Thursday, 30 May 2013

I had a very emotional start to my day today ... an almost devastating and certainly distressing event, it left me shaky and gasping for my very breath ... its almost too painful to put into words it was certainly physically painful! Without realising it I blindly attempted to put on a pair of Jacobs jeans instead of my own ... I say blindly as in I randomly pulled the first pair of  jeans out of the clean washing basket never imagining they'd be anybody else's but my own (son never voluntarily puts his own jeans in the wash, its usually a gas-mask search under his bed for them )  I valiantly tried to put both legs in at the same time and experienced an almost out of body slow-mo panic when I realised I couldn't pull them up and I couldn't get them off! It was not the most dignified position one wishes to be caught in, especially after one has fallen plopped into a tangled heap in the middle of the floor. My initial tears were over the fact that I'd gotten soooo fat in a matter of days since I put my jeans in the wash that they no longer fit which suddenly turned into tears of relief  when I realised I was actually trying to put on  pair of Jacobs skinny jeans  ... hey, they went on over my ankles ;) ... I wasn't that fat after all ...hehehe  After my tears and frantic peeling of the said skinny jeans, I managed to recover my poise and decorum and find my own jeans and cover my modesty .... I survived but only just :) Thank goodness it's the half term holidays and I didn't have to leave the house and face the world! :)
I've felt weakened all day by my frightening experience and so spent it hand sewing whilst the Angels played and eating chocolate when the Angels weren't watching and planning when to start my next diet! ;)

I managed to put the final stitches in the mahoooosive  'Peter and Peep' cross stitch design by "Country Stitches-with thy needle and thread" ...
There actually wasn't too much left to do ...isn't it always the same? :)  But I love, love, love this design :) I admit to being a teensy bit hesitant when I started it, some of the colours seemed a bit dull but once I completed the tulips and the  ABC's everything just popped and I just love it now. I think its the biggest cross stitch pattern I've attempted ...and completed ..hehehe! The completed design is as a lovely lacy pillow and whilst I have the matching ticking fabric used I haven't quite found the right piece of lace tatting or similar to use yet. So until I do I'll keep it safe and hope to have a final final finish for the beginning of Spring next year. 

I finished another of the Stacey Nash Pin-keep Drums ...

I finished this one slightly differently this time, my first one felt a bit squidgy and droopy in the middle (Sorry first friend ...but she tells me she loves it ..hehehe)  So this time I plumped up the inner top and added appliqued wool hearts to the top and bottom with a rusty bell and safety pin on the top. I do like it this way much better and its now ready to go to another special friend :) 

When the Angels had an afternoon trip to the cinema the other day with their lovely carers I spent a little time getting friendly with my sewing machine :) Still trying to use up some of my hoarded drawers of fabric ... I had strips left over from the homespun quilt top I completed the other month so like the good stash buster I want to be I started sewing and came up with this scrappy strippy top ...
 the colours don't look very appealing in this photo ... they're better in real life ..haha .. and its not a very big top ...yet! I plan on adding to it, so I've made it into 3 panels at present, just not sewn the panels together ...does that make sense? Why ? Because as I was rummaging around in the infamous fat quarter drawers I found another bundle of the exact same fabrics!!! So that'll be another project with most probably left overs to add to this strippy scrappy :) Its soooooo hard trying to be good, especially when I find fabrics hidden away  ..hehehe  I have obviously been a naughty girl in my Past (not that kind of naughty ... shopping naughty!) It's a sad reflection of my deviousness that I'm stumbling upon duplicate buys that I've forgotten about ...hehehe ;)
OK seeing as I'm confessing, here's my final one ....
(Don't quite know what's happened to the photo here, its squashed up??  The original is OK, maybe blogger isn't happy, maybe it'll will sort itself out when I hit the publish button??) 
Anyways, this is a new little addition from Angi of Drakestone Primitives... another of her Attic Bears that she had for sale on EBay ... and I won!!! Yeah!!  She's a lovely little girl baby bear in the cutest little onsie with a ruffle, soooo lovely and another addition to my collection :)
Well that's me done ... done in! Not sure if I've gotten over my skinny jeans terror from this morning ... I swear I can still feel those jeans tightly stuck to my ankles! How do people wear such tight jeans???  :) Oh  well I guess my time (if I ever had one) for wearing skinny jeans is well and truly over ... I'm a bootleg cut girl aaaaaall the way! ;)
Skinny Hugs :)
Wendy x x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Long time no speakie! Life just seems to have taken me over a bit at the moment, well for the last month at least :)  Lots happening and not enough time to sit and sew and relax :(  Little Esther has endured another round of Oral/Dental procedures at the hospital, she was a little star and coped really well and has made a good recovery we're still struggling to control her Myoclonic seizure's ('Petit Mals' or 'drop seizures') but she's not had any Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal's) for about 3 weeks now which is excellent. Its the usual merry-go-round of waiting to see the consultant and decide on whether we need to change her meds or add to them, at the moment he's thinking he wants to add but wants to speak with another Neurologist first, so we wait a bit longer :( She's happy though and carries on like a trooper only having the odd weepy day (like her Mum!) Growing up isn't fun for a little girl sometimes. Its hard seeing her on the brink of womanhood and knowing that she doesn't understand all the changes happening to her ... she just wants to play with her toys and snuggle, hardly the usually choice of activities for a young 15 year old lady. Whilst I find it heartbreaking at times to see her frozen in her 'baby' stage, I'm comforted by knowing that she enjoys her little life and seems happy and content. Also she has Miriam, and Miriam likewise has Esther :) Two little Angels together.  People often tell me how sad and hard my life is ... and it is at times and I would give anything for my Angels to be whole and we all have a 'normal' life, but this is our 'normal' we've never known any different ... its just a different normal to other people :) Ooooh teetering on the edge of maudlin ... :)  Let's move along ... What other news do I have? Abigael passed her driving test so is now a fully fledged driver ... she's thrilled and so is her Dads wallet ...hehehe. We had a belated birthday breakfast for Jacob's 17th  at Frankie and Bennie's, yummy pancakes, sausage, bacon, maple syrup etc... soooo much nicer when someone else is doing the cooking and cleaning up afterwards.  I sadly have been out of action for a week or two with a bad case of Tendonitis in my left shoulder, caused by the daily lifting and physical management of my Angels ... their legs are getting soooo long that changing/dressing is more than a physical challenge at times .. guess it was just one wriggly bottom too many that caused me grief and pain :(  I'm still a bit tender but have almost regained full mobility in my arm/shoulder again. The worst thing about it was the impact it had on my sewing! Even though I'm right handed, not being able to use my left arm seriously impeded threading needles and holding fabric etc... So not much has been happening with the old needle and thread :( 

I did manage to start a new little project by Stacy Nash Primitives

These are the beginnings of two of her cross stitch designs; 'Netty's Sampler Pinkeep Drum' and 'Schoolgirl Sampler Pinkeep Drum'. I've used the recommended fabric and threads but am surprised at the size of the finished 'drum'. You can see I 've completed one and added a strawberry fob for decoration on top :) This one is for a special someone and I just need to organise myself and post it off to her ... hopefully writing this will give me the push I need ...hahaha They are quite fun to make if  a teensy bit fiddly to finish. I have a few more of her 'drum' patterns and I think I'd be quite happy to make them :)

I still seem to be on a wool abstinence :(  Not purposefully, just not having enough time to set up my stall so to speak ... by the time I've laid everything out and organised myself it's time to pack it all away again to hide it from investigating Angelic fingers  :)   Did you see that the same phrase came up again there ?? 'Organise myself' ...not proving too competent at that at the present ..hehehe

I have received some wondrous woolly love from a lovely friend though ;) ....
Meet Mr Sheep !! I do need to give him a name, although I do like calling him Mr Sheep (I know, simple things please simple minds!)  Mr Sheep was gifted to my by the lovely Julia from 'Bilberry Grove Blog' He turned out a bit bigger than she expected ... he is a big boy, but sooooo full of woolly love ...hahaha  He's from 'Buttermilk Basin Designs', he's the 'base' for a series of monthly woolly blankets that are displayed along his broad back. He is absolutely gorgeous and I was soooo excited when Julia asked me if I'd like to have him ... it was hard not to jump up and down squealing yes please!! ...hehehe  Thank you soooo much Julia , I dooooo love him and I will enjoy sewing his little woolly blankets  ... hopefully he won't be cold  for toooooo long ;)

That's about all I've got, not much, nothing earth shattering, just plain old life :) May is almost over and we are in the midst of exam fever again, Abigael in her first year of Uni final exams, Jacob with his first year A level  'AS' exams ... he' currently on study leave but I'm not sure if he's actually grasped the concept that time off College is time to revise not play uninterrupted FIFA football on the Wii !! :)  My Angels have broken up for Spring 1/2 term so are home this next week. I'm hoping for a visit from Mr Sunshine but he seems to be still hibernating at the moment :(  Soon it will be time to put away all my Spring time bunnies and bring out my Summer Annie's and Prairie Dolls. Time is passing, wish the weather could keep!

On that cheery note I will bid you a good evening and go tackle two wriggly wiggly Angels and head for my warm snuggly bed :)

Hugs Wendy x x