Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Heatwave on the last day of June!

Oooooh I have melting Angels here :)  Not only is the sun shining in Lancashire, its beating down its hot rays and making us all droopy and dozy ...I think we are only at 29* but that's hot for us, nearly as hot as Jacob's 34-36* in Lugo, Spain ... I know I wouldn't like that kind of heat! :)  Hope my Jake is remembering his sunblock and to stay hydrated and drink lots! Someone once told me that on a hot day, by the time you feel thirsty, you're already starting to dehydrate, and you have to pay particular attention to salty lips, and you should lick yourself to taste if you are salty or not..haha ... I don't know how true that is, but I was impressed ...maybe I should start licking the Angels every now and then ...hehehe :)  I am happy to report that Hubby's finger is healing well when he went to see the nurse for redressing, which is good. And Angel Esther has had no further seizures since last Monday, although I still pretty much have my fingers and toes permanently crossed ...each day without a seizure is good...gives her body time to recover for the inevitable next blip ;( But she's good today and that's what counts! :)

This warm weather is not conducive to lots of woolly stitching but I have tweaked that Buttermilk Basin February Banner ... before with the ugly stripey crow..
 and after with a dark brown crow ...
 Not a good picture but that's due to the excess sunshine, leaving no dark corners in the house to take good photos ...hehehe  I'm glad I unpicked and resewed ... it does sit better with me now :)

I have been slowly working away on this Cross Stitch UFO, that has been folded up in a project bag for at least 2 years ...  Its been very slooooooow going but I have finally finished the stitching! :)
 This is "Sheltering Tree" a Country Stitches-with thy needle & thread Design. I have to be honest and say this one was a struggle to finish, simply because the thread colors are soooo muted (I used all the recommended threads and fabric) that it was sometimes hard to see where I'd actually stitched! :) In fact I had to use the flash on the camera even with the sun shining to try and make the design stand out ...bet you can hardly see the little dog on the grass just above the key! I do love it now its finished but it was definitely a 'toil' of love ..hehehe

I also finished this little woolly chicken and sunflower design...
 "Henny Penny" by All through The Night Designs. Such a fun easy and quick stitch and already filling a little bowl for Summer :)  The two little Primitive dolls are a sneaky win off Ebay ...as is...
 This really sweet Primitive Prairie Doll! I did have rather a stressful time last week ;) That's my excuse anyway ...and we all know I don't need much of an excuse to shop! hahaha

This little bit of shopping had nothing to do with my wallet ...
 Hubby did it all by himself, he met up with his sister Cathy in Leeds and came home with these wonderful gifts for me ...a beau-ti-ful  navy blue leather Cath Kidston bag, that actually made me shed real tears and cry for joy when I opened it. I also got treats from my lovely sister-in-law too... the lovely floral canvas bag and some chocolate treats. Yummy,  I love my bags and of course the chocolate ( which is long gone ..hehehe) ... and I love my sister-in-law too ...afterall she actually got Hubby to go into the Cath Kidston shop ...Cathy can influence hubby any time she likes ...hahaha
Oooh just look at the inside of my scrummy bag...is that lining not divine!?
It was such a wonderful , unexpected treat from my darling hubby ...I've tried to show my appreciation by being very good with the old shopping temptations ever since ... I've resisted temptation for at least 3 days now!  hahaha 

I think it must be time for ice-cream ...truly I do not know how people can live in hot humid countries, I hope my boy is OK ...do you think I should tell him to lick himself ...hahahaha  ...I'm almost wishing the rainy drizzly days back ...almost! ;) 

Hugs Wendy x x x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Just when it was safe...

..to sit back and take a deep breath ... they're at it again  :)  ... them being Angel Esther and surprisingly the Hubby! (He just feels like he's missing out on all the dramatic bits ..hehehe)  So, Hubby first, it started with the dreaded phone call ..."it's nothing to worry about, but could you come and collect me from the A&E department at the hospital?" ...   "Ermmm, how worried should I be?" ... "Oh I just chopped the top of my finger off, but the doctors think they stuck it back on quickly enough so it should be ok!" ... !!!! ...   He 'chopped' his finger off changing blades on machinery at work, naturally being the Head Gardener he is also the one that ensures all the correct Health and Safety procedures are in place and followed!  HA!!  (If I could show you my rolling eyes right now I would ... sigh .. hehe) So I get to have the hubby home from work for a few days until the dressings are removed and we see if re-attachment  has happened or we have a black finger ... and we all know what a black finger will mean ...yes, more time at home with me! ;)  Poor hubby, but reeeaaally? What am I supposed to do with him?... hahaha    It would be good to say the excitement ended there but it never does ... barely a few short hours later I had another phone call :(  It was our night for respite with the Angels at Maplewood and all did not go well for little Esther, sadly she had several quite big (for Esther) seizures, so much so that her emergency meds had to be administered and by the time I got there, the emergency response team and paramedics and ambulance were there too  :(   My poor baby ... She beats her Daddy for the sympathy vote because she got a ride in an ambulance and lots of very  professional yet gentle attention from the brilliant emergency teams (and staff at Maplewood!) In all our years of epilepsy we have never had seizures long and bad enough to use the emergency meds ... it was a little scary seeing her like that, I expected the meds to just stop the seizure, it took longer to work than I thought but once they did  they were amazing. For Esther it's usually the 'after seizure' effects that the are most distressing, she often has bad tremors and the shakes with lots of wailing and discomfort as her little body returns to normal.   We had none of that, the only way to describe how she looked afterwards is 'stoned', completely out of it, but her overall recovery was calmer, quicker and less stressful than usual :)  (not that I want to ever have to use them again!)  She had to spend several hours on the A&E ward for observation, but I managed to convince the junior doctor to let me take her home around 1am so she could rest properly in her own bed :)  And bless her she slept like a log, not a flicker out of her . And the next morning, well more like lunchtime...? She was  a little wobbly on her feet and naturally stayed home from school just to ensure all was well and  that she'd recovered properly from the emergency meds, but she was her usual giggly self and loved watching "The Goonies" on DVD and snuggling and eating cake :)  Back to school as normal today and a happy bunny back home this afternoon. Appointments are booked tomorrow for both the finger and the Angel ... hopefully with no more excitement .... then maybe we can have a quiet uneventful weekend! ;-)  yeah I know...I'll be lucky.. hahaha :)

So today I've just chilled myself and tried to catch up on housework and slip a few more stitches on Abi's Sampler. That border is slow going :(    I had a run out to the Post Office to post my weekly snail mail to Jacob and because I was feeling a little bit weepy  (just the over-tired type of weepiness ... nothing serious ... hahaha)  I had a teensy detour and a moouch around my favourite haunt ... The Olde Mill :) Naturally I felt it imperative that I raise my spirits before everyone arrived home from school and work ,  we can't be greeted of the bus with a weepy Mummy ;) And how does one improve her temperament? (especially when there is no chocolate to hand!) Shopping of course!  (I actually think we should be able to have health prescriptions for chocolate and shopping ...I'm sure it would save millions in medical health care...maybe not millions in hubby's wallet...hehehe)
 Lookie at the treasures I found :) ....
 Another little basket ... I don't know why I can't resist baskets must be some abnormal neural thingy ..hehehe  A lovely old pillow case with a beautiful old lace edging (which you can't actually see in the photo but trust me it is lovely) some old wooden spools of thread, a small oil can, a wooden bobbin and a whisk broom that has seen much better days (there's barely anything left of it but it was only £1..I just couldn't leave it ..hehehe)  I know, I buy and collect more rubbish and tat than anyone could ever have use for but it was a nice little jaunt out that distracted me and cheered me up! :)
I even managed to finally finish this small woolly Primitive Gatherings pincushion that has just needed backing and stuffing for aaaaaaages ...
It makes a lovely sized pincushion too, chunky and squishy :) I Love it!
Then as I was on a roll and with only an hour before the Angels were due home I pulled my big girls panties up (and another finally!) I fitted my cross stitch finish into a frame ...

I'm not doing too well with my photography skills today ...too much light and glare but at least you can see the finished stitch is finished into a frame! ...hehehehe    I have the 2nd one to frame and then its one for me and one needs to be posted  and gifted to someone special and I can stop feeling guilty each time I see them sat on my table in the Quiet Room.
And that's all I've got for today ... well all I can give at the moment, for now that I've got a little Angel Esther fast asleep on my knee typing is getting tricky ..hehe...  Fingers and toes crossed for that quiet weekend! :)
Hugs Wendy x x x

Friday, 19 June 2015

June has been busy, busy, busy...

I'd like to say it was fun busy, that is obviously the best  kind ... but so far our June has just been the busy, busy, lots of appointments busy and the not particularly enjoyable type   too  :(   It seems like we've had appointments left right and centre ...  Paediatrics, Dental, Orthotics, Review meetings, but I think (I hope!)  the end is in sight, for the Summer  at least  :)  Esther has added to the busy-ness with a bit of a blip with her epilepsy, a few too many  seizures ... she likes to keep me on my toes the little tinker, but we're hoping a some tweaking of her meds (again !) will help, this week has been better for her ... and me! ;)

I have managed some stitching during our busy time, actually I think it has helped  to anchor me and stop me over worrying , which is my norm thing to do :)  I've made some progress on that basket of woolly kits that I prepped ...
 Buttermilk Basin's 'Summer Basket' ... I changed mine slightly, in the original design the basket is made up of a star and red and white stripes, I'm guessing to represent the American Flag.  I opted to keep the star but loose the stripes and so used  a rich brown wool for my basket and just added a second white strawberry flower to lighten it :) I'm happy with it and just need to buy a pillow insert to finish it off into another piano pillow...hahaha

I also finished these three little wool appliques also by Buttermilk Basin, from the "Banners Thru The Year" series of patterns ....
'February', I love the hearts, I'm  not so sure about the crow,  I'm thinking I should have used a solid black colour instead of the hounds tooth ... Mmmm  I may have to unpick him  :(

'May', I like the crow better in this one! ... hahaha  And I used the last bit of that particular  patterned woolly brown for the plant pot ... using my stash ...that's a good sign..hehehe

And 'June' ... What's not to love about Bees and Beehives?  I've caught a bit too much camera glare with this photo,  which makes the pale yellow star look white and kind of flashes out my attempt at crazy stitching the hive ... Oh well! :)  I don't have the complete "Banners Thru the Year" set, I just liked these three patterns and thought it would be fun to try,  they're  not kits either, completely put together using wool from my stash ... Impressed? I was ...hehehe :) I only have the applique part finished as of yet. I still need to add borders and actually finish them as banners, but I've really enjoyed stitching these. They came together so very quickly and were a lovely and relaxing to stitch in the evenings whilst the Angels watch a DVD or Film :)

I even managed a finish-finish for this small woolly flower applique...
I made it into a small ditsy bag to hang on a door knob or such like. I just lined it with some pink fabric and added a fabric loop and it was good to go :)

And I am also happy to report that I'm still making progress on Abigael and Nathan's Wedding Sampler ...
I just have their wedding date and name details to figure out and the border and it should be almost finished, it could still be a close thing as to whether we are finished and framed in time for their first anniversary but I'm trying :) hehehe   I do love all the beautiful thread colours used in this design, they are very delicate and compliment each other and the design so well ... it really is a joy to stitch ... I may have to make another one for me! ;)

I've also dusted the cobwebs off my woefully neglected Bernina Sewing Machine. And with a very clear YouTube demo been attempting to  make some pinwheel blocks for a very possible and highly improbable quilt top! ;) I say improbable because it may get no further than the tutorial and practice pieces ..hehehe  If I do make progress, I will have to photograph each step so that I remember what to do ... for use in years too come when I finally decide to finish it !!..hahaha

It's taken me almost all day, on and off, to upload photos and pull this entry together, my computer skills are poor enough but Blogger is definitely not playing nice with me today!  So before I lose everything I've just written I'm going to go press that Publish button .... fingers crossed..

Hugs Wendy x x x

Monday, 1 June 2015

Brrrr ... Happy Chilly 1st of June!!

Brrrr... its soooo cold here in Lancashire today  :(    The wind is howling and blowing the trees backwards and forwards, the rain is spitter- splattering against the windows.  Its the 1st of June and I'm wrapped up in thick chunky cardigans with thick woolly socks desperately trying not to put the heating on! haha       My Angels are home from school snuggling under fleecy blankets and throws, cuddling and  giggling at 'Horrible Histories', a children's TV program.  The Angels had a good weekend stay at Maplewood. When we dropped them off on Saturday it was comforting to see some familiar faces of both staff and some classmates and friends from school. According to their home/respite diary they seem to have had a fun time, with a special treat of a Magician coming to give them their own private show!

 I was very good at keeping busy and distracting myself, I  got lots of woolly prep work started...
 I literally took over the family room...  hubby was in the Quiet Room finishing a report on the computer...so he was hogging that room!  ;)  I set up the ironing board and a table, I was tracing templates, ironing, and trimming and naturally watching Harry Potter films all weekend (and possibly eating the odd chocolate Malteeser every now and then too ..hehe ) ... slaving away over all those luscious woolly kits, until I ended up with...
A basket full of woolly goodness all ready and raring to be stitched :) Its a good feeling ..hahaha   I think I prepped about 10 kits from my stash, most seem to be designs by Buttermilk Basin and Threads that Bind, kitted by either Primitive Gatherings or Winterberry Cabin :)

I had all these beautiful threads to sort and organise
They came with the Winterberry Cabin kits, she's always very generous not only with her threads but also best of all with her wool  ...look at this wonderful pile of woolly leftovers!!
 It surprised me too :) There's probably enough 'leftovers' to do several more projects! ( I did double check to make sure I hadn't missed something in any of the patterns ...hahaha)

I also managed to make a good start on the 'Wedding' Sampler for Abigael..
 The colours look better in real life, its just my rubbish photography skills that make them look a bit washed out. So far its been a lovely piece to sew and I might be brave and say that I could get this finished for Abi's anniversary in August ... I could! hehe

I did have one teensy... major panic over the weekend, Saturday afternoon, just after we'd dropped the Angels of at Maplewood (!)  my old mobile phone went and died on me.. something to do with the Sim card ??
Naturally I was all in a panic worrying that Maplewood would only be able to reach me on the land-line and so I wouldn't be able to leave  the house all weekend ..hahaha such a silly mummy I know! So hubby (I think for his own sanity and piece of mind to save himself from his mad panicking wife!) and I called at the phone shop on the way home,  firstly to see if my old mobile could be fixed, but which of course it couldn't because it was 'past its sell by date' ..naturally this led to us having to buy a new one. I had had my old one for nearly 6 years so it had served me well... but can you see how HUGE my new one is (the new one is in the middle next to my much smaller old one) its as big as our land-line phone (the Panasonic button phone)  {But did you know that the Sim card is now a micro Sim card ...baffling!!} The young man in the shop was really sweet he transferred my old number and contact details onto my new phone and I was able to relax knowing that I was contactable whilst the Angels are away...major panic successfully averted :) And was I contacted at any point over the weekend ? ...of course not! hahaha

Well, its not getting any warmer here, I may actually need to go put the heating on.  I also  think I need to go make myself  hot chocolate! Then I can sit down , snuggle with my Angels and maybe do a  teensy bit of woolly sewing :)  Its sooooooo cold ....

Warm Hugs    Wendy x x