Wednesday, 27 July 2016

1st day of the Summer holidays ...

my Angels are home ...and boy do I know about it! :) 
Sooooo today we have  flooded the upstairs family bathroom...I found an Angel sat in the bath fully booted and clothed having a splashing good time! (doesn't everyone bathe like this? ..hehe)  Somebody must have left the bathroom door unlocked ...must have been Father Kirby because Mother Kirby surely wouldnt have been soooo careless! ;) Ooops! haha  We've baked chocolate chip muffins ...  I had  A LOT of help and certain Angel's  did  manage to eat several great big spoonfuls of raw mixture, so we only actually ended up with 8 muffins instead of 12 ...we loooove raw muffin/cake mix!! :) ...I must remember to never turn my back on a bowl of muffin mixture and a pair of excited Angels (I only went to turn the oven on!) ... we needed another shower after 'licking the bowl' ..and we actually undressed for the shower this time! hehe. We've played outside in lovely sunshine in the garden, drawn pictures with crayons and stickers (I couldn't face getting the paints out and possibly having more showers ...all my towels are on the line drying!) More outside play ...eating 'baked' muffins (saving just enough for daddy when he gets home from work!)  By the time we had finished up with dinner this evening, I was soooo pooped, that I unashamedly admit to plonking them both down in front of the TV to watch a film ...just for a few moments of peace and quiet before bedtime ...well as much peace as you can get with two giggling Angels ! :) Only 5 weeks and 6 more days to go!! :) :) 

Yesterday on the  last day of school and without Angels I managed to run around and get some last minute jobs completed. Inbetween some comfort food (chocolate stash!) shopping, a haircut and dropping of some clothes at the charity shop I found a little bit of  time to gently iron, press and straighten/trim a woolly project that I'd finished stitching last week and  has been sat waiting for waaaay to long to be completed...

Threads that Bind- 'A Gentle Life'

I took the photographs before I pressed and trimmed the finish piece looks lovely now those creases are pressed out ..hahaha The original design is framed ...but it will need a long narrow frame so a little bit of searching is going to be required to find something suitable, it definitely needs to be framed, a piano cushion is certainly not appropriate ..hehe  I enjoyed this project and love how each sheep manages to look slightly different with just a slight repositioning of the angle of the head :)  Really hoping I can find a good frame for it .

I have some small, easy, woolly and cross stitch projects in my basket ready for summer stitching ...if I get chance to sew with mischievous Angels keeping me on my toes for the next 6 weeks! :)  Hoping for a quieter  and drier day tomorrow ...and I'm not talking about the weather!! ;) 

Hugs Wendy x x

Thursday, 21 July 2016


We are officially at our 18 month mission mark ...6 months before my blue eyed boy is home! whoop-whoop! :) Well I say we, naturally its Jacob's Mission and Jacob's 18 month mark  and Jacob that will be home in 6 months...hoooraaay ...But I'm his Mum and I'm sooooo excited to be entering this final phase of his/our mission feels like a lifetime ago that I last got to hug him :) ...His actual 18 month date was yesterday the 20th July ...I'm a day late journalling because Angel life was a little bit chaotic last night :) soooooo reeaaally today we are 5 months and 30 days!! Hahaha I have to say that I am soooooo ready for him to come home too ...I'm very, very grateful for the wonderful life experiences he's had/having, sooo proud with how well he has adapted to Spainish life and culture. And honoured to know that he was happy to serve and work hard, away from his family and friends, to put his education /career on hold to live his Spanish adventure to the fullest. I love my boy  (love my girls too favourites here!! ;) hehehe) 

To celebrate Jacobs 18 month milestone I made him a special parcel that I was preeeeeetty certain he would enjoy .... :)
A Football Parcel! :) My boy loves his football and with this parcel I thought it should be one that he would enjoy the most. (Although I know that he truly loved his Pumpkin parcel...hehe ;) ...and there's still the opportunity to receive another one ...mwahahaha!!)
Inside I filled it with fun and silly, football games, cards and socks...
Topped with sweets and chocolates and sent it on its way about a month ago to ensure he received it on time...which he did :) I obviously chose well as he was very enthusiastic in his praises..hehe :)

To keep Mr Postman busy, I also sent a fun silly package today...
Several weeks ago Jake had written about missing his breakfast cereals as he couldnt find any that he liked. I thought it would be fun to send him a selection of some mini boxes of cereal, with some completely unhealthy sugary rubbish...the kind kids love! haha  I'm not sure that Jacob will 'get' the idea behind the 'tune' on the top of the box ...I tweaked it from an old tv advert for vitalite spread had singing sunflowers that sang similar words in a kind of Jamaican reggae song...I don't know the name of the original song or artist...I'm too young for that ..hehe..but I remembered the advert and thought I could use it you make a breakfast box up :)
It is absolutely full of breakfast  rubbish...I drew the line at adding Pop tarts ;) Knowing my boy it  won't last two minutes and will probably give him a sugar rush..haha Its just for fun :) Just to remind him that his mummy loves him and is always thinking about him...
"Out of sight" is definitely not out of mind! :)

 I'm already thinking and planning what to do next...hmmmm... thinking along the lines of a superhero box next. I will have to get myself into gear, I've only got 5 months and almost 29 days left now!! Haha :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Monday, 18 July 2016

A weekend of Shame! ;)

...soooo much shame that I am a little afraid to leave the fact I might need to be enrolled into some 5 step rehabilitation program for repeat shame offenders!! And whilst I might have felt the shame ...I certainly wasn't the cause of it ...this time! :)  It all started on Friday evening when we had the Angel's  school Prom/Graduation... its a whole school event, so everyone is invited, although been an evening 'do' its mostly the older children that attend. It is an evening to celebrate in particular the older children/young adults that are leaving Mayfield and moving on to pastures new. It is always fun and usually  pretty manic!! Well ...just manic for us and our Angels, everyone else's children behaved beautifully. I'm not sure if I dare to tell you what one of our little Angels  got up to... I may never live the shame down! :( My Angel, my supposedly sweet, delicate, beautiful  (I'm trying to convince myself here!) darling Angel Esther .....Only went and made a very successful 'grab' of the graduation cake!! Not once but twice with a 3rd attempt swiftly blocked by Abi's  Nathan! It was a very nice big cake covered in thick buttercream icing and it obviously proved toooooo much of a temptation to the cake monster! (I should probably point out that at school she is known as 2-pudding-Kirby aka cake queen extraordinaire!) I was soooo embarrassed, she was soooooo happy!!  Fortunately everyone else thought it was funny! ...phew :)  Her face was covered in buttercream icing and she was licking it off her hands delicate finger poking, a full hand grab of icing!! Naturally the cake was on display right at the front of the stage where everyone could see her and see us running to catch her and then frog march her away...not once, twice but 3 times!! Can you feel my shame? Hahaha :)
Do you think it was that obvious???? Will anyone have noticed??? :)

Needless to say we didn't actually stay until the end and fortuitously ;)  missed the 'cutting' of the cake!!!!!  hahaha  ...and to embarrass and shame me further .... gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say Thank You for helping , plan, decorate and organise  the Prom. Obviously they gave me the flowers before my daughter massacred the Graduation cake !!! I probably wouldn't have been given them at all, if it had been after the desecration of the cake ...Prom 2016 is probably going to go down in school history as 'Kirby-Cake-Gate' !!!! :(

If my shame ended there with the cake that would be OK...but Angel Esther was on a roll  with Angel Mim joining in ... my shaming continued ! hehe  On Saturday in the evening we went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester to meet up with our extended  families and to play laser quest and just eat, chat  and hangout...obviously the girls and I didn't play laser quest, we played on the escalators...up and down, up and down ...giggling like wild banshees  and waving to everybody and anybody.  And then (because everyone does this...don't they??) we wandered around accosting bald men that we thought were Daddy, and leaning over people's shoulders scrolling the pages of their iPhone thingys that they were looking at and trying to look/grab other peoples iPhones as they play the new Pokemon Go app that everyone seems obsessed with....can I just say if you are going to hold your iPhone out at arms length, stand stock still in the middle of  everyone, trying to catch an imaginary Pokemon ...please don't be surprised when little Angels think you are handing them your iPhones !! hahaha  Needless to say the bald man was quite startled to be turned around and then shoved away because he wasn't Dad, as was the man who had his iPhone scrolled from the strange girl peering over his shoulder as he was sat quietly on a seat minding his own business. And if I wasn't as alert to my daughters 'pocket/hand grabbing thievery', we'd have been coming home with at least 3 if not more iPhone's ...I did return them all ...not sure if we caused them to loose their Pokemon's though!! hahaha Why is it only my Angels that get into such mischief? It must be my terrible  parenting skills, or lack of?!  Shamed, shamed, shamed, I was shamed all weekend ...hahaha  I seriously needed a big bar of chocolate after all our shenanigans!

Today in an attempt to calm my nerves (and whilst I'm in hiding at home) I finished a few small projects (whilst eating chocolate ...purely for medicinal reasons ...I'm still slightly on edge ...I keep having cake massacre flash-backs!) 

Blackbird Designs...
'Bird in Hand'  pincushion. I backed it with a soft strawberry red velvet, and stuffed it with woolly snippets. I had some scraps of the velvet left over so made some strawberries too :)

I also put the final cross stitches into this design by NotForgotten Farm ...
'Sepia Sampler' ...sepia is a very apt name for it too ...the thread colours are very, very close in colour and there was an awful lot of checking, rechecking and occasional frogging to make sure I'd stitched the correct thread colour... whilst it looks slightly bland at the moment ( I had to take several photos to try and make the colours stand out) I think once it is mounted in a white frame it will look better and 'pop' a bit more ... sepia is supposed to be murky, brackish, reddish browns, (I think?) so it looks the part :) 

So that's my weekend of shame, I have confessed all and am reeeaally hoping that our shamefulness ends there ...because I don't think I have enough chocolate hidden away in the house to combat any more 'shaming'  experiences this week!  Please don't think badly of us ....everyone likes cake, its just that some of us are a little bit more enthusiastic in our appreciation and tasting of it than others!! haha :)

hugs Wendy x x  

Friday, 8 July 2016

I still have it ....

 You'll be happy to know that I still have it ...not that 'it', that evaporated several years ago....sigh :(   I have the 'it' that  enables me  to still embarrass myself silly and make any situation a teensy bit awkward and cringe-worthy ...especially if it involves unsuspecting 'trainee' pharmacy assistants ...hehehe  What can I say ?? ...I am openly honest and sometimes ...well quite often, my mouth opens and it just all comes takes a very long time for my brain to engage! I have the uncanny ability to embarrass just about anybody once I'm in full flow!  Sooooo my week started so very happily (not) with the curse of womanhood.... grooooann ...I'm dyyyyyyying! :( Naturally our medicine cupboard was empty of pain relief, so I took myself off to the Pharmacy in our local Supermarket (I had to collect Esther's new prescription so 'two-birds-one-stone' ..yada yada yah) Usually I can manage with just some basic Ibuprofen or Paracetamol, but today was not the day for Paracetamol, today I needed some of the stronger stuff.  So I present myself at the Pharmacy counter to be greeted, most politely by a young man, he looked about 12, he was obviously 'training' as I could see the usual lady assistant hovering in the background, observing him.... So I request Esther's prescription  which he goes and collects then he  starts asking me the usual  rote questions, confirm your address, any allergies, taking any other medications etc.. I dutifully answer. Then I request a packet of co-codamol for the blighted curse from which I am greatly this time I'm feeling pretty yucky and possibly a teensy bit hormonally challenged ;) The pleasant young man offers me several brands to choose from ...I reeeeeaaally don't mind which 'brand', I just want the pain to end! :) He hands me a generic packet and I happily pull out my purse to pay. Where upon  he proceeds to start asking me if the medication is for me, what do I require it for and do I have any breathing, respiratory  or mental health issues? At that point (remember, I'm dyyyyying!!) I most earnestly reply '"No to all the above, but my womb does feel like it is about to explode so badly that I just need a spoon to scoop it all out and be done with it!" you do when you are hormonal and just want to take two of those little white tablets to make the pain go away... The usual lady assistant standing off to the side bursts into giggles and the now very red faced young man very politely says ...honest this bit is word for word truth... "I'm very sorry but we don't sell spoons in the pharmacy!"  HuuuH!?!?  Ooops, possibly 'too much information' on my part ??  By now the young man only has eye contact for his shoes and I realise I've made the kind of dreaded 'hormonal-mum' blunder that would have caused Jacob and Abigael to abandon me instantly to avoid any further embarrassment ...  I apologised to the top of the young mans head, he sooo wasn't going to look up at the crazy lady and I told him I was always embarrassing my kids too which for added  confirmation... the lady assistant piped up and said "well at least your son is safe in Spain and you can't embarrass him there" ..!!!... Honest to goodness truth!! I'd not even said anything about Spain.... such is my reputation!!!  I  have obviously at some other point in time, had a previous emotional encounter at the pharmacy desk...possibly several.. and verbalised my whole sorry life story! If I've told them about Jacob on his Mission in Spain ...what else have I said!?!?  I left very quickly worried that there is a black and white convict photo of my face behind the counter warning all staff about the crazy hormonal was soooo embarrassing!!  On my way out of the supermarket I bought a chocolate cream ├ęclair and a bar of chocolate big enough to sink the Titanic ....and I ate them that afternoon as I re-lived the embarrassing situation, over and over and over again...I may need to find a new pharmacy and a new supermarket!

The chocolate did help to revive and calm me. I thoroughly enjoyed every yummy chocolatey bite whist I finished stitching my last woolly block and watched an episode of 'Homeland' .. the main character makes me feel soooo less crazy than I really am! :)
This is my final block appliqued...
This is the block that has given me grief from the very beginning, because of those log cabin corners can see that I made a dire mistake with my cutting at one point, naturally I didn't leave myself enough fabric strips to redo the block, so I had to hash it and sew it back together, my mistake makes the whole block about 1-2cm smaller on all sides compared to all the other blocks... I  haven't fiddled as such with it yet as I'm hoping I can still somehow fudge my way through it! :)

I laid all twelve blocks out to get an idea of how the quilt will look ..
not looking tooo bad, I don't think so anyway ... :)  A little bit of tweaking and detailing  here and there, but for the most part all the applique is finished. The second row down, with the two trees and the house, is already sewn together as the applique overlapped the blocks. So that is the 'row size' I'm looking at  and I'm thinking, my smaller messed-up log cabin block might be OK without toooooo much fiddling, maybe just a bit of skimping on the 1/4 inch seam might do it ... :) So  I just need to trim and sew the blocks together, measure and cut the borders, sew them on and we have a flimsy ...yaaaaay! I'm hoping to have that all stitched before the Angels finish school for the Summer holidays ...just so its not languishing in a basket and forgotten about for another 3 years! :) That gives me just over two weeks! Yikes to stay positive, I can do it! The hormones are settling down a bit now, I have no intentions of visiting the Pharmacy any time soon ... we just have to survive the Angels monthly curse (we are all generally cursed within a few days of each other ...makes for a happy hormonal home for hubby ! ;)...hehehe) and we are good to go .....Where's the chocolate?? :) hahaha

Hugs Wendy x