Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's the last day of April, and today we had glorious spring sunshine :) I'm really hoping it lasts into May, June, July and August ... wishful thinking??
Anyways, the last day of the month and whilst we've had a week of hysterical hormones and Angelic chaos, it only seemed fitting to leave the month with another tale of shame, embarrassment, slight hair loss and woeful be-tidings ... The Angels have been at it again!!
First I feel we need a teensy bit of background information which may enlighten those who are hasty to condemn ...hahaha ... remember,  I've seen the Angels in action ... I'd be hasty to condemn them too ;)
A new initiative at school has been the introduction of ipads as a means of teaching and communication. School has had ipads for a couple of years and has encourage and supported parents in trying to acquire individual ipads for children for "individualised learning". Now obviously ipads are quite expensive, but when you need 2 {because 'sharing' is not a word that is understood very well amongst Angels (its just beyond their ability to understand unfortunately, although we are making very slow progress to the understanding of 'wait' which is close and will help)}When you need 2 ipads that expense becomes one that goes waaaaaay down on the list of needfuls, like food and heating ...hehehe But the Angels have used the school ipads and loved them so we've always known we would purchase some as soon as we were able. A wonderful Grandma and Grandad who recently sold their home decided to bless their little Angelic granddaughters with ipads. I can't tell you how excited and grateful we were and how much fun the girls are having. My Angels LOVE their ipads which have specially made covers so that if dropped the bounce and don't break. As with all fun gadgetry they would play with them day and night, so we have to be quite strict and only allow them at certain times for a specified length of time, a few little paddy's but so far so good ... background done, now on to the dire tale :) ....
Church as we all know is a challenge for two little Angels but with stickers and colouring pencils we can generally make it through the service relatively pain free .... not so this last Sunday!! We were all sat nicely, drawing and being good, all was quiet and calm, when the lady sat in the pew in front of us just moved slightly to straighten her skirt and in doing so you could see that she had an ipad on her knee. Now I don't know what she was doing on her ipad during the church service, facebook, shopping, games, even reading scripture,  none of my business ... hey, I was drawing with my girls behind her :)  But eagle eyed Esther unfortunately is not so nonchalant about other peoples business and as soon as she spotted that ipad she was up on her feet craning over the pew and the lady's shoulder desperately trying to see what she could see. Obviously it doesn't take too long for Miriam to join in and she's soon stood up peering over too. Now I don't know whether there's anything like ESP shared between the girls but I recognised that look that seemed to pass between them ... 'I want it' ... before you could blink and scream a silent  noooooooooo both Angels had launched themselves over the pew towards this lady and her ipad!!  We had flapping arms, kicking legs, bottoms desperately trying to wriggle over the top of the pew, hands scrabbling for possession of that ipad, arms twisted in arms, legs and feet tangled, hands grabbing hair.  And here sadly is where we have the hair loss, I made the unfortunate assumption that it was Esther's hand grabbing the lady's hair ... Esther's hand was tangled in her hair but it was the lady's hand that I accidentally grabbed and yanked away, along with a nice tangle of her beautiful curls ... Oooooh NOT good!! Not good at all ... I'm now desperately whispering apologies and such like. Apologising for the Angelic attack, the hand grab, the hair loss ... it was not pretty!  But technically it was  not an Angel pulling hair either ... what can I say the lady had small hands like Esther, I couldn't tell them apart! I may have in my embarrassment said "Ooo Esther let go" kind of implying it was Esther pulling her hand and the hair out .... OK, I'm a bad mother, in the confusion I allowed my poor disabled daughter to take the blame for my hair pulling ... I'm bad, I'm a horrible mother, it was accidental .... pleeeeaase forgive me! It was very traumatic, I'm emotionally scarred ... again!  I may never recover .... again
So we have two screaming, flapping Angels, a handful of hair and a whole congregation turning round to see whats happening ... can you feeeeeeel my pain?? I'm trying to tell the lady in front to hide her ipad so that I can distract the girls and pull them off her, she holds it up higher for all to see and says "What?  Hide this?"  Causing a further scramble of Angel limbs in their quest to reach the ipad. At this point I was getting desperate, but in my hour of need help arrived .. fortunately the ladies husband sat next to her gruffly took it off her and told her off for waving it around (had a teensy inner snigger at that). Thanks to his distraction Keith and I were able to grab an Angel each and rather indelicately sling them  under-arm-over-arm and edge our way out of the chapel into the relative safety of the corridor outside. I'd like to say I've never been so embarrassed in all my life, but do you remember the wig incident a couple of Christmas's ago? Guess we were lucky it was just curls we pulled out this time. After the service I did go and offer further apologies to the lady, she was very kind and said it was OK. Phew!!    But in my Angels defence (and I do have to defend them ... I'm their Mum!) someone using/playing with an ipad during a church service is not to my mind reverently participating in the spiritual aspect of the meeting ;)  maybe they need Angels to descend from on high to call them to accountability for their actions .... hahahaha ... only kidding. Sadly I don't think the nice lady will be sitting anywhere near us in the future ... its not that we have a reputation ... lol, but most people know that only the brave sit near the Kirby's ... lol! We all know this is not a one-off, we all know something similar is going to happen again and again and again ... I'm not sure how much longer we can rely on the loving kindness of our congregation ...hahaha... I may have to do some baking and some not-so-secret Angel deliveries to keep in everyones good books ...hehehe.  I guess I'll just have to say my prayers and hope that people continue to love us and forgive us :)
So that's my Angel trauma ... aren't you glad you don't live with Angels? :) I'm actually beginning to think that everybody else's lives are quite dull by comparison to ours, I mean we have LOTS of adventures and we usually get away with all the Angelic mayhem and chaos we cause ... hahaha. I think our life would be quite boring without our Angelic excitement ... having said that I'm quite happy to hire the Angels out anytime if anyone feels life is getting a bit boring and predictable!! ;)

Hugs Wendy x x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Oooooh can't believe that April is almost over ... where has the month gone? I'm obviously getting old when I loose track of not only days but weeks and months ... starting to sound like my Mum ...hahaha  :) 
I think we are back into the swing of things again, being back at school, college and university helps ... especially for this peace and quiet loving Mum ..hahaha Although if the antics of this evening are anything to go by there's not much peace and quiet going on! I was greeted with the ominous words of  "Esther's in a grumpy mood" when the school bus pulled up this afternoon, quickly followed with  "and Miriam has been a little madam today" ... not sounding like we're going to have a quiet Friday night in then ...sigh!   Where and whom to start with...?   How about Angel-1 Esther ...  My beautiful little Esther, I would hesitate to ever call my Angel a "grumpy-cow-bag" (Yorkshire euphemism for attributes relating to a less then happy young lady ... I was born in the country on a farm so I can use the cow-bag bit ;) ...I have a certificate if you need proof) Anyways back to the  grumpy bit ... tonight the description fits her perfectly :) She's GOT to be hormonal! Lots of whinging and mithering, flapping and slapping. She was quite magnificent at one point, when the power ran out on her 'educationally-fun' ipad, she had a mega-mega strop. I did try really hard not to laugh and to 'feel' her anguish and frustration ;) but she was behaving just like a normal teenager having a strop/paddy and it was brilliant !!  (When you have disabled children anything approaching 'normal' behaviour is to be celebrated ...hahaha)  Poor little Esther hasn't quite mastered the stomping out of the room and slamming the door but her hysterical 'my-life-is-over' collapse to the floor was truly spectacular and worthy of an Oscar!! I hasten to add that once I'd stopped laughing I offered her comfort and a pair of loving arms ... she smack-flapped me across the head in no uncertain terms ... I'm not sure but I have a slight suspicion that she may have attempted to sign 'you're doing my head in'  (yes, they have signs for that!)  So I tried a different tactic and gave her some chocolate ... I'm not above bribery ... and all of a sudden all is right with the world again and we're back to being loving and snugly :)   All I can say is that she is definitely hormonal !! hahaha
In the midst of Angel-1's dramatics we have Angel-2 determined to take advantage of the hormonal situation and climb anything and everything ... including the piano and a valiant attempt at my olde dresser ... she soooooo wanted to get her sticky fingers on my bunnies! :) When she wasn't climbing she was emptying cupboards and drawers and making a right ole mess everywhere. We did have a surprise visit from some friends from Church. It was a very short visit and I don't think they'll be back anytime soon ... Mim gave them her FULL attention !!! They left quite hastily looking quite dishevelled and 'roughed-up' if you know what I mean. I dread to think what the neighbours thought when they saw them running down the drive ... honest they were running! :) And if that child has been naked once she's been naked a dozen times (fortunately not when we had the visitors...you have to be grateful for small blessings!) I've finally managed to keep her half decent in some mismatched Pj's (her choice) but its been a battle! Poor Jacob has retreated to his room where he's been holed up and not seen for several hours ...well if you don't count the hand that came out of the crack in the door to receive his dinner, can't blame the poor boy would you want to be in the same room as a hormonally stroppy Angel and a semi-naked Angel!?? :)  ... They are calming down a bit now, they are all snugly in Pj's watching the Hobbit on DVD and giggling at the dwarfs and loving Gollem :) Fortunately we don't have many evenings like this, it is fun whilst it lasts but you don't wish for tooooo many repeat performances ...hehehe

I did manage a little bit of sewing today and with a visit from Mr Postman, and small bar of chocolate I feel my nerves have survived quite admirably ... if we can make it through the rest of the film and up to bed that is  :)
My sewing hasn't amounted to much but I'm pleased with the progress I'm making ...

This is my current cross stitch project 'Peter & Peep' by Country Stitches-with thy needle and thread. As you can see by the lack of face and legs and cart wheel, I ran out of the threads needed. Mr Postman remedied that with a delicious envelope of the much needed  'The Gentle Art - Sampler Threads' ... and now I can continue on and possibly see the end in sight :) 
Mr Postman was kept quite busy today as he also dropped of a small and at one point thought lost little package ...
I'd ordered these little woollie chicks and their mama back in March from a lovely lady, Marcia in the US for an Easter delivery :) I thought they must have decided that not to come and live with me, but it was just that they thought they'd travel the world and visit Taiwan!!! Guess somebody somewhere put my little package in the wrong postman sack! :) Even though Easter is well past, Chicks are still quite 'Springy' so I've kept them out on display with the bunnies ... seems a shame to put them away after their adventures ...lol!
The only other thing I've done today is attempt to resume some form of order in my Quiet Room now that its been emptied of Abigael's 'stuff' with her return to university and I even managed to hang and fill my little wooden cubby ...
I thoroughly enjoyed the hour or so it took me to rummage around and find just the right bits and bobs to fit each little cubby hole, I may tweak things around in the next day or so but that's half the joy of playing  :) And my room still looks as messy as ever but I had fun ...hahaha
Well I think I should take advantage of the Angels watching The Hobbit and try and give that poor bunny a face with my new threads. Hopefully we won't be suffering anymore Hormonal hystericals this evening ... poor little Angel but she really was rather marvellous with her dramatics ... got to love my Angels :)
Hormonal Hugs   Wendy x x

Friday, 19 April 2013

Oh My Gooooooooodness! I just spent the last few weeks home alone with 4 children/young adults and had NO Internet!!!! How did I survive you ask ??? It was hard, frustrating, annoying, and almost life threatening at times but Ooooooh soooo haaaarrrd!! :)   I can't believe that I am sooo reliant on the Internet... not only for communication, thru' E-mail etc.. but my weekly food shop, managing household bills etc.. everything is online. It did make me think about how much vital information is stored online. I couldn't even access my own blog/journal and read past entries  :(  I've since spent a couple of days copying my blog to a memory stick so that I do have a copy of my full blog ... 5 years is a lot of journalling to loose! And also any other vital bits of information needed, like all Abi's university details and funding) Anyways we had a sticky time with the numpty's at AOL but are back again ...for the time been!

Our Easter didn't go quite as badly as last year, we didn't quite get admitted to Hospital and the children's ward but it was close ..hahaha (You know I will do absolutely anything to keep my Angels out of hospital ... its just too frightening for them and I know its stressful for not only us but the nursing staff too) Poor little Esther again had a bad round of seizures brought on initially by  what we thought was a respiratory/chest infection but its now looking like its the old toothypegs again (Teeth!)  We have her seizures just about under control at the moment but she has to go into hospital for some Oral Surgery in the next week or two, hopefully we can get away with just a day visit it all depends on her seizures and the anaesthetic, last time she had a bad reaction and had to be readmitted so we're not quite sure how things will work out  :(

Whilst we have essentially been 'off-line' Spring has finally arrived, Abi has being home from University for the Easter holidays, the Easter Bunny brought lots of chocolate goodies that sadly have not been nibbled on by little Angels, one wasn't interested and so we hid them from the other one ... don't want to overwork the tooth fairy! As a conscientious parent I took it upon myself to nibble the smallish box of Cadburys cream eggs that were looking very sad and neglected ...didn't want them to go off past their sell by date ;) Its amazing how much happier and calmer the world becomes when you eat a cream egg :) They probably should be on medical prescription !  My blue-eyed boy has celebrated his 17th birthday and proved that at heart he is still a little boy especially when he has a Nerf gun in his hands!! You know its true Jake! As the Angels were not particularly well and not eating chocolate eggs I've done alot of Mummy-Nursing, lots of cuddles and dosing out the Calpol/Paracetamol. I think that kind of sums up our Easter Holidays, not much happening, although it did stop Snowing and Mr Sun tried peeking out from behind those grey rain clouds so that's got to be good :)

Whilst cuddling/nursing Angels I managed to finish my April Cross stitch BOM from Country Stitches ...
It's got the same bunny and heart inside the pocket as March, simply because the delicate little sprig of dried flowers that was originally in there was squidged by exploring Angel fingers!

And in the quiet Angelic snoozing moments I actually managed to finally get my Bunnies out!
I love decorating this little cubby, its nice and high up so those teensy little bunnies are fairly safe from little Angel fingers :)
This is the bunny hutch, filled with ...well bunnies ..hahaha
Bunnies on the piano, although I've just realised that since I took this picture I've tweaked things a bit and added and moved things around ... probably need an up to date photo :) but you get the idea ...bunnies! hehehe
I did a little bit of woolly sewing too :) ....
A woolly bunny leaping amongst the Spring flowers :) I got the idea from a pattern for a Spring table runner, its a 'Whimsicals' design, out of the 'Ocasions' book.  I just used one end of the runner to make a square cushion, I'm happy with it, he adds a bit of Spring to the piano and of course he's a bunny :)  Can you tell that we've got the Bunny Luuuurrvve going on?? :)
I need to take a picture of my current cross stitch project, its also by country Stitches and as I've said before its mahoooosive. It is by far the biggest cross stitch project I've attempted and I can see it taking me a fair while longer yet until I finish it, that and the fact that I've already run out of some of the threads required so I'm at a standstill until I get a visit from Mr Postman ;)
I wanted to share a few more bits and bobs ...whilst we have the Internet connected but everything is starting to slow down and picture uploading is taking forever, so I'll save them for next time ... hopefully we'll still have a connection and there will be a next time...if not I know I have another teensy box of Cadbury's cream eggs safely hidden away ;)
Bunny Love 
Wendy x x x