Thursday, 27 November 2014

Busy, busy, busy...

..and sadly not all good busy-ness's, but ... if it doesn't "do fer yer" it can't be all bad  :)
November feels like its not only flown by at lightening speed but also dragged along painfully slowly at times too ...  Lots of hustle and bustle to keep me on my toes, if its not the Son preparing for life in Madrid (54 days to go!)  and some very slight Mummy pangs of 'how can I let him go?', then its oldie troubles with the Grand-Parents in and out of hospital (that darned Gall bladder again, still waiting for it to be whipped out) and so as not to feel left out an Angel goes down too! I know I've said this before but if life's challenges today are a result of a past life lived ...I hope I lived mine good and bad .. 'cause some days I feel like I'm certainly paying my dues ...hahaha ... Grumpy groans over and done with :)

Whilst I may have had to starch my nursing cap quite stiffly this month and the kitchen floor may not have been properly mopped, I have had time to sit and sew whilst poorly person bed-sitting ... sooo its had its perks too! :) Waiting rooms in hospitals can serve a very valuable purpose when you have a needle and thread handy ... stitches were flying here there and everywhere :)...

I finished a little Cross Stitch project that I'd started in the Summer but had wandered away from,
"Louise and Henry" by Little House Needleworks .... very sweet, but the sheep's body was what put me off for awhile ...all those white stitches. Sooo glad I managed to persevere and finish it.  I'm now almost at the end of another Cross Stitch project by Blackbird designs, all in black thread this time ...close to the last few stitches, just slowing down a bit as they are 1 over 1 and they make my eyes go funny ...hahaha
My Wool Basket is almost empty :) these little projects just flew together, very fast and easy to do , perfect for waiting rooms :)
Buttermilk Basin Designs ... "Trio of Halloween Stars" ... Green Star,
 Orange star..
 White Star..
 Loved these sooo much, little pieces in a sandwich zip-lock bag and they are ready and easy to go. I've even managed to sew backings on them to turn and make them into softly stuffed bowl fillers ...although they'll have to wait until next year now to fill a bowl ...hehehe

Also as I was nursing Angel Esther through a bad week of Seizures :(  I managed to finish these two small woolie mats also by Buttermilk basin (I think I got them originally as BOM's from Primitive Gatherings...they've been in my stash awhile ...hehehe)
The big one underneath is another larger woolie pumpkin penny rug that I may possibly get finished soon too! If not its ready to be finished next Autumn ..haha

THEN..... Guess what wonderous, deviousness I discovered ????  My lovely Kindle that my Mum and Dad spoilt me with earlier this year, not only allows me to read books and browse Pinterest, Blogland etc... but I made the amazing discovery that I can SHOP on it too!!!! (I knew I could buy books to read but I hadn't realized I could buy on the whole 'World Wide Web'!! hehehehehe      Jacob rather took pity on me and explained how to change the settings so I can have access to shop online anytime and where ever there's wifi!! His Dad is mortified, Jakes not worried he's "outta here soon" ...but what a wonderful mother and son moment it was... hehehe
Sooooooo, purely for experimental reasons and to check I didn't make any booboo's  whilst purchasing on a much smaller device than I'm used to .... ;)) ...
 You know you'd have bought it too!! Love it! "Primitives.... Blessings from our Past". Practically Perfect ... and a very neat and tidy transaction too :)
As was this one too..
A beautiful swirly orange glass pumpkin $5 and Free Postage!!
Then the mother load/lode (?)  arrived ...
Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, you are seeing 6 glass pumpkins, $15 (p&p was included this time but wasn't tooo bad at $15 too, and I evaded Mr Import Duties and Taxes sticky grabbing fingers, so I think I did OK!)  The photo kind of makes them look smaller than they are, the two bigger ones at the back are BIG! I was doing a jiggly little happy dance when I answered the door to Mr Postman :))
Soooo all in all a busy nursing month has been quite productive for emptying my stash basket, discovering the joys of my Kindle and getting all giddy over glass pumpkins.... looking forward to a quieter December ...hehehe ;)
We did manage one last little adventure away before Jacob heads off to Spain, but I need a new full post to upload all those photos ... wonder if I can do that on my Kindle too???
Back soooooooon
Hugs Wendy x x