Thursday, 28 May 2015

Life in the slow lane...??

Usually life is quite slow and steady around here, Angels are not 'rushable' ..hehehe and usually school holiday weeks drag by at a painfully sloooooow pace, not so this week, time just seems to have flown by even with the extra inset day tagged on at the beginning of the break, I'm struggling to come to the realization that our week is almost over and before you know it we'll be back at school and in the last term before Summer begins ... is this a sign that I'm getting old ? hahaha  ... Someone earlier this week referred to hubby and I as seasoned ...that's old, right!? How can I be old when I'm still in my mid forties???  I was not impressed with been called 'seasoned'  and have brooded slightly over that comment all week ...can you tell ? Hahaha   Well this oldie has definitely had a fast moving week...if not exactly in the fast lane :) I've washed, cleaned, almost dusted ;) and spruced up the home. Almost a proper Spring clean if somewhat later than the beginning of Spring ..hehe   The Angels have had a fun day out to Manchester with their carers and a visit to the cinema (that was when the unreasonable amount of cleaning happened ...must have been an off day!?) Today was a hop in and hop out of the car sort of day, collecting prescriptions, a very quick shop for some fruit and veggies,  meeting up with hubby for lunch, popping by Abi's flat ... all little iddy biddy jobs that usually cause anxious moments for the Angels but they coped really well ... I think the Happy Meal at lunchtime with Daddy helped :) They really have been little Angels today!

We've enjoyed two new DVD's this week,  "Into the Woods" ...a teensy bit surreal but all the singing just entrances the Angels and Esther particularly loved it!  "Big Hero 6"  was fun, which surprised me for some reason and was quite good. I love DVD's as much as the Angels .. not necessarily to sit and watch but because they can give me little pockets of free time to bob in and out of the room and potter whilst the Angels are been entertained and occupied :)

This week I've managed to potter with these yummies...
 Two little woolly pieces that I prepped and actually managed to stitch, the chicken is a pattern called 'Henny Penny' designed by Bonnie Sullivan of 'All through the Night'. Such a fun easy stitch, I'm going to finish this as a small bowl filler. The flower is from a woolly kit in my stash, I'm not sure about the design as a certain Angel (Mim-Lou!) had a pretty good shredding party with the paper pattern , all that was left was the wool and just a corner of the photo that showed the flower ... I think it was probably a small table Penny mat judging by the size of the wool in the kit ... I just stitched a single flower and  I've decided to just finish it as a small hangable pocket ... and I've learnt that Mim could be hired out as a pretty efficient shredding machine ... not a pair of scissors in sight either ...hehehe

I've also completed a small cross stitch design by ... Little House Needleworks -"Hands to Work"
I enjoyed this sooo much I decided to do a second one as a gift for a friend :)
A closer look...
I love the little sheep and the picket fence and the hearts border :)

My little online shopping order for Abigael arrived this week too...
The fabric, threads and pattern for... "Sampler Hill" by Country Stitches. I'm tweaking this design just a little bit, Abi wanted a Wedding Sampler but couldn't really find anything she really, really liked, then we spotted this sweet design and it had all the elements she loves ...a house on a hill, the little couple, birds and trees  :) It's not a traditional Wedding Sampler, but it is what Abi liked so where the alphabet is in the hill I'll tweak it to show Abi and Nathan's names and their marriage date. I'm hoping to have it stitched in time for their first Anniversary ..but it could well be a Christmas present ..hahaha

Not too bad for a not-so-slow week :) The Angels are due to have a weekend stay at Maplewood, the respite home, on Saturday and Sunday night. As usual I'm a little anxious about it especially as they are back at school on the Monday morning and I won't get to see them until after school ... it does make for a nice break, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful but I do miss them and the house is really quiet with just hubby and I  ... it's silly really,  I should be enjoying these little breaks whilst we still have them.  I'll just have to get the sewing basket out and prep more woolly kits and probably make a start on Abi's sampler, keep myself busy and occupied :)  

Well this old/seasoned Mummy is all pooped out, time for Angels and I to go to bed and hopefully sleep ... fingers crossed all that running around today has tired us all out! :)
Hugs Wendy x x

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I do try to be good...!

...I just can't seem to help being a naughty girl! I say my prayers each and every day, I try to be kind and good in all I do and say ...but all it takes for me to turn to the dark side is just a teensy glance at a sweet pile of woollie goodness and I crumble in my resolve and happily 'give in'! :)
But could you resist this yummy bundle of wooliness? ...hahaha
 I succumbed to temptation when I saw all this deliciousness in Karen's (My Yellow Farmhouse Blog) Etsy shop, who could not get excited to have some bundles from the woolie queen herself?  They did take a little while to arrive due to been admired by the folk at customs and imports :( So after paying the price for my wickedness imposed (but not unexpected) import fee ..hahaha ...  I consider myself duly free of guilt, paid for my crime/did my time (...hehehe) and I'm now able to start afresh in my attempts to be a good girl ...again..hehehe ;)

Buuuuuuut, then when I was out mooching around 'window shopping' I spotted the perfect not so little box shelf that on impulse I decided would be perfect for the Little Room ...
 Doesn't it look just right filled with some olde vintage style bears, also some vintage sugar shakers filled with old buttons and beads with a few primitive bobbins thrown in for good luck ... I love how it looks :)
And it inspired me to add a few more bits and pieces to the Little room...
 My Mum and Dad gifted me with this sweet  "Happily ever after.."  chunky wooden wall plaque for Christmas and I thought it time to find it a permanent place to live. I like how it looks hung just underneath the window above the radiator (which isn't used a lot, so no fear of heat damage)

Then a little more mooching/window shopping helped me find this rusty vintage styled "Family.." tin plaque
 I hung it with some picture frames and my Angel's butterfly footprint canvas's
I'm hoping that I can create a kind of mini family wall of fame ...once I put photos in the frames! ...hehehe  I'm really pleased with the additions to the little room, makes it feel more loved and part of the home :)  I may have a problem when Jacob comes home in 20 months and wants his bedroom back! hahaha

 Jacob has been in Spain for 4 months as of today, and I'd like to say that the part of me that misses him has settled down, maybe a teensy bit, but does a Mothers Heart ever stop missing her children? :)  I'm just happy knowing that he is enjoying Spain and the people and working and serving with them. He wrote this week that the missionaries in his area had a special trip out to Vigo on the coast and over to the Illas Cies, which I think are the 'Parque Nacional das Illas Atlanticas de Galicia' ...  some little Islands that are part of a National Park off the North-Western coast of Spain (had to google it to make sure I'd got it right ...hehehe) They enjoyed a hike around the islands and the obligatory game of football on the beach! :) He also says he's had his first experience of 'Pulpo'/ Octopus, a meal prepared by a family they were visiting with...he seems to have enjoyed it! :) I get sooo excited reading about his adventures and experiences and of course it is comforting to know that he is happy to be in Spain ... even if he does admit to missing home and his family some days ...aawwww he still loves us...hehehe

I haven't had tooo much time to sew just lately, we are in the middle of appointments and meetings with sooooo many people and organisations in preparation for "Transitioning" Esther from Children's Education and Services to Adult Services when she turns 18 in November. My head is spinning with all the questions and information needed, Adult Services start from the very beginning in assessing Esther, from her diagnosis, learning disabilities, medical care to health and personal management ...everything... Personally I'm not sure why they can't access all the previous reports and statements that have been made and are annually reviewed and updated through Children's Services, but that's just not how they work! It's almost like we have to start at the very beginning and almost 'prove' Esther is who Esther is! But its all for the good and for Esther's benefit, hopefully it means we can get all the support she has as a 'child' continued over into her plan as an 'adult' ... time, meetings, review panels and funding will decide ... I'm sure they will let me know! :)

We have another school holiday week coming up (Spring Term) thoughtfully preceded by the dreaded  'Inset Day'  where school is open for teacher training and no pupils are allowed! haha I can see Friday being a PJ Day! :) I need to try and get into the Quiet Room tomorrow and attempt to prep some sewing work to keep me busy and occupied during the holidays, judging by the weather the last couple of days its going to be wet and cold  :( Oooh lots of PJ days....maybe with a chocolate biscuit or two !! :))

Hugs Wendy x x x

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Skype-y Update :)

I'm not sure if its blogger or my own poor computer skills but I can't seem to be able to update/edit my last post ... I suspect it's me ..hahaha   But I wanted to add to my Blog/Journal that we did eventually get to Skype with Jacob on Sunday evening....Yaaaay!! At 6:30pm we were all anxiously waiting and the clock was ticking and nothing was happening and we were starting to worry... even our Email/message's weren't been answered. Then over an hour or more later we managed to get a signal and received the much awaited call/video link :)  I did cry a teensy bit ...more with relieve than anything else ... I'm sure the anticipation and waiting is what causes all the tears!

We had terrible reception and blurry images but we could just about make Jacob out and we did hear him quite well :)  It was certainly an eye opener for me on how much we take for granted our technology and internet access (I may be kinder to our server from now on!) I'd always imagined Jacob to email us from a library or internet cafe or someones home ... not so  :)  He was actually in a shop that sells Domincan food and where they also have computers that you can pay to use. (There are no Internet cafes or big shops in Lugo, Northern Spain, so this is where they go to email Home and the Mission Office) He was seated in a small alcove, opposite the shelves of tinned and packet groceries, right next to the large glass fridge where all the cold beers and alcohol is kept, (there were lots of people walking behind him to buy those cold beers! ..hahaha) It was a bit surreal to see him in that kind of situation...well kind of see him ..he was all blurry :( But we had a lovely chat, he was a teensy bit emotional when he first saw us all sat there waving at him, the Angels were sooo excited, shrieks and giggles were all that could be heard for the first 5 minutes or so :) But it was just sooo wonderful to see and hear him and know that he is still our Jakey-boy.  We weren't sure how long our connection would last for but we were lucky and managed to laugh and chat with him for about an hour before everything went fuzzy and we were all shouting "love you's" and "bye-bye's" into cyberspace.  Hubby had connected our computer screen up to the Television so that we could all see Jake and the Angels spent a few frantic moments trying to 'touch-screen' the TV to bring Jacob's image back ...sooo sweet :) And afterwards ...? I had a really good cry! :) I am so happy and excited for him to experience this great big adventure but I really, really miss him :(  So now we go back to our regular email's each week and we won't  get to Skype with him again until Christmas, (that's just the way it is) And as much as I'd like to Skype and see him every day...the waiting to 'connect to server' would probably just about do me in ... not even sure whether I'd just prefer a good old phone call like it used to be before all the fancy-shmancy technology arrived!

Yesterday was a bit of a blue day for me, I felt a bit weepy and decided I'd have a 'duvet day' ..well after I'd got the Angels to school, tidied up the house a bit, did some shopping and driven Abi up to Lancaster for a 2 hour exam and back again, bought take-away for dinner and watched a film with hubby more of a 'duvet' evening ...hahaha  I did need the distractions, saved me from wallowing too much :)  So whilst I was sat in the car waiting for Abi, I was just listening to the radio and sewing a few stitches, watching the students walk back and forth around the Uni campus. I was mostly just chilling and thinking  about how much I love my little family and trying not to think about chocolate ...hehehe ...  but  I did  managed to finish a few small pieces ....
 This 'Springtime Messenger' by Brenda Gervais of Country Stitches-with thy needle & thread  I just need to add the decorative buttons that go around the edges in between the broken border. This was a quick sweet little stitch, I did tweak it slightly by changing the colour of the alphabet, the design has the thread colour very muted but as I didn't use the same coloured fabric (it was just a random piece out of my stash ... not the same 'count' as the design either) the  thread colour was lost so I chose to use Mulberry by Gentle Arts Threads...I like the contrast :) I'm thinking that I might make it into a little pocket to hang on a knob or something, as its turned out a teensy bit big for a bowl filler.
'Summer in Bloom-Drum Pinkeep' by Blackbird Designs from their 'Maria Selby Humphrey-1831' booklet. I loved stitching this piece :) Again whilst I did use the recommended threads I pulled another older piece of fabric from my stash, no idea what 'count' it is so I'm thinking I could end up with a fairly tall drum pinkeep..hahaha

There's still a few more UFO's/WIP's etc... left in my basket ... actually I have several baskets with lots of half completed projects  ..hahaha   I am awaiting a visit from Mr Postman with a new pattern and some cross stitch fabric to do a special wedding/home type sampler for Abi and Nathan ..Abi has picked a sweet one from 'Country Stitches' ... possibly with a teensy bit of guidance from their number one fan here! ;) hehehe I'll have to get a good start on it because she wants it finished for their first Anniversary in August!  We'll have to see how quick Mr Postman is with his deliveries!!...hahaha  Well that's all from me for now, time to go wrestle/snuggle an Angel :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Sunday, 10 May 2015

An extra Mothers Day!

We are a little bit giddy here! Giddy with excitement ... excited because we get to Skype with Jacob this evening :) Hopefully around 6:30 pm our time (7:30 Spanish time) we will get to see and speak with our lovely boy ... I wish it could be a hug but there is the big probability I wouldn't be able to let him go again! :)  We didn't get to Skype for the UK Mothers Day and that was OK, it was a bit too soon after he left us and we didn't want tooo many tears and any upset. Today is the US Mothers Day and his companion is American so we decided to go with the same day as he'll be Skyp-ing his Mum in the US. I'm not promising that there'll be no tears, I've missed him sooooo much but I'm hoping the excitement will keep the tears at bay long enough for us to enjoy this special moment :) Abi and Nathan and Grandma are all coming round too, the Angels seem excited, we keep showing them lots of photos of Jacob and I'm sure they too will be excited to see him ..... Just a few weeks ago, Esther pointed at a photo of Jacob and very purposefully signed 'want' and repeated it a few times ... I just know she loves and misses him! Only a few short hours to go......

Not tooo much sewing happening here, but I did manage to finally finish ....
Buttermilk Basin's woolly "Spring Basket" ...another pillow for the piano...hahaha ...was it ever going to be anything else? I did have to order a piece of black wool from the US to finish it, I wanted the same weight/thickness as I'd used for the front as the applique was quite heavy and I didn't want my pillow to droop ..hehehe  I already have the "Summer Basket" kit in my stash so I'll hopefully prep that and make a start soon :)

I have a few cross stitch pieces 'in progress' nothing much to show just yet, I keep hopping from one to the other ...sometimes in the same evening ..hahaha  I kind of get a bit twitchy like this, where I can't settle on one piece and finish it, I seem to have to start several and have them all on the go at once ..hahaha  Sound familiar? I think it could be a case of my eyes are bigger than my stitching fingers ;) 

Well just a short post today, trying to distract myself from the wait ... I'll try and pop by later and 'edit', to remind myself how wonderful my Jakey-boy looks and is  :)

Hugs Wendy x x x