Friday, 29 August 2014

I do sol...solem...solemnly declare...

the very words hubby stumbled over 22 years ago today and that my beautiful Daughter and new Son-in-Law faultlessly declared almost a week ago .... I do, I do, I do! .. Fortunately 22 years ago hubby didn't stumble over that bit .. .hehehe :) Well, what a week ... I am soooo pooped, I can honestly say that even after 16 plus years of sleep deprivation with my Angels I've never felt so bone shatteringly exhausted! Maybe its just a different kind of tiredness that I'm used to ..haha   And why did I think that once the big day was over it would be time to relax? After almost a full week of nonstop washing ...chair covers, table runners, table cloths etc.. I think not only I but my washing machine needs a holiday too :) Did it all go well? I think so. Did everyone have a good day? I think so. Did the Bride look beautiful? She was stunning! And the one I know you're all desperate to ask....Did Mim wear her Bridesmaid dress? She most certainly did! :) Although there was a slight moment of concern when we thought she was going to pull it off over her head just after the signing of the registry nod in the carers direction and any potential nudiness was averted! :))  The day and everything is still a bit blurry, but as the tiredness lifts I'm sure all the wonderful memories will flood back. I did have a major panic on the eve of the wedding at the rehearsal, the Angels came to join us for the last 1/2 hour and it was soooo horrendous trying to persuade them to walk down the aisle, in front of, behind, at the side of, even not walking just sitting on the pew and waiting ... we tried everything but to no avail. I truly at one point decided that in order to save Abigael any worry of screaming Angels running down the aisle, that I'd actually stay at home with them the next day ... the rehearsal was truly that bad!! I prayed really hard all that night :) Fortunately when the moment came, the girls outshone all our expectations ... Esther took the short cut down the side aisle, Mim walked with Jacob the full distance graciously waving to everyone (I think the two of them walking together,  holding hands, actually stole the 'show') The 'real' Bridesmaids walked down the aisle most elegantly considering their predecessors ;) They were followed by a very handsome Hubby escorting the Beautiful Bride, both Angels upon seeing Daddy and Abigael filled the air with laughter and giggles and clapped to the delight of all the family and guests :) So many people commented on how lovely it was to share in the Angels excitement and a few even stated that maybe we should start a new tradition where all  the guests should clap and cheer when the Bride enters :)  It was a very special moment for everyone to really feel the love that Esther and Miriam have in their hearts for their big sister and the excitement of the day :)

I have very few photos as of yet ... I managed to take a few of 'setting up' on Friday night, nothing on the day ... then Abi and Nathan realised they had no camera to take on honeymoon with them for those all important memories that's where my little camera is at the moment, honeymooning in Turkey, hopefully not with a deleted  memory card ...otherwise I don't have any photos!

In honour of the wedding and as I've had to struggle to find new homes for all acquired wedding paraphenalia I've created a small wedding shrine/vignette on the kitchen window sill (like you do ...hehehe) ...
In all its vintage-shabby-chic glory ...
When I attempted to clean those windows last week I obviously missed a pretty big smear!
Ooooh you can see it better in this one ...
This is one of the jugs of flowers that we had on each of the tables for the reception, Abi was wanting a vintagey-shabby-chic natural look to her flowers. They did all look beautiful on the tables :)

A closer look at my cloches of pearls and buttons ...

And not forgetting my salt shakers :)

This next photo kind of sums up the end of the day for me ... Father of the Brides new wedding suit hung up, an Angel Bridesmaid dress still glittery and sparkly with the Brides Wedding Veil safely out of reach
The veil is part of the 'something old, something new...' the silk roses on the comb are from my wedding dress 22 years ago, so are actually older than the Bride herself  :) They are a bit old and crinkly-wrinkly but still looking good ...not unlike the original bride that wore them ...hehehe

I received a lovely Mother of the Bride treat/gift bag from the Bride and Groom..
Full of lovely goodies to enjoy, a beautiful candle, beautiful box and bow, smelly Lush bath luxuries and a stuffed heart. I was thoroughly spoilt :)   I'm rather proud of the small brown organza bag, wedding favours for the guests ... Its a small selection of Hersheys Chocolate Kisses with a teensy note inside that reads "Kisses from the Mr & Mrs" ... I'm proud as punch that I thought of it ... well found it on pinterest and adapted it ...hehehe ...Nobody else thought/found I'm claiming it as my most magnificent wedding idea ... a very important contribution to the celebrations I think! ..hahaha :))
Ooooh and this is what was inside the cute box with the golden bow :)
I say was because they are all in my tummy now!! And very scrummy they were too...hahaha
The new Mr & Mrs will be home from their Honeymoon in Turkey during the early hours of Monday morning, the other Mother-in-Law is collecting them from the Airport (we dropped them off, fortunately for a teatime flight on Sunday... thought I managed that quite well ... no early morning pickup for me ...hehehe)  I hope they've had a wonderful time, the last I heard from them they text'd to say their flight  to Turkey had been called to board. They'll most likely be relaxing on some exotic beach, soaking up some sunshine and enjoying romantic moonlight strolls ...sigh ... and me? 22 years after my wedding, I'm in wet Lancashire with just 6 more table cloths to iron, I should just about get them finished before they get home! Hahaha ;) 
Well, maybe I'll finish the ironing tomorrow, I feel a teensy bit of romancing and celebration of the last 22 years of married life with hubby is called for tonight ... snuggled up with the Angels of course! ;)  A romantic take-away and a DVD.  Good job I ate all those chocolates earlier ...there'd be a full on fight to finish them, with everyone picking out their favourites!  And there I'll end, sharing a small pearl of wisdom to ensure you too can have a successful and happy marriage ... eat all your favourite chocolates first ... much better than sharing and ending up with the yucky toffees  ... or worse still the dreaded coffee cream!!  hehehe  :))
Hugs Wendy x x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Not long now ....

..until the BIG day :) and I want to hear big hip-hip-hoorays because aaaaaaall the bunting is finished ... all 300 metres of the stuff!  Phew... it was hard work but we were surprisingly aided in our completion by the most fabulous bunting King of all time ... Yes! Hubby proved to be the bunting creator extrodinaire! He had a brilliant system and must have made at least 150 metres to the  4 of us making the rest ...gotta love a man that can whip up some bunting ...hehehe ;)
Absolutely NO sewing (other than Bunting) has happened, I can't even move in the Quiet Room never mind reach the sewing machine ...
Piles of bunting ... Chocolate, Blush, Lace, Chocolate, Blush, Cream ... repeat, repeat, repeat!!! And make sure you keep it in order ... or there'll be trouble from the Boss!!!  The Cutlery is wrapped in mini lace doilies tied with a Blush bow,  A Vintage Sweetie jar hidden from prying Angel Fingers ;)  Charity shop Vintage-ish finds for decor, even a cushion that may/may not be ready to bear the wedding rings!
Then there's this area ...
Wooden 'Advice/Love Notes for the Bride and Groom' box, wooden hearts to decorate the pew ends in the Chapel, silk confettie petals, Chocolate table runners with scrunched up lace runners ... I'm sure I told a certain someone to lay them out neatly so the wouldn't crease! ...sigh... :)
Even the sewing machine is cluttered ...
 Chocolate favours for the Brides 'Hen Do' in preparation ( I've already hidden the wedding favours ... they were proving tooooooo tempting!) and even borrowed jewels from Grandma for the Bride ... not an inch of space available anywhere.
I've had fun putting together a  sweet little collection of Shabby Chic /Vintage treasures for a small welcoming display ...
Its a teensy bit out of my Prim-Country comfort zone but I am quite enjoying it.  Pinterest has been a huuuuuuge help!  I've even be doing some 'legal' bidding on Ebay :) and just this last weekend 'won' a lovely little set of step ladders that will also be in keeping with Abi's soft vintage-lace mood ... 
Are they not lovely?! I was soooo proud of myself ... £25.00,  not toooo bad and they were a 'collection only' too so I had to drive all the way to Salford in Manchester to bring them home. I got completely lost though, according to the AA road planning thingy I should have arrived at my selected location in approximately 37 minutes ... 1 and 1/2 hours later I was there! ... I did have a bit off an odd encounter along the way ... after about an hour of driving up and down some random  road I stopped and asked a man walking along the road if he knew of the street I was looking for, he rather abruptly said "No" and rudely walked away .. I was a bit surprised but I was in Manchester! Half an hour later by sheer luck I spot a street sign that could be the one I'm looking for ... half the sign was missing ( I know, nice area ?? ... I was thinking it too ... I had all my car doors locked!) So I turn down this street, there are a couple of  young 'hoodie' boys playing and so I ask them and lo and behold I'm on the right road ... "just drive down there missus" I'm told,  aaww, sweet 'hoodie' boys :) .... You are not going to believe the next bit because I couldn't believe my own eyes!!... I park up outside the house that I need and as I get out of the car there's a man standing on his front doorstep two doors down looking at me .... the very same RUDE man who I'd asked directions from not 1/2 an hour earlier ...and wouldn't help me... He obviously didn't know the name of the street he lived on or he was just a very unfriendly man, I don't know but I was soooo shocked that I just stared at him in total shock and disbelief until he turned around and walked into his house. Unbelievable!!  The 'seller'  I 'won' the steps from though were a really sweet lovely old couple that kept me chatting for aaaages  ... almost wanted to invite them to the wedding ...  And I'm sure I saw curtains twitching from a few doors down as I was driving off .... hope I spooked him as much as he was rude to me ...hehehe
I'm expecting this next week to be manic-crazy, well hopefully not tooo manic  and not too crazy either ...haha   Having the bunting completed is a HUGE worry off my mind .... never again! :)
It could be a hard week for the Angels tooo as I've saved up all our holiday respite for this week, so each day I should hopefully have 4 hours or so Angel free time to finish off little jobs like resewing the neckline of THE Dress that came back from the seamstress not quite right ... just a pucker that I don't quite understand how she missed! (We've had soooo many issues with this lady ...who was recommended... that we just wanted the dress back!)  It's not a big job and should be easy to do, but because of the delicate nature of the lace I'll do it by hand ...but not in my usual primitive or cross stitch style ...not sure Abi would appreciate that ...hehehe  Lots of little finishing jobs, like shoes for the Father of the Bride, collecting the Cake, just the usual last minute things. Its starting to get exciting but also scary too ...can't believe this is the last weekend my oldest will be single and at home, so very soon she embarks on the next stage of her adventure and starts building her own home .... I'm sure given time I can convert her to all things stitchy ;) hehehe
Time for bed now,  I need as much sleep as possible to be raring and ready to go this week ...  I'll be back soon with the new Mr and Mrs :) 
Hugs and Kisses
Wendy x x x

Friday, 1 August 2014

The Summer holidays have started ....

..ours with more of a SPLASH than a bang!! Literally a Splash... alot of splashing!!! :) On our first 'sleep-in' morning of the holidays I was brutally shaken awake at the rude hour of 8:00am (I did get a teensy!) by Jacob frantically trying to rouse me to the fact that the upstairs bathroom was flooded and we had a mini version of Niagara Waterfall's in the kitchen! Oooooh Nooooo, a little Angel woke up early!! Bet you can't guess which one!? Let's just say Angel Number 1 is secure with her alibi ...she was still snuggled fast asleep in bed, at least someone knows how to have a 'sleep-in' ..hahaha  Angel Number 2 on the other hand has already being judged, sentenced and convicted ...hehehe   It took me the best part of the morning to mop everything up, and the drips in the kitchen lasted most of the day, but on the bright side the bathroom has been thoroughly cleaned and smells heavenly thanks to the extravagant squirting of all the lovely bath and shower creams ...Ooooh yes we had bubbles too ... lots of bubbles! ;)  Fortunately the weather was hot, hot, hot and that really helped with drying everything out especially the kitchen ceiling. Splish, Splash, Splosh what a way to Wash! hehe

The Wedding Bunting is progressing ...a bit more slowly now the Angels are home, but we are getting there.  Mr Postman has been kept busy delivering Wedding supplies, I don't want to be overly confident at this stage but with three weeks to go I'm kinda feeling we have pretty much everything covered and planned for  ... hope they're not the famous last words and I've just jinxed myself ...Lol!
I was a teensy bit sneaky whilst placing some of the wedding internet orders (Ooooh come on, stop rolling your eyes and smirking... I've been good for soooooooo long!)  and decided to slip one little package in for me ;)  I got away with it too ....except ...
I did it again! I didn't get the sizing quite right! hahaha It is supposed to be a small table top bench .... small being the important word that I appear to have got wrong when reading the size dimensions in the 'item description'!  I was expecting something less than half its size ...hehehe  I never learn do I? :))  It actually doesn't look tooo bad on the kitchen table, I ordered it 'plain' so that I can age and primify it the way I'd like to (after the wedding naturally)  And whilst I 'm confessing to my sizing mistakes, I actually made another size blunder when ordering some blank cards and envelopes for one of my 'Wedding-Guest' ideas too ... ordered BIG cards instead of MINI!!! I obviously have a problem with size-dimension-perceptiveness,  I'm going to have to start keeping a ruler or tape measure next to me when ordering anything else, goodness knows what else I might get wrong ...hahaha

I also been seriously missing my sewing time, so despite the demands of the Bunting Command Center I naughtily let myself enjoy two small cross stitch projects, whilst I did  thoroughly enjoy the stitching  and even though I haven't actually finished them, just the process of holding fabric and thread seem to  have helped alleivate those aggitating feelings of needing to relax :)
I can't even remember whose designs they are now but I sooooo loved them both for their ease and simplicity :)...
I think this one is called Red Snowflakes...
This next one I did  awhile ago as a gift for a lovely friend and liked it sooo much I thought I'd do another one too for me! :)
I can't remember its name or Designer either ... I'll just call it Beehive! :)
Simple little stitches but a big help in allowing me to relax slightly ... I am looking forward to when all the wedding preparations are over and I can sit down and really enjoy some sewing time without worrying I should be doing something else :)

In the meantime I might just have a little bit more bunting to do ...hahaha ....Ooooh especially as the someone who measured the hall, measured it slightly wrongly and we actually need 300 metres of Bunting and not 250! WHO was in charge of the tape measure that day!!?? :))

Hugs and Snuggles
Love Wendy x x