Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Bunny Madness...

Not more bunnies,  no more rabbits ??? ...laments my oh so sweet hubby...yes, really ...more and more ! :) hahaha   March isn't over yet, we still have time for a little bit more madness, bunny rabbit madness, those  bunnies keep on hoppity hopping .... hubby is sooooo bemused! hehehe 

We've got  illicit  'winning'  eBay bunnies ..

They said it was the last one ...ever!!! Can't miss a chance to have the last one ever!!  ... its soooo cute too ..look at that little face :)

Then we have UFO bunnies ...
 This bunny is a design from Country Stitches, "Easter Parade". I actually stitched him last year...or was it the year before ...that's the problem with UFO's...remembering when you started them ..haha   All he needed was the recommended frilly ribbon attaching around the edges ...I've had that a long time too ...I was just procrastinating sewing the gathers and attaching them to the edge of the little pillow ... BUT today was the day, determination and a strong will not to start anything new until this one was finished ... no housework, no dinner prepared and 3 episodes of 'Fringe' on Netflix, a chocolate Easter egg and we have a finish! Yayyy! :)  (We ended up with a pasta dinner Angels love pasta so its always a winner ...even last minute pasta...haha) I'm soooo glad I persevered and attached the ribbon, if I say so myself it looks very pretty...hahaha

The next bunny rabbit is a another cross stitch  ...
 This is 'Curious Bunny' by Teresa Kogut.  she's a new designer to me, that cute  bunny design caught my eye... sadly her pattern didn't thrill me .... I've been spoilt by tooo many Country Stitches designs I think! hahaha I know I'm just been picky, there wasn't anything exactly wrong with the layout of the pattern just wasn't as polished and clear as my favourites, and how's this for really picky ...I didn't like the paper it was printed on and its very obviously a photocopied pattern...the pattern disappeared at the edges and where the paper had been folded, so the chart was unclear in places ... just nit-picky points but I did pay the same price for it as I pay for a Country Stitches pattern. Aaawww I'm been mean...maybe its just one of her earlier designs printed in an earlier format ...its a sweet bunny so I should just leave it there ! :) 

Next up is a woolly bunny ...
 My hands are up in surrender, I own up, I plagiarised this idea from an item I saw for sale on eBay ...except their bunny looked  much more prim and folk arty ...I was attempting the same look ..haha ... but mine kind of turned out more cutesy and whimsical ...and I think I made those pink inner ear sections too wide  ...that's what happens when you copy ! You don't quite get it right! haha That'll teach me, at least Esther loves it ...well she loves bashing me over the head repeatedly with it ...and when the bunny head flies of the end of the bobbin spindle thingy ... she can barely breathe for laughing sooo much  ... I'm going to forgive myself for the plagiarism just because its given my Angel sooo much fun and me sooo much punishment! haha :)

I even had bunnies in my hot chocolate this evening ...
 Marshmallow bunnies stolen out of the Angels Easter treats stash ...hehehe You can't have hot chocolate without marshmallows ...its just not natural ...justification it working?? hehe   What kind of a person am I? Illicit dealings, Procrastinator, Nit-picker, Plagiarist, Marshmallow thief ????  It's worrying isn't it? How can I sleep at night ? hehehe  ;)  But, wait till I share my hidden stash that came in the post yesterday ...Oh My Goodness...I'm going to have to do A LOT of sweet talking and wheedling around hubby ... A LOT !!! hahahaha :) 

 Hugs Wendy  x  x x

Monday, 28 March 2016

Thunder Storms, Lightening, Hail, it must be..

Easter weekend of course! :) The weatherman said that Friday would be a nice day and he was right, sadly he was also right about Saturday, Sunday and Monday ....we seem to have had weather from all of the seasons within a few short days ...its made for great window watching for my Angels ...they particularly loved the Lightening flashes and the Hail storm, not sooo sure about the Thunder hehehe ...all from the safety and warmth of inside, it would have been a different picture if we'd been outside in it  ..hahaha Whilst the weather outside may be struggling to feel spring like, inside we are full to the brim with hopping bunnies and cheeping chicks. I managed to take some photos in between dark cloudy skies and short bursts of Mr Sun  ...
These photos have taken forever to 'upload' on blogger not sure why ? Not sure what they'll look like when I 'publish' either and now the font has gone all scripty on me ...I am not loved by all the computer-technical stuff ...hahaha  But anyways as you can see the Bunnies have definitely taken over ...hahaha  And there could be more to follow as hubby caught me with a sneaky 'win' on eBay on Saturday night ...hehehe I don't know why he's worried ...what's not to love about a house full of bunnies and chicks ....I have far less chicks then bunnies ... I may have to work on that ...hahaha

My Angels didn't really bring much home from school and their Easter decorations are quite sparse ...I suspect its more because the holidays are a little bit weird this year, we have this long weekend break, then we are back at school for a week and a half before we are off school for two weeks for what is usually our Easter break but is now our Spring break ...confuses me completely! ....I know it doesn't take much ...hahaha But these little Easter cards and very pink and glittery paper mache bunny (care of Angel Esther) did come home ...
I quite like the sparkly pink bunny ...why not ...hahaha it looks quite pretty on the kitchen window ledge next to my sparkly blue glass egg ...I'm going all glitzy ...hehehe ...
  Blogger is not my friend tonight, I think I've sorted out the font. I seem to be back to my normalish 'Verdana' font without all the Gothic unreadable script :) The photos just disappear on me if I try to move them so I'm not going to and I'm too tired to fiddle with it anymore, so I'm going to hit the 'publish' button, keep my fingers crossed and hope it sorts itself out ! :) 

Bunny Hugs 
Wendy  x x x

P.S .. I figured the photos out ...I had them on 'extra large' size ...good job I fixed it ...can't have hubby worrying about giant bunnies hopping around the house ...hahaha   Maybe it wasn't blogger after all ...just numpty me!! :) x x

Friday, 25 March 2016

My therapy sessions are continuing...

...and the chocolate diet isn't going too badly either! ;)  Its obviously going to be a lifelong commitment, lifestyle changes and developing emotional freedom techniques (although I'm not altogether sure that I am or ever will be committed enough to be emotionally free from shopping and chocolate...hahaha)  (Apparently you really can have counselling sessions to help you develop 'Emotional Freedom Techniques' ....???) I may be too far gone for such techniques to ever work on me ...I am soooo bad now, that even Mr Postman knows to knock on the door quietly if he sees Hubby's car parked outside the house .... and we even whisper when he asks me to write my squiggle on his electronic sign-pad-thingy! Mr Postman is my friend ...hahaha 

He delivered a sweet new treasure this week ... all parcelled up very prettily
 More wrappings .... can you guess what it is ??? haha
 Its a  beautiful Primitive Folk Art Spring Bunny ...and guess what she is called???  ...Esther!!! How could I not was meant to be! :)  (I just have to hope there isn't another one called Miriam or I'm broke ! hehehe)
 This gorgeous sweet bunny came from the lovely Karen Shaw of 'Olde Cottage Primitives' on Etsy ... As soon as I saw that sweet bunny face I was smitten and once I realized she was called Esther ...well, it was a done deal! :) As always she is beautifully made and another treasure to love and  add to my 'Karen' collection ..hehehe

I also received this woolly bundle of goodness in the post too..  1 Yard of the softest, most yummilicious black 100% wool fabric and possibly the only wool kit by Primitive Gatherings that I don't have ..hahaha They had a sale on ...a girl can't miss out on a sale  now can she?! ;)

And I wouldn't want you thinking that the postman only delivers parcels to my door ...this week he's hopefully delivered a little Easter Package to the Spanish son in Madrid ...
Easter Goodies for my Missionary boy! :)  I was pleased as punch with my decorating efforts this time  ... Mama Chicken and her baby chicks all stuffed to the brim with Chocolate eggs ...almost as good as the Minions Parcels last year ...hehehe 
I would give anything to see his face as he opens his parcels from home :) ... I do occasionally mix it up with just ordinary, plain, postal boxes just to help maintain his youthful 'cool' demeanour with the other Missionaries and then... WHAM... I give him a decorated one to blow his socks of and make him turn pink to the tip of his nose  ..hehehe  I did add extra chocolate eggs so that he'd forgive me for all those feathers that are definitely going to be dropping off all over the place! :) I'm hoping it has arrived in time for this Easter weekend and that he's happily chomping away on a Cadbury's creme egg right now :)

I had a weepy day on Wednesday ...just frustration whilst waiting to hear from Adult services (still no news) :(  Really I'm surprised that I'm not dehydrated I've cried that much this last month or so .... seriously I should have soooo much water loss that I should be at least 20lbs lighter ...really!! haha :)  I felt I had to knock the therapy up a notch to get myself under control (its not a recognised, official 'Emotional Freedom Technique' ..but it works for me! hehehe) and so I took myself off for the afternoon for a wander around the Olde Mill to see if I could find some treasure to cheer myself up :)
I think I managed to brighten my day quite well ...hehehe
 The vintage wooden cutlery tray did have a hefty price tag on it (we won't mention exact figures here,  as you now who might be reading this ...hi Hubby!) but I held onto it and actually got 25% off once I got to the counter to pay ... so all was well! The blue bobbins were in a tatty plastic bag for mere pennies as were the buttons, I loved the star crocheted doily, I can never say no to a sugar shaker and also said yes to the silver salt pot that curiously came with the two tiny salt spoons. And I don't usually buy the lidded mustard pots but this one was cheap, sweet and even had the original spoon still with it ...mega haul and definitely no tears for the rest of the afternoon! hahaha  I have noted though, that I do seem to have a problem saying NO to lots of things ...wooden cutlery trays, sugar shakers, bobbins  and buttons ...baskets ...although no baskets today ...I was been good!! ;) haha

I've been sewing little bits and pieces here and there but nothing finished or  in any sort of progress worthy to share. I did help my Mum finish one of her projects...
 I'm not sure that I know who's design it is, it reminds me of one of Memes Quilts Designs, or maybe even one of the Australian designers, that I used to stitch years ago before I discovered wool applique... I should have asked Mum about the pattern.  I love how Mum has stitched each Angel a different thread colour and then used fabric crayons to tint each one favourite Angel is the purple one, she looks like she's got a teensy bit of  a disapproving scowl going on ..hehehe   Mum did all the stitching I just finished it into a pretty pillow for her ...Mum doesn't have a piano so it will have to sit on her sofa for admiration ...hahaha Mum is enjoying her stitching at the moment ...I'm sure she'll have more for me to 'finish' soon :) 

Well, that's me finished for tonight, I'm out of words and I'm drooping and tired out  after our Good Friday family walk, we made Angel Esther's day and even had a ride on a miniature steam train that toots  and puffs its way around the Park, she was full of giggles and clapping and waving hands for everyone as she regally rode in her seat ..haha  :)  I'm ready for my bed ....I've just realized I haven't shared photos of my Spring/Easter bunny decorations ...hubby thinks the bunnies are breeding!! hahaha ...If only he knew ..hehehe  I'll have to take photos and share them soon. For now its time for  bed so that I can enjoy the rest of our Easter weekend ... and the chocolate eggs! :)
Wishing all our family and friends a very Happy Easter

Love Wendy x x x x

Sunday, 20 March 2016

I've been naughty...

and I don't give a hoot! haha I felt it necessary for the continuing peace in the family home to pacify any and as many of my angst feelings by prescribing myself a little bit of shopping time! :) I would like to say it has worked but as of yet I can't truly say that I am stress free ..hehehe ...  actually I may never be stress free! I may have a life long condition that requires periods of time that result in a little bit (or even a lot) of naughtiness....It is something that I have to be willing to accept and somehow cope with :) Woe is me ... I'll bear my cross as valiantly as possible  ... I'm such a martyr ..hehehhehe

We had our BIG meeting with a room full of 'professionals' to discuss our respite and transition issues earlier last week. I think it went OK, it is sometimes hard to gauge everyone's response  but  we certainly  seemed to have a lot of  support and backing from the majority ...whether we did enough to convince the Adult Services lady, I don't know.  :(   She was very professional but not very personable if that makes sense... I couldn't even make her smile with an offer of bribery to bake her a cake  (that always worked well with Children's services ...broke the ice and raised a smile ...but not this lady :(  ...I bet she doesn't eat chocolate either!) She's the person that we hope will fight our corner for the relevant service provision and support from her managers to ensure our respite and transition is successful for our Angels and family...I'm not too sure we have her on side so to speak. At least our 'service providers' have been very good and are willing to do all that they can to support Angel Esther in particular ... We now have another wait  to see if we have managed to inch our way closer to a good outcome ...such a slow and dreary process ....which is why I had to put myself into therapy! :)
Soooooo as part of my prescribed therapy, I did a little bit of  Spring shopping  :)   ....
 Oooh this little bunny snow globe has to be my bestest and most favouriest Spring find, I couldn't get to the till quick enough to pay ...I even paid 5p for a plastic carrier bag so as not to drop it on the way to the car ...hehehe

I also spotted this sweet little  crackle blue glass egg ...a little bit sparkly for my taste usually but even a prim-country-folk-art girl needs a little bit of sparkle every now and then :)
 The crackle white pottery rabbit and small pottery blue bird I found in a  bedding shop whilst looking for new bed pillows  hahaha ...I didn't find any pillows I liked but the rabbit and bird came home with me ..hehehe The three teensy bunnies I found on 'Folksy' ...a kind of British etsy online craft site ...not really as good as etsy and I don't often spot anything prim enough but these took my fancy ..
A close up ... they are quite sweet :)

Also whilst looking on 'Folksy' I found these two sweet woolly bunnies ...
 The grey needle felted  star gazing rabbit  was a pleasant surprise,  its quite big and hefty ... The cute brown bunny is maybe a teensy bit  twee and old fashioned and I was tempted to strip her of her clothes,  that gold button particularly is giving me a slight tic ...hehehe but she looks quite sweet so I probably won't fiddle too much with her and just enjoy her tweeness!   Not tooo bad a haul for some Spring therapy :)

I finished my little spring pillows ...

'Little Brown Bird' by The Little Stitcher
I tweaked the colour of the blossom flowers on this piece and also gave Mr Brown Bird a yellow beak instead of a brown one  ...which doesn't show up very well in the photo ..haha

 'Spring Rabbit and Cart Pillow Tuck' by Jenny Hoffman of Country Rustic Primitives
Loved this simple design :)  I just added a little white bob tail and some white whiskers to Mr Rabbit this  time.  I love the look of  the linen, making the whole little pillow slightly darker and more rustic and  au natural ...haha  :)

 'Spring Greetings Bouquet Pinkeep' by Country Stitches - with thy needle and thread.
my favourite cross stitch designer  ..hahaha There was nothing I tweaked or changed here ..just loved everything about it  ...even all those darn'd french knots for the lupin like flowers :)  I purposefully made the rabbit and basket stand out slightly with stitching in lines with the variegated threads, as they were very close in colour and blended together a bit too well, I think you can see the difference better this way even if  it does look a little bit liney :)

I may or I may not need more therapy this week ...I will have to monitor my condition very closely ...I do have to finish off  decorating and mail an Easter package for the Spanish son . I also need to organise his Birthday parcel which will need to go soon too ....I've just realised I haven't had a hug from my boy at all during his 19th year of life ...Oh my!  ...I may need to up my dose of therapy to help calm my anguished nerves ... ;)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Friday, 11 March 2016

If.... days and weeks seemed to be dragging by at a painfully sloooow pace, despite been busy with my Angels, running here there and everywhere most days ...Would/Could that possibly mean that my days, are a representation of the fact, that after my last leap year birthday, I'm actually getting younger and not older ..because when you're getting older,  we all know that time zips by and passes in the blink of an eye ....OR...  am I sooooo old now that I am loosing consciousness of the actual passage of time  ...OR ... it could simply be a case of that there's not been enough chocolate in my life because I've been trying to be good for the last week or so and I'm actually trapped in some dreadful infinitised ground hoggified, never-ending, time lapse ...the kind that exists without Chocolate!! Oh my, how horrible!! hehehe   ....I'm  going with the chocolate theory because its a lot less complicated than some strange time altering age differing conundrum! :)

And is it just me or did our official First Day of Spring come reeeaally early this year too?? ...The 1st of March is toooo early ...we had snow on the 2nd day!  My Snowmen were/are not ready to come down and my Spring rabbits are still asleep in their storage boxes ....obviously, I'll have to add change 'O' the seasons to my list of jobs to do :)   I'm not sure but I think Mother's Day (here in the UK) arrived at its usual time, somewhere in my time -day fog I seem to think it was last Sunday ...  Despite not seeing my Missionary son ...he gets to Skype on the American Mothers Day in June ...which although I wish I could have both Skype's ..the June Skype does break the year up a bit more evenly and its not as long 'til the next time ...if that makes any sense at all! :) I was still loved and snuggled by my 3 beautiful girlies, hubby and son-in-law...and spoilt with gifts of flowers and chocolate :)     My flowers are still beautiful ...
The chocolate has all gone ....and not in my tummy either! Yes, sneaky chocolaty stealing mouses in our house ....possibly the cause of my shockingly deprived chocolate week!

Because  the calender told me it was Spring ...even with an inch of snow on the ground... I spent some time one day Spring-Cleaning in the Quiet Room ... I am a naturally cluttered, messy, crafter ...organised in my own way..hehe ... I can't sew if I don't have to move several baskets to actually get to my sewing machine  and if my table is clear its usually a sign that I must be in the depths of despair ..haha..   Anyways as I was ambling along with my very light Spring Clean I happened upon this sweet forgotten treasure secreted away, still in its brown postal envelope, under my sewing table ...hahaha...
 It's a limited edition, full kit for a design by Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches -with thy needle & thread ... A beautiful design called  (naturally!) 'Forget me Not' and it comes complete with pattern and weeks dye works linen and threads ...there's even a needle! :)   I doooooo remember hunting and searching for  weeks on the Internet desperate to try and buy at least the pattern ...I was overjoyed when I found a kind Canadian cross stitch on-line store that had just one limited edition kit left and was actually willing to ship it out to the UK and lucky 'ole me!  I have no idea how I managed to forget about it, but considering it was still in its postal envelope, I'm guessing some underhanded 'hide the post from Hubby',  was going on at the time ...and I hid it pretty well!! hahaha  It is now proudly sat in the middle of a pile of 'to-dos' on my very messy sewing table ... I'm much less likely to loose or forget about it there! :)

Finding my sweet cross-stitch treasure inspired me to stitch a few Spring-y designs ...
...just a few, little, small projects, that didn't take long to do ... they are all stitched and ready to make into little Spring bowl fillers :)  I actually sewed woolly backings on them this afternoon and they are in my basket next to me, waiting to be filled with woolly snippets for that lovely squishy lumpy feel ... I'm not sure I can ever go back to the  poly fibre stuffing  for these small pillows ...and when I run out of true woolly scrappy bits I use the cheap nasty wool felt mix that if cut into small enough snippets is just as good even if it doesn't quite have the squidgy weight of 100% wool ... it's still better than the toy stuffing I used to always use :)

Well I think that's me for tonight ...its late and I'm feeling tired ...looooong days and weeks will do that to you ...hahaha    I really need to go buy some chocolate tomorrow ..I'm sure that will cure everything! :) haha

Hugs Wendy x x x