Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Spring has arrived...at last!

Well that's what the calendar is saying, outside, whilst it does look quite nice and bright there's still a nip in the air and a need to have the heating on a bit in the evenings ...but hopefully not for long... we need those little tweety birds to get things moving and bring Mr Sunshine out for a visit :)
Sooooo it was finally time for me to put the Snowmen and Winter decorations away, had to do it aaaall on my own with the son away experiencing sunny and warm Spain! He's enjoying himself sooo much I don't think he's even realised that he's been gone from home for just over 2 months now! I know he's gone   :( ... boohoo!!   And my other baby is away for the next 2 weeks too, she's on an adventure with her hubby visiting his family in Cali-for-ni-a!! It's OK for some ... huh! ;)  It's going to be a quiet Easter at home for the Angels, hubby and I, just the 4 of us ... not to worry I'm sure we can comfort ourselves with lots of Cadbury's creme eggs ... I've still bought enough for 7!! ...hahaha

With the arrival of Spring it can only mean one thing ...  the bunnies are out!!

Hoooraay for the Bunnies ..hehehe   As I was getting them out I was thinking I must have misplaced some ... there didn't seem to be as many as I remembered from last year :) Hubby though, thinks they've been multiplying whilst in their plastic storage boxes ... I have to say now I look at these photos .. he may be right ...hahaha :)
 The Olde Dresser is Angel Mim's favorite haunt, so I always make sure there's something for her to fiddle with ... she loves the bowl of chicks and the felt eggs this year :)
 This little Spring corner kind of feels like it needs a little something extra ... not sure yet what just something :)
 My little nest has had to go higher this year to save it from Angel fingers ... the problem is I can only just about manage to reach up to place it on this little shelf ...not so sure it will stop little fingers but it might slow them down giving me a chance to rescue them before I have birds and twigs everywhere! ..hahaha
 These hanging bunnies and wall hanging are old favorites ... every year I think I'll remake the Simply Spring hanging with some woolly loving ...but I kind of like it in cottons, reminds me that I did used to sew properly ..hehehe

With Easter almost upon us ... I'm sure its early this year ... its time for the Spanish boy to suffer another package!
 A Spring/Easter Parcel, complete with furry bunny ears and tweeting chicks and the obligatory Easter Eggs and treats ... I even tried for some Spanish, "Feliz Pascus" is Happy Easter and "te amamos, te queremos" is  we love you ... I hope!! :)

Remember the cake I was attempting to bake for Abi's 21st birthday ??  Lemon Meringue Angel Cake...
 Well at this stage I was a teensy bit excited cause it looked gooood!!
.. at this stage I was thinking mmmmmm not sure I've quite got it right :( The meringue part was OK, but let me tell you it was definitely no Angel Cake!! hahaha Maybe it could pass as an Angel doorstop but definitely not a floaty melt in your mouth cake! :( Booohoooo  It didn't taste tooooo bad but I couldn't give second helpings away! Even Mim who is cake mad (like her Mum!) only managed to eat the meringue!!  It looked OK but sadly it was not the light fluffy Angel cake 16 egg whites (yes 16!!!) led me to believe it would be. Oh well Mary Berry needn't worry just yet, I won't be applying to go on her baking show ..hehehe  For the next birthday I'll get Betty Crocker out ! :)
Honestly can you believe Mim not wanting seconds ...of cake!!?? ... Un-be-liev-able !! :))

Hugs Wendy x x x

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

One persons rubbish...

is another persons treasure ... and I was certainly gifted some treasure today!
A lady from Church rang me this morning and asked if I'd be interested in some wool felt scraps as she knows I use a lot in my sewing projects ... I have to be honest and own up to the fact that I sometimes have a little inner sigh when people offer me fabric they no longer want, its not that I'm ungrateful its just that sometimes the fabric is not either suitable for quilting or is old and musty or just plain nasty! ..hehehe So when wool felt was mentioned I politely said Thank you and presumed that I'd be receiving a stash of acrylic felt as opposed to felted wool ... people often get the two confused. BUT as soon as I opened the front door I immediately realised that I was looking at the real stuff...hahaha I think it was more a woolly soul moment, when two woolly hearts meet and have an instant attraction ... me and the bag of wool scraps, not the lady from Church...hehehe
I haven't had time to have a good rummage yet, as the Angels arrived home shortly after my new treasure arrived ... but I don't think I'll sleep tonight with excitement and the little red school bus can't come early enough in the morning ..hahaha

I also 'won' more treasure this weekend on Ebay ... I know, but I have been good  for at least 5 minutes! ;)
A sweet Raggedy Annie, a teensy painted Firkin, a very pretty Buttocks Basket and a gorgeous white traditional styled Olde Bear ... love the bear soooo much, not sure I'll keep the dress on it as I haven't decided whether its a he or a she ...hehehe  But I'm tickled pink with myself and grinning like a Cheshire Cat that definitely got the cream! :))

I was brave and pushed myself into action with some woolly cutting and sewing...
PG's "Patiently waiting.." has  been waiting for me to add the tongues on the ends and sew the birds into place. The birds were a tad fiddly because there were several woolly pieces to them that kind of over-lapped and under-lapped each other and although its not perfect (hence the distant photo..hahaha) I'm happy with it. We did have a big boo-boo though when a certain little Angel (Mim of course, she's my little devil with a pair of scissors ...although it is my fault for leaving them with in reach!) decided to help me by cutting a big triangular chunk out of the wool, right under those bottom middle leaves, so I had to match it with some leftovers as best I can, hopefully some finishing stitching will hide most of the hash-up ...that and an artfully displayed something or other placed on top of it! ...hehehe

I've also started a new Cross Stitch sew...
'Easter Parade' by Country Stitches. I'm using all the recommended threads and fabric, although I'm not sure as of yet whether the thread colours are too light against the fabric, the rabbit doesn't really stand out, but I'll keep going as I usually end up loving everything that I've stitched by CS so I should have faith in her choices ..haha!

It was Mothering Sunday here this last weekend, and despite my woes with missing my boy, my lovely girls made it a very special time with flowers and cards ...
and two very special gifts from my Angels...
Butterfly Feet canvas's :)) Can't you just tell which one enjoyed the foot painting and which one wanted it over as soon as possible ...hahaha My lovely carer did this as an activity with my girls a week or so ago and then had sneaked them into the house with hubby so that they would be a surprise for me ... Yes it made me cry but it was happy tears and I was just sooo touched with the thought and effort that went into the creation ...and it will have been a lot of effort with two angels and four tickley feet and not to forget the deliciously messy paint pots .. hahaha  ... almost wished they videoed 'the making of'! ;)  I had a lovely day with my girls, it was just what I needed :)

It's my Abigael's birthday tomorrow, she's  21! My baby is all grown up!  Whilst we had planned to take her out to celebrate tomorrow, my poor girl is full of cold and feeling blue and under the weather, so she's under orders to stay snuggled and warm at home and I have a bake-a-cake commission and presents to wrap and excitement to contain. It's to be a  gentle day for her tomorrow and a baking one for me ...I have an emergency stand-by in case the gloriously-unrealistic-to-my-baking-capabilities-cake doesn't come off ... sometimes I really hate Pinterest !... why is it sooo full of ideas that us mere humans are unable to attain?  Hahahaha :)) Wish me luck in the kitchen ...you know I'm going to need it ... I could just forget baking the cake and play with my new woolly treasure ... Naaaaaah my girl is only 21 once, I need to provide her with a cake to remember! :) Mwaaahahahaha

Hugs Wendy x x x

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Its beginning to feel a lot like ...

Or maybe its just Christmas in March! ... The birthday fun just keeps on continuing :) Another week of 'knock knock' on my door. I've reached that embarrassing point where even Mr Postman is rolling his eyes each time he delivers another parcel to the house!   Sigh ... its a burden I have to bear, my cross in life ... to accept more gifts and goodies and treats :))  I am just soooo willing to suffer for my cause, I'm a real martyr to the cause,  truly I am suffering ... I've had to tidy up the Quiet Room and reorganise my Stash so that I can fit everything in ...  suffering see! ;)

Before I start on Mr Postman's deliveries, a quick update on the blue-eyed-son :) Jacob has finished his 6 weeks training in Madrid and has moved to Lugo in the Galicia region of Northern Spain. We had a real letter today (as opposed to an Email) and he's enjoyed his first week in Lugo, he could be there for 6 or 12 weeks ('transfers' to new areas are every 6 weeks) He says Lugo is very beautiful, the Spanish people are very nice and friendly, he's finding the language OK, 'real' Spanish people speak a lot faster than his teachers and in Lugo the accent is slightly different, but he's having fun, meeting people, keeping busy and just loving it :)
  Abi and I sent him out a special little 'new Missionary package'...
New missionaries are traditionally called 'Greenies' so with lots of ideas and hints from Pinterest we made him a rather shabby Greenie box ... we (OK I!) didn't do so well with the painting this time ...hehehe    I'm blaming the quality of the paint ... it had nothing to do with the painter! hahaha 
Inside we filled it with ...
all things green ... naturally! :) We had fun putting it together for him and we hope that he likes it. Actually I hope he receives it ! ... I sent it to the main offices in Madrid, not realising until I googled it that Lugo is 4 1/2 hours away! Ooops! I'm sure it will be passed to him ... eventually ...hehehe       We are now planning and preparing his Easter/Birthday box ... I'm thinking a nice bright Easter Yellow ... got to give those Spanish Mr Postmen a smile :)

My own very nice Mr Postman called on Monday, and I was the recipient  of another sweet little parcel..
A lovely Primitive Gatherings wool kit for their 'Summer Sampler', the photo isn't very good but its kind of a lovely red flowered garland with little brown birds perched on the stems. This was one of my 'just in case' birthday gifts to myself ... that this year I really didn't need to worry about because my Lovely Mum and Dad ...
had ordered even more wondrously woolly gifts for me ... two beautiful wool kits from 'Winterberry Cabin', "Heart to Hand's" 'Snowdrops' and 'Blooming Hearts - Pillow Kit' by "Waltzing with Bears". I'm soooooooo excited with these two gorgeous kits, I've wanted the snowman runner forever! And the Heart is just soooo pretty too. I feel bad that my Mum and Dad have spoilt me sooo much (remember they also got me the PG seasonal Banner Kit and Snowman Kit!) But honestly, truly I'm so excited I could squeal like a girly teen at a pop concert! (By the way I was never a squealy teen and I never squealed or screamed at any concerts that I went to in my youth...I didn't even do the pop poster thing  ... just never really interested me ... I was more a book worm ... I would have been more likely to squeal with excitement at a favourite authors book signing! ;)  I'm still a bit square like that...hehehe)  With all my lovely woolly parcels you can see why it feels like Christmas! hehe 

In between saying hi to Mr Postman and opening parcels ;) I've managed some sewing this  week ...
 A little bit of woolly love ... I've made a start on a Spring woolly runner, this is Primitive Gathering's "Patiently Waiting..." Its a work in progress but I'm confident that it could actually be a finish for possibly this very Spring!! Naaahh, don't hold your breath! :)

A couple of cross stitch finishes
The basket is  a 'Country Stitches - with thy needle & thread' design ... "Basket Full Of Springtime", I actually completed the cross stitch last year I was just a little intimidated with cutting the basket shape and appliqueing it onto the wool. As usual it wasn't as hard as I thought and I just have to add a ribbon bow to the basket handle and its ready to be stuffed with woolly scraps and loved ... but there again I love all of the Country Stitches designs ... she's my Cross stitch equivalent of my woolly PG Love ...hahaha    The large bunny is by "Notforgotten Farm" at first glance I thought she'd be a nice simple stitch ... and she was, but that blue dress took forever to finish and certainly the last hundred or so stitches were a forced labour of love ... but she's worth it and I'm glad I persisted and got her done :) 

Hubby treated me to a Birthday trip out whilst the Angels were out with their carers on Saturday :) With Abi and Nathan we spent a  few hours in Chester, window shopping and enjoying the city. We had a lovely birthday meal at a yummy Italian restaurant "Piccolino's", lovely food, it was very nice with deserts to die for ... its always the puddings that makes or breaks a meal ...hehehe ;) 
I also got to have a little wander around and spend some pennies in a couple of shops ...
A Little visit to Liberty Bell and Cath Kidston saw me heading home with some extra birthday goodies :) I've a feeling that I may have been extra spoilt this year because I was missing Jacob soooo much :(  .. and  all the lovely gifties did help! ..hehehe    I was starting to fret about the whole Mothers Day thing at the weekend, when I realised that Spain doesn't celebrate until the first Sunday in May so in all likely hood Jacob won't know/remember about it been this weekend here in the UK ... but his letter today was a lovely gift in itself and brightened my day  ... even though I did still cry a little because I miss him so, its easier some days than others but I think that's just normal Mum stuff. I will count his lovely letter as my special Mothers Day Card from him :) And I do have have my beautiful girls and  lots of woolly goodness to wallow in if I'm still feeling blue without my boy  ... hehehe 
Well this has been a very long post, I'm starting to get cramp with my one fingered typing :) I probably should go soothe it by playing with some of those yummy wool kits, and maybe even reread Jake's letter for a hundredth time!!  :)

Hugs Wendy x x x

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

March is the new Birthday Month!!

I know its supposed to be about the giving and not the receiving... but I am soooo enjoying the receiving this week ...hahaha  Mr Postman may just as well camp over in the front garden ... he's been knocking on my door every day so far ...hoooray :))

Knock Knock its Monday morning ...
"Parcel for you Mrs Kirby" ...
Oooohhh a wonderful surprise from my lovely friend Julia (Bilberry Grove Blog) ...
And inside, look at those pretty papers...
WOW!! How Lucky Am I??  My excitement just kept growing and squealing :) with each unwrapping, the little Velvet heart on the bobbin is perfect for my Valentines corner, the sweet woolly "Friendsheep"is too cute and has pride of place on my shabby ladder in the 'Little Room'. But I pretty much hyperventilated when I opened the next two papers, a stunning wool sunflower and a gorgeous sewing bag!!!! I can't believe how generous Julia is...
I think we need close-ups!
The  woolly-luscious sunflower table mat, my camera has made the colours look brighter than they really are, the wool's are rich and warm and the little 'seed' beads  in the middle are just perfect ...I just love it
What can I saw about the little sewing project bag...
 Its not little for a start! Its perfect, beautiful fabrics, quilted to perfection and inside..
 Pouches, pockets and chocolate... :)
It really is as beautiful as it looks and I already have a little project safely tucked inside ready to take with me on my travels ... even if I'm just travelling upstairs to bed ... hehe .. don't you sew in bed? ;)
I can't thank Julia enough, I love my gifts, but most of all I love our friendship, truly that is the best gift! THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH MY LOVELY FRIEND   XxXxXxXx

Then...Knock, Knock ... it's Tuesday already ...
"Hello  Mrs Kirby, package for you ... again!"
My nice new shiny silver net-book arrived :) I wasn't expecting this until next week ... Amazon must have known it was a birthday gift from Hubby and didn't want it to arrive too late ... hehehe  I'm soooo excited to be back online and all technological again :) Ooooh its sooo nice and shiny and new! hehehe

Even I couldn't believe it when there was yet another  ... Knock, Knock ... on my door this morning and I was greeted with .. "Mrs Kirby,  another package for you, 3 days in a row now,  the neighbours are going to start talking" ... cheeky Mr Postman ...he's waaaay too old for me! ;) But I won't tell him that, don't want to discourage him from visiting again , just in case he has more parcels ....hehehe ... "Thank you" I say, trying not to snatch my parcel and  grin like a cheshire cat ..."See you tomorrow" Mr Postman says as he leaves ,,,hahaha 
This is parcel number 3...
A lovely birthday present from my Mum and Dad, a starting kit for  Primitive Gathering's seasonal banners, the base kit and the Snowman kit :) Soooo looking forward to making a start on these...may even have to use my nice shiny net-book to look at the other banner kits too ;) 

February was a bit of a slow-go for my usual birthday month, March on the other hand has been quite a handful so far! hahaha  NOT that I'm complaining ...  hehehe   Its all been quite exciting, and  I will willing receive any  further nice packages and parcels that Mr Postman wishes to deliver  :) But I do admit to feeling a teensy bit anxious about Mr Postman calling again tomorrow ... what will the neighbours think!? :)

Happy Hugs  
 Wendy x x x