Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer is here ....

Today is the Last Day of School! Its a big day for my Angels too, last days before moving on ... Esther has officially finished High School and moves up to the College Department (the next classroom up the corridor ...hehehe) I'm not sure if its exciting or not but it is also the end of School Uniform for Esther, College students wear their own casual clothes could be fun choosing clothes each day when we go back ...Uniforms are so easy there's no refusing to dress because its routine ... we're possibly going to have to plan earlier 'wake-up' mornings just in case the choice/change is too overwhelming for her :)  And little Miriam has officially finished Primary School and moves to Seniors (High School) also just the next classroom up the corridor .... it's a long corridor! Mim's uniform is just a change in the colour of her sweatshirt, from red to blue, there shouldn't be any dressing issues there at least  ;)  My Babies are growing up! It's exciting but sad. We had our end of year assembly yesterday and both girls received their advancement certificates, along with their friends. Both girls were soooo giggly when they were called up to the front of the school hall, Mim was trying to hold her certificate, clap her hands, cheer and wave to Mum and Dad all at the same time. Esther was a teensy bit more restrained she just waved her certificate :) It was a long afternoon as each and every child was praised and celebrated, but well worth it, I wouldn't miss it for the world. I wish everyone could experience the wonderful joyous feeling that a Special School end of year assembley is like ... it's just beautiful! :)

With only 4 weeks to the big day (and I'm still in full flow of the wedding diet ...I'm desperate for cake but it is working so I shouldn't complain ...but only 4 weeks to cake!) Anyways, Abs and I have been turning our attention to decorating the Church Hall for the reception  (where there will be cake!) :) and so of we went shopping ....again !
We've bought lace and chocolate cotton voile fabrics for table runners, (for the tables laden down with cake!) then a mixture of chocolate, blush and ivory linen and lace fabrics for bunting  and bias binding ....  I finished sewing the table runners (for the cake tables!) at the weekend, and just have the lace to trim and hem next. My rotary cutter has been humming away slicing fabrics (sadly not cake!)  for bunting ...even had to buy some new rotary blades ..hahaha

The 'Bride-to-be' has been working hard too ...
Here she is in the 'bunting command centre' ... 50 metres made only another 200 to go!!  If it all comes together as we've imagined, everything should look lovely and did I mention that there'll be cake too?! :)  We've worked as hard as possible to get as much prepared as possible before the start of the school summer holidays, because once those two little Angels are home not much is going to get done. I've saved up as many respite hours as possible to try and give us time to plan and organise, especially during the wedding week. But what I could really do with is another 3 weeks of school ... and a big slice of cake! hahaha

I took time out last week to finally put my Spring decorations away and get my Summer Raggedy and Prim and Prairie dolls out :)  ...

Ooops I can see that I've forgotten to take my Spring Mafia Bunny stitchery down ..hehehe   Also there is a new Raggedy doll on the piano, but as testament to how many there are I can't remember which one it is! :O I think its the one in the middle with the fringe ....Ooooh hubby will probably have something to say about not recognising the new one ...hehehe  Also I've noticed that there are only 2 prim black Prairie Dolls on top of the dresser ...there should be 3! I didn't realise that my sneaky Angel could reach that high! (Mim is the sneaky one, just in case you are wondering ...hehehe) I'll need to have a hunt around for my poor missing prairie doll :))

No hand sewing happening, nil, nada, zilch ... :( Although I do have a woolly sunflower wall hanging idea floating around my head ... kind of based on the same style of the Cottage Creek Designs that I have a few of. Its just a floating idea at the moment and more than likely won't actually come to fruition ...especially with all that bunting to make! :)
And talking of bunting won't make itself many metres left to make did I say we had ??

Love Wendy x x