet little woolly kits,  kitted by Winterberry Cabin ...ready for me to enjoy stitching as the nights draw in :) I didn't have time to prep them before Hubby and I leave for London, it might have been nice to do a little bit of woolly stitching on the train but its just as much fun knowing that I have them waiting at home to start when we get back :)  I really must go to sleep now , still lots to do in the morning to make sure all angles (and Angels!!) and bases are covered before we can catch that train :)   I may be tooo excited to sleep!! :) 
Hugs Wendy x x x

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Can you have too many Pumpkins???/

 Naaaahhh...I don't think so, and I don't think I do have too many Pumpkins in my life ;)  ... although hubby might be inclined to argue that point...  hehehe   I managed to successfully empty all seven of those large plastic storage boxes and all my yummy  Pumpkins are out on display ...and I'm sure I have less than I did last year ....Hmmmm puzzling ... hahaha 
Ready for some Pumpkin overload? hehehe...

I managed to finally finish this Country Stitches design that I stitched last year and this year made into a small woolly, lumpy clumpy pillow... my favourite kind! :)
 It is backed with the same yummy burnt orange wool as the floppy tongues, I was going to 'fix' the tongues in place with buttons and fancy stitches but I'm a lazy stitcher and I quite like the floppy look ...sometimes simple is more soothing and satisfying that fancy...and I'm definitely not a fancy person :)

I also stitched up this quick little Halloween kit from Lizzie Kate designs... 
 A little bit bright and 'cutesy' for me but once I've grubbied and prim'd it up a little, it will be better :)

Sooooooo, my Pumpkin decorations ...lots of photos! :)
The old dresser...

The Piano...

 The corner drawers... Pumpkins for now but it will become the Witching corner for a few weeks for Halloween and then back to Pumpkins until Christmas ! hehehe ...its a very hectic Pumpkin schedule we live by here! ;) 
Its Pumpkins for now but soon it will become the Witching corner for a few weeks for Halloween and then back to Pumpkins until Christmas ! hehehe ...its a very hectic Pumpkin schedule we live by here! ;) 

 Little nook...

 The fireplace ...with my new curly stemmed pumpkins in pride of place ! :)

And a new resting place for my new woolly pumpkin pillow...Hoot corner..hehehe

I have more photos of my precious glass pumpkins safely hidden from Angel fingers in the kitchen, but Blogger is not co-operating with uploading them ...actually I'm not sure if it is Blogger and not my slooooow little Netbook :) ...I'll try and share those photos tomorrow after my poor Netbook has charged up and had a rest ..hehe

I have tired snugly Angels here tonight ...Angel Mim is desperate to sit on my knee, but she's just tooooo big, she is as tall as me now and solid (!)  I'm trying really hard to convince her that she needs to side snuggle ...but she really wants 'baby cuddles on Mama's knee comfort' ..aaawww its a teensy bit sad that I cant give her what she so desperately wants ...she needs to stop growing ..hahaha     She's desperately trying to get my attention now and pushing my Netbook away ....  Snuggle duty calls!  :)

hugs wendy x x x

Friday, 23 September 2016

Its time.... start thinking about the Pumpkins! :) and I've been dreaming and thinking ...and possibly even purchasing  hehehe ;) Life has quietened down this last week or so to our normal happy manic Angel  levels, the Oldies are doing better, the Angels are happy and we are starting to feel the Pumpkin Love! :)

Confessions first.. remember that sweet Pumpkin snow globe I brought home a week or so ago ...I went back!! :) hehe 
 And I didn't even have to rummage..:) These sweet treasures were just sat there, front and centre on the shelf ...and no-one else had picked them up so into my basket they went.. the photo doesn't do them justice they are a beautiful pumpkin orange colour, they'll look really pretty with little battery tea-lights inside :) Then the next aisle across I spotted the cute vine pumpkin and the gorgeous wooden-block-thingy-a-mi-bob :) It was love at first sight with the wooden thingy (hehehe). My basket was pretty full and I did debate on whether I should buy it all or put something back ...I opted for just buy it all!! hahaha
 On the way home I called into the supermarket for some bread and milk ...and they had the mini munchkin pumpkins out for sale :) ... so 3 of those went into my trolley too! 

I'd like to say that was all...but we all know it probably isn't, wasn't and never will be! Mr Postman called with a yummy package ! ;)  
A trio of beautiful curly stemmed fabric pumpkins...
 created by the very lovely Karen of "OldCottagePrimitives" over on Etsy ...I love Karen's Pumpkins and had been drooling over these 3 little lovelies for awhile ...I  finally gave in ...the computer keyboard was getting quite wet with all the drooling ..I just couldn't resist any longer ...they are just  toooo gorgeous...a very happy and satisfying purchase ... they are definitely filling me with the Pumpkin love :)

With life returning to our chaotic normalcy I've started a new little cross stitch design ....

Its a 'Plum Street Samplers' design called 'Babushka's Blossoms' ... I'm using all the called for threads and linen ..(all from my stash good is that! ...or is it bad that I have sooooo much 'stuff',  that a new pattern can come out and I'm already kitted and supplied...Eeaakk!) So far I'm enjoying it but its not knocking my socks of ... it will come though always does ..hehehe  I still have those two unfinished pieces from last time ...I still haven't ordered the replacement threads I ran out stash has failed me there! hehe ;)  

Cooler days and darker evenings are upon us, I think yesterday was the official start of the Autumn equinox ...our favourite time of year :) Hubby was very sweet and clambered into the loft several evenings ago and brought all my Pumpkin storage boxes down  ..he only found 6 , and I'm sure I had 7! hehe ...So this afternoon I cleaned and dusted and polished and stored all the Summer decor away ready for a Pumpkin feast tomorrow ...everywhere looks quite bare and naked tonight! (fortunately its not me that's bare... I'm very suitably attired in my fleecy pjs and fluffy socks nakedness going on here thank you very much!) I'm ready to snuggle under the duvet , lay my head down on that pillow and catch some sleeps ready to unpack those boxes tomorrow! :) 
Hugs Wendy x x

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel...

...well at the end of the last two weeks! ...It feels like we were flung headlong into family worries and dramatics and just plain old madness barely within 24 hours of returning home from our wonderful adventure in France! I feel like I need another holiday already ...hahaha We've had a couple of manic weeks, one  incident after the other of someone being taken ill or needing extra care, some planned, like Grandmas Cataract procedure, planned, but not-planned was the reaction to the sedative which seemed to  cause a flare-up with her gall bladder and a three night stay in hospital! :(  The effect of which meant Grandad sadly had to stay over in a Nursing home for the same 3 nights ...but he somehow mysteriously ended up in hospital too with ...well we are still not quite sure why, what or how  exactly :( ...Only that he 'looks' like he's had quite a bad fall, sadly because of his Alzheimer's he cant remember and there doesn't seem to be anyone (ie staff at the Nursing home) that has  recorded any fall or incident ??? ... we are not even sure why  he was taken or who took him to hospital ...they certainly didn't contact family to tell us! Needless to say we've requested an explanation ...still awaiting that! :( Thank goodness for caring nursing staff on the ward at the hospital ...who know how to contact immediate family!!  Care for our senior citizens is frighteningly worrying... it is definitely a scary world to grow old in  :(  Fortunately after a very worrying few days, some very stern letter writing and a very supportive GP and  District Nurse, both Grandparents are safely at home and recovering...although Granddad is still a little confused and easily distressed and Grandma is anxious about having the second cataract done! sighhhh...  Add into the mix little Angels, seizures, tumbles and falls, grazes, bruises, back to school anxiety and a reeeeaaally big bar of chocolate !!! :) hahaha  Life is never dull in Angel land! But there is light ahead .... we are settling back into routines, bruises are fading, calmness is beginning to reign, smiles and giggles are hard to suppress :)  And I've remembered where I hid my 'lost' stash of chocolate at the beginning of the school holidays! ...hahaha I'm currently in 6 weeks worth of chocolate heaven hips will suffer but I'll start the diet next week! ;) 

Needless to say not much stitching has been happening since we got home from France hoops are halted in mid stitch as I've run out of thread ...

I was feeling in desperate need of some woolly and stitching loving, so I made a small purchase! :)...
 Pumpkins and Hearts ...enough to cheer any weary soul :)

I also very happily did some naughty Ebay bidding.... 
 teensy wooden firkins and a prim doll and a pretty blue milk pail were all successfully bid upon and 'won' soul was soothed :) hehe

At some point during our weeks of drama Hubby and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary... we both forgot! And it was only upon receiving a beautiful gift from Abi that made us remember!!! Whaaaaat I missed a present opportunity!!??? ...definitely not feeling guilty about those firkins now!! hahaha 
 Abi bought us a beautiful  American, Salt Glazed Pot/Vase ...Her very own  'win' off Ebay ....Apple:Tree...It's in the blood... Like Mother like daughter...Poor Nathan! .... I'm soooo proud!! hahaha I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with her gift, its wonderful to know she 'knows' me so well! hahaha :)  Hubby and I are hoping to plan a belated weekend away, possibly to London again to celebrate our anniversary .... in fact I should probably put the date on the calendar too year is a big one, 25 years, I certainly don't want to forget that one!! hehe :)

Today, life felt a little bit more normal ...well our kind of frantic Angel normalcy ..hehe... and I had an hour or two to chill and catch up on some much needed grocery shopping ...I did take a very minor detour from the grocery shopping and happened upon a very happy purchase ... 
A Pumpkin Snow Globe, its even got black 'snow' flakes was toooo scrummy not to bring home ...besides its a Pumpkin!  It  was just meant to be! ...And with one Pumpkin purchase life is already looking brighter all is right with the world again  and there are happy smiles all around! I'm pretty certain that practically all of lifes sadnesses could be cheered up with a Pumpkin or two .... I may need to take another detour next week! ;)

Hugs Wendy x x 

P.S Apologies to family and friends for not replying to emails,  blog comments, texts or even answering the phone...hopfully normal communication services are up and running now in I'll remember to check our emails and charge my mobile up! Soooorrrryy!! :) x x x x