Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dear Santa I've been good.....ish

Soooo my new working theory is that if I confess on Christmas Eve, hopefully Santa  and his Elves are too busy to notice or they notch up my very teensy weensy misdemeanour as a little blooper and over look it this one time ... basically I'm hoping that I'm still on the nice list ;)
Sooooo confessions to Santa ....
Had to have this sweet new Ooak Santa, it would have caused me incredible emotional distress not to have 'won' him ...hehe And he is lovely and looks sooooooo good with my other Ooak Santa's :) would have been a crime not to! Haha
A few little 'just in case' purchases from a week or so ago when I may have strongly encouraged Jacob to go to Chester for the day  ... I did buy him a hot dog at one of the Christmas market stalls ... I did not buy his silence with a very nice silk tie to take to Madrid ... it was a little gift from an adoring Mother to her darling son!

Two little new acquisitions to my Jim Shore collection...
I have just realised that I miss counted my Santa's and I actually have more Santa's than years hubby and I have been married ...Oooh well, cest la vie, as the French say...hehe

This sweet looty bag (s) came from when Hubby and I had a day out to York on the last day of school. I was a very devoted and caring wife and happily allowed hubs to walk around the historical walls whilst I occupied myself wandering around all the lovely little winding streets of York city ... I have shorter  legs than hubby, I would only have slowed him down :) And, yes, I did manage to get all that stuff in those two little bags :)

Last confession ... I think ;)  ... just a quick visit to the Olde Mill and some new treasures found their way into my shopping basket...

How could I not buy that lovely 'vintage pastry cooks flour sieve' (that's what it said on the label, could just as easily be a gardener's sifter too, although it is very clean so maybe not) And the iron key, silver salter (and it's real with silver stamps etc.. and only £1:50!) Loved the wee little wooden bobbins and the crocheted doily is just a lovely shape ... how could I not add them all to my basket?Besides, Abi was with me when I went and she encouraged me!

But by far my bestest treasures this year...
Are from my gorgeous little Angels and all their handmade goodies from school :) and they were free! Hahaha Can you see the little gingerbread man card? Even their teachers know me well! :))

Sooooooo do we think Santa will forgive me? I should get bonus forgiveness points for not placing any woolly-love orders ... I reeeaally wanted to but the import charges are so high and that man who grabs the parcels is very keen, I decided to be good and not even look lest I be tempted :) hehehe

Well it's Christmas Eve, I still have lots of wrapping to do ... I may have to work harder than Santa's Elves :)  I wish us all a happy and peaceful Christmastime, I'll be back soon to let you know how I got on with the man in red ;)

Mistletoe kisses
Wendy x x x

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

We've got that tingly excited feeling....

..because we're all excited about Christmas :) We've got all our decorations up and it's all twinkling fairy lights and happy Christmas snuggles on the sofa with the odd Christmas tree dropping on your head when you least expect it! When we have two little Angels home for the school Christmas holidays, why you wouldn't expect a tree to drop on your head I don't know!! Hahaha   Hubby has secured it now but it doesn't stop the little munchkins from having a sneaky tug or two:) In fact it is sooooooo secure that it is likely that it could still be up for next year too.
I think that I've just about finished all the gift purchasing for this year, I may have missed one or two little bits and bots but I don't think I can face going out shopping again! So that's it, I'm done ;)

Here are a few little Christmassy nooks and corners from around our home ....

My lovely collection of Jim Shore Santa's, I now have one for every year that hubby and I have been married :) I keep telling Abi and Jake that they have to treasure my Santa's... it's their inheritance...haha

I love all  my Ooak Santa's too, up on top of the old dresser...
Then there's my Nativities, I'm still trying to make use of all those glass cloches I got for Abi's wedding so nativities under cloches it was :) ...

 Somehow I've lost the tip of a tree on this one :(

That's rain outside, not mucky windows! haha
But I think my favourite little corner this year is....
It's just a simple little tree, perched on top of some old vintage suitcases ( again from the wedding) with my "angels gather here" sign and a small prim wooden nativity, simple but very calming and  soothing somehow :)
It's in our new 'little room' ...
it was Jake's old downstairs bedroom which we commandeered to create another living space ... Jake does have a bedroom, we moved him upstairs into Abi's old room :) if I remember correctly she got married and left home! ;)

I've been working on emptying my sewing basket of a few more little stitches that have been in need of finishing...
Two woolly Santa pillows ... sitting on the piano ... of course ;)
And three small Santa bowl fillers...
I even managed to put the final stitches in this cross-stitch project by ' Blackbird Designs'...
"A house without a mouse" all stitched in DMC 310 Black, which I have decided is just as hard to stitch with as all white...hahaha   I'm glad this one is finished, well stitch-finished, I still have to decide whether to frame it or make it into another dreaded pillow for on top of the piano...hehe :)
I have a few more sneaky bits to share from some naughtiness but I'll leave that for tomorrow ... maybe ... you can't get in trouble for being naughty on Christmas Eve ... the Elves are too busy packing Santa's sack and sleigh to note down any naughtiness so you're still guaranteed to be on the good list ;) ...I hope!

Well I think it's time to snuggle with an Angel and watch  a Christmas film on TV, just to keep that tingly, excited feeling and maybe I'll see if I can secretly get away with nibbling the chocolates I've just spotted in my lucky am I feeling? :)
Christmas hugs
Wendy x x x

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How to pick a Christmas Tree ....

Usually picking the Christmas Tree is my job simply because I'm picky, and fussy and just terrible at choosing, so much so that no-one wants to go with me to pick the Tree, I usually have to bribe and coerce someone into coming with me :) This year we made the momentous decision to chop down Angel Esther's Christmas Tree in the garden! When Esther first started at Mayfield Special School almost 14 years ago, her very first Class Christmas Trip was to a local garden center to look at all the sparkly lights and of course visit Father Christmas, as the children left, the garden center owner gifted each little child (a class of  2-4 year old button nosed special Angels!) a small Christmas Tree seedling plant, barely visible above the plant pot. Somehow we managed to love and nurture our tree and its been steadily growing over the last 14 years :)  With this being a special Christmas, with newly weds celebrating and a dear son leaving for adventures in Madrid (34 days to go! Eeeaaakk!!)in the New Year ... and a mahoooosive Tree in the back garden ;) We decided this was the year for Esther's Tree to take center stage!

Soooooo begins the task of chopping down a Christmas tree .... Lots of pictures to follow ..hehehe...
Firstly ..THE Tree ...
 Tucked in the corner at the very back of the garden, quietly growing away ... when suddenly one cold and very bright wintery morning the poor Tree is suddenly faced with....
 An 18 year old young man (BOY!!!) with a hand saw ( I wouldn't let him have the axe ... it was too rusty anyways and I didn't want to be spending his last few weeks having tetnas jabs for  rusty infected wotnot  thingybobs!....)
Next we have the TWO men with saws contemplating how to chop down the tree! Like you do...there always needs to be contemplation of the job in hand ...hehehe
 Then we loose a man underneath the branches, but fortunately because he's wearing a bright red jacket, Emergency Services ...should they need to be called , remembering saws are involved!!... should be able to spot him easily enough and rescue him :)
 There's a fair bit of sawing, a bit of wobbling and absolutely no cursing, grumbling, complaining or anything untoward, other that the sweet sound of harmonious voices rejoicing in the task at hand!!...
 Then we reached a particularly joyful, musical and extremely verbose point in Hubby's contemplation of the mornings proceedings ... (his saw was blunt!!)  Where it became apparent that just pure brute strength, and tugging with all your might was going to be  required ...
 Before...we can holler "Tiiiiiiiimmmmbbeeeeeerrrr" ...  the Tree is down! :)
 Oooooh looking good laid out on the patio :)
 How tall did you say it was ?? I thought we had a nice 6 footer ...Hubby assures me he's the only 6 footer here and the tree is probably close to 14 foot high!!! Son is close to 6 foot but just a slither off ...had to write that as he's very keen to be the same height as his Dad ...maybe all that sunshine in Madrid will help ...hehehe
 Ooops! Maybe we should have chopped it down last year ...hehehe
Sooooo Hubby gets right back to it chopping down our beautiful tree to actually get it in the house...
 Taaaadaaaah!!!... Its in! (well 1/2 of it is 'in' the other 1/2 is 'in' the sand pit outside!) Hubby says we probably should have cut it down a year or two ago as it must have being damaged at some point, probably by the weather as its a bit spindly on top and has actually split into two ...he did use very technical horticultural language but I didn't really understand him ...hehehe...  Not to worry, we LOVE Angel Esther's Christmas Tree ...
 And it looks even better decorated and twinkly with lots of lights! :)
You'll be glad to know that I managed to convince the menfolk (BOYS!!) to carefully and safely put their saws away and to not pretend they were black belted martial arts ninjas!!!  sigh.... :) I'm not sure who enjoyed 'picking' the Christmas tree the most this year ... me or the saw wielding menfolk!
With our tree up, I think I can safely say we are all decorated for the Christmas Season, I have more photos of all our decorations but blogger is going slow again so I best not push it ...hehehe
 I'm going to go and enjoy watching my Angels getting all excited over the tree and keep my fingers crossed that its not down before bedtime ...because I'm not so sure Hubby is tooooo keen to get involved with any more Christmas Tree shenanigans ...hahahaha
Hugs Wendy x x

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hadrain's Wall Adventure!

I thought I best try uploading our photos from our mini overnight adventure up along Hadrian's Wall. We had fun despite the cold ... November probably isn't the best time of year to be traipsing around the wilds of Northumberland  :)  We did have lots of fun sharing laughter and giggles even if we were shivering a lot of the time ... hehehe  Sadly, I think it may be our last adventure with Jacob for a few years whilst he's away in Madrid, I really hope we might be able to do something before the end of this month, but with lots still to do to get him ready to leave I'm not sure :(
Anyways, here are some photos from Hadrian's Wall ... ""Hadrian's Wall was a Roman frontier built in the years AD 122-30 by order of the Emperor Hadrian. It was 73 miles long and ran from Wallsend-on-Tyne in the east to Bowness on the Solway Firth in the west."" (I pinched that bit from google...hehehe) We drove along the A69 and the B6318 ... from Carlilse and stayed at the Once Brewed Youth Hostel at Bardon Mill our adventures base ;)   All along the B6318, which is a typical very straight and direct Roman road are footpaths and walks to explore. We decided to explore a route near Steel Rigg, the Milecastle on Hadrian's Wall near Cragg Lough, also it was the closest walk/hike to the Youth Hostel ...and I'm glad we did as it got very dark very soon!
Our intended walk... right over there to the water.. Cragg Lough..
Getting close... can you see those teensy people at the top ...soon to be us!
 Start of the 'path' going up! It looks quite an easy traipse at this point... not for long!
 Halfway up and already the light is starting to fade... a steeper and rockier climb now, the kind that makes you wish you were a billy goat with all the clambering over lumpy-bumpy rocks :)
At the top of the stoney path looking back down... I was tooo scared to get too close to the edge so this photo doesn't really have the vertiginous feel I had looking back down! hehehe
but still a ways to go yet.... at least it looks easier going and the Wall is in sight :)
And somehow I'm always the one at the very back ..even without the Angels ... I think it's something to do with my short legs not walking as fast as their long ones! :)...
 We finally get to the highest point looking down onto the water and its tooo dark to see anything, this is taken with my flash and only manages to show a nice bit of wall lit up ..hehehe...
Once we got to the top, it was dark enough that Hubby very sensibly decided we shouldn't go any further with the light failing, so this was as close to the water as we got that day, and once you're up here, there's only one thing left to do ... and that's go right  back down as carefully as you can in the darkening light. And it did get dark very quickly, the stars were just beautiful but not quite bright enough to light our way down that steep stoney path so it was slow going for the short legged one ... me!

Once back at the Youth Hostel with not a lot to do for the rest of the evening (it was only about 5:30pm) we decided to party it up a bit and drive into Carlisle and go to the cinema, that went down very well with the gadget and wifi denied young adults ;) as well as the popcorn and ice drinks (slurpy something or other) After the cinema we pushed things up a notch ;) and went to the local supermarket to buy some nibbles for our Hot Chocolate back at the Youth Hostel, (yeah, we know how to live it up!) where we fortunately arrived back in time for Football's 'Match of the Day' TV programme... lucky that!! Good job I'd brought some hand sewing ... and a book! :)

After a surprisingly warm and snuggly nights sleep in our bunk beds we said goodbye to the old and somewhat worn but warm Youth Hostel and headed out for a bit more traipsing ... in the daylight this time ...hehehe   We found a walk/footpath just a little bit further down the long Roman road near Brampton  and enjoyed some beautiful views of Northumberland's rugged wildness...

Gorgeous scenery..
A few rocks to clamber over...

And the Wall going on and on...
and on.....

We didn't attempt the full 73 miles :)) But it was beautiful out there, very peaceful and 'at one with nature' and the immensity of the wonder at imaging that you really are on the frontier of the Roman Empire actually experiencing real and spectacular history was breathtaking (that was me not google ...hehehe)
We also stopped off at Thirlwall Castle and had a bit of an explore around its ruins {sadly, no more photo's as blogger is not playing now and won't let me upload anymore}  Sometimes I think the 'kids' have more fun playing and exploring now as young adults as they did when they were pre-teens, and as they are all adults I don't have to worry so much about them getting up to mischief ...well that's not really true , I do worry and they do get up to mischief! Haha  After a long cold day exploring and adventurising we made our way back home to Lancashire and a warm meal ...and funnily enough another Football Scores Show on TV!! Wonders of the World will never cease! ;) hahaha
Hugs Wendy x x

Monday, 1 December 2014

Ever wondered what Angels eat for breakfast ....??

... you may possibly have experience of pure delightful Angelic harp playing Angels ... I on the other had only have experiences with mischievous, conniving and down right sneaky Angels!! Shall I share an example? Ooooh how about getting ready for school this morning ? ...  Are you sitting comfortably, then I'll begin :)  
The darling dawn chorus of sweet alarm bells wakes us from our sweet fluffy dreams, Angel Esther arises first and is invited to shower and wash whilst Angel Miriam remains steadfastly 'not-budging-no-matter-how-much-you-want-me-to' from underneath her snuggly warm duvet ... no worries there, kind of makes showering Angel Esther easier :) Showering goes well, move into the family room to dry and dress, still no sign of Angel Mim, nothing unusual there, she will stay in bed for as long as possible on a morning (getting her into bed and to sleep at night-time is the major problem ...hahaha) Downstairs it feels a little bit cold in the family room, has the heating not come on? Angel Esther dressed and ready,  run back upstairs for Angel Mim ... Uh Oh ... NO Angel Mim under the duvet, or in the bedroom or even upstairs ... mini mummy panic moment... Running downstairs, front door definitely locked, kitchen door locked, Quiet room locked , new Little room /Jakes old bedroom ...locked .... All doors safely locked ... Where is the little munchkin?? Into the family room and now Angel Esther has disappeared! Panicking a fair bit the pit of your stomach has fallen away .... until ... Why are the patio curtains fluttering?? Because someone has opened the doors!!!  Found!! One escaped Angel Esther making her way cautiously round the back garden patio towards the back kitchen door .... Spotted ... through the kitchen window!!  One B****y Cheeky little B****r {Ooops, see below} Angel Miriam Louise KIRBY ... in her P.J's, in my kitchen (my locked kitchen)  stood in front of an open fridge door, eating my saved chocolate trifle pudding right out of the bowl with a great big serving spoon !!! As I raced back around the patio, whilst also trying to gently guide Angel Esther back inside,  through the family room, struggling to unlock the kitchen door ... did she panic and cower in fright? Did she look shamed faced and sorrowful? Did she ever ...NOT ... Noooooooo, my sweet little Angel just carried on trying to cram as much of my chocolate trifle into her already bulging mouth as she possibly could!!  Talk about .... well what is there to talk about ...I have an Angel that likes to eat chocolate trifle for breakfast (my chocolate trifle) and she doesn't care one iota as to whether she should or she shouldn't, one might possible say she is ingenious and clever for a child with an Education Statement for Severe Learning Disabilities. I think she's an alien, swapped at birth for  my own darling baby who was abducted and is now living peacefully in galaxy far far away .... not having eaten my chocolate trifle for breakfast!!  I'm not sure what concerns me most, the thought that Mim  (I'm dropping the Angel bit for I kind of feel it should be more Alien/Demon/Monstrous Mim!) has very calculatingly planned and plotted her assault upon gaining entry to the kitchen, including the very knowing way that she left the patio curtains closed so I couldn't see the doors were open ...buying her more time! I feel quietly unnerved and slightly unbalanced with it all. And worst still is the unadulterated fact that I have NO Chocolate Trifle left for my Breakfast!!!!! This is not how the 1st of December is supposed to start! We should have fluffy slippers, candlelight and children sweetly gathered around Mama's knee as we open our advent calenders and celebrate the joyous season, instead I'm chasing Angels around the house and now being starved of my chocolate trifle! The month had better pick up or else I'm staying in bed and under the duvet! :))

Hugs Wendy x x

Ooooops ... apologies for the choice language earlier ...but my Gran always called me a B****y Cheeky Little B****r, its a Yorkshire term of affection and in no way is meant to cause offence :)
I might add that my Gran always mistakenly called me a BCLB ... I was a perfect little Angel, it was my younger sister that was the troublesome one ... Gran's eyesight wasn't very good!! hahaha ;)