Friday, 30 January 2015

And breathe in ....

.. and now breathe out  ..   I feel like I've been holding my breath for the last 9 days, trying to be patient whilst we wait to hear from Jacob. I've not being tooo successful with more than a few little tears shed along the way... patience is obviously not my greatest virtue ;)  Each week the young men and women get an allotted time during their P(preparation) Day to use the Internet to email their families, there's currently 50 new missionaries in the Madrid MTC, that's a lot of planning and organising of computer time :) But finally yesterday I just happened to be close by the computer, when the longed for email arrived (OK I admit to having been literally camped out most  of the time next to the computer waiting ... hehehe .. you can't blame me!)  But I can happily report that the pity-party tears have ended  and have been replaced by tears of relief and comfort. It was sooooooo good to hear from my boy, and he is still my boy look at this snippet from his email that he wrote.......

"""The MTC is really good,  The food is really  good, the  teachers are really nice, the president and his wife (the couple that 'look after' all those 50 young people!)are  great.  A lot has happened here, on Saturday all  the MTC missionaries went to the  big park in Madrid. We would start on  the metro talking to people  then  when we got there we went around the park talking to  anyone  and everyone. (practising their Spanish) And guess what, (can you feel his excitement!?) we  play football  almost every day, so this bit is very  important I NEED YOU TO SEND  OVER MY BLACK AND RED NIKE  FOOTBALL TRAINERS. Not the Adidas boots  just the Nike  trainers that have KIRBY on them. Because Ive not been  able  to play properly because I only have my running trainers.(got his priorities right ..ahhemm!)  
 know that I love you all lots and that when I´m   not super busy I´m thinking of you. (Gee thanks!! ;) Lots of love .  xxx """

 I especially love the very important part in BLOCK CAPITALS and the when he's not super busy he's thinking of us!! hahaha That's my blue-eyed boy! Perfect! Warms this Mummy's heart :)

I really do feel like I can breath again now :)  I have tried hard to distract myself ... the house is sooooooo tidy it is practically disgraceful ;) I even sunk sooooooo low in self pity that I not only emptied and cleaned the fridge inside and out, I also ... gasp .. straightened and organised my food cupboards, I rotated all the tins and pasta packets ... shocking, I know!!  I will try to enjoy it's new spruced-up-ness ... it will most likely be short lived and we should be back to our usual cluttered mayhem within a day or so. I hope so anyway as it's a little bit scary, kinda like living in someone else's home ... I need my clutter! :)

So as I cleaned up  I also cluttered up the kitchen window a teensy bit with some more Snowmen :)...

Housework can thankfully only distract you for soooo long :) I have been able to slip some stitches here and there and have even managed a few little finishes ....
A little primitive woolly Snowman runner and couple of small bowl fillers,
 A snowy winter cross stitch woolly pillow with woolly tongues and buttons. As seems to be my speciality, I stitched this last year and finished it this year! :)    I apologise too, I am very remiss with not sharing details of the names of designers ... I mean no disrespect but in my fraught period of distracted housework, I've tidied the patterns away and can't find them anywhere ... Housework's so darn inconsiderate! ;)
A woolly snowman that I'm kind of making up as I go along..
He's just patched up from left over background  pieces and wool scraps. I've not quite got his final finished 'picture' in my head,  I'm thinking his body is tooo snowball-y round, I think I should have overlapped his snowballs a little bit.  I may need to work on him a bit more  to get him just right, maybe add some twiggy arms and a star or something :)

What I really need to do is sit down and finish this lovely project, another one I think I started last year ...Oooh or even the year before! hahaha
It shouldn't take long I just need to get 'err dun' :) it will keep me busy during any mournful moments that might try to sneak up on me ...or worse still, housework inclinations!!! ... it could be the dreaded dusting next ...yikes!! :))
Wish me luck!

Hugs Wendy x x

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Today.. feels a teensy bit surreal.. Today was the day we've been waiting for for sooo long but dreading at the same time... Today was Jacob's day. Today we were up before the break of dawn to send Jacob on his way to his big adventure in Madrid Spain.  Everyone was up, dressed and sitting in the car ready to go exactly as scheduled :) After a fairly uneventful (well... apart from some dodgy, tooo early in the morning, sing-alongs to some music on the radio... hehe) but a thankfully safe drive to Manchester Airport despite freezing weather conditions and scary black ice on the roads. And before the birds were out of their nests tweeting and freezing their feathers off, we were booking Jacob in at the Airline desk, with a very nice lady who allowed us our excess of 2.2kg luggage weight free of charge (it was seriously scary moment, not because of the fees involved, but ... because does it mean that our home scales are out by 2.2kg ? ... Am I actually 2.2kg heavier than I think ... perish the thought .... seriously that was all I could think of when she said our suitcase was heavier than the 23kg it should have been ... it was 23kg when we weighed it at home, somehow on the journey it gained weight! Does that happen to me too? hahaa)

Anyways, we didn't have too long to say our goodbyes, hugs and kisses and surprisingly dry eyes ... it'll come later, I'm always late! And we were waving our boy off and watching him walk away. The Angels were soooo good, partly because it was so early, partly because it was different enough to their usual routine that they were all eyes, watching everything around them, but mostly because they are perfect little Angels :)  Disappointingly you don't seem to be allowed through to 'Departures' unless you are boarding a flight and there was nowhere to stand and watch the airplanes so our sad little company made our way back to the car and drove home :( It did feel like a bit of an anticlimax, not like in the films waving loved ones off. Once home again I've spent the morning (after getting the Angels ready and off to school) watching Airport flight schedules trying to work out where Jacob is and how far along his journey he is. By now he should be safely at the Madrid MTC hopefully settling in and meeting everyone ... hope he has unpacked his second suit out of his case to stop it getting too creased ;) I'm sat anxiously waiting on a phone call, a text or Email to let me know he's arrived safely ... he's 18 years old, I think I might be waiting awhile! :) I do have contact numbers to ring but I don't want to embarrass him on his first day with a phone call from his Mum!! haha   I'll have to be patient and let him enjoy his adventure. I'm getting the definite feeling that no matter how old and brave and adventurous our children get, they are still our babies and the worry is always going to be there :))
I am most definitely pooped out ... and I'm not the one having the adventure :)  I've let everyone know that this is my-pity-party week, I will allow myself a teensy bit of wallowing and hide out and rest, tidy and organise the house etc.. and just get used to my new routine with both Abi and Jake now gone. Our little home feels big and a bit empty, now that we're down to just the 4 of us :(
 Oooh well to distract me from starting to wallow straight away,  here are some photos of our preparations...
Shirts ironed and pressed ready to be squashed into the suitcase and most likely creased again, but at least I'll have the satisfaction of knowing that they were at least ironed properly once over the next 2 years! :)
The suitcase that gained weight in the car! And do we spy someone's football kit to one side? thinks someone is up to mischief.. hope Rio Madrid FC isn't planning on signing any new players...hehe
Jacobs sweatshirt that he's very proud of , the front..
and back! :)
The cake!! Oh My Goodness ..what a cake! A gorgeous scrummy chocolate fudge cake, decorated with the Spanish flag around the bottom and as a shirt and tie with missionary badge on top. Despite, it being a HUGE cake, there's not much left, everyone was having seconds ...and thirds :)
Jacob, walking through to the 'Departure Gate', the last we'll see of him for awhile :(  We kind of spoilt his sophisticated all grown-up look by making him carry a pink spotted gift bag (his MTC Survival Kit ...lots and lots of chocolate!) He looked so smart, tall and handsome, definitely all  grown-up. Soooo proud of our lovely son
And then when I've been trying to keep myself busy and distracted at home, down the side of the sofa I find a little reminder and take a . Moment to smile at two of his favorite things, his Converse's and his football (the monkey isn't Jakes, that was just Mim throwing it at me..haha) aaaww it's kind of like he's left his youth at home and gone out into the world to be a man :) .. Naaaah! He'll be back for his football! ..hehe  He's still and always will be my blue-eyed-boy....Ooooh now I'm filling up, best go find some chocolate to keep me company at my pity-party x x x

Ooooh, in all the time it's taken me to write and upload photos I almost missed Jake's e-mail, he's arrived in Madrid, is at the MTC and says everything went well with his flights and he is safe and well and loves us lots...what more can a Mum wish for? ..definitely need the chocolates and tissues now! :)

Love Wendy x x

Wednesday, 14 January 2015


 ... can't you switch off your brain when your body is sooooooo tired that it can't stand up straight and you really, really want to go to sleep?? It's age isn't it? ... I'm finally getting old ... hooray! ;-) I soooo want to get older and retire .. as if that's ever going to happen ... haha    Actually, I suspect  my over active brain is more a result of all those lists of thing's to do before Jake leaves that I have rattling around in my head (5 days before we make that drive to the airport!) I keep thinking we've ticked everything of the list then we'll think of something else or some well meaning friend recommends a specific needful item for living in Madrid ... my list is just getting longer and longer ... soon that suitcase is going to need an extra pair of hands to pull it ... now there's a thought .. hehe

I have been making the best use of my last weeks with Jacob, in-between playing lots of card games and board games and eating lots of rubbish ... because we won't be able to do it for two whole years !!(Jacob is making the most of every opportunity to guilt me into having his own way, hehe .. it's OK it's not naughty of him when I know he's doing it ;) besides, I punish him with extra hugs and kisses, enough to last me two year's .. haha)   I've ruthlessly used him to help store all the Christmas decorations up in the loft (its a tight squeeze for his broad shoulders up there, he might get stuck and have to stay there for ... ooooh at least 2 years!) and whilst he was stuck I also got him to help me get the Snowmen out ... :) He can't miss the Snowmen ;)

I added a few trees to the top of the olde dresser this year as it looked a bit bare ... and a little crocheted snowflake garland ..

The Piano in all it's Snowman glory :)...

For some reason I'm quite taken with this solitary glitter snowball with these pine cones ...

I finally got my 'Warm Winter Woolens'  cross stitch framed and it sits proudly on the fireplace mantel ... there's no glass in the frame ... that's just pushing the danger levels tooo far with Angel fingers getting into everything :)

A few new friends...
Haven't quite got as many Jim Shore Snowmen as I do Santa's..hehe

Aaaaaalsooo...found this little treasure on you know where (eBay!)...
cute, huh?!.. Its label says it was handcrafted in South Africa .. wouldn't have thought they got much snow there ..hehe ;) but he is very sweet.

There's not been too much time for sewing,  I've placed a few little cross stitches here and there on a "with thy needle and thread" Christmas piece that I started in December but it's slow going :(
I have finished some small Santa wool applique's....

and some woolly 'hang the stockings', a kit from years ago, not even sure from where and when I bought it, its that old! ... can you see my 'help' from Mim ...teensy little snips at the edges ... not toooo worried by them, once I've finished it you won't be able to see anything :)

I have made myself a, small pouch for my Kindle as it's cover was starting to get grubby...
Not my usual fabric choices, I was just practicing on some left over scraps from a bag I made for Abigael a few years ago and I quite liked it so kept the practice piece :)

My one and only quilty bit of shopping for the New Year...
Two packs, of layer cakes...  "Holly Wishes"   by Kansas Troubles Quilters ... lovely yummy colors,    I'm seeing a lovely big flying geese quilt (a simple design I saw in pinterest) whether I actually ever see a real life quilt an not these two lovely packets remains to be seen ...haha

Well, my boy is calling me for another game of monopoly, need to go whoop him ...again... hehehe there's a tube of Pringle's at stake for a prize ... I might let him win ... I have another secret tube in the cupboard ...hehehe

With Love   Wendy x x

Thursday, 1 January 2015

An End and a Beginning ...

A New Year of course, following on from a very Happy and fun filled Christmas :) As 2015 starts I'm still snuggled up in a warm cosy bed with a little Angel who is fast asleep recovering from midnight adventures giggling and shivering on Ilkley Moor in Yorkshire as we wiggled our sparklers to welcome in the New Year!! We had met up with hubby s extended family in Leeds earlier in the evening for family madness then made our escape for one last mad-capped adventure .. hope we didn't raise too many eyebrows up on the Moor ... hehe   Then to warm up lots of singing and dancing in our seats to the radio on the drive home. Silly fun but that's the way we like it :)

We've been very fortunate to have had such wonderful year, I truly can't remember anything that has made me sad, I'm sure that there were moments, but how lovely that I can't remember them! Haha That's how it should be, the good times outshining the bad so that we don't think of them. I'm so very grateful that we have gained such a lovely new son in law, Nathan feels so much a part of our little family that I can't think how it would be if he wasn't here. My beautiful Abigael has found some one who will love and treasure her as she rightly deserves ... well he'd better... hehe ;)   And as my blue eyed boy prepares for the start of his own adventure (19 days to go...sob!) Jacob with his calm and chilled confidence fills me with courage that at least one of us is up to the challenge :)   I feel like we are on the precipice of a very new beginning, just hubby and I and our Angels at home now ... I'm going to have to make sure that I remember to lock the kitchen door behind me now..haha   I will have to be Mrs Super Organised :) We'll never be quite Empty Nester's with our Angels, but with Abi now married and Jake soon leaving this is probably as close to an empty nest as I will get,  I will miss my wonderful children who have shared the blessing and challenge of having Angels in our hearts, it does feel a teensy bit scary ... but I do also think that my Angels are my saving grace, they keep me too busy to have toooo much time to think and before I know it my boy will be hopefully home :)

Sooooooo right now I'm thinking can I sneak out from beneath Angel snuggles and get something to eat...cause I'm starving! ...back soon...

Oooooh I'm back a bit later than expected, there was no sneaking away from Angels :) But with a full tummy full of Roast Duck with Morrello cherry sauce (Delia Smith would be proud!) I'm settled and ready to resume :)

Amid all the seasonal jollity's I managed to finish a few more stitches...
These have all been in my basket since last year, they just needed finishing, a bit of wool, buttons, lace and some bells and voila! I stuffed them with woolly clippings which gives them a lovely soft chunky feel ...very pleased with myself I am :)  haha
I also .....alsooooo...
I actually started and almost finished a project out of a new magazine ... new as in delivered within the last week ..hehe  :)  (I discovered 'Simply Vintage' magazines last year and luuurrrvve them) This was a lovely easy stitch and I'll probably finish it the same way as my cross stitch ones with a woolly stuffing and some buttons :)

I was blessed to receive some lovely gifts this year from my wonderful family ...
The lovely basket full of kleenex tissues was Jacobs thoughtful gift ...hahaha... guess he's expecting tears in a couple of weeks  :(  Abi and Nathan rummaged around antique stalls and eBay and found new treasures like the lovely blue tin milk pail, Gingerbread candles, tootsie rolls and a beautiful new Yoshi handbag and lots more ... all wonderful treats. 
But our main gift this year was a 'Family Ooom' gift...
Can you see the fingerprints already?.. haha .. I'm hoping that now it is complete, we have hopefully   now created, with the little 'Ooom', another area to allow the Angels more wandering rights without causing toooo much mayhem :) I'm pleased with it , and we can enjoy it for the next two years whilst Jacob is away ...although by then I may have trouble surrendering it back to him if he wants a bigger bedroom ... Lol! 
I think final thoughts and happy memories for this Christmas season that need to  be remembered are ... Grandma and Grandad having a 'snowball' fight with marshmallow treats out of their stockings ...Grandma was definitely aiming for Grandad! :) Mim sharing lots of snuggles with, Daddy, Grandad, Uncle Joe, Jacob and Nathan ... she definitely had some kind of 'man-love' going on ..hehehe  Esther sat quietly on her own in the little Ooom looking at her new picture books. Mim showing everyone how to play the 'after-eight mint' game properly, none of this silly wiggling it down your face into your mouth without using your hands ...just put it straight in, and enjoy, without all the messing around, the rolling eyes  'look' she gave everyone ...hahaha ... caused lots of laughs that one :) Then all the shivering and giggles with our sparklers on Ilkey Moor ... lots of wonderful treasured moments to keep forever. Now its time to start making more treasured memories for the New Year ahead, starting with the wonderful swallow-you-up yawns Mim is sharing with us all now ... could be time for bed soon! :))
Wishing a wonderful, exciting New Year to all our loved family and friends

New Years Hugs 
Wendy x x