Sunday, 31 March 2013

We are enjoying a quiet snuggly Easter Sunday here today :)  We have two little Angels with sticky, runny noses and chesty coughs, laid together on the sofa each end... watching Shrek on  DVD with the odd chuckle amid the sniffles and splutterings ....aaaawww it's sad but sweet too! At least this year we're not in the children's ward at the Hospital :)  Angel Esther just looked at her Easter Egg this morning before pushing it away unopened ... Gosh she's really sick Angel Mim made more of an effort and managed to gobble half an egg before bringing it all back up in a nice yucky mess for Mum to clean up.... She's making me giggle at the moment, she's laid down with a green head sweat band across her forehead with a baby wipe tucked underneath it, presumably to keep her head cool??? Who knows but she looks soooo funny, bless her :)  Hubby is dying upstairs in bed with Man-Flu, Jacob is keeping out of the way in his room playing games on his gadgets and Absi is out with the Mr Boyfriend ...walking off a scrummy Easter Lamb dinner. So I'm left with the quiet Angels to catch up on my blog/journal and very probably a sink full of pots and pans and dishes to wash after said yummy dinner  :)

The snow has pretty much melted away and we have had some rays of sunshine to welcome the Easter weekend, it's still chilly with a bite in the air, but much better than snow :)
To help Spring along I felt I needed to offer these little treasures a home ....

Aaaaw couldn't not let them join the bunny farm could I ?  ;)  I love the little 'peek-a-boo' bunny in the basket of pine cones ... he's actually had to move home into  smaller wall basket as he was proving tooo much of a temptation for one little pair of Angel hands ..hahaha  And the mama and baby bunny are just so lovely, baby even has his own small piece of towelling comforter blankie.  All beautifully made by Maria from the Cinnamon Shack. 

And then there was this little package ...
Another 'Daddy' rabbit and a pair of Easter/Spring Squirrels, more of Maria's creations :) And the Panda Bear was an exciting find on Ebay. I found him randomly but thought he looked very much like the beautiful bears that Angi of Drakestone Primitives makes ... I placed a bid and won! :) Although he doesn't appeared to be signed or anything and with no tags or such, just his style and positioning and even facial stitching reminds me so much of one of  Angi's bears. I could be wrong but I'm sure he is one of her creations :)

I haven't really got any further with using up my drawers of fat quarters. I did manage to make a few more blocks out of the Moda homespun bundle and possibly have enough for a top, just not had time to spread everything out on the floor and sew everything together. Probably won't have the time now until the Angels go back to school after the Easter holidays in 2 weeks (!) It does feel good to be using them up. I'd like to be brave and try a log cabin design with the next drawer of fabrics... I do have a lot of drawers and bundles to use up!  :)

I've managed to slip in a few stitches here and there ....

This is "Spring Band Sampler" by Little House Needlework's. Its the first time I've completed one of their designs. It was enjoyable and quite a quick and simple stitching project. Not quite sure how I'll finish it, it should be framed, but finding one that I like is always problematic :) 

An easier 'finish' will be had with this sweet little cross stitch by With Thy Needle And Thread ...
'Easter Peep',  I loved sewing this one sooooo much :) Just made me smile each time I picked it up. My finished piece is a bit bigger than the original design, it called for a 32 count fabric with stitches worked '1 over 1' ...toooooooo small for my eyes, so I did '1 over 2' instead and I think its OK still a nice small size, just not as teensy as the original :)  I've prepped another WTN&T design, another Easter bunnie and this one is proving Maaaaaahoooosive, it's a '2  over 2' on a a 22 count fabric but I didn't have a piece big enough so I've used a random piece I had in my stash that I think is either a 25 or 28 count ... and its still BIG!! When I have a few more stitches in place I'll share my progress :)

On the last day of school before the Angels came home I managed to find my sewing machine and quickly made a bag for my Mum as her Easter gift this year ...
Mum has recently started to knit again, she's currently knitting the most gorgeous squares to make a blanket for Dad's bed. I think she needs to knit about 120 squares, all different designs ... the design looks gorgeous. Anyways I noticed that she was storing her completed squares in a tesco carrier bag and felt what she really needed a nice fabric bag to hold them ... so Voila, a rummage around in a  drawer, and a selection of co-ordinating purple/lilac  fat quarters to the rescue! :) Mum was surprised and chuffed (happy!) with her new bag and I'm happy that there is another space in my drawers ... lol!
Well Shrek has finished, my quiet time is over, I'm going to attempt to get some Angels into pj's and ready for bed, might be naughty and skip baths tonight and have them in the morning :) And there's all those pots and pans still waiting for me ... hehehe   Disappointingly not much of a dint has been made today in the chocolate Easter Egg stash ... I may have let myself and my hips down a little bit with my neglectfulness ...  but there's always tomorrow ... hahaha  :)
Easter Hugs  Wendy x x

Saturday, 23 March 2013

It seems that it's not only me that gets confused and jumbled up at times .... Mother Nature seems to have gotten confused too, someone may need to tell her that March is a Spring month not a Winter one :) We woke up this morning to this...
about 8-9 inches of snow but with more than 4-5 foot high drifts in certain places the back door, lol! So its been a forced day of snuggling, and chillin' with my Angels. We were forced to eat pancakes for breakfast and lunch and supper (had a proper beef and dumpling casserole for dinner!) We were forced to eat aaaaall the chocolate Jaffa cakes in the house, and we were forced to eat some secretly hidden cadbury's cream eggs too ... well it is Easter next weekend ;)
Unfortunately someone got confused with the cadburys cream eggs and tried to nibble this one too ...
(a small decorative chocolate polystyrene egg sat with one of my Bunnies!) Bet I don't need to tell you who that was? .... (Miriam Louise Kirby!!!!) Got to love that Angel of mine :) hahaha her face was not impressed when she bit into it!

I've had an odd and unsettled  couple of weeks just lately. I kind of feel like I've had my own little epiphany of a sort... some sad happenings have led me to do some ... well not re-evaluating exactly just a 'moved into action thought process' ... if that makes sense ?  Recently a very lovely and close friend passed away after a very sudden and short illness :(  And also the Mother of a friend of Abi's recently found out she was in the 3rd stage of ovarian cancer ... both very sad and upsetting. My friend who died, although a lot older than myself was someone that I loved dearly and we shared a love for 'crafty' shopping, myelf for fabrics and buttons  and her for card crafts ... Oooooh and cake , we both loved cake too :) But my lovely friend has passed on leaving the most wonderful craft room full to the brim of all her treasured papers and cards and paraphernalia ... and it is no longer wanted or needed by her elderly husband and family :(  {Not in a bad way, just in a not their kind of their thing way} Then there's Abi's friends' Mum, facing a frightening prospect in her life and worrying about her future and that of her daughters. I just suddenly thought one day ... I have a room bursting with all my fabrics and threads and bits and bobs ... if I become ill and die suddenly all my children will have left to remember me by are drawers full of fat quarters ... how much better would it be for them to have drawers of at least sewn quilt tops?? It's much easier to ask someone to finish off a quilt top your Mum has started than hand them a bunch of fabrics and have them guess what I would have made with them! Like I said, for me these sad happenings have been kind of an epiphany. I'm not one to set myself challenges and such ... I hate letting myself down :( but for the last few weeks I've felt I should use my stash ... as in cut into my stash!

I felt a need to show some love and support to Abi's friends Mum and family, so I pulled out lots of bright cheerful fabrics and quickly pulled this top together ...
It is very bright and I snigger as I type not my colours at all ... they were after all in my fabric must have been my colours once upon a time ... lol! It's nothing fancy, just a very simple design, I wanted it to be ready to gift as soon as possible ...
Here it is all completed. I just added a blue border to 'frame' the quilt with a soft green (darker than shown in the photo) fleece for backing (for extra comfort when snuggling) with a mixed green binding. I managed to deliver it on Thursday before the snow blizzards started on Friday and we couldn't get out in the car today ... forethought ...hahaha   Hopefully it is keeping a lovely but very poorly Mum warm and snugly on this cold and snowy night. I always feel anxious about making things for other people, family is OK - they don't mind the mistakes, but this time I felt prompted to do it now and whilst I do feel good that I did it, truly, I feel peaceful that I listened to that little voice prompting me and nudging me into action :)

My De-stashing continued with this bundle of Moda homespuns/plaids I had in my drawers ...
Again, not a brilliantly clear photo ... how many years now have I been saying I need to learn how to take proper pictures ...hahaha  My plan is to make several more blocks so that I have a top measuring 4 by 5 blocks, a good snuggly size :)  Unofficially  I'm thinking that I could make a flimsy top a month which for me is more attainable than saying I'll make a complete quilt a month ... I do want to make them into quilts, I just don't want to overwhelm  myself with commitment yet  ..hahaha ;) And I have to tell you that as scared as I was in making the first cut into my lovely moda bundle ... that space in the drawer really makes me smile! :)

I'm slowly slipping some stitches into some Spring cross stitch projects, not much to show just yet... Next time I will share my Spring Bunnies that are ready to hoppity hop for the Spring weather than we don't yet have ...  I should have left the snowmen out a bit longer ...hahaha ... Actually did I hear somewhere that Summer time officially starts in the next week or two with the clocks going forward ??  Spring  better get a move on ..hahaha

Well I'm off to do my usual chasing of Angels to bed, a little later than usual as they've been cooped up inside all day and been a little bit stir crazy ... all those pancakes and jaffa cakes and cream eggs probably haven't helped either ...sugar high Angels!! Hahaha :)

Hopefully the snow will melt soon and Spring will put in an appearance  .. until then  sweet snow bunny dreams ;)

Hugs Wendy x x

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

 **Warning** This is just a small family melodrama blog/journal entry, an incident that happened the other evening... no sewing, quilting, crafting of any kind. Please feel free to skip this post and wait for something more exciting :)  But for my own piece of mind I just had to share this teensy confession .. not of the shopping kind, although it did involve a shop!

Since Abi left home to go to university we've kind of been operating on a 'one less pair of hands to help chase Angels' situation. So Hubby and I get  to talking and realise that in another year we'll also be losing Jacob to University and will be down two pairs of hands ... two less extra bodies to give chase so to speak .... Soooooo we decided to get into training and start taking the Angels out  and about minus their older siblings (we've always done everything as a family ..including quick shops in the supermarket)  Each week we've been going out to buy one or two bits and bobs at the supermarket... now that probably doesn't sound tooo challenging but you try picking up a loaf of bread and a pint of milk, queueing and going through the till, paying and packing with Angels! Its not easy! :)
Well this week I decided to add a little extra into the mix... I'd hand in and collect a prescription whilst we were there ... be warned there is at least one bad parenting moment coming up!!... The pharmacy counter in Tesco is right next to the lift, are you beginning to see where we're going?? Been wise to Angel antics, as parents we decided we had split into two teams : Hubby with Angel Esther and Me with Angel Miriam. Angels are not patient beings, they don't wait in line quietly, they don't walk past the sweet aisle and not try to grab anything. And they don't stand nicely by your side whilst you try and sign the back of the prescription form. Noooooooo they sidle away from you and go look at the lift doors. Did I mention that Angels are fast?? (They do have mobile difficulties believe it or not, it's just that they can actually 'run' easier than walk slowly or stand still ....  although their running actually looks like they are falling face forward down, if that makes sense ... and I've not made that up either ;) Something to do with their balance and gross motor skills!...Just in case you were wondering how come wobbly unsteady Angels could be fast!)  Anyways my Angels are fast .... Sooooooo fast that they can be in the lift, alone, and pressing buttons just as you've blinked and turned to make sure they haven't moved ... please remember this is all happening on slo-mo-motion  and you really are moving faster than superman but you just can't do anything to stop the doors shutting , never mind the Angel inside pressing buttons .... Now possibly like me at this point you're wondering where is Hubby and Angel Esther?? Well they were having their own adventures at the front of the superstore running up and down the moving escalators ... I did tell hubby off afterwards about his abominable parenting control but really as we were running out of the store at the time (I'd already paid for the bread and milk before I went for the prescription-- not adding theft to my misdemeanour's too!) I don't really feel like I had much of a leg to stand on!

 I here by admit that it was my child 'with severe learning disabilities'  that was riding unsupervised up and down , and up and down , and up and down in the lift ... fortunately on a down she hit the open door button and I deftly grabbed her out of the lift... now if we accidentally hit the lift alarm button as we were in the process of being grabbed .. I'm very sorry, it was accidental! And to the lady with the broken foot sat in a wheelchair patiently waiting to come down from the upper floor whilst been laughed at by a mischievous Angel... again I'm very sorry :(   In fact I'm very, very, very sorry for the complete unruly Angelic chaos that we caused. Please rest assured that I feel great remorse and embarrassment .... especially as I have to go back and collect the silly prescription that in my haste to get out I left behind on the counter desk (the pharmacist rang me to let me know I'd left it .... I swear he was sniggering on the other end of the line!)

We do try to be good, responsible parents, unfortunately its not only the whole world that seems like its against us at times ... really its just two very cute and very mischievous Angels!!  Has that exhausted you?? It has me ... please no laughing, this is my life you know  ;) It's OK for you to laugh but just remember that I'm the one who has to go back and collect that prescription ... I won't be taking any Angels with me!!!!

Angelic Kisses   Wendy x x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

It's a very Happy Mothers Day here! :) I've been spoilt and thoroughly enjoyed it ... hehehe
I was awoken early this morning by a surprise visit from Abi who had come home from University ...late last night...when I was in bed...asleep! She'd stayed over and had gotten up early to give me a hug before going off with the Mr Boyfriend to visit his Mum in Wales for Mothers Day!!! What can I say?? She's a daughter 'in like' ... hahaha. I'm not miffed or upset, I know she'll be back some time before tomorrow though, as she's left her laptop on the kitchen table!!! ... hahaha 

This is my first Mother's Day morning without Absie here to organise the menfolk and make me a special breakfast, it was all left to the boys!! ...

I don't think they did tooo bad of a job of it, it was actually very yummy especially the irish soda bread ...yum :) 

Then for 'afters' I was treated to lots of lovely cards, flowers and chocolates ...
 I told you I was wonderfully spoilt :)  Thank you to all my lovely little munchkins ... even the one still not home from visiting her Mr Boyfriends Mum ... I'm not bitter :) .. hehehe
Mr Postman very kindly visited me twice this week :)  First was a lovely little package from my lovely friend Tanya's Etsy shop ...
 A few more Cross stitch patterns and some lovely woolies, my 'just-in-case' giftie to myself ;) 
He also brought me ...
 A gorgeous little 'Attic Bear' from Angi at Drakestone Primitives ... he is soooooo cute, he is beautifully made , I just LOVE him :) Also a wooden pigeon hole cubby wall shelf thingy ... I've been wanting one of these for aaaaaages ... I'm thinking I'll be able to display my ever growing collection of pincushions and nic-nacs ... just need to find some wall space to hang it :)
A teensy bit of sewing happening, not much, mostly finishing which is always good ...
 A few more last minute woolly Valentine hearts and a cross stitch design by Pineberry Lane.  The design is 'Token of Love'. I really enjoyed completing this although all that red and those teensy stitches did give me a little bit of a headache. I love the size of the pillow, not too small to be a bowl filler or tuck but a nice generous size which fits into my little basket just right ... shame I have to put it away until Valentines Day next year  ... maybe I won't, maybe I'll keep it out a bit longer :)
I also finished my monthly cross stitch by 'with thy needle and thread' into a hanging wall pocket ...
  I'm not altogether convinced I made the right decision changing the design from a hanging pillow to a pocket, not sure that it looks as good hanging as it does .... mmmmm .... may have to rethink that idea for the subsequent months ... unless I just need to make the ribbon a bit longer, maybe it will hang better then ... a bit more thought yet I think :)
Well the errant daughter has returned from Wales with the Mr Boyfriend (I'd insert an eye rolling icon here if I could but I don't know how to!) I suppose I must go and be gracious that she's called back to see me ...  (more eye rolling , lol!) even though I know its just her laptop she really wants ;)  I may make her squirm a teensy bit, only because I'm wicked and I like to ... hahaha   I haven't decided whether I'll share my Ben & Jerry's ice-cream with her yet ... I could share it with her Mr Boyfriend .... Ooooooh that would be wickedly naughty wouldn't it ...hehehe
Hugs and Snuggles Wendy  x x
P.S.    Oldest daughter very sweetly has given me lots of love and snuggles and lovingly reassured me that she loves me more that Mr Boyfriends Mum ... "she's far more weirder than yoooou Mum"  Who could ask for a more comforting comment? Hahaha ... I think I'm safe in assuming she's still 'in like' with me too ;)  x x x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

So I guess there could be a  of lot posts/ entries to my blog-journal this week as I strive to commit all our birthday adventure's to memory :)
We had a most glorious birthday trip out to Haworth in  West Yorkshire during the middle of the mixed up birthday celebrations. I haven't been to Haworth since I was a little girl and Mum took me and my sister on a bus ride for a day out.  I LOVE Haworth !  :)  I'd forgotten how much I love the scenery, the atmosphere, the sights and smells ...just the whole wonderful feel of being in Haworth. Hubby thinks its just the romantic in me dreaming about the history of the place. But Haworth is undeniably a very special place and I was thrilled to go for a visit.

As always when hubby and I set out on a road-trip we always get breakfast to go ...
hehehhee.. I'm rather partial to the cheesy sausage and egg bagel, hubby has a sausage and egg muffin, and yes I lick my fingers free of the sticky gooey cheese ;)

The first part of the drive isn't photographed , partly because its just on the motorway and partly because I'm busy stuffing my face with that bagel ..haha  But soon we're driving along these ...
The views are beautiful, I know alot of people think of 'up North' as being bleak and barren and depressing, but I find it calming, sweetly relaxing, soothing to the aching soul.... Ooooo poetic, rather apt for our day out :)
Its not long before Hubby wants to stop and explore a little .... always happens, I'm kind of  of the mind set now that the sooner I let him stop and explore the sooner we can get to where we've actually planned to go! :) We stopped here...
Absolutely no idea where we were but  the view was stunning. Then Hubby wanted to stretch his legs so off he goes, down towards that little white gate. I sit happily in the car reading for a time and just as I pull out my needle to sew a few stitches I feel my mobile buzzing and its hubby saying I have to go find him. Now I fairly and squarely admit to huffing and puffing and grumping under my breath as I put away my sewing and climb out the car dragging my coat with me because its cooooooold. There are the odd mean thoughts about 'he better have broken something' and 'I'm not dragging him up that hill' chasing each other cheerfully across my mind. I get to the gate to see this...

He wants to go down there! .... and.... along there ...??
At this point I may have been stomping my stumpy, short legs with possibly a teensy bit of muttering, and definitely some more grumping  :)
At the bottom of a further muddy slippy very old and uneven earthy path I find hubby ... with believe it or not not a broken bone in sight ... well not yet anyways!
Dearest darling hubby has coaxed me out of the car and down treacherous pathways to show me these...
Two very sweet double arched bridges ... be still my beating heart! No literally be still, I was out of breath and it did feel like my heart was about to burst ... that actually didn't happen until we clambered back up those slippery muddy paths back to the car! And you'll never guess what hubby had the nerve to say to me once sat back in the car gasping for breath....???? 'that was a good bit of exercise! ..... WHAT???? Its my birthday, I'm reaching middle age, my heart is about to burst and he's using despicable words like exercise ...quick someone give me a chocolate bar... I was shaking all over, probably in total emotional and physical shock ... I mean really ... exercise???!!!

In a bid to aid my recovery we set off again on our journey ...
a bit more driving (I thought this next one turned out OK to say it was taken through the window ..haha)
Are we there yet???    
Yes, we're here!!! This is the main street in Haworth, a short yet steep walk up that hill, past the Church steps...
And up the lane...
And..... we're here!
The Bronte Parsonage Museum   :)
A peek thru' the gate, for some strange reason I didn't take a full frontal picture of the parsonage, hubby may have one on his camera, but I'm not about to start fiddling with it ... he'd have 'my guts for garters' (quaint saying! hahaha) if I messed with his one true love ;) Sadly we weren't allowed to take any pictures inside, you could buy postcards in the gift shop but its not quite the same. There were nine rooms in the house that were open to the public, the drawing room,
which was my favourite. It has been restored quite beautifully with the table the Bronte sisters sat at to write and walk around as they pondered and read aloud to one another, and also their original couch where I believe one of the sisters died
   The Brontës are perhaps the
(I managed to find a picture on google images of the room - not sure if I'm allowed to copy and paste but I couldn't see any copyright ... hope I don't get into trouble!)
We spent an enjoyable hour or so wandering around, not all the rooms were restored to their original purpose, over the years I guess various people have owned the house and made changes but the Bronte Society keep adding to their collection and there are usually new acquisition's to see :) All of the Bronte sister's died quite young and its completely amazing to think about all their achievements and the impact they've had for such young women, very inspirational , but a tad sad too.
Outside the parsonage is this lovely statue of the 3 sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne 
The Bronte Sisters Statue
The whole house had a lovely, cared for, cherished feeling  to it. I was sooo very glad that I got to visit. As we left the parsonage to wander around we walked thru the grave yard ...
Haworth Church,
And a  view of the Bronte Parsonage from the grave yard. The grave yard is immense, I think a sign said it is estimated that there are anything from 20,000 to 60,000 people buried there. So many that it is a 'closed' graveyard and considered dangerous, you can only walk  thru' it on the paved paths, all the grave stones and burial plots seem to be enclosed within locked iron railings. Sounds a bit eerie but it was very pretty, with lots of snowdrops scattered around the grave stones.
Sadly I don't think blogger can take any more photos, its slowed right down :O so I won't try to add any more just yet.
Hubby and I had a lovely day out, the weather was even kind to us, cold but bright and clear... maybe a sign that Spring is almost here .... Ooooooo guess that means its time to bring the Bunnies out!
Well I've been at this for ages now, need to go give some attention to my Angels. I still have a few more bits and bobs to share ... then it'll quieten down a touch ..hahaha
With Love,  Wendy x x  

Monday, 4 March 2013

I'm back! Oooooh and I'm all technologically updated and completely confused as to what to do ... hahaha :) I have a lovely shiny new net book ...
Its very shiny :) and very swish, maybe a bit tooooo swishy for me, it keeps popping up flashing side, bottom and top bits, it loves to flash me the time ...jut hoping it doesn't flash me anything else! Hubby and Jacob are very pleased with it, which is a sure sign that its gadgety enough if it pleases the menfolk! I'm struggling a bit with the new windows 8 thingy and the touch screen ... my fingers are either toooo touchy or not touchy enough  I seem to add or delete icons every time I go anywhere near it, fortunately I have Jacob to fix things for me ...although he has  mentioned something about charging me and he has homework to do ... Jacob?? Homework???  hehhehe  :)  But we're having fun playing and I'm sure in a week or hundred I'll be just as techy as the next Mum!

I have managed to take some photo of all my lovely gifts ... did take me almost an afternoon to find where I'd uploaded/downloaded them, which file etc... but with my techy home support ( he found them in 2 seconds!) I can now view everything at the flick of a finger :)  Hubby got me some beautiful flowers and a few extra bits and bobs ...
The flowers smell wonderful and despite intense interest from little Angels they are still all intact, even though they are safely on the kitchen window sill now ...hahaha    Hubby can be quite ...errrr... inventive with his gift buying, if left to himself without instructions or a list he can come back with quite a few surprises ... like 'Buy one get one free' shampoo and bubble bath, (They count as 4 separate gifts  because they were wrapped separately!) A discounted (?Where did he find that???) Christmas candle, and a bag of stones! Now how many lucky wives and Mothers do you know who have ever got a bag of stones for their birthday??? hahahaha Not quite sure what I'm going to do with them ... but its the thought that counts ...right?  :))  Think I may have to write a list next year ...hehehe But he did make up for it with the swishy net book so he's still very much loved!

Abigael and Jacob are my stars this year, not for their gifts, which are lovely but for the thought and planning and secretive shopping they did together. Unbeknownst to me they had arranged to meet up in \preston town centre to go shop together to get me  a combined gift . So Abigael travelled down from Lancaster and Jacob travelled up, caught the train on his own for the first time {bless his cotton 16 year old socks, he didn't realise he could buy a return ticket and paid for two singles which was practically the double of a return, aaawww, his mum should let him out more :) } But my lovely big children  actually planned and worked together to get me some lovely gifts ...
Some deliciously yummyLush smellies for luxuriating in the bath, snugly socks and my favouritest chocolates, Viennese Truffles ...only one packet in the photo, I've already devoured the other packet ...hehehe It just goes show that despite years or sisterly-brotherly, nit-picking, squabbling and occasional fisticuffs they really can get on very well and take care of their Mummy. Love my Absie and Jakey-boy soooo much :)
My Angels had a teensy helping hand with their gifts ;) Well a mum's got to do what a mum's got to do ..haha I was better organised than Christmas and placed my order's early for them to arrive in time ..haha .. Terrible I know ...but at least I'm aware of my faults and failings, guess I just need to work a little bit harder on improving them :))
The Angels ordered some lovely patterns and fabric and threads, along with a hoop-protector and a project pouch, then they filled the gift bag out with more chocolates :) Aren't they clever Angels!
It's a little bit late ...well a couple of days but you can't have birthday without a birthday cake! We did eventually get round to lighting the candles ... once I remembered where they were :)
Those candles were blown out numerous times by huffing and puffing Angels ... their blowing techniques are getting better ... less bubbles and splutters ...Eeeeaawww!!! hahaha    Aaaw,  can't not let them try its their favourite bit, they both get sooooo excited when the cake comes out :)
Lots of lovely gifts and lovely memories. Hubby and I had a lovely drive out to Haworth, I'll sort through the photos and share them soon... well as soon as I can convince Jacob to help me ...hehehe may have to use a little bit of bribery on him :)
Be back sooooooooon....         
Hugs Wendy x x x

Saturday, 2 March 2013

What kind of girlie is late for her own birthday??? Me that's who!!! I somehow managed to get all my dates mixed up, I could have sworn when I looked on the calender last week it said that my birthday was on Thursday... but it was  yesterday! Actually, it wasn't yesterday, nor the day before and it's not even today :(   I'm soooo confused I don't even know when it is ... lol!  Just one of the many joys of being a Leap Year baby born on the 29th February... but you know me, I always make it a week long celebrtion so getting my days all mixed up hasn't really caused tooo much trouble. Its more a matter of which day to blow the candles on the cake out ...hehehe

I have had a lovely week, been out an about which I'll have to write about sooooon, lots of photos but unable to share at the moment as a certain little Angel accidentally broke my teensy netbook so I can't download or access any photos ... hoping this publishes. She's somehow managed to break the hinges so that the screen is attached to the keyboard by one black wire ... not even sure how I'm manageing to access the web and type this ... lol! Got to love my Angel :) Hubby is taking me out soon to choose a new one as my birthday gift  as he hadn't quite got me anything yet ...lucky my little netbook breaking and needing replacing at gifty giving time ... hahaha

So I shall keep this sweet and short ... and pictureless :(   I will love you and leave you and happily go spend some of hubby's pennies ... well more than I usually do and with permission!!!! ;)  
Be back soon on my new toy ... hopefully! :)

Birthday Hugs Wendy x x x