Thursday, 30 June 2016

Just in time for ...

the last day of June...I managed to get my summer 'dust gathers' (as hubby likes to call them!)  out and on display in the family room :) I always find it hard to decorate for Summer, I'm never quite sure if  I've quite hit the mark so to speak ... I don't feel like I have much Summery decor so I always resort to grouping all my different Raggedy Annies, Primitive, Folk Art and Prairie dolls.
I had thought this year to try and ummphhf everything up a bit by changing doll placements and adding some of my yummy bears to the display ... again I'm not sure I've hit the spot ...maybe the bears need their own little grouping, they kind of feel a bit lost on the piano  :(
I think I just dont have the same excitment for Summer as I do for Autumn and Winter etc.. The Pumpkins might come out earlier this year! hahaha

I tried to add a few 'summery' touches to the kitchen window too...
theres a new little addition sneaked into the kitchen display too.....
Isnt he cute?? A naughty Ebay 'win' ;)  And that sweet, delicate little blue cardigan he's wearing is just sooo lovely, he's just adorable  ...I was tempted ...but I dont feel guilty at all ...not one little bit! ..hahaha :)

Another woolly block completed for my 'Heart &Home' quilt...
A nice easy one  :) The photo doesnt do the colors of the blocks and the woolly background hearts justice ...they look much nicer in real life ..Im also a tad proud of all those four corners meeting up so neatly and perfectly in the middle..haha, no buttons needed to cover up any dodgy joined corners ..hehe Just one more block to finish and then all the applique is complete and I can start thinking about sewing all the blocks together and prepping the borders least then this quilt will have reach the same stage as my other wolly quilts by Heart to Hand, (the Autumn and Christmas ones are still flimsy's!!))

Thats about as much as I've managed this week... I'd no sooner got Angel Miriam all better after her oral procedures last week than Angel Esther decided to get in on the act and have some poorly cuddles of her own. She mysteriously started with a very high temperature last weekend and has been soooo lethargic and sleepy, very unlike her, she hasn't appeared to be in pain as such, no pulling her knees up to her tummy or pulling at her ears etc... all the usual tell tale things you look for ...its sooo hard trying to determine exactly how ill either of my Angels are :( Fortunately after almost a full week off school, lots of loving cuddles paracetamol for the temperature she seems to be on the mend and is happily sat chuntering at the side of me right now (watching an X-men movie no less!..hehe)  :)  and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that whatever it was its all gone  and we can enjoy a better weekend ...I've admittedly gone a teensy bit stir crazy in the house playing nursemaid for over a week, not my favourite role or even my most patient one ...hahaha ... I may have fallen of the wagon (was I ever on it ?) and  resorted  to distracting and  occupying myself with one of those online baskets...if you know what I mean ..wink, wink! ;)  It has been a very demanding week ...thats my excuse anyway! :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Friday, 24 June 2016

Cuddles and snuggles and....

..another 2 woolly blocks. I'm slowly getting there with my Heart and Home quilt blocks and its a good feeling ..hehe :)   I've been wearing my mummy-nursing hat this week, Angel Mim had to have some oral surgery on Wednesday. Fortunately we were booked first on the theatre list early in the morning and allowed home mid afternoon so didnt have to stay in overnight.   My poor little Angel is a bit battered and bruised ...she looks like she's got chipmunk cheeks ;) Naturally she's needed extra cuddles and tender loving's ... sadly she's not as small as she once was so sitting curled up on mummy's knee is proving a challenge! haha  Its hard to see her in discomfort but hopefully in a few more days she'll be back to her normal self and full of mischief and my knees may still work! 

So I have two more woolly blocks stitched and mostly finished. I still need to do some fancy stitching on the flower leaves...
and the house block should have pieced hearts in the top three sections of the block ...honestly I just couldn't get my head around them so decided that I'll just appliqué some more pretty wool hearts instead ...cheating, I know :(  but otherwise I would have procrastinated and not finished the block... gotta know your  weaknesses! ..haha 

I discovered a new to me 'shop' on Etsy this last week or so... "Needlecasegoodies"  has a lovely selection of threads patterns and all things wonderful...
I might  just possibly ..well yes I did place a little order! :) And it arrived this week in a very pretty pink bubble way I could hide that from hubby! ;) My little pink package held some new pretty patterns and some Valdani threads (ones that I don't have!) for my next Block of the Month project 'Village Green' ...stocking up ..hehehe..

Well my snuggle cuddle buddy is demanding attention, hope my knees are up to it! hehehe
Hugs Wendy x x 

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Got my woolly groove on..

I'm feeling the woolly love once again :) Two more blocks of my 'Heart & Home' quilt finished and a third almost finished too ...I had forgotten how relaxing wool applique really is ..and sooo rewarding too as it stitches together with ease and there's instant gratification seeing the block come together ...just loving it :)
Here's block 7  ...I wasn't too sure about the shape and design and wool choice of the flowers as I was prepping the pieces, but once stitched together they look lovely (much better than my rubbish photograph!) 
Block 8, was nice and simple too ...whats not to love about baskets?! hehe

I also managed to finish my little Spring cross stitches into sweet little bowl/basket fillers ...enjoyed for a day or so and then ready to be packed away for next Spring :)

Guilty treasures next ...
Mr Postman has been knocking on my door lots...hehehe.  I accidentally ;) won the wooden was only 99p! Its chunky and wonderfully huuuuuge! a bargain for 99p with free p&p :) Then try as I might I just couldn't resist the little blue spotted jug and the tin heart grater, both just happened to fall into my 'basket' too :) My hard-won-desperate-bidding-I'm-not-going-to-loose treasure is the Pumpkin shaped Pewter teapot ... I had to bid soooo hard to win that teapot!! hehe after my mighty bidding war, I was a little anxious whilst waiting for it to arrive but fortunately it was as scrummy in person as its description on Ebay and  I loved it as soon as I unwrapped it ...
Look at that lovely acorn top ....
It has a few bumps and dints and has obviously been used and loved in the past. I wont be brewing any tea in my new teapot ...can you not see a cheeky little harvest mouse peeking out of the lid :) ...not my usual choice of decoration but I can see soooooo much pumpkin potential ..haha :)

I've hit a slight cross-stitchers stitching block...not much happening in my hoop at the moment part because I've been enjoying my wool appliqué soo much but also because the current project I picked up and started hasn't quite grabbed me and I have that weird "cant start something else until I finish this because the threads will all get messed up"...thing going on biggest failing when working with gorgeous hand dyed threads is stopping a project to  start a new one, then running out of the chosen threads,having to purchase replacement threads only to find the colour is slightly off from the original ones I started with ... and that's when I stop stitching and my ufo basket starts filling up ..hahaha ...excuses, excuses, excuses ..hehe I'm sure my stitching groove will return soon :) Speaking of which ..just a few more wool applique blocks to sew and we could have the start of a Heart & Home quilt flimsy ....finally! hahaha :)
hugs Wendy x x

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Despite everything .... Hubby loves me, in fact I think he loves me lots and lots :) (I'm guessing here that he's not been spying on my journal/blog for awhile and seen all the naughtiness I've been up to!!! Hhhmmm might not be quite as much lovin' going around if he had ...Eaaakk ..hehe) 
Look what he bought me!!!
A BIG heavy box arrived by special delivery ....Ohhhh I nearly wet myself when I opened the door and had to sign for it .... I'm not sure the delivery man was quite expecting my squeal of excitement and definitely not from a middle aged woman who hadn't yet brushed her hair that morning ...but there again he didn't strike me as one who would fully understand the magnitude of just exactly what he was delivering!!!! Hubby had spent his hard earned pennies (the very same ones I spend sooo frivolously on all things woolly and stitchy...and the rest!) and purchased for me, my very own Kitchenaid!!! I have died and gone to Heaven! I have not only wanted, needed but physically yearned for my very own Kitchenaid for years and years. Completely and utterly sold by all the hype and glorification of owning one. I've gone thru sooo many whisking, beating, mixing devices that I just knew that what I really, really, reeeeaally needed was the real thing, never, ever expecting to have one :) :) :)

A box within the BIG box..
Ooooh I'm toooo excited for words now!

Here she is in all her beautiful Candy Apple Red colour ... swooooon...
 All shiny and new and beautiful!.....Oh, go on here's a photo of the other side too...hahaha
 How beautiful can a kitchen appliance get?? Absolutely gorgeous ...Shes a big girl...with quite a hefty weight to her...and no doubt she'll be adding to my weight too! But isn't she shiny and new and Candy Apple Red perfect is that colour! I couldn't wait to try her out ...straight to my cupboard for ingredients to bake a cake... And because Hubby was such a sweetie with his wonderful surprise, I baked one of his favourite's, Carrot Cake. I even iced it!! :)
 I mean, we all know that previously I was keeping dearest darlink hubby sweet and happy with cakes and puddings and desserts to distract him from my many ill gotten gains {which I actually have more of to share ...but will save them for next need to push my luck! :) hehe } Actually the very devious part of me has suddenly thought, not only can I keep hubby sweet and distracted ...he may never actually realise that I am sweetening him up ...he'll just think I'm happily using my Kitchenaid ...which I am! Is it wrong to feel like I'm in a win-win situation?? hehehe (well, until he spies on me again! You don't think he'll send it back when he does eventually spy do you? He can't really now that I've used it ..hehe ...Why oh why am I soooooo bad!!?? I even sniggered as I typed that! So so sooo BAD ...written with a big grin!) I am probably the least deserving wife to receive such a fabulous present from my wonderfully generous hubby ...but that's why I know he loves me ...despite everything! :) Aaawwww!

Later during the very same week I had another lovely surprise... Abigael brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers  to say "Thank you" for looking after her a week or so ago when she was poorly... just what we Mums do for our babies :)
They are absolutely beautiful and smell like a dream, the colours remind me of her wedding flowers (can't believe my baby will have been married for 2 years this August) they look sooo lovely ...I'm sooo chuffed and so very grateful for such a sweet kind thought. 
 I have been one happy and blessed Mummy and Wifey this week ...despite it being a school holiday, and despite our usual manic Angel Chaos, which wasn't overly manic thanks to Mr Sunshine spending a whole weeks worth of hot, sunny weather with us ...even the bucket of sand dumped on my head by my precious giggling Angels couldn't dampen the happiness :)  (I got them back, never fear! haha) A big smiley week all round.  Flowers and Kitchenaid's equals one very Happy Mummy ...guess who'll be baking in the morning??  Ooooh, Candy Apple Red ... soooooo dreamy ...hehe

Hugs Wendy x x