Wednesday, 29 April 2015

"Crazy Rabbit Lady"!!!

...THAT'S  what I was called this week! By a so called 'professional'!! Can you believe it? I was quite taken aback at her temerity, I mean talk about making outrageous-first-impression-assumptions! Paaahh!  ;) This professional had actually come round to discuss Esther and among other things assess my ability and suitability to be the 'appointed person' to manage Esther's Financial and Medical and Health Care concerns when she turns 18 in November and transitions from Children's Services to Adult Services ...crazy I know, I've only had 18 years worth of experience!! Hahaha   Anyways, one of the many questions she asked was, "How does my being a carer for Esther impact upon my own life"??  How I'm supposed to answer that I'm not quite sure, Esther (and Mim) is/are my life! .... but she went further by asking me "..what 'provisions'  had I in place to ensure that I had sufficient 'me' time ..." {Who makes up these questions!?}(At this point I was contemplating sharing the woolly stash with her but I held back ...glad I did!!) Well, I replied that I enjoyed my home-crafts and sewing in particular, she said (looking around at all the Spring decor) "Yes, I  can see that" ... (in a sort of flat not impressed voice ... I bet she's a minimalist and has cream carpets and glass and silver globes for decoration!!...hehehe)  Huuhh ...I thought ?! ;)  Soooo I kind of got the impression she wasn't 'in' to all the homemade stuff and tried to laugh it off by saying I was probably a teensy bit eccentric and possibly over did the decorating for the Seasons bit ...hehehe... SHE  said "Ooh yes, like some Crazy Cat Lady with 100's of cats..." I admit now to being a little affronted by this comment and quickly riposted with "No actually, I don't like cats" which she immediately replied "No, I guess you'd be the Crazy Rabbit Lady"!!!!!! That stopped me slap-bang-wallop in my tracks and I'd have been swallowing flies should there have been any flying close by! (Good job it wasn't Autumn, goodness knows what would have happened if she'd seen the Pumpkins! ... I don't think she'd have been that impressed!) In all honesty the rest of the appointment was a bit of a blur for me because all I could think to do was to try and peak at her hand written notes and see whether she'd actually written "Crazy Rabbit Lady" on her form!! Other than that she was quite a nice lady, she obviously just didn't 'get' me! :)) (Its OK I don't get her cream carpets and silver globes!! hehehe) I'm not even sure I passed the 'ability' bit, and I probably blew the 'suitability' bit when I said I didn't like cats!!! hahahaha :) What a morning it was ... and now I keep looking around at all my Spring Bunnies , thinking am I really some Crazy Rabbit Lady, if I am, then I must also be  a "Crazy Christmas, Snowman, Rag Doll and Manic Psychotic Pumpkin Lady" too ....there's obviously no hope for me  hahahahahaha   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to keep my position of 'appointed person' for Esther but I guess I'll have to wait for the official report to be produced!  Hehehehe :)

After all that I'm not sure if I dare share my cross stitch finish ...
Eeeaaak ...  It's a bunny!!!  :)   'Bunny & Co' by Country Stitches. Loved every stitch ...well almost all, the white of the egg was a teensy bit tedious, but necessary :)  I loved the green border, it's like a lovely delicate lace edging, It was hard to get a good picture as the colours are very soft and muted and the sun was shining really brightly throughout the house  (Its sunshine I'm not complaining..hehehe) But it really is very pretty in real life. I'm so in awe of these wonderful designers that can combine colours and create such beautiful designs :) Now I just need to sit and think awhile on how to finish it ... a pillow or framed ..not sure .. ??

I had a lovely trip out with Abigael the other week, we found this gorgeous Vintage Style Tea Room, that we have just fallen in love with  :) so much so we have decided to become 'Afternoon Tea Ladies' ...
 Its called 'The Old Stables'  and its down this little cobbled street at the end of a random row of houses ... one of those places that you have to know about to be able to find! We happened upon purely by chance  and as soon as we saw that bunting we were giggling with excitement and practically skipping down those cobbles...
And it did not disappoint.... Inside it is decorated just beautifully, all shabby chic and vintage with more pretty bunting, old painted chairs, flowery tables. Very Cath Kidston and Liberty's style ...Gorgeous!
...and there were twinkly lights and mirrors, it was just magical! :)  I wish I'd remembered to take a photo of our lunch, we both had a Ploughman's Lunch and it was  .... de-lic-ious, the Ham, Cheese, Bread and Pickles and there was even a traditional cox's apple ... all sooooo yummmy :)
 But I did remember to take a picture of our Hot Chocolates and Cakes ... you know there's always going to be cake! :) Abi had a delicious Lemon cake ...there wasn't a crumb left she enjoyed it sooo much

and I had a Cream and  Strawberry Jam Sultana Scone .... Oooh my was it ever so ever so ever, muchly-scrummy-deliciousness!!! It just melted in your mouth, truly Heavenly, and I loved all the old mis-matched china that they used to serve everything, the dainty knives and forks. Everything was beautifully presented. We had a lovely time and I'm not ashamed to add that we've even been back and indulged in the full three-plate-tiered  afternoon ensemble ...wish I could share a photo but its on my phone and I don't know how to upload it from there ...hehehe  But take my word for it everything was just as wonderful the second time round and did not disappoint, I can definitely see a third visit occurring in the near future! :)

Thinking about those cakes and scones has made me all hungry and nibbly ... not good now that its bedtime :( I'll have to dream about Cake instead ...hehehe  Ooooh it was soooooooooo scrummy !! :))

Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Uuhh-Oohh Trouble is a foot!

When you are sat enjoying a nice phone-chat with your darling married daughter and you suddenly notice that the Angels in your life have disappeared and the house is very QUIET ... you really should panic ... but after nearly 18 years of Angel mishaps, you're tired and feeling a little bit too comfortable curled up on the sofa and  you make the unfortunate choice to just enjoy the quiet a teensy bit longer, because you really are having such an enjoyable time chatting to the married one ... You kind of suspect you are going to regret the delay  .... Then, when you do get up and go to investigate, the butterflies in your tummy start to kick in, and  then you find ....
..and the panic has reached boiling point way too fast and you're so scared you don't realise you are already screaming!! hahaha ... You find beautiful golden locks ...with your very own needlework scissors  ..all at the bottom of the stairs !!!! Oh-My-Gooooooodnesss!!!!! I flew up those stairs soooo fast screaming all the way ...still with Abi on the other end of the phone ... I must have sounded sooo scared that she jumped straight into her car and zoomed round as fast as she could! (Good job she only lives 5 minutes away ..hehehe)  The sight that greeted me was one scary enough to cause a dead man to roll over in his grave with fright ... Angel Mim ...newly shorn..sat on her bed with Angel Esther's head in her lap (quite willingly I might add!) holding in one hand the said needlework scissors and in the other hand  a bountiful lock of Esther's hair !! ...Be still my manic beating heart... with a blood curdling scream and a move worthy of any Matrix film  (I just needed the long black leather coat to complete the look) I flew across the room just in the 'snip' of time and saved Esther and her dark chocolate locks from the machinations of a very determined young Angel! Oh-My-Gooodnesss   ...I have to say it again was one of those moments that will replay itself in my memories forever and ever! ;) Oh-My-Goooodness! :)  I actually think it was all my screaming that actually caused Mim to pause long enough for me to fly to the rescue of Esther's hair, nothing else would probably have stopped her! :) And I had to prise those scissors out of her tight little fingers ...hehehe  Fortunately Angel Mim has given herself a reasonably passable hair makeover ... she has kind of managed to give herself a strange side-flick-able-fringe ...Actually it really looks like a sad version of a 1980's mullet haircut! With Abi's help we managed to tidy her up a little bit but thankfully her hair is so thick and she has sooo much of it that its not  looking  tooooo bad ...well it is bad,  but there's nothing I can do about it until it grows a bit more ...I'm certainly not getting out the scissors again and giving her anymore ideas. And whilst I'm mentioning the scissors can I just say in my defence that they were placed high up on a shelf , so high that I have to stand on my tip toes to reach them ...Mim used a football!!  It's going to take me months to recover from the shock ...and find a higher hiding place for my scissors!

In a bid to comfort myself, not the Angels...they were having way tooooo much fun (!) I sat down later to enjoy the new Simply Vintage Spring magazine and gush over some new Valdani threads and Yankee candles :)

 When I ordered the threads I was trying to replace a much loved and almost used up 'green', naturally I've lost the original little paper disc with the colour reference on it so I had to guess ... ahem ... several times as to the correct colour  code, I've not quite matched it up ... may have to keep guessing! ;)  I love scented candles and these were reduced so I had to have them! :)

I finished woolly rag stuffing ....
 'Not Forgotten Farm's' ... "Ah Tis Spring" ... I'm really pleased with this one, I managed to find wool the same colour as the cross stitch fabric for the back and I've decided that I quite like the look of it left un-embellished and un-edged ...just raw and rustic almost ...but lovely and squishy with all that wool inside :)

Also ...
 "Run Rabbit Run" by 'All Through The Night' designs ... I finished this as a woolly bowl filler, on the pattern its a small framed picture. I also changed the Onasburg fabric backing to wool ...just because I could ...hehehe    Love this bunny :)

I also got ahead with stuffing ...
 'Buttermilk Basin's' trio of Halloween Stars ...the fronts ... and
the backs :) I used wool for the fronts but didn't have enough for the backs so used some fabric out of my stash, not sure what it is, its cotton with quite an open weave, frays quite easily because of the weave. Which is why I chose fairly big motives to sew on the back to cover up the horrendous openings and fraying from stuffing and stitching closed! :) They are all ready for Autumn ...well they have been waiting since last year for me to finish them ...hehehe I need to start prepping some more kits and projects , my basket is almost empty! I have plenty of kits yet to choose from...hehehe

It's gone quiet again here ...but fortunately hubby is on the job and he's just run upstairs screaming to be heard ....yet!! :)

Hair-raising hugs,
 Love Wendy x x

Monday, 13 April 2015

Felix Cumpleanos Elder Kirby!

Happy Birthday today to my lovely son Jacob, Oh how I miss him today, his 19th birthday and I really want to give him a hug! "Yo a Mi Misionero" :)  Mondays are always a teensy bit 'edgy'  shall we say ...hahaha   Mondays are P-day ('Preparation' Day, not quite a day off but a day to shop, clean, write home and prepare for the new week ahead) I say they are edgy for me because like all Mums I am eagerly awaiting my Email from my Missionary to find out how he is, tell him I love him and just have that weekly contact. I admit right now that I hover around the computer all day, checking the Email folder every 10 seconds to see if anything has arrived and I admit to even trying to catch him 'on line' so that I can reply as quick as a flash to his Email to sneak an extra moment or two of 'real' chat with him ...knowing that he is right there chatting back to me :) Today he kept me waiting until just after 2:30 pm (3:30 Spanish time) Even though I fretted aaaaall morning, and wore a strip out of the floor walking backwards and forwards to the computer ...hehehe it was soooooo worth it because I got time to chat with my lovely boy and wish him a Happy Birthday. He was late because he and his companion had traveled from Lugo to A Coruna to say goodbye to some of the Missionaries there that were moving on to new areas and to share a last meal together and just chill with friends making happy memories ...what a lovely way to spend his birthday :)) He said that he hadn't quite managed to open all his birthday gifts and cards before they had to leave early this morning but is excited to get back to his flat and start unwrapping ...hehehe   And bless his cotton socks he sent us our very own parcel that arrived last week ...
 Chocolat Espanol ... Spanish chocolate, very yummy :) but I don't think Jacob will have realised, it seems to be very heavily laced with alcohol ...hahaha   We thought it tasted a bit different to Cadburys :)) But being a true chocoholic I'll take 250grams of Happiness laced or unlaced anytime :) hehehe I didn't really finish all the alcohol choccies off ...Hubby and the Angels helped me!! we're all drunken sinners ...hehehe

I finally finished my 'Easter Parade' by Country Stitches
I used all the recommended threads and fabric and whilst I love it, it seems a teensy bit pale and weak almost, I had to take this photo in shadow to try and show the colours. On the pattern the design is finished as a pillow with a green ribbon gathered border, I'm guessing once I add that it should make the colours pop a little more :)

I also found and finished this sweet little piece in my sewing basket...
'Madam Cottontail', also by Country Stitches. I must have run out of the white thread when I originally started this piece as I only had to do 3 rows on the pinafore and she was complete :) I Love her heeled boots!

The Angels had an overnight respite at Maplewood at the weekend so I took full advantage of some quiet time to do some sewing preparation with my finished stitches...
 I made a fair bit of progress and most are backed with scrummy wool ready to be made into pillows or pockets or pinkeeps
Do you remember all that wool that I was gifted?
Well I went through it all piece by piece and separated it into piles of felted 100% wool and piles of acrylic wool was better than I could hope for with more than 3/4 being 100% wool   ... the other 1/4 (the nasty stuff...hehehe) I snipped into teensy weensy pieces to be used as 'woolly rag stuffing' and managed to move a fair few of my 'stashed' projects onto their stuffed states ...:) I just need to sew closed openings and decide how to give them pretty finishes and I'll have an empty basket ...woohoo

I even managed a complete finish on 'Madam Cottontail'...
A little ditty pocket  :) I backed her with a lovely soft sea-blue wool with a coordinating cotton lining and matching binding and string tie, then added the same woolly sea-blue tongues of different sizes around the edge with some old and slightly grubby shirt buttons (just as the pattern and design suggests! Well the dirty shirt buttons were my idea the design uses nice pearly buttons... hahaha) I love how she's finished and now want to find something nice to display in the pocket ...for some reason I'm thinking of a bunch of 'cotton grass' would look sweet ...maybe I should send hubby on an adventure up to the Yorkshire moors in search of some ...hehehe

Well I've had lots of excitement today, getting myself all weepy missing my boy, I'm worn out and very ready for my bed, but I have Angels to bathe so bedtime will have to wait just a short while longer ... I am soooo ready for duvet snuggles and soft pillows :)  ...Sweet Dreams

Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hippy Hoppy Easter :)

At our house this year Mr Easter Bunny is sadly on a chocolate diet! Over indulgence prior to the BIG day!  :( Buuuuut he does know where the Angel treats are ;) hehe
 The Angels brought home cards and yummies from school, bunny cones and chicks in rice crispie baskets (they barely made it out of their school bags before they were eaten! ..hahaha) Angel Esther brought home a very strange, slightly scary, sock Easter Rabbit ;) Its certainly different ... those eyes ... it looks like its been garroted with a strawberry shoe lace! hahaha  I love that I can still enjoy home-made cards and gifts from my Angels :)
The Angels also brought home some lovely bunches of Daffodils ...

They brighten up my slightly sparse Spring kitchen window, I really need to fill it out a teensy bit more :) That little nest under the glass cloche did have a Cadbury's Creme Egg nestling inside ...but someone ate it! (In my defence I had to do it, cause we all know the Angels would have gotten to it eventually and  so I sacrificed the diet and saved my girls from a potentially dangerous situation ...besides I couldn't risk the cloche glass getting broken now could I?! hehehe)  

We are on School Easter Holidays and with wet and dreary weather, our first week has been pretty dire and a bit of a wash out ... add into the mix boredom and I can safely say  we are all going a little bit stir crazy ... Hahaha  Fortunately our carers rescued us one day this miserable week and took the Angels out on a visit to Blackpool Tower Circus (its an acrobatic, clowns type of circus as opposed to a big tent) which gave me a little bit of free time to cook, clean and generally tidy-up but I obviously decided to ignore the kitchen floor and sewed instead! :)
I finished ....
My "Basket full of Springtime", woolly cushion is all sewn and beautified with some vintage styled ribbon fastened with a rusty safety pin and some mother of pearl buttons. Just a small addition but it does finish the whole pillow of prettily I think. 
And there's more ...
... at long last (I think its been two years waiting) I finally finished possibly one of my all time favourite cross stitches, "Peter and Peep",  both designs are by Brenda Gervais of  'Country Stitches, with-thy-needle-&-thread'. I know I've said it before but I'll say it again ... I LOVE her designs! :)  I'm hoping in the next day or so to put the finishing cross stitches in "Easter Parade" ...hopefully it won't take me another 2 years to 'finish' that piece! :)   Who knows what else I could finish before we are back to school ...hehehe

We've enjoyed a very quiet Easter at home today, with Abi and Nathan and Jacob away its felt a little odd for both hubby, myself and the Angels. We enjoyed a teatime walk around Birkacre lake and woods which is not too far away. It doesn't seem too long ago that we were chasing all four children across the bridges to escape the trolls hiding underneath :) Aaah time moves on... Now to finish off our evening with Angel snuggles and maybe just one more creme egg ...just one! ;) hehehe

Hoppy Hugs Wendy x x