Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I've decided ...

..that this whole wedding business/malarkey is HARD work! :) If my feet aren't aching from hours and hours and hours and hours of walking around different bridal shops, then my eyes are aching from hours and hours of searching the web for ideas and even my poor fingers which are getting to click on the 'buy now' button ...though sadly there's no woolly goodness in the basket :(   are starting to feel the strain ...hahaha 

BUT.... we do have a Wedding Dress, veil, shoes and accoutrements. We do have Bridesmaid Dresses fit for Angels, (and Bridesmaids Dresses for non-angels too ..hehehe) We have the Chapel, Church hall and Registrar booked. Wedding rings bought, flowers and reception booked and to be discussed! (The wedding diet is killing me, so as long as there is cake, lots of cake!  I don't care what we have eat at the reception ...hahaha) We've had a yummy afternoon sampling wedding taster cakes, (I felt it was ok to sample as I'm on the wedding diet and it was wedding cake ...got to be no calories in wedding cake!)  And we've even made all the invites and sent them out ...well I think they've been sent out .... they could still be on the back seat in someone's car!!  Next on the list is planning the decorating of the hall ... we are going vintage-shabby chic-simple, I'm leaning towards hessian and lace, but dependant on budget it could be loo rolls and doilies' ..hehehe  Hectic wedding business all day long!

I was a teensy bit sneaky a week or so ago and on the pretence of searching out some small vintage baskets for the Angel Bridesmaids to carry I tootled along to the Olde Mill and had a wander ... and made a little purchase ;)
Seee... there's a basket! I thought I had a matching one at home ... and I do! :)  But after I got it home I decided they weren't possibly up to the rigorous swinging they are undoubtedly going to suffer so I bought some sturdier small baskets from Hobby Craft that once I pretty up should be OK :)  My other wee purchases included the box of old DMC threads that I just couldn't ignore and leave unwanted and unloved ;)   The old key and mushroom darner just called to me and I've wanted a small glass flower froggy thing for aaages  .... hehehe

And then..
I spotted the small pewter shaker and the teensy silver topped glass salt shaker .... both for mere pennies, I had to bring them home too :))  Not quite useable for the wedding, but very pretty, and a girl needs pretty ... especially when her one and only true woolly love is being severely restricted because of wedding budgets! ;) 

Sadly not much is happening in the sewing department :( A stitch here and there but nothing notable to share. I did finish a small cross stitch piece that I had sewn last year ....

Strawberry Garden by Blackbird Designs :) I finished it off as a small pillow...woolly naturally ..hehehe..  and I added woolly tongues all around the edge just because I had some wool left over and I quite like how it looks. A small woolly strawberry fob with a black button fastening was enough to make me happy with the finish :) And that's it, I've nothing else to show! I'd like to say I'm busy sewing, but sadly I'm not, but no worries, Weddings are an exciting time and I want to be able to enjoy all the highs, lows and dramas that come with it ...hehehe   There'll be plenty of time to sew later :) 
Off to chase not Angels, but the Bride and Groom, with more details they need to consider ... and I'd best check whether all those invites got delivered!! :)

With Love     Wendy x x