Monday, 31 August 2015

I think I got married too soon ....

.. I really should have got married on the 31st of August and not the 29th ... as I always seem to remember our Wedding Anniversary two days late! :) Or maybe I should have been a man ... because  Hubby seems to have forgotten too ...or maybe he's just keeping quiet in the hopes that I don't start wheedling for a present ...hahaha   Maybe its because I was only a wee bairn when we got married ;) and 23 years have passed in such a rosy glow of love and happiness that time has become somewhat  unmeasurable for two love birds such as hubby and I ..? HA! NO! I'm just a numpty head, who let's be honest is being followed by a chubby lady (she's still there, and still chubby... despite the fact that I don't hand her chocolate to go away any more! ;)  and also doo-lally enough to freeze her purse and bank cards!  I'm very disappointed in myself for not remembering, and missing a valid opportunity to at least do at little bit of  'just in case' Anniversary Internet shopping.  Maybe I shop do some post Anniversary 'add to your basket' browsing ..hehehe ... obviously,  I'd have to progress to the 'buy now' option ..hahaha
I'm even thinking that hubby may have given me a big clue as to how close our special day was with this sweet little heart shaped stone he found on the beach ...
but I still didn't remember :(  At least I got a pretty stone ..hahaha  And, I'm fairly certain I'll get away with the post anniversary gift shopping :) 

One more week to go before school starts again for the Angels ... I'm beginning to feel the itch to do some Autumn woolly sewing ... I know I have a few (OK, lots!)  of unfinished projects hiding in various baskets that just need a little bit of a push to complete. It's good to feel the woolly love resurfacing after a long summer holiday of no woolly stitching :) My fingers have been idle and absent from the woolly love for too long.  I think the Angels are ready for school to start again too, our summer days are turning a bit wetter forcing them back into the house from the garden ... we were spoilt with the sunny weather in Scarborough,  back home to Lancashire  and whilst not as wet and dreary as usual, there is a decidedly drop in the amount of sunshine we are seeing ... it can only mean Autumn is on its way :) 

Well I'm off to browse whilst the Angels are watching one of the Hobbit films ...peace guaranteed for at least and hour maybe two ...hahaha 

Hugs Wendy x x 

Saturday, 29 August 2015

There and Back again...

Our little quartet of Angels, Hubby and I have been on a teensy adventure of our very own, and for the first time in forever without our backup team of Jacob, Abi and Nathan :) We took a short Monday to Friday holiday break to Scarborough on the North Yorkshire Coast ... and guess what??? We all survived!! hahaha  I'm sure it was as strange for the Angels just having Mum and Dad on their own as it was for Mum and Dad being on their own :) It was tiring and exhausting for both hubby and I, but fun and exciting too but we are soooo pooped out now that we are back home. Haha.  We had very few moments of angst and actually had a really lovely time away! When you are away from home with the Angels, the first night is always the most traumatic, it's just the whole bedtime change which proves a challenge for everyone, usually there's lots of tears, lots of cuddles and reassurance needed. We had extra fun our first night as we'd chosen to stay in the Youth Hostel at Scarborough (which was perfect for us as we couldn't break or damage anything as it is nice and basic ... but, good clean basic!) and being a Youth Hostel I'd forgotten about the bunk beds ... needless to say, our first night was a very squashed 3 in a bunk bed pile-up! :) haha The following nights were a bit better, just 2 in the bunk bed and 1 on a mattress from the top bunk on the floor! Daddy suffered very silently in his own bunk bed...alone!;) ... it can't be helped that Mamma is the snuggly one!

Our days were full of exploration and adventures, from 'safely holding hands very tightly' along cliff walks, down past Filey and up by Whitby. To splishy splashy, dippy toes and bottoms (only my Angels could  dip and paddle with their bottoms!) paddling walks along quiet beach coves at Reighton and Primrose Valley .... we stayed well away from the main tourist beaches and attractions as much as possible. Playing in the Park and  around the Castle, walking around the Harbor to the Lighthouse and even riding on a dragon pedalo on the lake at Peasholm Park:)  We managed ice cream sundaes and knickerbocker glories for breakfast (we were up early before the very popular Harbor Bar  parlour got busy with customers ... we highly recommend that everyone has ice cream for breakfast!;) hahaha   We nibbled candy-floss until our lips turned pink and we had warm do-nuts in a bag,  strawberry and chocolate fudge (yum!) And the best Italian Funghi (mushroom) pizza we've had in years! (I'd go back right now just for that pizza again!) I think we may just have tired those two little Angels out ... judging by the swallow-you-whole-yawns they are sharing:)

Here are some photos of our lovely time away....

Scarborough Lighthouse,

Scarborough Harbor,

Scarborough Castle

Walk up to Castle entrance

Whitby Abbey

Cliff walk behind Whitby Abbey, looking towards Robin Hood's Bay (you can't actually see the bay in this photo!..hehehe)

Scalby Mills cliff walk , near the Youth Hostel, just outside of Scarborough...looking up towards Robin Hood's Bay (that you still can't see!haha)

Kettleness cliff walk looking towards Runswick Bay

Thornwick caves ... we lost hubby here for awhile, fortunately he came back! :)

Bempton Cliffs and hundreds and hundreds of   beautiful black wing tipped Gannets nesting along the cliffs

Primrose Valley Beach ... a bit more secluded and quieter,  more conducive to Angels throwing buckets of sand at you!

South Bay of Scarborough seen from the Castle

Peasholm Park on the North Bay of Scarborough

Dragon Pedalo's on the lake .. we had a green dragon..hehehe :)

Knickerbocker glories and ice cream sundaes at the Harbor Bar :) Angel fingers were eager to start before photos were taken ..hehehe

Donkey's (viewed from a distance on Scarborough's  South Bay beach) ...  we had a lot of excited squeals from the Angels when they spotted the donkey's, but the beach was sooo crowded we weren't feeling brave enough to risk getting any closer ...didn't want to risk a double Angel meltdown :)

Aaaaaawww ... My favourite picture of our little holiday .. Angels walking hand in hand around Peasolm Park :)

Hubby actually took literally thousands of photos! Its taken me aaaaages to find a few that capture the main parts of our adventure away. Hubby and I were quite anxious about our first little holiday with the Angels on our ownsome, sadly whilst  we are still reasonably youngish, we  don't quite run and react quite fast enough anymore to keep up with determined Angels ...hahaha  And having had Abi and Jake (our main 'runners') leave home within a relatively short space of time ...we seem to have hit our empty nest a bit sooner than we had planned.. we weren't too sure if we'd last the full Monday to Friday ...but we did! Hoooray :)  With this little holiday we proved to ourselves that we can manage little breaks away on our own, it means no gift or window shopping and very little sewing for me and well I'd like to say less photo opportunities for hubby's camera ...but he didn't do tooo badly there did he !?!..hehehe  We've learnt that holidays for the four of us are do-able, its just about adapting and knowing what we can and can't attempt busy beaches ...and donkey's! :) All in all we had a lovely time away and will probably do it again year, we need the rest ..hehehe  ....and Oooooh I'm still dreaming about that pizza ..haha

hugs Wendy x x x

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Taaadaaahhhh ....

I finished the last little cross stitch in Abigael's wedding sampler tonight :) I am soooo pleased and relieved to have finally finished this labour of love. And I have enjoyed doing it ..even that endless border ..twice ..hehehe I'm pleased with how its turned out and the personal tweaks that Abi chose work well (She asked for the alphabet in the hill to be changed to her name and Nathan's with their wedding date, then at the top we changed the numbers and the little dogs for 'Woodward Family') I think the changes make it much more personal to them and doesn't alter or affect the 'integrity' of the design (Is it affect or effect ...I always get those mixed up! hehe) .... 
And what is even more rewarding is that Abigael LOVES it (she hadn't seen any of the in between/progress photos, just the final finished piece, so I was a teensy bit nervous as to what her reaction would be) Technically I did finish stitching in time for their Anniversary (1 year on the 23rd!) ... its just not quite finished with a frame which is all that it needs so that it can be hung on the wall of their new little home :) Abi and Nathan are going on holiday on Saturday for 12 days of sunshine in Rhodes, before employment begins for Abi and University for Nathan resumes :) It gives me some time to research and find a reputable framing service ...I'm definitely not going to attempt to do it myself :)

We have had exciting news from Jacob this week :)  In the Madrid  Spain Mission where Jacob is serving, transfers or moves to new areas happen every 6 weeks or so (it can vary for Missions throughout the world but generally 6 weeks is the average, although you don't necessarily move every 6 weeks, its confusing confuses me alot!  hahaha ) Jacob has been in his first area of Lugo in Northern Spain (Galicia) for about 5 months (I think it was about 4 transfer dates that passed during that time) and I'm sure being his first area it will always hold fond memories in his heart. 
Muralla_Catedral_Lugo.jpg (1024×768)

 This is a photo of Lugo and the Roman wall that surrounds the city and Jacob walked along here many times during his stay in Lugo :)  (I pinched that photo from Wikipedia ... I don't know how to 'credit' them ...but Thank you Mr Wiki!)    The Galicia region is a remote part of Spain. It is very green and beautiful with green hills, dense forests, mountains, rivers and breath taking coastlines. Jacob has had Opportunities to visit: A Coruna, Vigo, Islas Cies, Santiago del Compostela, El Ferrol and more areas that I can't quite remember the names of :)..hehehe    He's eaten traditional Galician food and particularly enjoyed Empanadas, Pulpo (Octopus!) Fedeua and lots of other fish dishes ...some he wasn't too sure were fish he'd ever heard of before ...hahaha More importantly, he's made some special friends in Lugo and as his Mum I'm so very grateful to those friends for taking the time to care for him and watch out for him ...and feed him! ..hahaha But now he is/has been transferred to a new area. He left Lugo on Sunday afternoon, travelling by bus to Madrid, a journey that took nearly 7 hours with only a sparse 15 minute pit stop on the way :( After a few brief hours sleep, it was an early morning flight from Madrid across the Atlantic Ocean  to  La Laguna in Tenerife and  from there another plane over to Lanzarote! Where in Lanzarote ????  I'm not quite sure as his wifi connection was lost just as he was typing his Email home! I haven't heard anything so I guess/hope he got there safely!! :))   
He did manage to send me this photo that one of the other missionaries took of him as they were travelling down to Madrid :) Aaawww .... ikkle sleepy head :)
He was sooooooo excited to be travelling to and living/serving in the Canary Islands, he'll be just one of two missionaries living on Lanzarote, there are others on the bigger islands of  Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura. And I'm sooo proud of him, he must be a good boy ;)  to be trusted to be pretty much the furthest away from the Mission Home in Madrid as you can get ...hehehe   I'm super excited for him and anxiously waiting for my weekly Email to find out  everything! :) He's been out 7 months now and I still miss him soooo much ....I reeeeaally look forward to my weekly emails! :) He's loving his Mission and his Spanish adventure and that helps me to know that he's in the right place doing the right thing at the right time in his life ....I just have to be patient for another 17 months! :) I guess it is going down ...sloooooowly! ;) Time to start making up a new parcel I think   ...hehehe  Do you think I'd get away with a Pumpkin shaped package??? hehehe    Aaaahhh I do love my boy! :))

Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Just one little stitch...

...that's all it takes to cause a problem ... well actually it was two little stitches ...with one I might have got away with it, and been able to fudge things a bit, but that second pesky one just pushed my border tooo far out of line ... and where was that naughty stitch ... right in the very middle ...boohoo  :(  ...there was nothing for it but to frog march all those stitches out and redo them ... my only saving grace was that I hadn't stitched too many of  the leaves and flowers from those extra stitches ...  There may be some profound lesson to be learnt in that one little stitch but all that frogging didn't really put me in the mood to find one .. ;) hehehe  So sadly not the progress I was hoping to make on the wedding sampler this week (no photo cause it just looks the same now as it did two weeks ago, but with those extras frogged ...hehehe)

I did finally finish my Buttermilk Basin Summer Basket woolie into yet another piano cushion :) ...

I also started on another woolie kit out of my prepped basket of woolie kits...

Its a  'Threads that Bind' design called  'A Gentle Life' , the wording is "She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands...Proverbs 31:13"....  I've completed all the word stitching and now have the wool applique to do..
Its a looooong project :)  and I'm not too sure as to how exactly I'm going to finish this, the original is framed ... but it would need quite a big frame ...which probably means spending big pennies ...hahaha I may just have to finish it as a long narrow wall hanging ... it might look quite nice above the door frame in the family room ... Mmmm .... now there's a thought! :)

Next up is a teensy bit of a confession ...  :)
Have you ever bought a gift for someone and then decided you liked it soooo much you decided to keep it for yourself!!?? :) hahaha  That's exactly what happened to me when I found this lovely big shiny lantern ... I did Umm and Aahh about keeping it all for myself ... I even went back to see if I could find a second one ... kind of like "one for me one for you" ..hehehe  Sadly there were no more to be found at the time of searching  (naturally now they are everywhere in the shops! ) But I did find a really nice natural-carved wooden bowl,(there was only one of those too!)  which admittedly I was again tempted to keep but decency prevailed (that and a rather stern word from hubby about spending too much! He says I have to stop buying gifts for friends and family that I like ...apparently if you buy them something they like, you are less likely to keep it for yourself ...hahaha) Anyway's I safely gifted my friend the bowl ...she was quite happy with it ..I think?? ...even if it was a little random sat there amid all the pretty scarfs and flowers and bathroom smellies! hehehe ...the lamp would have looked really out of place :)  Random, odd gifts are my speciality least you know who you can gift it back to ... and no one really wants a boring gift do they?... hahaha

I really should stop dawdling on the computer and get back to stitching that wedding sampler, its going to be a hard slog to get it stitched and framed before the 23rd August  and Abi and Nathan's 1st Anniversary ...fortunately they go on holiday on the 21st and won't be be home until  3rd September just before the start of school and Abi's new teaching job...Oooh exciting times :) So I have a teensy bit of leeway ..hehehe .. Back to the stitching  :)
Hugs Wendy  x x x