Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! :)

Oooh what a busy Halloween we have had this year ... Esther and I are currently curled up on the sofa, watching a spooky film. We are  yawning like banshees but tooo tired to climb the stairs up to bed ..hahaha   All our excitement today has left my poor little Angel a little bit agitated and twitchy with her epilepsy, so we are just snuggling downstairs until she feels happy enough to go to bed (Esther's epilepsy and seizure activity is often at its worst as she's falling asleep and thru' the night and also as she wakes up in a morning, if she is particularly anxious sometimes its just best to snuggle on the sofa ...for as long as it takes for her to be calmed ...which can be all night :(  but we have lots of snuggle quilts to keep us warm so its OK) So whilst I'm waiting for my Angel to settle I'll share our busy busy day :)
 Baking ...lots and lots of Baking ...
 Pumpkin Pies and Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Muffins ...this is what is left , we also had mini pumpkin pie -bite size- but they all disappeared into hungry tummy's very quickly

A close -up of those yummy Pumpkin-Patch-Muffins, with Chocolate (soil) frosting and  baby Marshmallow Pumpkins growing on top.  We baked 4 dozen of these ...glad I kept a few back as they all disappeared too :)

We carved our Pumpkins too...the little one had a bit of an 'incident' with Angel Mim and needed staples to maintain that toothy grin ..hehehe

The Angel's painted paper mache Pumpkins turned out well .... I sooooooo wanted to 'tidy' them up  and paint over the sparse patches ...but I couldn't :) my Angels are sooo proud of their Pumpkins...

This is why we did soooo much baking ...
 This evening we had a 'Trunk & Treat' activity at Church ....
 Abigael coerced  me into it at the last minute (Friday night!) and persuaded us to join in the fun with our very own decorated car trunk ... naturally all I could think of was to use some of my Pumpkins and make a Trunk Pumpkin Patch...
 We've got a big 7 seater car ...which makes for a big trunk (or 'boot' as we call it in the UK) Luckily I just about had enough Pumpkins to fill it !!  ;) hehehe   I was especially lucky to have two Pumpkin security guards at my side this evening to protect all my lovely Pumpkins and treats ...well actually only one guard  as the other one  got tooo excited and had a walk around to see all the other displays ...but Angel Mim stuck to my side like glue ...literally ..hehehe and she was a very good guard can look but don't touch a lady visitor found out ... if you reach in to touch a Pumpkin you will get your hand smacked ... and she did ! Angel Mim takes her Pumpkin Guarding duties very seriously! :)  hahaha (it wasn't a hard smack...more a gentle tap to not touch..hehe)
 And the best news of all .... we... **WON** Trunk display ....yaaaaayy for the Pumpkins! :)) Personally I suspect it was the treats that did it ...we had a lot of Mums and Dads eating our treats! ;) haha...told you I was glad I saved a few for home ...they all disappeared very quickly, we didn't bring home one !

Back home, and before poor Esther's jitters started she was modelling her Pumpkin Guard uniform :)
 I have to say she 'rocks it!'   haha   And she did wear her hat like this for most of the evening ..hehe

My favourite picture of our day ...
 Angel Esther trying to blow the battery tea-light out  ... aaawwww , soooo cute :)

Sadly whilst I've been updating and writing away, little Esther has had a nasty seizure (a Grand
Mal/Tonic Clonic seizure)  :(  Obviously I did stop writing to comfort her ....  I thought she was 'brewing' for one can just see the agitation and jitteriness building in her little body ...the best way I can describe it is, that its like a build up of electrical energy how a light bulb can glow extra bright just before it pops. Thats kind of how it is with Esther's seizures  :(   Now that she's had the seizure she'll hopefully settle and sleep well tonight, partly because she's exhausted (someone once told me that the effects of a seizure on your body leaves you as exhausted as if you'd run a marathon) she's certainly very tired and now that all that pent up 'electrical' energy has dispersed she should be happy to settle into bed  and hopefully sleep :)  Poor little chicken, sometimes life just doesn't seem fair does it ? But she'll be good now hopefully for a little while ...till we start 'brewing' again ...hey ho...  lets hope its just all down to the Pumpkin excitement we've had today ... :)

And today being the 31st October makes it the last day of  'Pumpkintober' ...and I have to be honest and say its been hard work at times writing and posting each day ...I'm glad I met my own kooky, odd-ball challenge ..hahaha   But I'll be happy not to be posting each day  ...and I would love to think that maybe Elder Kirby in Lanzarote, Spain,  might one day get to see some of the Pumpkiness he missed this year ... only one more October to go and then he'll be home ...seems such a long, long way away!

Time to try and take my Angel upstairs ... if not we'll have to watch another spooky film .... :)
Beware the ghosties and ghoulies hiding under you beds ..hehehe
Hugs Wendy x x x

Friday, 30 October 2015


...was a lovely bright Autumnal day,  just perfect to enjoy this lovely bouquet of beautiful flowers..
 The sun was sooo bright today that it kind of bleached out the rich colours of the flowers ..the roses are a beautiful rusty red-orange colour  ..really pretty

Today... the Angels and I have been busy painting paper mache Pumpkins ready for Halloween tomorrow..
 We chose a fluorescent orange so that hopefully the will glow eerily when we add our little battery tea lights inside! haha

Today... we also bought our Pumpkins ready for carving tomorrow..
Carving Pumpkins and baking Pumpkin pies, Pumpkin muffins and Pumpkin cake  :) Today has been fun and messy and busy ...but tomorrow proves to be more of the same ... just how we like it ..hahaha

Hugs Wendy x x

Thursday, 29 October 2015


... I've had my little Angel  Mim slaving away today :) She's been helping me stuff Pumpkins! 
 We've stuffed fat ones, short ones, woolly ones, cotton ones, green ones, brown ones, checked ones and orange ones  :) Mim has LOVED it! :))  haha

And she was sooooo good I even let her help stuff some little cross stitch bowl cushions :)
...she did get a little over excited with my bag of snipped wool bits ...we ended up with a little mole hill on the floor that soon had wriggling little toes spreading it all over the carpet :) ...I'll probably be finding little snippets of wool every where for weeks to come...haha

Tomorrow I'll attempt to finish our pumpkins with stalks and maybe leaves...depending on how helpful my little Angel is! :)

Hugs Wendy xxx

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A little Hoot..

... I realized today that I hadn't put any Autumnal decorations in our new Little Room...soooooo 
Little Hoot found a new home to roost ...

I filled a basket with a Pumpkin and added some ghostie friends...

Then just a little bit of tweaking gave the tree a Halloweeny look...
 I think I still have time to add a few more touches ...hehehe  But at least I've made a very belated start! :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

More favorites :)

I love these Pumpkins...  
 I can remember buying all 3 of these Pumpkins years ago in Preston City Centre (I think it was just a random Bric a Brac kind of shop) I was sooo excited and gleeful with my lucky find, that when asked if I wanted a bag to carry them home in (in my excited state I wasn't listening properly) I said "no thank you"! ..much to the puzzled look of the shop keeper ... :)
I received plenty of odd looks from other shoppers as I struggled with full arms, trying to carry these 3 large, bulky and awkward Pumpkins across town back to the car park and the safety of  my car :) Oooh how my arms ached for days afterwards ... but it was Oooooh so worth it ..hahaha
Happy Memories :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Monday, 26 October 2015


:( ... just woken up at 1:30am and realized I forgot to share a pumpkin picture....

Chose 4 from my Kindle,  just in case .... I think that you can safely say that I have pumpkins on the brain...hehe
Back to sleep now ;)
Hugs Wendy xxx

Sunday, 25 October 2015


..last minute Pumpkin :)
my little pumpkin tree in the spooky corner :)

Time to lay my head down on my soft pillow now ... I  need all the extra minutes sleep I can get with my Angels home from school this week! :)
Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite...

Hugs Wendy xxx

Saturday, 24 October 2015

There's a definite chill ... the air tonight, I think we are past warm Autumnal days and heading into the colder and  wetter days of October that only the North of England can provide  :(   All those beautiful crispy fallen leaves will turn mushy and slippery and puddle jumping will soon become the norm... still, I do love our Northern Autumns though ... I love being  snuggled under a soft quilt, curled up on the sofa with some hand sewing and maybe a hot chocolate and a biscuit or two, watching a spooky film with the wind blowing and rain falling outside ... I actually prefer days and nights like this to hot lazy summer days ..haha

Tonight's Pumpkin Lovin' is my little cross stitch pocket of my favourites ..again ..hehe
I miss stitching these monthly projects ... I looked forward to stitching each and every one :) 

Well I need to drink my hot chocolate before it gets cold ... and try and rescue at least one of my biscuits for my tummy ..before the last of them is 'pinched' by little Angel fingers! :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Friday, 23 October 2015

Today a Pumpkin saved me...

..well actually 3 little Pumpkins saved me :) My Angels slept quite well last night despite their sugar-high Halloween party at school, but when we woke up the cupboard was bare ...well not the cupboard exactly ...we had cereal, it was the fridge that was bare, alas there was no milk :(   Angels need their breakfasts :) So I very bravely decided we'd all jump in the car and tootle of to the nearest supermarket and literally run in, grab the milk and run out! As usual my Angels had other ideas and as soon as we got there they both split and ran in opposite directions ...fortunately they didn't get too far before I caught one looking at bananas and the other one on the other side of the aisle eyeing up some loose grapes ...a few may have been sampled before I got there (judging by a few naked stalks!) As I grabbed a hand of each and started to head to the milk aisle I spotted this little display of mini Pumpkins and had a wonderful idea  ..hehehe  (I'm afraid I did!)  as we were passing I nonchalantly pinched some of those little pumpkins off the display and gave one to each of my Angels to hold ...hoping it would hold their attention until I grabbed the milk.  I came a little unstuck when Mim wanted one in each hand ...but it was easier to give her two than struggle and have her pull and try to  reach back... I didn't spoil the display toooo much (there were a lot and they were for sale!) Needless to say I didn't really have any intention of putting them back ...haha   and they are cute little pumpkins :)  
Both girls very excitedly held onto their little treasures, we had lots of giggles and smiles at the checkout ...even if they wouldn't put them down to be scanned ...they lady very kindly zapped them with her hand held zapper gun ... the girls liked that too :)   Those Pumpkins saved me from a very possible manic situation, they helped me keep the Angels calm and we got the milk for our cereal ...job well done :)  They even sat beautifully in the car on the way home both happily holding their Pumpkins :) ...And even better, the pumpkins arrived home with no bites or teeth marks ...hehehe    Pumpkins really can make your day special ...hahaha ...I know we are a little bit mad! ;)

Hugs Wendy x x x

P.S the girls ate all their cereal  and we even made a rice pudding for after dinner too! ;)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

A little bit...

..of Angel Pumpkin Art tonight ...  :)
 ..from Angel Esther, obviously she didn't cut out the shapes in the top picture nor paint the bottom picture ...but those ghostie hand prints are all hers ...hahaha   Aaaww love my Angel :)

And I managed to finish my Buttermilk Basin Mini Pumpkin mat..
and I even prepped my tongues for the the Little Stitches design ...go me ..haha

that's all I have for you tonight ...apart from two excited sugar-high Angels ...thanks to a Halloween party at school for the last day of 1/2 term ....its OK, I'm not complaining...after all it was  I  that sent the cakes into school..hehe :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Feeling the Woolly Love today :)

I've had a slow-go day today ... it was a bad night with my Angels, tears and tantrums, in and out, up and down, bed swapping, then eventually settled with a  'piggy in the middle' sleep ...and the piggy was me! ...haha :) We were hard pushed to be up, washed, dressed and ready for the bus calling to take us to school ... actually I didn't manage to get dressed in time and was still in my PJs when the bus pulled up! Eeeeaak that poor bus driver sees me in such a state sometimes ...hehe  After I'd waved the girls off and closed the front door I caught a glance of myself in the hallway mirror and even scared myself ... PJ's and a reeeaally bad case of bed-head ... hahaha :)
So I did the only reasonable thing that one can do in that kind of situation ... I sat down, had my breakfast, wrote to Jacob and snoozed on the sofa for an hour before showering, dressing for warmth and comfort and getting out my basket of woolly UFO's ... today was the day for some comforting Woolly Loving ..haha

So today I finished these lovely woolly  Pumpkins and Sunflowers..
 This is a design by 'Little Stitches' I think its called "The Pumpkin Patch". Now I just have to prep the tongues that go at each side of the sunflowers and back it and its finished ...some rummaging will be required to find some orange wool for the inner tongues ...but I'm sure I've got plenty ..haha

A Piano-Pillow-finish for my Autumn Basket by Buttermilk Basin ...

Another Buttermilk Basin design ...
 I can't quite remember but I've a feeling this is from a 12 month mini mat / block of the month thingy that I did with Primitive Gatherings yeeeeaars ago ... I've got a pumpkin one at the side of me ready for the button hole stitching too :)

Also my Witchy cross stitch that I think I may struggle to finish in time for Halloween this year ..
Another Country Stitches design .."Pumpkin Brew" ... those teensy stitches seem to be taking me forever ..haha    And that's  all that I've done today ...not one bit of housekeeping, just a lazy, dozy, sewing day ...and it was heaven!! :)

Hugs Wendy x x

P.S.   I did remember to brush my hair before the bus driver pulled up bringing my girls home ...can't give him too many frights in a day ...and there's always tomorrow for him to look forward to another scare ..hahaha x x

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


I forgot! :(  I was doing so well too... if I'm lucky blogger might just register this post as Tuesday -US time and not UK (Wednesday) time ... I'll add this woolly ufo as my pumpkin contribution just in case :) ....
Oooh fingers crossed as I hit the 'publish' button :)
Hugs Wendy xxx
# edit # ...hooray it worked! ;) saved by the skin of my teeth ... thank you US time, Blogger xxx

Monday, 19 October 2015

I can't help it...

... I just keep finding them  :)
..this one was hiding behind some glass vases,  it just had to come home with me ...hehehe :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

P.S.   Jacob received his Pumpkin Box today ... he claims he didn't know what it was supposed to be ...little tinker ;)  He didn't seem to have any problems enjoying all the treats!! :) x x

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Curled up on the sofa...

watching my a favourite program, 'Downton Abbey' on TV (with its 'shocking scenes' that keep getting announced at each interval!)  and enjoying a little bit of  woolly Pumpkin sewing on my knee...
Oopps back on! :) 
Hugs Wendy x x

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Short and sweet ....

..Our sweet little Angels have overnight respite tonight (hopefully tucked up in their beds right now ...fingers crossed!) Hubby and I have had our date night :) We went to the cinema to see a film ... the peek thru' your fingers type ..haha It was OK but the going out together  with hubby was better :)  We're back home now and so before the football starts and I'm sent to bed to read my book place for me ..hehehe, tonight's Pumpkin Loving is a few of my favourite Glass Pumpkins :) ...

Actually they are just a few of my favourites :) but I do especially like these ones ..hehehe
Right,  PJ's and book time for me ... I'll be very happy to be in bed before the football starts!
Hugs Wendy x x

Friday, 16 October 2015

Do you ever...

..lie awake at night, tossing and turning, getting yourself all agitated thinking about PUMPKINS! ??? hahaha. Well that was me last night ... I just could not settle to sleep because I was sure I was missing some Pumpkins from my decor, my mind was spinning and twirling trying to think what it was I'd forgotten ...I know I have a lot of Pumpkins, but I usually have a good memory and can recall them all ..hehehe  ...Am I starting to sound like a mad Pumpkin lady ??..hehe  Anyways I was getting all tangled up in the duvet and Esther at the side of me was starting to twitch and feed of my restlessness when suddenly around 2:30 am ... Pummphff ... Mim landed on top of me  (I think she was actually trying to sneak in for a cuddle but tripped on one of my pillows that had been tossed of the bed in my wrigglings) Well that Angel landing caused me all of a sudden to remember !!! :) My Buttermilk Basin Woolly Stars!! How could I have forgotten my woolly stars?? :) So as soon as I had got the Angels off to school after a very squished and squashed  5 hours sleep ...with two very demanding cuddly Angels on each side! :) I rummaged around in a very, very, messy Quiet Room and found ....
 Tucked away in basket next to a basket, underneath a basket and on top of a basket  (I know, I like baskets too..hehe)

Taadahhh... My woolly stars and two woolly  Pumpkin bowl-filler-pillow-thingy's :)

Had to find somewhere to put them...

And because they were so sadly forgotten ...its only right they should have close -ups! :)
Hopefully I haven't forgotten anything else and tonight I can actually sleep and simply dream about Pumpkins as opposed to been haunted by them :))

Hugs  Wendy x x

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Sticky Angel fingers..

..just don't seem to be interested in these little Pumpkin Angels...
 Which is naturally a good thing ..haha  But also a bit strange as they are small and delicate and easily broken ...but not an Angel finger in sight! This is my sole collection of 'Honey and Me' Pumpkin/Fall Angels, every year they come out and sit on the mantel of the fireplace (not that we have a real or fake fire ...just a big tin trunk that holds all the snuggle blankets couldn't have flames with the Angels around!..hehehe) and every year they go safely -untouched- back into storage ...they just don't seem to attract the Angels interest .(Hope I haven't jinxed myself now ..haha)

They're not that interested in these three Pumpkins either..
They're sat on the other end of the mantel and never get a poke ...

That can't be said for my little harvest mouse in the kitchen... :)
Now she goes on so many travels and Angel adventures ... she  is supposed to sit on top of the Microwave, but every day I'll find her somewhere else ... in the crockery cupboard sat in a bowl, in the biscuit jar (!) fortunately not eating a biscuit, although there is often a few empty wrappers from the chocolate ones ;)   She's sometimes on the kitchen table, by the front door, even in the fridge, she sure gets around :) She's looking a bit grubby now but I don't have the heart to wash or replace her or even hide her from view ...she looks like she's being loved by Angels :) and I kind of like 'finding' her and wondering what she and her Angelic companion were up to :) 
Hugs Wendy x x x

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Show and ...

...well just show , not so much of the telling bit  :) haha
Pumpkin photos of Pinkeeps and mini pillow tucks tonight :) ...
There are pumpkins here and there and a few teensy stitched ones ..hehe
I smile at each and every little pintuck or mini pillow as I enjoyed stitching each and every one :) Happy stitching days ... I should rummage through my pattern stash and see if I can find any more.

Words are escaping me tonight so in between yawns and nodding sleepy heads I shall bid you goodnight  ...and hope for more Pumpkins tomorrow ..hehe

Hugs Wendy x x