Monday, 29 September 2014

I'm a secret blogger ...

..soooo secret that I can't even find myself on search engines! :) My little netbook must have had a mini meltdown and somehow I've lost all my 'favorite' tabs/links to everything, including my own blog! Hahaha I eventually found myself via Bloglovin'  (not sure why I didn't look there first!) At least I can feel secure in my anonymity ... I'm still a secret blogger :)
And guess what ??? As September draws to an end I've just about managed to get the Pumpkins out!! My favourite season and time to decorate and I almost missed a whole month of Pumpkin Lovin' ... Perish the thought!  I don't know why Home feels so much more homely with Pumpkins everywhere! :)  I've not quite finished emptying aaaaalll the boxes containing everything Pumpkin, but I've made a start :)
Here are a few of my favourite areas...
 My Pumpkin Dresser, I can almost fill a whole shelf with small Autumn/Fall cross stitch finishes :)
Pumpkin corner ...soon to be the Witching Corner ... October is only round the corner ...hehehe
 My little wooden tray at the side of my seating area ...Mum's seat ... no-one else's bottom allowed to park there! Lol!
And guess what .... I finished my first Pumpkin woolly project of the year! 
I'm still not convinced with the colour choices for those two pumpkins, but they were in the kit and I did make a conscious decision to use the kits up and not dilly-dally changing my mind and end up not getting anything completed... I think its the centres that are niggling me...I may unpick and redo ... I may not too! ;)
Aaaaaaannd ....loookie.....
Another Buttermilk Basin Kit finished ...a PG kit this time and I am very happy with all the woolly colour choices  .... I'm very loyal to my PG ...hehehe.. Loved stitching away on this project. I've been rooting around my stash and have found a few more Pumpkin woolly kits and not quite finished projects, so whilst I'm on a roll I may just keep stitching with my woolly love and fill the house with even more Pumpkins ...much to hubby's delight! hehehe...
So I still have the kitchen to Pumpkinise :) I found some beautiful flowers out shopping the other day, they kind of remind me of our Shabby Chic/Vintage Summer Wedding and I just wanted to enjoy them a teensy bit longer before I change the season in here ...
Another week and they'll be drooping and then I can switch things around :)
Gives me time to haul out those other boxes and fill the piano with Pumpkin Love :)
Aaaaawww doesn't it just feel like Home!

Hugs Wendy x x

P.S.   I've managed to bookmark myself so I can find me next time! ... Hehehehe

Friday, 19 September 2014

I'm already late for September! :)

But there again I usually am late for most months so it shouldn't be tooo much of a shock...hehehe Fortunately I wasn't late getting my Angels back to school ...ooooohh noooo! Wouldn't be late for that ... hehehe   My Angels have been back at school for two whole weeks now and whilst they have coped really well with facing new classrooms, new teachers and new faces, I have found it a teensy bit of a struggle ... and I haven't even been in a classroom! Lol! As usual it's just my Mumsy head playing up, I'm not sure who is tied to who, with those knotted apron strings :)   My emotions have been at the forefront as always ... I thoroughly embarrassed myself (with the whole waterworks thing) in a GAP outlet store where I was buying clothes for Esther. I won't be shopping there again for a while! ...Groooaan.... Esther is now my 'College' girl, so gone is the security of School Uniform ...we have to wear 'normal' clothes every day of the week! :)   I'm overwhelmed with choice ...hahaha Esther is a perfect Angel and just wears whatever I put on her ... I'm struggling to have her looking cute and 'with it' but not attractive and desirable (if you know what I mean) Fortunately Abi left me a wardrobe of clothes to pilfer through so we have some cute modest clothes that suit a young College student. But a part of me still feels anxious that I might not be 'getting it right' ...Worrying about nothing I know! :) Mim seems to be coping with 'High School', she's not in the least bit fazed by her new coloured sweatshirt uniform ... even if her Mum bought them 2 sizes tooo big ... and they seem to be resisting all my efforts to shrink them in the washing machine :)  I'm thinking by Christmas they should fit OK ...hehehe

To distract myself from my Mumsy head I've prepped a woolly kit that I've had in my stash for aaaaages :) ...
Its a Buttermilk Basin Design, 'Autumn Season Basket'  I think. Not sure where I got the kit from, its not my usual PG so it may have been a random online find :)
I've even made a start on it ....
I wasn't initially sure about the pumpkin middles, but they are growing on me, hopefully they'll look OK when its all finished. I am really enjoying some woolly stitchin', soooo relaxing :)

Just before the end of the school summer holidays, hubby and I enjoyed a day out together, the Angels had overnight respite so we left the boy at home and snuck out for a drive. We're not very adventurous so I'm sure you can guess where our drive took us :) Harrogate ...of course! And would you believe it, but guess what was happening when we got there??? The Great Northern Quilt  and Stitch Show .... coincidence or what!! :)) Naturally, it would have been churlish of me not to pop in whilst we were passing and Hubby really wanted to have a look around some gardens, so being the thoughtful wife I am, I happily suggested he could go look around some flowers and plants and I would manage to entertain myself ...somehow!  Hehehehe
Wanna see my loot? ;) ...
Not tooooo bad for an unplanned shop! A couple of cross stitch patterns, a small woolly purse kit and some luscious tweedy wools ... can you not see an orange tweedy pumpkin? Then I also accidentally found some gorgeous dyed orange cotton velvet ... more pumpkins! And the creme de la creme ... two bundles of Blackberry Primitives  Hand Dyed Velvets .... Ooooh be still my beating heart!  I'm just gonna stroke them for a while before I make anything with them :) hahaha

I've even been busy with my loot and made the small woolly purse kit ..
 Cute ..huhh? :)  I Love the red herringbone style wool, its a richer red in real life. This is it closed.
And open...
A bit fiddley to put together but fun, and excellent instructions ...the best I've ever seen! I have another purse closure thingy, so I may be tempted to make another one :)

We are still waiting on the arrival of the Wedding photos .... the anticipation and wait is soooo frustrating  :)   I have managed to find one or two via family member's mobiles :)
The cultural Hall at Church all decked out for the reception, tables and seating for 125 family and guests ... and  all 300 metres of my very precious Bunting! :)

The Gift and Cards table ...
And no thats not me reflected in the glass ...hehehe ... sadly I definitely don't have long blond hair! :(
You should know by now that I will always be an anonymous, invisible blog/journal-er ... no photos of me ... don't want to scare anyone ...hehehe
The Seating Plan  table ...
I did move the ironing board and sewing machine before the guests arrived ...hahaha ... these were taken the night before :)  We also had another table for writing  'Love Advice' notes for the Bride and Groom too,  I can't find a picture of that but its along the same lines as the others.

And the only photo of the Bride and Groom I'm allowed to use! ;) ...

Aaaww, don't they look lovely ...see how slender the Bride is .... I was slim like that once, a looooong time ago ... Hahahaha ROFOL!!!! Once the official photos come I might be allowed to share more ... fingers crossed :)

I've also finally sorted through, washed, ironed, packed and stored all the wedding 'stuff'. I am very ready to get my pumpkins out and whole heartedly welcome Autumn ... may have to rummage around my stash for more woolly pumpkin kits to sew :)  ...Ooops my little netbook  just did a scary glitch, I thought for a dreadful moment I'd just lost everything I'd written :( It must be getting antsy, so I best close and hope blogger publishes OK. I'll be back soon with pumpkins, pumpkins, everywhere :))

Hugs Wendy x x