Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ooooo its busy busy here in the Kirby Household :) I'm pooped but its been fun. We've had a family week at School for the Angels, several coffee/cake/knit and natter mornings, a fantastic Sports day, and a food cringe-worthy 'join us for a school dinner' day (they're still as bad as I remember them..haha) It was lovely seeing my Angels in their school environment and what they get up to (I did a lot of spying thru' classroom windows so as not to disturb them) We had lovely weather for the Sports day and it was perfectly organised with lots of games and races ... actually the only race was the Teachers versus Parents running relay :) The children's sports were along the lines of bean bag tossing and fishing for plastic ducks ... great fun. I'm sure I could hear my Angels squealing with excitement above everyone else :))

Hubby is off work this week, so that he could join in the fun too, but also so that he and Jacob could go on an adventure of their own. They randomly decided to go down to Wimbledon to watch the Tennis, I say randomly because every year they talk and talk about going down, the random part comes into being more as in spontaneously getting up very early one morning and driving down to London (not a short journey from the North West!) to stand/sleep in line for tickets!! ... don't ask me, I don't know, I just heard it involved a lot of queueing and strategically placed tents! But they were very lucky and got centre court tickets and watched several matches, including Roger Federer's knock-out. They were very pleased with themselves :) We have spent a lot of time re-watching the matches today to try and spot them in the spectators! All the girls were left at home and we enjoyed some girly films and lots of chocolate and ice-cream. And if I'd have been able to I would have enjoyed some sneaky Internet shopping too but frustratingly our Internet connection has been on and off for weeks now ... not sure if cables are been laid or updated or something but its having a serious impact on my visits from Mr Postman ... I haven't seen him aaaall week :)

I did receive a lovely package a little while ago ...
Two sweet little Appalachian Folk Art Dolls, 'Kate' and baby 'Margaret' ... I love it when they have names ;)  They are made by a very clever lady called Gena Hart, and they really are beautifully made dolls, with subtle and interesting differences to my other primitive dolls, like the shape of their feet and their heads and hats ... guess that why they're called Appalachian and not Primitive. I don't know anything really,  I could be talking out of thin air but I like them and that's what counts!

I had a quick trip in between fun and games at School to the Old Cotton Mill I love that houses vintage /second-hand goodies .. I came home with a few treats ;)
I found this lovely old wooden trug and some teensy butter paddles and 'vintage' pastry cutters, another smallish basket ( I have a lot of thread spools..hehehe ) I don't know if any of it is antique, old or even vintage, for all I know they could be made in someones back garden shed and rubbed down to look old ... I don't mind, I didn't pay vintage or antique prices for them, just pennies and I like the look of them so they suit me:) The gorgeous Black Forest Bear was a lucky 'win' a few weeks ago on EBay, another creation from Angi of 'Drakestone Primitives', from her 'Attic Bears' collection ...  I do love them sooo much but I also worry whether poor Angi will be scared into thinking I'm stalking her by buying all her bears ... hahaha ... honestly I'm not!

I've also been productive with my sewing, still no woolie loving but I've decided to stop pressurising myself and just enjoy what I'm enjoying at present, which is a renewed excitement and pleasure in cross stitch :)
This is 'Strawberry Garden' by Blackbird Designs. I didn't realise it when i spotted it on Pinterest (naturally!) that is was an OOP (Out Of Print ...didn't know what OOP meant either, had to look it up on Google, Oh I'm sooooo much more knowledgeable now I have Google ...hehehe) Anyways as is always the case you see and fall in love with something on Pinterest only to be at a complete loss as to how to find what it is you've developed an insatiable must-have-need for ... then along comes a lovely lady called Barbara who guides you and helps you find just what you are looking for :) Thank you Barbara you saved my hubby many sleepless nights from a sleep-tossed and sleep-lossed mad woman who couldn't stop thinking about OOP's :)  And as you can see I still can't work out stitch counts and sizes and I'm still cutting it (as in my fabric) waaaaaay too close to the edge of the design ... I just know I'm going to come unstuck one day and run out of fabric as I'm stitching. I was lucky again this time with just enough fabric bordering the design to allow room to sew it into a sweet little pillow/cushion tuck .... phew!!

I also managed to sew this small design... I like small ..hehehe..  by Beehive Needleworks called 'Sunflowers and Acorns'
This one had plenty of fabric around the edges ... so much so I could probably have easily sewn it another two times!!! Lol ... told you I was rubbish at measuring :) Still lots to learn! I may try to be a teensy bit adventurous in 'finishing' this one, something clever like a trim or such, there again I may not and just finish it and  have another pillow tuck ... hahaha

Well its that time of an evening where I have to get my two not-so-little Angels in the bath and ready for bedtime. We've been having lots of fun and games just lately, and not necessarily the kind of fun and games a Mummy would like to be having at bath/bedtime... like flooding the bathroom, admittedly not with water but let me tell you soapy bubbles are just as hard to mop up as inches of water! Then we have the 'Ostrich legs' that wedge us, or rather wedge a certain a long legged Angel into the bath! Apparently its very funny watching Mummy slip and slide all over the place trying to bend stiff and unbendable legs. And don't even get me wittering on about the joys of baby talc! I'm thinking of changing the bedroom carpet to white...its virtually that colour anyway once the baby talc is squeezed :) Oh the joys ... it is joyful really :)  I just like to pretend I'm moany and woeful ..hahaha I best go, the girls have toddled off up stairs on their own ...they know the routine :)

Happy Bath time :))
Bubbly Hugs  Wendy x x x

Monday, 17 June 2013

Did I do it??

I think I did, I think I'm still here ???

Goodness me 3 posts in one day .... I need to go lie down ... where's the chocolate ?

Hugs  Wendy x x
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I'm very confused but I think I'm trying to claim my Blog on Bloglovin :)

Am I going to disappear into internet space???

I hope not !

Fingers crossed I'm hitting the button ..... NOW!!!
Oooooh there was excitement this last weekend .... we had sunshine!
Can you see that thin narrow strip across my lavender plants? :) It was a bigger sunshine strip earlier but I didn't have my camera at the time .. lol! The Sun does shine in Lancashire :) The Angels even got to spend some time in the sandpit and playing in the garden over the weekend ... hope this isn't the full extent of our summer though, I could quite happily enjoy a few more sunny days.

Everything is winding down for the summer here, the Angels have only about 4 more weeks before they break up for the holidays ...yikes!! Jacob has finished his first year A level exams and is in his last few weeks of College and Abigael is due home from University at the end of the week ... got to figure out where we are going to store aaaaaall her stuff! My days are filling up with appointments for the Angels, Sports days, Parents evenings and end of year assemblies ... a busy few weeks ahead. 
We still haven't heard from Social Services about our Respite Package of Care for the Angels. Our assessment before the 'panel' keeps getting deferred, its been several months :(  and  I was hoping we'd know by now so that I could plan for the summer holidays but they don't seem to be in any rush to finalise things. I'll  keep my planning to a minimum just in case and keep my fingers and toes crossed for good news.

Not much sewing happening, I did manage to finish my last batch of Stacey Nash Pin keep drums ...
 I'm not sure how many of these I've made now but these are certainly the last ... famous last words? Lol! I have found another drum pin keep  pattern by Blackbird Designs in my stash but I'm just looking at it at the moment .. lol .. haven't started to pick out threads yet ;)  I am in the middle of finishing of a Summer type cross stitch design and some matching woollie strawberries but nothing to show yet.

I finally put all my Spring Bunnies away and have them stored safely until next year. Now we have the Annie's and Prairie/Primitive dolls out for summer ... hubby just loves all the changes ...hehehe
My little wall cubby ...

Raggedy Olde Annie's on the piano ...
And my favourite area, the olde dresser filled with Prairie and Primitive dolls ..
I had a few little repairs to carry out before they could all be displayed :) My 'bottle' dolls had to be reorganised a teeny bit ...
I do love these dolls :) Their 'bodies' are supposed to be old glass bottles the neck of the bottle forming the neck of the doll etc.. I'm sure you can guess whom took an instant liking to them and the fact that you could remove the dolls from the bottles  !!!  Little Miss Mim  of course  ;)  Safety measures had to be taken not only to protect the Angels but also my dolls! hahaha  So instead of glass bottles I've used wooden candle stick's as the bodies. I had to add extra stuffing to the heads in place of the bottle neck and then sew the inside bodies to the candle stick base. It seems to have worked OK, its been a couple of days and they are all still intact, but I'm sure Miss Miriam is just watching and waiting,  plotting and biding her time until she gets up to mischief and  strikes! :)
I'm reeeeeaally missing my woollie sewing, but I can't seem to find enough time to properly sit down and plan things, not sure why because I truly love my wool. I do miss going to the weekly sewing class in Southport but in the end I just couldn't justify the increase in the class fees to sit at a table and sew. It was a wonderful treat and  I was more than happy to pay just not that much I guess (When I left class fees were £70.00 for a 10 week booking, payable in full in advance) I have looked for classes closer to home and cheaper but not really found anything that meets what I'm looking for. None of my friends really sew and quilt to the same extent as I do so are not overly interested in forming our own group .... I'm just a 'billy-no-mates', a sad lonely housewife wanting to sew with friends that I don't have  :(   Aaaaw I almost feel sad for myself ...hahahaha  I'll keep searching, I might find something. Or I could just pull my socks up and get moving and actually do something instead of moping around ... hahaha
Well I'm going to tootle off now and play with the kiddies ... Jacob is slam-dunking someone on the wii machine ... he's a pro now ! Lol! I don't have the heart to tell him its not real and only a game ... he's having soooo much fun shouting at his wii characters ...bless his little cotton socks ...hehehe
Love Wendy x x