Monday, 30 September 2013

Its time again...

The last day of September and that means its time for Abigael to return to University for her 2nd year, it seems to have come around so fast :) We've had a few worrisome moments this last week. Mostly due to nerves and new challenges. Change is not always the easiest thing to face but it is good for us ... I guess ...hehehe 
So we packed the car
Can you see aaaaaall that 'stuff' ??!! And would you look at that mucky coat ... I only asked last week if she had anything that needed washing before going back ... tut tut ... wouldn't be at all surprised if one of those suitcases was full of dirty washing too. She's a seasoned student now ...she knows how to work the washing she tells me!...hahaha Got to love her independence, even if she seems more laid back in her preparations for this 2nd year :)

This year she is no longer on campus but is moving into a student house not far from the University. Well far enough to be a 20 minute bus ride, but at least its one bus and not several. It does mean however that there are no more 'rolling out of bed and rushing to lectures in slouchy /pj bottoms mornings' :) She's going to need to set that alarm clock ;)
This is her new home for the next year
"Willow Lane" sounds nice and its not tooo bad inside either. Abi will be sharing with 3 other girls (sadly the 4th didn't pass her first year so is having to find work or someone else to take her room) Inside...
..the kitchen/diner/lounge, the kitchen was in the better state when we got there !! Which is why there's no photo of the diner/lounge :O  The kitchen wasn't too bad, even if the microwave door was left strategically open to hide the mess on that counter! Well they're students, they're supposed to live in squalor ... aren't they ? :(  (I say squalor because I also didn't take a picture of what was on the floor at the side of me ... :) alot of careful photography going on ...hehehe)

Abi's room is in the attic, her choice, she's always wanted an attic bedroom, so....
up two flights of stairs leads you to....
Abi's room :) Its a teeny tiny room, she'll have to be careful stepping of the end of the bed that she doesn't fall down those stairs. And with that sloping roof and those pretty wooden beams ...I can see alot of  bumps and bruises until she learns to automatically duck her head down :) But she's happy and excited and we made sure her room was as comfy and homey as possible for her.

It seemed harder to leave her this year in some ways, not sure if it was because I took her back on my own, or whether it was because I had to leave her in the house on her own as the other girls either hadn't arrived yet or were out and about registering for classes etc.. Maybe its even because somehow being in a house in the middle of town doesn't feel as safe as being on the University campus ?? It could even just be me being a fussy and anxious Mum struggling to let go ... I love my apron strings hahaha :)  { I did clean that kitchen /diner/lounge before I left her on her own ...much to her indignant disgust!  Lol!}

Back home and it seems quiet already, the Angels are playing happily with their i-pads. Jacob is in his room, supposedly studying but I know he's probably playing games :)) I have done some sewing and actually finished a few bits and bobs this last week or so. And you know me ... I wouldn't be me without a little bit of naughty shopping toooo  .... here's a picture  of the naughty shopping, well some of it ...hehehe ;) { Its the shopping that's naughty not me, I'm just easily led ... a weak soul ...hehehe}

A bobbin lamp to stand at the side of my chair to light my evenings as I sit and sew :) Its a bobbin lamp... it was meant to be ...hehehe :) I think it might need a different shade, not sure if the one it came with is a bit on the small side? (The bobbin prairie hat was a 'win' back at the beginning of the summer, it just nicely shows off the height of my new lamp)

One more picture if Blogger will let me ... its slowing right down now with the uploading :(
it let me ...eventually :) A gorgeous little glass pumpkin. I think its my new favourite! I love the deep orange colour and the speckles ... makes me smile! What can I say, bobbins, pumpkins....aren't they on every ones happy list?!  :)  I'll be good next week! ;)

Time to try and 'publish' and then time for a quick Skype of my girl to make sure she's not home alone ... I'll only lie awake worrying otherwise, she's my firstborn, I'm allowed to worry and be a fussy Mum ... as long as I do it quietly and don't embarrass her ...hehehe :)

Be back soon with some woolly love to share !
Love Wendy x x x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Back to school ...Hooooraaay!!!

I was sooooooo ready this morning :) I was all prepared ....
I had the Angels uniforms all laid out, School bags, Swim bags, PE bags, Meds bag .... all ready to go! I even had two co-operative if a teensy bit sleepy Angels all set and ready to go.... BUT where was the school bus?? 8:45am, no bus.  8:50am, no bus.  9:00am, NO BUS!!!! :((  It was almost 10 past 9 before the bus arrived ... I was starting to worry I'd gotten us up early on the wrong day, lol! I even think my Angels were excited to see the bus arrive and climb on board ... I was certainly excited to see it pull away! hahaha

So with the Angels back at School, Jacob back at College, Hubby and Abigael at work ... I was home alone ...  finally!! :)) So what's a girl to do on her first day of freedom??? The dishes? The washing? Hoovering? Shopping? Naahhh! Although you know me I could have been tempted with the shopping ;)  What every sensible girl does on her first day alone in over 6 weeks is ....
Get the Pumpkins out of course! :) I managed to fill the dresser and hang a few wall quilts but it had taken me longer than I thought to put all the summery Raggedy Annie's and Dolls away so I still have the piano and corner nook to do and then there's kitchen ... but I made a start :)

My favourite wall hangings...

My favourite 'Honey and me'  Harvest/Autumn Angels ...
and Pumpkins on the fireplace ...
That was all I managed before that school bus was pulling up again (and on time I might add.. NOT late dropping the munchkins off home ...Oooooh Nooo! hehe)  Before I knew it my tired and slightly cranky Angels were coming home!
I would have hoped to share lots of wonderful goodies from all my summer holiday sewing but sadly today I realise I actually did very little sewing :( I just about finished this Autumn Band Sampler by 'Little House Needleworks' ...

I literally put the final stitches in last night :) If I was been generous I could also say that I finished the Summer Band Sampler right at the very beginning of the holidays ...
But that would be cheating slightly ..hehehe  And even not forgetting my trio of woolly Hooties its not a great deal of sewing ... BUT we have had a lovely Summer, we've been blessed with lovely weather which enabled us to have lots of fun and trips out. The Angels had fun with their carers at the Park and the Cinema, a trip to Eureka (Sciencey hands-on type of Museum) an even better trip to Gulliver's World (theme park especially for younger children) We had family trips to Sea Life, the Beach, the sand dunes at Lytham St Anne's becoming our knew favourite haunt :)  And by far our bestest treat has to be the Bumper Cars/Dodgems' at the Trafford Centre in Manchester. I can still fell every bump and bruise! The Angels LOVED the Bumper cars ... not so sure what the people who operated the bumper car area thought ... possible something like ..."When are they leaving" and "How many pound coins do they have??" hehehe ... We had LOTS of pound coins, which meant LOTS of rides  LOL! So if my summer meant not too much sewing it did mean lots of fun and happy memories :)
One last picture to share before I take my tired Angels to bed ...
My Yummy Red Velvet Chocolate cake that Jacob made to celebrate our belated 21st Wedding Anniversary and some lovely Gerber flowers to make me feel special.  Love the reds and oranges and yellows , perfect Autumn colours :)   And I have to tell you that THAT cake tasted  sooooo yummy-scrumm-diddly-umptious, Oooooh I can tell you it was Gooooooooooood! ... Soooooo yummy that I have to be good and eat healthily for the rest of the year ... I swear just the smell of it added pounds to my hips ...but the taste was worth very one ...hahaha
Well its definately bedtime now, I need to go and settle some Angels so we can be up and ready to go for our second day of school ... woop-woop! I might even finish getting the pumpkins out  tomorrow ... assuming that the school bus gets here on time in the morning ;) I'm sure I must be 'owed' an extra 20 minutes to my day ...hehehe
Hugs Wendy x x x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I did it again!!!! :(

I hang my head in shame .... and admit that yet again I did it! :(  I forgot my wedding anniversary .... for the second year running!! WHAT is wrong with me? I must be loosing my touch, my marbles, my something or other ? Two years in a row and I'm the one that's forgotten each time .... 21 years of wedded bliss and I can't remember the day it all started ..hehehe ... Maybe I'm in some kind of female vortex tunnel of denial, where I can't possibly accept that I'm old enough to explain away 21 years of marriage. I'm not going to be able to pull off the 'child-bride' thing for much longer ...sooooo maybe I'm subconsciously denying that I'm old enough to be married with a family, never mind remembering that the wedding day ever happened ... funnily enough the couch potato and 4 spudlings kind of negate that, there's no denying them! ... I must have to convince myself that I really am married, I have the certificate to prove it ...somewhere ...hehehe
Whats more worrying though is my ability to pass up on a pressie day! We all know I love me some gifties ... if this is mellowing with age, or maturing I don't want it ... I want gifties!!!! hahaha
Poor hubby suffers too ... I know he loves the suck up and wheedling for a giftie ;)  And this year I surpassed my self by missing our special day by 3 full days ... our anniversary was on Thursday ... the 29th August ... today is the 1st September!!!  It's not a good sign ... forgetting .... I am getting Ooooold! :(   I'll have to be good this week and create a special meal for hubby and I to celebrate, maybe even a teensy bit of post-anniversary giftie shopping!   ;)

Ooooooh remember those itchy fingers that I had yesterday??? Well I made my cute little Hootie Owl ... in fact I made, not one, not two ....but....
Three likkle Hootie Owls!! :)  Soooo cute! I used the same exact pattern for all three but somehow the two end Hooties ended up slightly bigger than the middle Hoot (guessing its just the 'give' in the woolly fabric I used, or I could blame my assistant Hootie stuffer ... Angel Mim was very keen again to help stuff!) So I have a Mummy Hoot, a Daddy Hoot and a Baby Hoot! I tried to give their eyes a bit of expression, Mummy Hoot is not quite rolling her eyes in exasperation but she is looking to Heaven ... like most Mums frequently do ..hehehe. Daddy Hoot with a direct firm stare and Baby Hoot has a 'it wasn't me' look, which I happen to see a lot of in and around our home ...hahaha The pattern is by 'Cottonwood Creations' and is easy-peasy to follow and lots of fun to make. They're all ready to mingle with some pumpkins ready for Autumn :) Just one more week before the Pumpkins are out ... have to wait until the Angels are back at school on the 9th .... starting to get excited ... whether it's for school or the pumpkins I'm not quite sure ...hahaha :)
Well I best make a move towards Bed and a pair of soft snuggly PJ's ... all this anniversary forgetting has fair worn me out  ... I'm exhaust-de-poopied ... showing my age again! :)
Hugs Wendy x x