Friday, 30 May 2014

The funny old month of May!

A very busy and worrisome month too ...but ending with excitement ;) I really have lost myself to May, I'm glad its almost over and I'm looking forward to a fresh happy stress-free June ....yeah as if! I'm blaming the oldies for the worry and stress this time ...hehehe  :) Getting old is noooooo fun at all, for the oldies or the middlies or even the youngies ..hahaha   Poor Mum and Dad have had a really rough couple of weeks. Mum was rushed into hospital with a severe Gall Bladder infection and Gallstones blocking ducts and tubes here, there and everywhere ... she was in such a lot of pain .... it was really horrible to see her like that. And because Mum is Dad's main carer and sadly I couldn't take over his care with having my own pair of Angels, we had to organise emergency respite for Dad in a local Nursing Home ... fortunately he has been there before but sadly due to the rush getting him 'in' (Mum was admitted to hospital at 10pm on a Friday night) poor Dad, who is now quite easily confused and muddled was quite distressed by the whole process.
 Mum was in hospital for just over a week, she has a very pretty purple bruised arms from all the cannula's and drips for the intravenous antibiotics, and other such drugs and liquids the doctors used in their struggle to get the infection under control, and she'll be on oral antibiotics for a few more weeks now she is home and resting. We know she has to go back in for surgery to have the Gall Bladder removed, the doctors are just waiting for the infection to fully be eradicated. Mum does look alot better now and her pain has eased although she's on a very strict diet to maintain a happy and pain free Gall Bladder :) I brought Dad home too a couple of days after Mum got out of the hospital, I wish he could have stayed in a little bit longer to give Mum a longer rest, but they both fret and Mum wanted Dad home. Caring for my Dad has definitely put a strain on Mum's health and I do worry and wonder how much longer she can keep doing all that she does for him even with the daily help she has to bathe and dress him. A worrying time indeed :( 
Obviously whilst all this drama was happening I spent each day driving backwards and forwards to Southport to visit and help them both. Fortunately Abigael is more or less home now from University, she has a 'placement' for her dissertation in a few weeks but generally her lectures are finished for the summer and she just connects with her tutors by Email when needed. Ab's and Jacob have been a huge help at home making meals and 'Angel-sitting' whilst hubby was at work until I got home from visiting (Southport is about an hours drive from home) My Angels did struggle a little with me being away so much each day, Esther's seizures have increased slightly and Mim has been quite cuddly and clingy ... I can cope with, and enjoy the clingy cuddles, the seizures not so much ...sigh..  I'd generally see my Angels off to school, then drive over to Mum and Dad, Abi and or Jake would be home when they came in from school and give them dinner then I would be home in time for showers and bed! A busy and challenging time for everyone, but we do what we do because we're family and we love and care for one another.  Family is sooo important and I am sooo blessed to have such a strong supportive one ... I love them all to bits :)

My Lovely Mum sent me a wonderful gift this week to say Thank you, and she really didn't have to. I'm happy and honoured to do all that I can to help...they are my Mum and Dad after all! :))
Mum bought me my very own Kindle! I'm sooooooo excited :)) I Love to read, and my Angels Love to tear paper ... just lately I've had several instances of reading a book and getting to a crucial part only to find one or several pages ripped out! So my wonderful Mum, whilst she was in the hospital planned and plotted in secret and sent me this lovely gift .... perfect, no more ripped out pages!
I haven't managed too much sewing, a little here and there as I sat with either Mum and Dad when visiting ...
The little 'Rabbits and Carrot Pillow tuck' by Shelly Auen, I bought it as a down-loadable pattern from I've bought quite a few patterns this way now and as long as I have plenty of ink in the printer its a fast and easy way to buy and start stitching straight away ...although it does mean no chats with Mr Postman on a morning ...hehehe :) The 'Miss Mary's school of needlework' is by  Primitive Needleworks by Caryn ... and is a twinnie with one I made as a birthday gift for a special friend, I enjoyed stitching it sooo much and I was quite happy with how I finished it that I just had to have one for me too :) Mines not quite finished, I still have a few touches to add. I should have taken a photo of my original finish before I sent them off, all wrapped up for my good friend Julia of Bilberry Grove Blog :) more so I can remember what I did ...hehehe ...  I'll have to go spy on my friend and remember what I did! The small framed piece is by 'All Through the Night' I finished it a while ago but found the perfect black frame  whilst out shopping for new PJ's for Dad (his have been mysteriously misplaced by the nursing home ... !) Not much to show but as I said it been a very busy May.

Time I think to share some exciting and happy news .....
            someone .....
                    .....has a ring on her finger!!!!!
 My beautiful Abigael has received a proposal of marriage from the Mr Boyfriend .... soon to be the Mr Son-in-law ....  Her father and I graciously accepted! :)   Oh my, our home is fit to bursting with excitement! Now are you ready for the next part of this fun roller coaster? We have a date, all set, planned and the Church is booked ... for Saturday August the 23rd .... 2014 !!!! I know!  I can assure you that no shotguns are involved...all is good. But we're young, well they're young, free (for the moment) penniless and excited ...why wait? Also we have dissertations and third year business placements to work around ...and student housing is just as cheap for two as it is for one! So August 23rd 2014 it is! Absie wants just a quiet modest wedding, close family and friends, no frills and fancies ...that's not Abi, she likes quiet and simple :) She's super organised and ready for the challenge of planning a wedding in under 12 weeks (Yikes !!) I can't really say much, Hubby and I got engaged and married within 10 weeks, again no Fathers with shotguns present :)  hahaha ... so maybe super quick weddings are in the genes ...hahaha  Busy and exciting times ahead.
Abi has requested a quilt for a wedding gift .... Oooooooh ! But we've already agreed I'm allowed a few years grace for delivery! She knows me well :) I don't see tooo much stitching in the very near future, a lot of running around and goodness knows what else .... But I have to maintain a proper sense of decorum and a certain level of refined sophistication .... I am the Mother of the Bride ! Aaaaww noooo, I've just realised  ... I'll have to cut back on the chocolate ... and .... wear a hat!!!  :)
Hugs Wendy x x

Thursday, 1 May 2014

I think I need a name change to Mrs Grumpy Pants ??

...because I sometimes think that my only friends are the dishwasher, the washing machine and the dryer. I certainly seem to have more daily interaction with them than with anyone else in this house ...hehehe (I dare say you may have noted that I didn't add the Oven or Cooking Hob to the 'friends' list ? ;) That's because I actually feel like they gang up on me and burn everything I try to cook!)  Yes, I've decided to have a bit of a pity-me-party ... all on my own :(   Like all wives and mothers I sometimes feel a teensy bit taken for granted, "where's my football shirt", "I've got no socks",  "what's for dinner", "when will it be ready", "I hungry now".... we've all heard it countless times before. And if you think non-verbal disabled children can't pester you too...think again, they both know how to sign 'want' very well!! :)) I know it's just life. A Mothers lot and so forth ... I did consider going on strike for a day or two, but just thinking about all the time it would take me to catch-up put me off ... See I'm not even  committed to my own cause! I guess that's where the Mrs Grumpy Pants comes into being. I may have bordered on the edge of  Miss Crabbiness just lately, it certainly has nothing to do with my womanly hormones ;) I think its rather more to do with not having enough bodily intake of chocolate ... I knew it was a mistake letting the kids eat their own Chocolate Easter Eggs :))  It must certainly be a case of The Mrs Grumpy Pants because my family are actually quite sweet and helpful ... when I ask them to help they will roll up their sleeves and dig in,... I either need a big bar of chocolate or a housekeeper! :)

In an effort to cheer-up old Mrs Grumpy-Pants .... and because my little computer net book was broken for a week ... a faulty jack/socket port thingy ...not quite got the technical lingo ...hehehe ..  and having no computer distractions, I actually managed to finish some more small sewing projects ...
I made the Merhitable Wright Sample into a simple woolly  project pouch, it's just big enough to hold my cross stitch hoop nicely :)   And I was sure I had just the right frame hidden somewhere  the dark black depths of The Quiet Room for the bottom cross stitch piece 'Blossom Bucket' by "All Through The Night". But when I found it, it  wasn't quite right, but it looked good with my Warm Winter Woolens by Little House Needleworks,  I finished stitching it earlier this year, I'm quite pleased with how it looks now its  framed :) So two definite finishes and a soon-to-be too.

Then I also took my time and finally needle-turn-appliqued this fiddly stitched piece ...
'Basketful of Spring Time' by Brenda Gervais - With thy Needle and Thread. I couldn't quite manage to stitch using the recommended 40 count linen, toooo teensy, so I used a larger count, 32 or 35 I think, so my piece is bigger but that's OK :)  My basket handle is also a bit wonky, but I wasn't about to unpick it and do it again ...hahaha.  I just need to add some old ribbon tied in a bow at the side and its ready to be made into a woolly cushion and take up its doomed position on the piano :)  All my woolly cushions are doomed to life on top of the piano they are for visual appreciation only, no sticky fingers allowed, (the doomed bit comes into play because security is very lax around the piano and the sticky fingers are sure to get you as soon as you are placed there ...hehehe)
Now sit down and prepare yourself for a shock .... I got the wools out !!..
Hooooray! This little cutie is 'Market Basket' ... loved sewing this sweet piece ... and
'Liberty Basket' except I left the liberty bit off (The US Flag) and added an extra sunflower, I also didn't add the slice of watermelon at the bottom either but another sunflower head. I should probably call it my Sunflower Basket :)  Both patterns were kits that I got in my Birthday gift stash and both are from "My Red Door Designs". Lovely wools in both kits, not overly generous in the amount of wool, I couldn't afford to make any mistakes. I pinched a bit of yellow wool from my stash for the extra sunflowers that fortunately was more or less an exact match. But they were quick, easy stitches and the quality of the wool enhances the simplicity of the design .... ooooh hark at me getting all designer talkie!
Maybe I should be a Mrs Grumpy Pants more often, I certainly seem to be more productive in my sewing when I am a teensy bit crabby :) Although I'm really quite sure it has more to do with the lack of chocolate ... that said I'm going to go curl up on the sofa now with my Angels, we've all got one of these ...
 Hot Chocolate and chocolate chip biscuit's, as I didn't have time to bake any gooey cookies, biscuits it will have to be :)  Please note that despite the biscuit's ...which I will have to share with the Angels whether I want to or not ;) There is not a single mini marshmallow of squirt of cream anywhere near my rather yummy Royal Bone China cup and saucer .... Mmmm yes, I am posh! Maybe it should actually be Lady Grumpy Pants ...hahahaha.  My new Royal Bone China was from when Hubby and I went out on our belated Birthday trip to Harrogate in March. I wouldn't normally have the china out around the Angels ....not that I have any other china in the house ...hehehe, but I could develop a liking for it ...I'm sure my hot chocolate tastes better from it :) And rest assured the Angels have good stout beakers with plenty of mini marshmallows and lashings of cream .... Mim wouldn't accept it any other way, lol! As I type the last of my chocolate chip biscuits has been nabbed from the saucer ...sigh ... :))  I best close before the little munchkin tries a sip of my chocolate from my Royal Bone China ...hehehe     Au Revoir Mon Cheri's  .... Oooh the sophistication is just flowing now  :)
With Love
Her Royal Highness, Lady Grumpy Pants x x x