Saturday, 28 February 2015

Last day of the month...

  ... and that means..??   Happy Birthday to me!!  :)  Hooray!
Despite failing quite miserably at the whole birthday month thing, partly due to my little netbook passing over to the other side, and our main home computer deciding that it didn't love the 'mouse-thingamy-bob' anymore, nor several of the new ones we tried to replace it with  (another new one today and fingers crossed we seem to be back!) ... and ... oh there's more ... my poor little Kindle Fire also died on me and the replacement, so that I'm now on my newly acquired 'Wendy's 3rd Fire'  and keeping my fingers very tightly crossed, all I need now is for my camera to go doolally on me and I'm finished with technology forever!..hehe :)  But my gadget luck will be improving in the very near future as lovely Hubby took me birthday shopping today and ordered me a nice new shiny netbook ...yeah! :) Hopefully it should be here in a week or so :))

My lovely family have spoilt me with lots of generous gifties...
 Chocolates, chocolates, snuggly pj tops and beauty products, pretty earrings ... and flowers
Yes, they are the same flowers (the very same ... as in the very very same bunch!) that I received for Valentine's! Hubby thoughtfully regifted them to me! Cheeky thing! Although in his defence they have lasted really well ... hehe Gotta love a man that looks after the pennies ... leaves more for me to spend!! Haha :)
Mmmm look at those chocolates! Yummlicious!!

I did have a teensy pre-birthday shop before my technological difficulties ...

Some gorgeous woolly kits from "Winterberry Cabin". I love her kits, they are always sooo generous with full skeins of thread and large cuts of wool to allow for any mistakes. And I couldn't resist the new Primitive Quilts & Projects magazine ... need something to read whilst I'm munching my way through those choccies :)

I also had a run out to the Olde Mill hunting for some new treasures...
You know I can't resist a basket...hehe
and I couldn't bring it home empty, had to fill it!  Love the small rolling pins and vintage clothes pegs. Had to have the old sewing scissors, iron key and lace edged handkerchiefs :)

With the Angels back at school this week I managed a little bit of sewing...
A small cross-stitch by "Little House Needleworks" called simply 'Snow'
I finished it off by stuffing with woolly cut offs and a woolly backing and just some primitive crosses around the seam edges ... I'm happy with it :)

We've had some woolly love time too ...
This lovely design is by Buttermilk Basin 'Seasonal Basket-Spring'  kitted by "Winterberry Cabin" that I've had in my stash for a year or more. So enjoyed stitching this piece, really didn't want it to end ... I'll probably create yet another piano pillow with it..hehehe

I have had a lovely day, I've missed my Jacob but on the bright side only one more birthday then he'll be home for the next one . .hahaha   I did have a lovely email-chat with him the other day (in between computer mouse problems!) He is having sooo much fun I really am starting to feel bad that I wish he was home with me! And I am so very grateful for a wonderful daughter who has gone an extra dozen miles to make my day special, shopping for gifts for me from the Angels and spending time with me when I was weepy missing Jake. My family are by far the best gifts I could ever have ... although I am really looking forward to that new netbook ...hehehe ;)

I'm being called away to birthday snuggles and cuddles with my family..who can resist that.. there might even be some chocolate too! :)
Hugs Wendy xxx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Angel antics...

It's the 1/2 term holidays, so I'm home alone with my Angels, it's a little bit strange not to have Abi and Jake around, although Abi pops round in between lectures at University :) Naturally as a mother I spend a lot of time with my girls. And one of the best things about having two little Angels  is not particularly watching how they react to people and situations around them.. but how other people react to them (totally ignoring the sad and bad times when people are unkind to my Angels :( does happen!) My girls can be  quite a force to be reckoned with, they both certainly have their own individual little characters :) A big side to both of them is definitely their mischievous sides, we always tell people that what ever you do try not to react to their antics, they love a reaction! Laughing at their antics usually is harmless enough, except that they will just keep giggling on and on and on, until you're not sure what you were laughing at in the first place. But there are more 'dangerous' reactions ...mwahahahaa ;)  It's not easy to not say "ouch" if you get a bottom slap or even worse a hair tug :( but you'll get a lot less if you don't react! Esther particularly is very quick at finding your weak spot, she watches and waits for any opportunity! Never show her your weakness, she'll use it and abuse it  hahaha :) and then she'll laugh at your reaction ...would you like an example of Angel power?? ..
 The first Sunday we had at Church after Jacob left for Madrid is a good one :)  We were a teensy bit late arriving and our usual seats at the back of the Chapel were already taken, naturally the only spare ones were right down by the front, in front of a family of 3 boys just a year or so younger than Jacob. Our girls are little bit wiggly, they often stand up and sit down during the service (not so noticeable when you are sat at the back!) About half way through the service, the father of the family sat behind us, just happened to sneeze quite loudly as Esther stood up, she  instantly guffawed and blew a rather loud and wet (Eeaaww!) raspberry at this poor man who unfortunately made a startled 'Oooh' sound. Naturally Esther loved his reaction and continued to remain standing and blowing wetter and wetter raspberry's at him ... hoping for the 'Oooh' reaction again!! :)) To say the gentleman was a bit surprised and embarrassed  is probably a bit of an understatement. Obviously Esther was completely immune to his embarrassment and kept blowing those raspberry's ...haha   As all Esther's raspberry's were in full flow Miriam decides to get in on the act, but she decides to target the young son's. She leans over the back of the pew all doe-mooney-eyed  giggling at the boys, she's got the coy pose going on ... hand under her chin, big grin and fluttery eyes ... where she's picked that up from I don't know!  Then she's reaching out with her other hand to hold hands ... a fatal mistake is made by the middle son, (he's only about 16!) when he allows Mim to grab his hand, much to his embarrassment and her squeals of delight and then ..(this is always my favourite bit .. hehe)  ... then we see the dawning look of fear in his eyes as he realises he's doomed to have his hand held in a blood draining death grip for the rest of the service (fortunately only another 5 minutes which is why we didn't make a fuss and rescue him...hehe) We tried not to find the whole situation amusing, but it was! We pretty much allowed our Angels to have their fun with them, the looks of sheer terror in their eyes and then the futile realisation that they couldn't make a fuss because our girls could quite easily make their situation even more seat-squirming than it already was ...hahaha  Once the service had ended the girls quickly tired of their captured prisoners and happily went in search of their next victims leaving a pew of shell shocked males to recover in their wake (just as girls should!) Fortunately  the family survived, the Mum of the family and I giggled about it afterwards (she'd enjoyed it to!)  ..I even saw the Father and sons back at Church the next week ... so we can't have scared them that badly!! Hehe What important lessons do we learn here?? Never think you are safe when Angels are close by!! :)) And more importantly never ever, ever,ever, ever react to any of their Angel antics's just not worth the embarrassment you'll suffer!

We've had lots of giggling with the Angels this holiday week, which means there has been a decidedly lack of time spent sewing, needless to say I haven't been holding my needle much at all this week ... but I am quite happy to enjoy the giggles :) especially if I'm not the one in the Angel firing line :) Hopefully normal sewing conditions will resume when we are back at school next week.
If I could I'd seal this message with one of Esther's infamous Raspberry's ... sadly I think she's all blown out ... unless she's saving them for someone special  ... mwahahahaha .... hehehehehe :))

Hugs Wendy xxx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day :)

I hope your day is filled with lots of love, especially with the people you love! The hubby and I are having a home alone romantic evening, the Angels have overnight respite, and for probably the first time in over 20 years, since all the munchkins came along, we have no children to share Valentine's Day with! It feels a teensy bit strange :) Abi and Nathan are having their own romantic weekend away down in Cornwall...Aawww young love. And of course Jacob is away too, hopefully having a fun Spanish Valentine's day :)

Hubby and I shared some Valentines treats ... flowers and chocolates ...mmmm yummy-lucious perfect! :) With a special little Valentines card from Angel Mim :) Esther's class didn't make cards this year.. they made Valentines biscuits ... but none of those arrived home!! ;)  hahaha
I didn't want Jacob to think that he was missing out on the Valentine's love so a week ago I made him up a fun little parcel...
 a Love Monster ..hehe
...filled with lots of red 'love' treats
and a cheesy giant rubber key that tells him he holds the key to our hearts ... hahaha
My paint and craft skills are sorely lacking and I actually think the one I saw on pinterest made by a 4 year old looks better than my attempt :) But even though I'm sure Jacob may be rolling his eyes at my embarrassing efforts I know he would prefer a love monster to a stuffed heart .. hehe   I also know that the parcel arrived a few days early and that despite specific instructions not to open until today ... well lets just say there's probably a Love Monster with an empty rumbly tummy! As it should be :)

I've managed a few small little finishes to add to my Valentine's corner...
 I just need to stuff this, I'll probably snip some wool scraps, I do like that soft lumpy feeling wool scrap stuffing gives ... and I only use my reeeeaally scrappy bits, nothing bigger than a thumb print ...hehehe  I wasn't quite sure about this cross stitch heart, (a freebie from Pinterest ...sorry can't remember who) but it's growing on me, I backed it with some pretty red velvet that has been in my stash for too many years and has started to age all on its own..haha

These two smaller pieces are from patterns by...Shelly Auen of 'Primitive Stitchin',  Valentine Pillow Tucks: Hearts Unite and Love Blooms
(ooops sorry I can't get the  photo load right way up!) Again I still need to stuff the pillow tuck one.  I wasn't sure about the couple, I had to tweak around the thread colours a bit to get it to be a little bit brighter as I felt  the original colours were a little too dull for my taste. ( Now they look tooo bright in the photo ..hehehe)  But I'm really quite chuffed with how the little pouch turned out, it has a rich red woolly backing and red check lining,with some old red buttons at the sides. I just want to add some buttons to the bottom, not sure whether to add red on white ones?

Now I really need to go enjoy my romantic child free Valentines weekend with hubby ...we may not get another one for another 20 years ...hahaha   Also I can hear a lot of munching going on ... I need to go rescue some of those chocolates before hubby finishes them all! :)

Valentines Love
Wendy x x x

Monday, 9 February 2015 favourite month..

...and not just because it is my birthday month either, although it does help...hehe    I like it because it's short and sweet and filled not only with my beloved Snowmen but also my Valentine hearts :) ...oooh ok it is mostly because it's my birthday month and I might just get away with  a few more visits from the Mr postman ;)
I have my little Valentine corner all loved-up...
It kinda looks a bit dull here I think ...? It does look prettier on an evening with the twinkly lights on. ..maybe displays of love are only meant to look good in candlelight ..haha.  I have one or two small heart projects that I'm close to finishing, that might help, but I think I need a little red woolly penny rug to lift the look...hmmmm ... I will have to rummage around in my woolly stash :)

Jacob is still having fun in Madrid, he was excited to be going to the Bernabau Stadium where Real Madrid play last week...and he received his football boots and chocolate OK. Phew...I'm of the hook :) Abigael is plodding away on her final few month's at University (can't believe that 3 years has passed sooooooo quickly!) My Angels are adapting to the changes at home with Jacob gone, Mim is still a tad clingy, especially at bedtime for some reason. And whilst little Esther may not appear to be overly concerned, her seizure activity has increased and she's chewing her fingers which is an indication that she is struggling with the change too :( It takes awhile for new routines to be established so we're not worrying too much about things yet ... and there's always Chocolate for us girlie's ;)

 I on the other hand have been coping well, in my very own special way... ;) Whilst I still have the odd boohoo day and may shed  a sorrowful, miss-my-boy tear here and there, I feel a little bit more settled with myself and I didn't cry once in the supermarket this week! Hahaha   So...  not only have I been maintaining my exceedingly high levels of chocolate consumption ... Cadbury's are currently experiencing excellent sales in the Northwest ... haha.  A little visit from Mr Postman was required to ensure that we all benefit from a  happy and tear-free mummy, we all know that a happy mummy means a happy home!! :) 
Soooo bearing that in mind, how could I not offer a warm welcome to these lovely little chaps..
The small red and green snow buddies were all in the reduced/sale section and just seemed to call out to me...I couldn't not buy just one...had to have them all.! ;)

These two fat snowmen actually came in the perfect sized box to be able to fit into a small postage bag that I can use to send goodies to Jacob ... it must have been meant to be..hehe

The naughtiness continued with a trip to the Olde Mill where I found more treasures :)
Loved the blue stripey jug, not sure what I'll do with it but it has a really comfortable feel to it ..hehe, and I'm always a pushover for wooden spoons and spools. I did get a teensy bit excited when I found the old flour sifter, not sure if it really is vintage or antique but I loved it as soon as I saw it and couldn't grab it quick enough with my grabby little fingers!

My next treasure is very special and sentimental to me and I have literally been wishing for it for years and years...
This is my Grandma's baking/mixing spoon...I have grown up watching my Grandma use it to measure ingredients to make all my favourite childhood cakes and treats, lemon tarts, almond tarts, fairy and butterfly cakes and not to forget Grandma's famous meat and potato pie and good ole traditional Yorkshire puddings with the obligatory rich onion gravy...Mmmm yummy memories :) After my Grandma died the spoon was passed down to my Mum who continued its culinary delights with fluffy dumplings, Scarborough pudding, Apple pies and Bramble Berry pies. This spoon has seen a lot of use in our families kitchens. I have loved this spoon forever  :)   Soooo here comes the naughty, sneaky and down right wicked bit .... You knew there was going to be a naughty bit ...right? :)  I'm not actually a brilliant baker/cook like my Grandma and Mum, my sister is,  but ... I LOVE this spoon and really really reeeaally want it...and ...this is the wicked bit  :(      My sister has recently returned to the UK after living in the U.S. for the last 10-11 years, she's come back under sad circumstances and literally has nothing but her children and a couple of suitcases of clothes and toys to call her own  :(  Soooo I'd been helping my Mum, who doesn't do as much baking anymore, go through her kitchen putting aside items she thought my sister might need and could use ...pots, pans, bowls, jugs etc ... but then... my Mum put the spoon aside for my sister !!! (You know what's coming don't you!? I told you it was reeeaally wicked!!) Yes, I did! I did sit patiently, plotting and planning and waiting for an opportunity to purposefully and sneakily slip the spoon into my bag  when Mum wasn't looking! Yes, I nabbed it before my sister, who literally has nothing, could have it! Yes, I'm a wicked daughter and sister and Yes (hangs head in shame) there was/is an evil part of me that is cheering gleefully and doing a wicked happy dance inside because..  I got the spoon!!!  I would like to say that I came clean and confessed my thievery to my Mum straight away .... Mum I nicked Grandma's baking spoon ... would that count!? No, I didn't think so :(  ... I was tempted to keep schtummm see whether anyone noticed the missing spoon is possible they have more important matters at hand than a spoon!   I would always have said that I was an honest and true person...but I think I may have met my downfall in the possession/obsession of the spoon... I did feel awfully guilty, for the 10 minutes that the spoon resided in my bag before I confessed my wicked deed to my Mum. And I did squirm and fidget in a manner more fitting to that of a naughty two year old. But I was soooo anxious that I'd have to give the spoon back that I couldn't quite loosen my death grip on it as showed it to my Mum ... definitely two year old behaviour, certainly not that of a supposedly responsible middle aged woman!  What did my Mum do? Well naturally she laughed at me, called me a cheeky little bugger (affectionate Yorkshire saying...not swearing ...can't afford to add that to my list of wicked vices!) and then my lovely Mum told me that if it meant soooo much to me then truly the spoon already belonged to me!! LOVE MY MUM!! :)) And in the cause of peaceful relations with my sister, my Mum promised to never ever mention the despicable theft of Grandma's spoon again ... although she has given me the odd smile or two this last week or so whenever anyone has asked for a spoon! (In an act of  penitence to  my unsuspecting sister I bought her a nice set of American measuring cups and spoons ..she prefers baking with them anyway!)  I know I've said this before ...  but I am soooo not getting into Heaven when I die!!
All that drama for a spoon... bet you wished you lived my life!!??  ;)) hehehe

Hugs Wendy xxx