Friday, 29 January 2016

I broke my nose !! :( Snowman's nose, not mine ..hahaha But I'm sure it  hurts just as much as if it had been mine :( (Naaah ...maybe not!)  It's not the Angel's sticky fingers I need to watch out for but my own clumsy ones .... I broke the nose off of one of my little snowmen ...
 Aaawww doesn't he look sad...and nose less ..hahaha That's what happens when you do silly things like housework and dusting  ...filthy habits ..hehehe   Dusting is obviously a dangerous pursuit for Snowmen ...and their noses! :)

I've had some much needed woolly therapy this week ...and I didn't spend a penny ..haha
 Thats because I bought the kits previously! hehe :) The two small Snowmen are designs by Bonnie Sullivan of 'All Through The Night', "Frosty" is wearing the top hat  and "Frosty Friends" looks to me like he's blowing kisses to the cardinal perched on top of his hat :)   I made them into simple little bowl fillers,  but I'm thinking I may add some decorative stitches around the edges ...just to pretty them up :) The slightly larger pillow tuck  is a Snowman shape inspired from Pinterest,  the original was a melting snowman in a puddle ...I ignored the puddle and used the shape with an added big heart to make him look cute didn't turn out tooo bad ...but maybe he did need the puddle after all ...hehehe

A little bit of Cross-stitching ...
 'Primitive Winter' by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farm ... this stitch gave me a headache! And has taken me weeks to finish :(  I think I stopped and frogged and restarted it on three pieces of linen, such a waste :(   Its recommended fabric count was for 18ct, but that was too big a finish for me I opted for a 28ct just to make it a little bit smaller for sitting on the piano :)  Sadly I was really frustrated with the pattern .... a black and white print but teeensy weensy and reeeaally difficult to follow without magnifying glasses (and my eyesight is fine!) Even trying to scan and enlarge the pattern didn't help, it just blurred the symbols used for coding the thread colours :( Not an enjoyable stitch at all ...but I 'got 'er dun' ...just so that it wasn't languishing in my basket waiting to be finished ... I am happy with the actual finished design ...just getting there was hard work and I'll be happy not to do it again. I backed the pillow with wool and I'll again add something decorative around the edges ...when I finish scowling at it ...hehehe  What a grumpy stitch-start to the New Year :) I have almost finished another little project ...a Country Stitches design of my favourites haha  and a happier stitch too :)

Its almost February ...Birthday Month and the Luuurve month too :)  I get a real birthday this year (still not a teenager!...even though all my children are older than me now!) so I'm busy planning ...and ordering ;) ...just in case Hubby needs a little help ...hehehe I'm certainly not getting any wiser or more sensible  as I get older ...well I am still a pre-teen! haha  ;)

Hugs Wendy x x

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

ONE.. Year today ....

since we waved our lovely Jacob off on his Spanish Mission/Adventure .... One year down, one to go ...which means we are officially on the countdown to him coming home and that oh so important hugging marathon! I have promised to continue being a loving and supportive Mummy this coming year and not to be tooo eager and overly excited and talk about his homecoming in every single letter and email ...hehehe ..I do want him to enjoy the second part of his Mission in Spain but  I really can't wait for him to come home. I'm a terrible Missionary Mum, sooooo not patient at all...hahahaa :)  I'm sooo excited to see and meet the young man he has turned into. I can tell from his emails and letters that  he is more 'comfortable'  in himself, more confident in his own abilities to achieve things that he never imagined he'd be doing and continues to do. He has done so well  with  learning  the Spainsh language and 'living' the Spanish life and culture  ... We are so very proud of him ..  Abi and I are  making lists of all that we will do when he comes home, we have lots of silly and fun things planned to help him adjust back to 'family' life and normality..hehe... I've even promised to play Mario Kart on the WiiU with him ...can't get much more devoted as a Mum than that!! hahaha

Just after Christmas I made and posted Jacob a little package to celebrate his 'First Year Missionary Anniversary' .. He received it a week ago (Spainsh post was super fast this time) and naturally he didn't/couldn't  wait until the official '1 year mark, ' but opened it straight away!  Boys will be boys! :)
 I struggled a teensy bit with this package ...I was reliably  told that in the Mission field they call the half way mark of your Mission,  'Hump Day'.  I found a nice kind of parable/fable /story comparing a missionary to a camel ... and thought oooh... Hump Day -Camels ... they must be all related ...I'll  do a google search to try and find some more ideas so as to make up a fun package for Jakes 'Hump-Day'.  Let me tell you straight away ...NEVER EVER ....EVER... google Hump Day and Camel ... certainly NOT in the same search!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I was sooo desperately trying to look away from the images that popped up that I couldn't find the mouse arrow to close the page down ... I'm completely scarred for life!! hahahaha (Do Not be tempted to look ...I won't be held responsible for what pops up!!) There should be a public health or at least 'prude' warnings for ladies of a certain delicate disposition so that they are not reduced to such a flustered flapping fizz that they can't close a search engine page down! was almost as bad as the time I google  searched  for leather heart keyring fobs!!!  And I'm not prepared to relive and tell you about that shock either nerves just can't take it! Needless to say I gave up very, VERY quickly on trying to do anything fancy and  resolutely stuck to saying Happy Hump Day and stuck a picture of a Camel silhouette on the poem thingy, added a fluffy Camel magnet for his fridge  and left it at that  ....I was quiet relieved to send the package of ... I almost felt tainted by it ...hehehe   And yes, I did realise after I'd posted it to Jacob that I could quite possibly be tainting him too!! Fortunately  I quickly wrote to Jacob (after I posted the parcel) and sorrowfully explained what I'd done ...without all the details!  Jacob  is obviously a little bit more, 'aware' shall we say than his Mummy ... and  he thought it was hilarious (apparently he and his companion were giggling for days!!)  He  said that usually when Missionaries get a 'Hump Day' package its just full of chocolate and goodies, so there was never any need for my attempt to 'fancy-it-up' :) All that trauma and I just needed to send chocolate!    I'm soooo glad I won't be doing  any more Hump Day packages  EVER again! ...And he did like his chocolate and the little camel so all ended well ...apart for my poor scarred soul!! :)

I think he still trusts me with his packages though,  because a little while ago he gave me a special assignment ...When a Missionary leaves to go home at the end of his 2 years , apparently 'in the field' they talk about him as 'dying' in returning home ... all very strange to me, but we know what happens when I try to search things out on the Internet so I wasn't going there!! Anyways, my special assignment was to make a package up for this Elder who was dying ...returning home... Trying to think of a 'nice' way to make a dying parcel ...I came up with a coffin box ...very jolly! huh! :) haha...
I just painted a small box gold (like a coffin.. I even drew handles on the side ..hehe ) Although funnily enough I couldn't find a coffin shaped box ...not that I 'searched' ...not going there remember!;) So it was just a small square box, I lined it with red tissue paper (honestly ...I really didn't want to use my lovely red velvet fabric to line a fake tissue paper it was ..hehe)  And finally I just made a coffin label to go on the front that read ""RIP (Return in Peace) Its time to take the tag off. Served with Love. Returned with Honour. Spain Madrid Mission""...blah, blah, blah ...  and filled  it with chocolate goodies and tied it with a black velvet ribbon :) That was all I could really come up with...being tooo scarred and scared to google!! :)   I hope it does the trick and is what Jacob wants for his friend .  I haven't heard anything yet but I only posted it last week so it won't have arrived yet :) I do admit to been quite chuffed and pleased that Jake asked me to make up a parcel (even a 'dying' one! haha) It feels like the seal of approval for all the packages I've made and sent him  He must have enjoyed them enough that he asked me to make  a special one ...silly I know but it did leave me with a big silly grin on my face  ...he really does like  my silly parcels! :)

I'm going to play it parcel safe for our last year ... I'm not sure my delicate sensibilities could take anymore shocks ...chocolate and socks all the way from now on! :) 
Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 17 January 2016

We have Snow!!!

..well we did for about 5 minutes! hahaha Everything looked pretty and white and clean ...for  that very short 5 minutes  :)
 Now its back to muddy green with a bit of grey slush ..hehehe Fingers crossed we might get another sprinkling :)

The snow gave me the perfect nudge  and  excuse to finish getting the Snowmen out the kitchen this time ...  'delicate' Snowmen  treasures that are safe from sticky Angel fingers ...

I even had a few 'spare's' to put on the fireplace mantel ...which have surprisingly all stayed in one piece broken carrot noses as of yet! :)

And my favourite little snow ball amidst some pine cones ...
I loved the simplicity of this last year I did it again ...haha

And a Snowman guard by the front door..
  to ensure that only happy snowmen can enter in ...we don't want any grumpy Mr or Mrs Snow visitors :)

Fortunately before the Snow started falling I had a quick sneaky trip to the Olde Mill...
I found some sweet treasures ... I HAD to have the basket ..(I also had to sneak it into the house too,  because I'm supposed to be on a basket diet ...for like ...forever!..someone feels that I have tooo many!!..hehe) I thought the old chopping board would look good painted and used to mount one of my many cross stitch finishes ... I seem to think I have had that same idea before, maybe a year or so ago  :)  and I still  haven't quite gotten around to it ...hehehe there's probably more old chopping boards hidden away in The Quiet Room ..haha   The Heart whilst not old was just tooo lush, it would have been very wrong  not to have brought it home, and the red painted darning thingy ( I cant remember its name!) feels soo smooth and worn I just couldn't put it back, And I've been after another smallish flat heavy iron for awhile ... they are  sooo good to use as weights when glu-ing and sticking :) This one is lovely and worn and chipped and has  a really comfortable grip on the handle. More grungy buttons to fill another sugar shaker ...shakers and baskets... my posterity are going to have such fun treasures when I'm gone ..hahaha  The beautiful bear was actually an Ebay win  several months ago (from Drakestone Primitives) that I'd hidden (from you know who) and I re-found him when I was digging around for the battery charger for my camera  ...had to slip him in the photo but really he's not a new treasure, I've had him awhile...  so I can't possibly get into trouble for having him now, can I?? ..hahaha

I'm still plugging away on my Christmas Santa stitch ...not much more to do ...and I've already picked my next couple of projects ...another cross stitch snowman and some lovely woolly snowmen too :) Lots to keep me busy if we are snowed in! ...I should be soooo lucky..hahaha
Stay safe and snuggly warm:)
Hugs Wendy x x x x

P,S  ....Mushroom ...Darning Mushroom ...I remembered!! hahaha  x x x

Thursday, 14 January 2016

January is zipping by...

... and it can zip, zip all the way to the end of the month ..haha  We didn't have the best first week of our new 2016  year, one Angel down with a couple of seizures and all that that entails.  Not sure what caused it, hoping its just tiredness and those dratted hormones ...poor Essie :(  Then the next little Angel was  sent home from school for 'vomiting',  that actually turned out to be reflux and a new member of staff been overly eager to help! ...resulting  in confusion and  an absence from school for 48 hours (policy's ...ggrrrr !) Fortunately she was sent home on a Thursday morning so really only missed  1 and 1/2 days of  school ...she was FINE ...just a whirlwind tinker for me, into anything and everything with a BIG happy smile on her face because she was home ... she was no great hardship, but it did put me behind with my 'surviving-Christmas' tidy up and  New Year de-clutter ..haha ;)         I did manage to box all the Christmas decorations, shoo the dust bunnies away (and I even used a duster! hehe)  and everything was spruced up and tidy in no time.  We had a day or so of bare walls and surfaces (just to see if hubby noticed...hehehe)  and now I'm happy to report that the Snowmen are out ...and just in time tooo as the weather forecast is predicting a layer of the white stuff soon ..hooray! :)

I have a few more Snowmen dotted around and my special 'don't-let-the-Angels-touch'  Snowman treasures to go  on the kitchen window sill :) I'll have to take some more photos of them  tomorrow. I was in two minds as to whether to get the Snowmen out this year, but as always I'm glad I did ...even if their only purpose  is to make me smile when I walk into the family room and see them ...its worth the hassle of  clambering into the loft space , heaving the boxes down, lugging them into the room and unpacking them! haha I think for soooooo many years I've lived in and created sooo much clutter  that...well lets just say I don't think I'll ever be able to do minimalist! haha  I embrace my clutter ... I  am clutter! haha

Only a teensy bit of sewing has happened too. I needed a new pincushion to take with me to school for our craft classes  ...
  a very simple woolly heart creation ... adapted from  a design and wool kit from Primitive Gatherings ...I needed mine to be a bit fatter as opposed to the original long and slim one, and because I'd tweaked the size I  also needed to make my hearts fatter and fewer, and then I decided I preferred penny centres instead of the reducing hearts in the middle   ... in fact it was all changed, but it suits my purpose and need  ..hehe  and  at least I was inspired  by the kit and used the wool! ..hahaha   This school term my little crafty  class  will be attempting to make some very simple canvas shopping bags that we are hoping all our Mums and Dads will want to buy ..hehe (just to cover the cost of the fabric etc..) We got off to a good start this week with measuring and  cutting our fabric week its tackling the sewing machine! :)

My hoop is still in Christmas mode...
With thy Needle and Threads .."in Santa Claus  Land" changes here ..hahaha but I am determined to finish it despite Christmas been over,  because I know that if I put it to one side ...I'll come along 1/2 way thru' the year looking for threads , pull them out of this project to use on another , then when I go back to finish it the threads will be used up , so I'll reorder and the dye colours will be slightly different and  I'll be frustrated :) Much better to finish it off and be 'out of season'  hahaha I've still time to sew  a few snowmen! :) 

I have also been busy with a 'Special Assignment' that the missionary son gave me for one of the Elders in his area that is going home at the end of the month (sadly not my Elder just yet!)  I'll have to share photos of that too :) I also made a special parcel for Jake to celebrate his 1 year Missionary Anniversary feels like its taken foooorever to get to the one year mark ...I'm told the second year fly's by ...I  hope so! And I've planned my packages for the next few months ... we have a busy time coming up for Mr Postman...Valentines Birthday and Easter all within a several weeks of each other :) I've got my paint brushes ready and raring to go ..haha  I bet Jake can't wait  ;)  ...hahaha

Hugs Wendy x x 

Friday, 1 January 2016

First day of a New Year...

...and we are starting as we mean to carry on ....
 Stitching, flying lego and only the toffees left in the chocolate box ...

Not that I managed to have one ...
those Angel fingers are quick!!! 
Not a bad start to the New Year ...hahaha :)
 Hugs Wendy x x x

You know I only wanted the 1st day in a brand New Year to show up on my  'Posts' date/Blog archive   list  :) ...hehehe