Saturday, 29 March 2014

You know the diet isn't going well .....

..when you find yourself rooting around your teenage sons bedroom hoping to find a forgotten, possibly squished, chocolate bar or even a fluffy chocolate chip cookie!!!  What can I say ... desperation drove me to it! This is what diets reduce me to! It wasn't a pleasant or even a successful escapade either, all I managed to find were a couple of empty pizza boxes, a mouldy apple core and some very smelly football socks!  (I actually feel lucky that that was all I found!)  I ended up trudging down to the local co-op and buying some Cadburys creme eggs instead!! hehehe ... I think I've truly blown the diet. I'm not going to beat myself up about it though, I believe I've reached that point in life where I'm probably on a 'diet' forever ... if I'm to continue being able to zip up my jeans without using a shoe horn or something equally more torturous to squeeze myself into them :) This weeks diet was creme eggs, next week I'll maybe try the lettuce ... maybe ...hahaha ..

March has been a funny old month, lots happening one minute then nothing the next ... We've celebrated Abigaels' 20th birthday ... 20!! I know !! ... I was not only a child bride ...I gave birth veeeeerrrry young too ;)  Lots of treats and gifts to celebrate . We had cake (naturally!) and 20 candles, nearly burnt our eyebrows off with the flames but at least we didn't set the house fire alarms off ....
Mmmmm yummy in our tummy's :)  Happy Birthday Abi!    Next up is Jacob's birthday in a couple of weeks when he reaches the grand old age of 18 ... I know, I know, I KNOW!!! ... I couldn't possibly be old enough to have a 20 year old and an 18 year old ... crazy!  ... shhhh ...  I won't tell anyone if you don't  :))    Abi is home from University now for the next 5 weeks  .. a loooooong Easter break in the lead up to exams .... that will cause more havoc with the diet ... Abi's a baker, I've already had to stock up on the butter and flour, cream cheese and icing sugar :)  I can feel my hips ballooning as I speak!

My Angels are growing too, growing more mischievous by the day, especially Angel number 2, Mim-Lou! She is soooo adventurous at the moment, which is good and bad for a child with Special Needs ... Good, because she's exploring and learning, Bad because I'm usually the one that has to leap to the rescue and catch her when she falls ... climbing up to reach my baking cupboards in the kitchen is a new pastime, we've had a few bumps and bruises with that one. Then there are her attempts (usually successful) at 'breaking and entering' into Jake's bedroom to play with his gadgets ( Maybe she's looking for fluffy cookies too!)  Lol ...  She is a little munchkin but sooo adorable :)   Angel number 1, Esther is adorable too ... we are having another 'season' of seizures :(  Meds are being tweaked again, hormones fluctuating and growth spurts don't help.  But despite everything she is growing into a beautiful petite young lady, reminds me of a fairy princess ..hehe

I'm trying to get into the swing of Spring ... I have finally  got the bunnies out on display ...

It felt a teensy bit sparse so when I saw these sweet little rabbits at TKMaxx ...
... well, they had to come home with me :) They did have ugly bright pink frills around their necks and gaudy green bows on their heads, but they easily came off and now I think they look much better, I may add a homespun strip around their necks just to cover the slightly untidy stitching, and I'm toying with the idea of grunging them up a bit with some antique spray ... just not sure if I'm brave enough to try it ..hahaha  Whatever I decide to do or not do, I'm pleased they came home with me.

I also re homed these teensy little rabbits that came in some Easter decorated paper mache boxes  ..
I found them online at 'Folksy' (kind of like 'Etsy' but not as good) They look a bit off kilter somehow to me, they don't stand up on their own, but we're used to the kooky and the odd here so the fit in well and besides they make me smile :)

During March, Hubby and I did manage to have our belated birthday day out, and I got to Betty's tea rooms for cake (back to the diet ...hehe)  We had a lovely day out exploring favourite haunts, I'll share some photos of our adventure soon. Mr Postman paid me a little visit ...yipppeeee!  ;)  And I've  sewn a stitch or two here and there, might even have a finish or two to share soon!

As tomorrow is Mother's Day, and we are out, going to Church and visiting my Mum and Dad, dinner will be a crock pot concoction later on in the day, so tonight I was treated to a Chinese take way ... just to help the diet along  :))  ...  I'm assured that I am to be treated as a Queen in the morning, not so sure about that ...hehehe, unless it involves chocolate , then I'll happily be Queen for a day ...or as for as long as the chocolate lasts ...hehehe  Its getting late now,  I best go get my Angels ready for bed ...  Our men folk's Saturday night ritual of 'Match of the Day' on TV has just started and I'm not Queen yet so I can't switch it off  ... lol! But I can snuggle my Angels, and I'd rather do that as they makes me feel as rich as any Queen ;)
Wishing all a Happy Mothers day too :)

Hugs Wendy x x

Sunday, 9 March 2014

It was all going sooo well....

 ... the Angels were back at school, Son was back at college, Hubby at work... the house was blissfully, peacefully, quiet .... and then it happened! I was struck down by the evillest lurgy ever! Right before my birthday! :((  I'd felt slightly blaaaah on Tuesday evening but just thought it was the 'back to school rush' catching up with me. But then by Wednesday morning I was at the start of an intimate relationship with the bathroom that lasted for 5 whole days!!  I have never been soooo sick in all my life ... round the clock, on the dot, every 2 hours vomiting :( I should be soooooooooo skinny, I didn't eat anything for 5 days (tried to drink lots of fluids) then for the next few days after the vomiting stopped I was on dry toast and yuckky looking broth/soup ...Do you know how much weight I lost? ... 5 pounds !!! 5 measly pounds should have been at least a stone! .... And even worse, I've put it all back on by the end of this weekend ...hahaha  No-one else was sick, thankfully, we're kind of putting my isolated lurgy down to a possible food poisoning occurrence as I had eaten a 'reduced in price' (from the supermarket) salmon fillet the weekend before I was struck down, that no-one else ate, we might be wrong but its the only thing we can think off ... I'll be staying away from the 'reduced' supermarket  section for awhile  :) I hate been sick, I don't mind the family being sick  (or rather caring for a sick family ...I wouldn't wish them sick ..hehehe), but not for me ...don't those lurgy bugs know that I'm the Mummy, I'm supposed to be impervious to lurgy bugs , and definitely not vomiting lurgies .. It was a very woeful, sorrowful week. But I've been blessed to remember what a lovely family I  have. Hubby stayed off work to take care of me and get the Angels ready for school each morning ... Jacob, bless him, comforted me and cleaned up after me when I didn't get to the bathroom in time ... bringing me that large plastic bowl seemed the most wondrous, kindest act anyone had ever performed for me ...hehehe  Abi even came home from University to bathe the Angels and clean and cook. A wonderful family indeed :)

Sooo sadly my birthday happened somewhere in between trips to the bathroom and cradling my beloved plastic bowl ... Hubby and I missed going out for our booked romantic meal at our favourite shabby chic restaurant :(  We missed our day trip out to our usual Harrogate haunt and Betty's Tea Rooms :( I even missed out on the birthday tea party and presents  :(    Well, my lovely family did save my presents for me to open, when I could do it without throwing up on them all, of course :) We had present opening this last weekend, sadly Abi couldn't come home for our belated celebrations but it just gives me yet another excuse to celebrate again later ;)
Most importantly we were able to have cake!!  Chocolate Fudge cake! :)
Veeeerrry Yummy!! You can see how come I've put those 5 pounds back on ...hehehe ... you could probably add several pounds to your hips just looking at it ...but sliced, warmed and covered in thick double cream really is quite heavenly, and dare I say worth those extra 5 pounds on my hips! :)

Oki doki lets get down to business and share the birthday loot! ;) 
A wonderful bag of treats from my gorgeous children and hubby ... chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, grape juice, bath and shower smellies, perfume and a sweet spring jumper ... My Abi is a pretty clever shopper ... she's now officially in charge of buying gifts from not only from the Angels but from Dad and Son too! :) hehehe

I even got a beautiful surprise from the Mr Boyfriend ... (not my boyfriend ...hehehe)
A lovely bouquet of flowers :) If he's 'sucking up' ...then he does it well and has definitely scored a few extra brownie points with this lovely gift ..hahaha   :))

My Mum and Dad also treated me to an special indulgence of the woolly kind ;) ..
Woolly kits and Tootsie Rolls ...does it get any better than this ?? I've been drooling over the Autumn wool kit for awhile so was thrilled when I unwrapped it ... Thank goodness for 'wish lists' hehehe ;)

Now you know me, and you know that I always have a back up plan of 'just in case gifts' ...hehehe Over the last couple of weeks Mr Postman has been knocking at the door and I've been squirrelling away my 'just in case' purchases ... 
My interest has been piqued by the 'hexie' phenomenon that seems to be sweeping across blogland and pinterest so I indulged that little area. I also always wanted to try my hand at one of those lovely twister quilts so when I found a 'sale' I bit the bullet and ordered the smallest lil Twister and some charm packs to 'have a go'. A favourite magazine, a Christmas wool kit and paddle board that I had the inspiration of mounting the the woolly Santa's onto instead of  traditional framing .... not sure if it will actually work does in my head ...hehehe

And no 'just in case' purchases would be complete without Woolly goodness ...
I just had to add several wool kits from "My Red Door Designs" ...they're sooooo cute! And I definitely needed that sweet bundle of wools and cross stitch fabric from my lovely friend Tanya's (Friendships Crossing Blog) Etsy shop (mylilcraftroom) Tanya does the most scrummiest wools and every piece of cross stitch fabric I've bought from her has been a dream to sew with ...especially her Ariosa fabric it!   Sooooo that's my loot ... worth getting better for ;) hehehe

Hubby and I are still hoping to have our day out, Spring is just about here and its his busy 'planting out' time at work so we probably won't manage it for another week or so .. and I've not lost hope that we may even still make it to the nice restaurant too one evening when we can coordinate 'Angel'sitting  care of Abi :)  In the meantime these are sat in the kitchen waiting to be indulged and enjoyed ...
Aaaaw noooo, there's another added 5 pounds to my hips  ...hahaha Mmmmmmmm yummy! :)

Hugs Wendy x x

P.S Ooooooh I've just thought, if I lost 5 pounds being sick ... and I've put on 5 pounds eating chocolate fudge cake ...Reeeeeaally I've not put on any extra weight ... I'm just what I was before I was sick ...that must surely mean I can eat those chocolate muffins guilt free!! :)) hahaha  .. Mmmmm yumminess here I come!