Sunday, 24 April 2016

I just knew ..

that I would do that ... get the posts in the wrong order ..hahaha ...well, it will have to stay all cock-a-hooped... I have no idea how to get them all in order ...that's, what will  happen, when you try to get one over on blogger and upload too many photos ...hahaha
What a muppet! 
Night night   x x x x

*EDIT .... Oooooh by Jove, I think I've done it ... Somehow I've miraculously switched the posts round into readable order ... We'll blow me down with a feather ... Isn't technology maaarrrveelllooouus!!! ;) ;) xxxxx

**EDIT-EDIT .... Aawww poo! No miracle happened it's still all mixed up ...Technology is still rubbish when I try to be clever ;) ...  I give up ... I'm going to sleep! ...haha  :) xxx


I think this is Thursday ...the wet rainy days blurred a little bit into one big wet day ..hahaha
We braved it down to Bempton Cliffs ...Hubby's favourite place to spot some birds ..
..the feathered kind ..hahaha ...Gannets I think. Despite the wind and the rain there were lots of menfolk and their cameras out trying to spot Puffins and whatnot ...There were a lot of very expensive cameras and camera lens's ...not at all conducive to two not-so-little-argy-bargy-shove-you-out-of-my-way-Angels ..whilst Hubby was having a bad case of Lens envy I was having palpitations about replacing broken lens's ..hehehe...Whilst we were not exactly escorted away ...we were more, like, gently encouraged to go, sit in the car and wait ...which we happily did ...and we may,  we may not, have eaten all the chocolate raisins whilst we waited ..hahaha

After Hubby had gained his composure, we tootled off a little bit further towards Flamborough Head... 
This is a little cove on one side of the 'Head' ...the only time we made it onto the beach ...
We managed a little explore of one of the 'safe' caves   
and watched a fishing boat been hauled onto shore  ...cold fun, but the Angels enjoyed it and  were mesmerised watching that boat! :)

Round the other side of the 'Head' we braved the cliffs for some lovely wet and windy views ...

I'm not sure why I didn't get a photo of the Lighthouse at Flamborough Head ...that is what you go there to see! haha 
My favourite view was ...
Daddy and his girls walking hand in hand along the path back to the warmth of the car ....Angel Esther is the teensy skinny one and Angel Mim the taller 'curvy' one! :)  
Blogger is at it again and only a few more Pictures to share ....hang on ....

Hugs Wendy x x x

and more ....

Friday ...was Whitby day ...I remember because this was the wettest of the wettest  days ..hahaha  We didn't venture into Whitby town, even though the weather was horrible the small streets still looked crowded and busy ..Instead we headed for our favourite haunt ...the Church and the Abbey and opted for looking down onto Whitby.

In the Churchyard looking towards the Abbey..
looking towards the Church ...loved all those old tombstones , but sadly too cold to wander around and read..
And looking down onto Whitby town...

Peaking over the walls at the Abbey ...
Not too bad a shot to say I was holding my camera above my head and over the wall ..hehe  
Just as I took this last photo the Heavens truly opened and we had to make a mad dash back to the car trying to avoid a desperate soaking ..hehehe :)

We also managed a wet ride on the miniature steam train from Peasholm Park to Scalby Mills and back fact the Angels were sooo excited at being on the steam train (even though it was raining!) that the guard very kindly gave us an extra free journey there and back again ..the girls got to wave his green flag for the driver too :) .. I think the guard may have succumbed to our Angel-Charm!  hahaha 

Despite the really terrible weather we are Kirby's and we were still able to enjoy our little adventure ...cake helped ...mmmmm yummlicious!

And ice-cream ..hehehe wouldn't be a holiday without ice-cream would it!? 

Thats it I'm done ...Hubby has much better photos than me, naturally ;)  but his camera does different jpeg, gobbledy gook photos and I'm not even going to try and upload any of them ....Wish me luck as I try and publish all 3 'posts' now ...hopefully in order ...hehehe  This quick 'posting' has fair worn me out ..hahaha  I tell you, that bus can't come soon enough tomorrow morning ... :)
Sleepy Hugs Wendy x x x

A long two weeks and spontanity.....

... Spontaneity with Angels is not always that spontaneous! haha ...Tonight we are packing up school bags and laying out school uniforms and college clothes because Mum is sooooooooo ready for school and our regular routine tomorrow morning! :)  We are showered, washed and ironed ...well our clothes for tomorrow are ironed, naturally I wouldn't iron the Angels ..hehehe  It feels like a very long 2 weeks since our Easter/Spring break began ... we have had fun and our usual Angel adventures ...but I am soooo ready for that school bus to pull up tomorrow morning ...hahaha  But tonight I wanted to quickly share some of our Angel Adventures before the holiday ends :) 

Soooo our Angel spontaneity came in the form of a sudden decision to go on a mini break to Scarborough to our favourite Youth Hostel ... again! I rang to ask about availability on the Saturday and we were on our way on Tuesday ...I did say it was Angel spontaneity ...its not that fast ...haha And could we have picked a better week to travel back to our Yorkshire roots ?? We most certainly could have!  We were blessed with the wettest, coldest, windiest, wildest weather ever!!! Mwaahahaha  Luckily I didn't pack shorts and swimsuits ..hehe ...and I had packed extra fleeces and coats and snuggle blankets ...we were sooo grateful for those extra snuggle blankets! :)  But we are made of good Yorkshire stock...Are we put of by fog and rain, and sleet and gales?? ...Noooooo, we just double coat ourselves, wrap up and and get out ...and try not to get tooo close to any cliff edges ...Eeeaaakk!!...
This was our first glimpse of Scarborough on Tuesday afternoon ...
Can you see the sea??? No, us neither! hahaha
A little bit clearer at the Harbour
The Castle is up there somewhere ... 
The Lighthouse was all lit up ...and the fog horn was blaring ...
and it was only 3pm in the afternoon!   We loved it ... it was really spooky ..The Angels giggled like banshees and I'm sure we startled a seagull or two :)

The next morning was fortunately clearer but sadly wetter...much wetter ..
No dragon boats to ride on at Peasholm Park this time ...but we had a fun puddle jumping walk around the Park and thru' 'The Glen'.
The Glen is kind of, off, thru' and around the back of Peasholm Park ...a little bit off the normal holiday path...but it is a lovely woodland walk with lots of little waterfalls that flow down to the main body of water in the Park.
Someone got a little bit tooo cold and wet and needed a little bit of help from Daddy on the way back  :) Angel Esther tends to stiffen up quite easily in the wet and cold and will then struggle to keep her balance for walking, which can then cause her to start having  Myoclonic seizures..not something we want on our little holiday! :)  ...Fortunately Daddy is always on hand to rescue his Angel ...good job she's still small enough and he's still strong enough to manage a good old 'piggy back' back to the car! hahaha  Daddy felt that 'piggy back' the next morning ..hehehe ...'Piggy backing' will have to be Jacobs job when he gets home in 9 months time ! (Eeaakk, its getting closer!)

Blogger is not liking my photos so ...I'm going to run over to a new post so I can finish off ...toodle-oo ....  see you soon  

hugs Wendy x x x x

Friday, 8 April 2016

I was caught red-handed!

...Caught in the very act, no place to hide, and definitely no time to delete the 'Thankyou for your order email(s)' !!  Its taken a lot of work to get me off the hook, lots of big brown doleful looking eyes, pouty sad bottom lips...I even had to resort to wheedling and tickling his head ...hubby made me suffer! :) I can't understand how he caught me out either ??? I'm sooo careful at deleting any trace of my sneaky online shopping, I clear all my caches and history ..hahaha  And  I have an unspoken agreement with Mr Postman about parcel deliveries ..hehehe I usually have everything covered to stop me from been caught out! Do you know what did it in the end ...tooo many flippin' computer devices and access to our email account on all of them ....although I can delete and clear invoice emails on our main computer, they still show up for a fraction of a second when you open up your email account on the kindle or iPad ...or even hubby's iPhone!!! And to make it worse hubby has just told me his iPhone  and laptop 'ping' when a new email arrives ....poooooohy!  I'm going to have to fix that somehow! :) .... I'll wait until he's asleep or in the shower and put paid to that 'ping' on his iPhone!!! hahahahaha  Good job he loves me and forgives me easily! :) I'm one lucky lady who definitely likes to push her luck ..haha 

Soooooooo as I've been caught I might as well confess... they do say confession is good for the soul...and my soul really needs it ...hahaha ...hopefully all this confession business wont cause hubby to have a break down ...because we really can't afford any extra health care costs (or divorce proceedings!) at the moment ...hehehe  :)
Exhibit number 1...
 New cross stitch patterns by Blackbird Designs ...with threads and linen ...naturally! :) 
Exhibit number 2....
 A few more cross stitch patterns from  Stacy Nash and Pineberry Lane and a sweet little Spring Cross stitch kit 'Song of Spring' by Lizzie Kate designs ...I actually think I should be able to discount this exhibit because I've just finished stitching the little 'Song of Spring' kit ...
That hardly makes it new now does it ?...Now its just another UFO waiting in my basket for finishing ...not new at all!? ...hehehe

Exhibit 3 caught me out a little bit ....
 I was expecting a delicious old wooden firkin...wicked 'winnings' from the equally wicked Ebay (because it tempts me soooo much! ) ...I just wasn't expecting it to be sooooo big ..hahaha ... I really must read the full description in future my defence I 'won' the wax Gingerbread men too and in their 'photo' they were shown displayed against a firkin  the same height as them ...the firkin that I 'won', was in a separate 'lot' and just shown on its own ...I just presumed it was the small firkin from the gingerbread photo ...does that make sense least I didn't end up with giant gingerbread men we should be grateful for small mercies! haha   The little wooden 'Blessings' sign was just sweet and who doesn't need sprays of pip berry's ??? :)

Exhibit ...whatever...I'm loosing count...hahaha ...
What can I say Primitive Gatherings had a sale on their wool kits and wool fabric ...I haven't (believe it or not) got this sweet woolly pincushions kit (why I don't know!! hahaha) and you always need some basic black wool in your stash ...just in case! :)

This next bundle is completely sin free and openly allowable and sitting in full view of anyone and everyone on my kitchen table at this very moment guilt here! :) 
 This was a belated birthday gift from my Mum and Dad for my birthday back in February ... Its the remaining woolly kits for the 'Spring', 'Summer' and  'Autumn' banners for the Primitive Banners series by Primitive Gatherings but kitted by The Quilted Crow Shop (also in the US) I have the full pattern,  background kit, and 'Winter' banner already in my stash!  :)
Look at those yummy wools ...I really shouldn't leave them too long in my basket ...I miss my woolly stitching ...I need to find my woolly mojo again! 

Sadly I do have more exhibits ...but even I might be pushing my luck in sharing any more photos tonight ...haha :)  What can I say? ...its been a very stressful couple of months, we are still awaiting decisions and still worrying helps ...and chocolate, lots of chocolate ... it could be sooo very worse ...I could be drinking and gambling and even pole dancing!  (Although with my chocolate hips its very unlikely that I'd actually manage anything but a twirl around a pole, my feet would decidedly not leave the floor!) I am very lucky that I have such a very loving, patient and forgiving husband! :) Speaking of which ...I should probably go do a little bit more wheedling ...just in case Mr Postman forgets that its Saturday tomorrow and knocks tooo loudly ...we don't want hubby answering the door do we!! ?? :) :)  
Hugs  Wendy x x x