Monday, 25 February 2013

You didn't think that I wouldn't go back for those baskets did you? :) If it hadn't have been for the dreams, I probably wouldn't have ... but well you know what its like when you start dreaming!! lol! I did have to wait over a week before I could get back to the Old Mill where I'd seen them, I can't tell you how insistent my dreams were becoming .. hehehe   I couldn't get there during the school holiday, but as soon as those little munchkins were on the bus to school this morning I scooted off as fast as the road speed limits allowed ;)  Taaadaaahh...
I couldn't believe that they were still there .... obviously they were meant for me ...hahaha... my dreamings were true ... hehehe .... Naaaahh just lucky that no-one else wanted to buy a couple of old used baskets ... haha  I also found that cute teensy basket, perfect for holding spools of thread :) and I couldn't pass up the teensy cupcake/bun tins ... only 10p each! And the darning mushroom looked sooooo lonely ....  :)  I was feeling most happy and fortunate with my long awaited and dreamt about purchases that it wasn't until I got home that I realized I hadn't even brushed my hair before I left the house. Oh well good job I've got a short messy haircut 'style' ..hehehe Although it was more bedflat on one side than stylishly messy, lol! But I got my baskets !!!! :)

It's been  very coooooold all week, not fun when the munchkins are off school and cooped up inside. But we made our own entertainment ... went through alot of glue sticks ... lol!
I managed to finish of a few sewing bits and bots inbetween refereeing Angelic chaos and unsticking glued up fingers out of long tangled hair :)  ...
I just added some sweet Annie and a small old key to the red woolly heart. The heart pinkeep at the back has a small wool strawberry attached but still no oil can ;) The cross stitch pillow tucks at the front are just finished with some rusty safety pins and beads and rusty bell. The Valentine cross stitch is a Primitive-Betty's design and the hearts and vine pillow is actually from another Country Stitches design , but it was only as I was about finished that I realized I'd used the wrong 'count'  size  fabric and that it would end up enormous, so I made it into a pillow tuck instead.
This is what it should look like :)  ....
The design is 'Loved Filled Heart' by Country Stitches-with thy needle and thread. I filled my pocket with another smaller woolly heart and some red hat pins ... The hat pins won't stay in the heart, they're just for show .. hehehe .. Can you imagine two little Angels getting their fingers on hat pins?? Can you imagine being terrorised and probably poked and stabbed by two little Angels with hat pins ??? I CAN!!! ;) The hat pins will go back into the Quiet Room where they can't be reached .. but they looked good for the photo, hahaha
I also finished up this hanging pillow ....
'Love & Be Loved' again by Country Stitches (can you tell I love her designs ... my new cross stitchy PG!) I quite like this one, I wouldn't normally go for any cupids and such but they're growing on me. But I particularly like the finishing with the buttons  along the bottom edge ... saves on the rusty bells ..hehehe
I had just a leeeeetle win on Ebay during the week :) ...
Its a teensy bit more shabby chic than I would have liked, but I do think it has potential, but most importantly it was as cheap as chips :) I'm thinking of at least repainting it as the current colour just kind of gets lost on the wall. When I collected it the Lady selling assured me it was painted with Annie Sloan paint, not sure who Annie Sloan is but I acted dutifully impressed all the while thinking I'm going to paint it apple spice red! Hubby likes the colour as it is, says it blends into the wall so he can't see it !!??!! Men! So at the moment it will stay as is and I'll keep my beady eye open for more cheapy goodies ... my luck is obviously good at the moment ...hahaha
Just to finish because blogger is proving icky at the minute, I just want to share a sweet gift that I received from the lovely Anna from the 'Woolly Mammoth' blog on saturday ...
A lovely little woolly wall pocket, just the right size to hide a sneaky bar of chocolate in ... which Anna very thoughtfully supplied too ;) And it was yummy ...thats just the empty wrapper refolded nicely you can see peaking out of the top ... just setting the scene for the camera :)
Thankyou Anna for a lovely thoughtful gift especially as Anna is in the middle of packing up not only her home but her sewing room too ready for her big move! Thankyou lots and lots :))
Well I best go think about making dinner for my hungry hordes ... no rest for the wicked as my Dad says :) But at least this Mum is happily wicked with her new Baskets!! ;) 
Hugs Wendy x x

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day :) That's two Happy's in one week! After 20 years of marriage Luurve is still in the Kirby Air ... well it was until I caught the Mr eating my chocolates!!! ;) hahaha Cheeky tinker said he couldn't wait, he even pinched my really really nice choccies (the ones I bought myself from him, knowing that he'd buy them for me if he'd seen them ..hehehe) They're safe now ... I've hidden them. We do have a serious chocolate issue (even possibly borderline obsession) in our home ... there are 3 golden rules: 1) Trust no-one, especially Mr Hubby !!! 2) Buy lots cause you have to share ... or at least make sure you have enough 'extras' to hide, and last but not least 3) Get in quick ... cause someone (Mr Hubby!) will always pinch the very one you wanted ... hahaha.
No quarter or mercy is shown in our home when it comes to chocolate ;) It's every man, woman and child for his or herself!!!

With that explanation this Valentines goodies picture shouldn't be tooooo shocking ....
Some beautiful red tulips and a sweet carnation mix mini bouquet trying to hide the 3 large boxes of chocolates ... not included in the picture is the box already opened by a naughty Mr and some small chocolate heart treats that the Angels devoured in  seconds nor the secret box of pralines that are my favourite and I have hidden in my secret-secret place that no-one yet has found! HA!!! :)) I told you we have a serious chocolate problem ... do you believe me now! ;) Please also note my lovely Valentines card beautifully made by Angel Esther :)

I didn't quite manage to finish all the heartsy/valentines sewing projects I had on the go ... here they are in various stages of 'finish' ...
Everything is all stitched, they just need little finishings, like buttons or rusty bells and safety pins, ribbon to hang, one even needs an old oil can ... hahaha .. don't think that's going to happen :) will have to try and rethink that one .. lol! I usually keep my Valentines decor out until they end of February so we can enjoy it for as long as possible. Then it will be Spring and you know what that means .... bring on the bunnies!!! lol!

I've still been feeling a bit anxious and tearful about our possible/probable respite changes  and Angel Esther is giving me cause for concern with a few too many seizures this week ... a nasty one yesterday whilst getting ready for school which meant having to keep her home all day :(  Not sure why she's having a bad week its not planned on the calender, lol! .... Ooops, that probably sounds awful ... there are certain times during the month that I expect more seizure activity so its kind of 'planned' for,   if that makes sense ... acording to our 'schedule' this should be a quiet week :)
It possibly means she's 'brewing' for some infection or such so will just need me to keep a closer eye than usual on her  :)  So feeling a little bit in need of cheering up, earlier today I did a teensy bit of comfort shopping at the old cotton mill that sells 'old/antique' stuff ... I've never seen anything antique, not that I'd recognise it anyways,  but they do have lots of old and used bits and bobs,  hubby would call it all junk! hahaha
My 'cheer-me-up' rummage found these goodies ...
We all know I can't resist a basket! And there were lots to choose from today, I could easily have brought home another two! Also my love for sewing/darning mushrooms, I couldn't not bring home the prettily painted one and I was excited to find the two handled one, guessing that each end must be for different parts of the sock, heel and toe maybe ... just guessing lol!  The crocheted doilies were mere pennies ... silly to leave them behind ;) And finally the bobbin because .. hey, its a bobbin! And the enamel funnel and mini grater are perfect additions for my kitchenalia collection that I usually get out for summer time. I'm becoming very seasonally conditioned ..hehehe  I do soooo love wandering around looking at other peoples old unwanted 'stuff' I find it very de-stressing and it is exciting when you find something that tickles your fancy. I very rarely go with something specific in mind that I want, I like to let things 'call to me' hahaha   If it makes me smile and doesn't cost an arm and a leg I pick it up and walk with it awhile ... until I reach the 'pay here' desk where I happily hand over my pennies :) I had a fun morning and it cheered me up, so job done!

One last picture of my not quite filled Valentines Corner ... squished the snowman that were in that spot over onto the piano and olde dresser. Snowmen are also still out until the end of February ... see very conditioned, or it could just be my OCD taking charge ... hehee ;) 

See not quite finished ...  It will look fuller when I add my newbie finishes with all their bells buttons and bows ... lol! I have until the end of the month to get it right before I pack it all away for another year :)  Hey-Ho that's the way it goes!

Tomorrow is the last day of school/college before we have a weeks 1/2 term holiday break .... then its birthday week ...yaaaaaayyyy!! :) I'm already planning .. lol! So tomorrow I'll try and have a quiet rest day and finish my valentines hearts and hopefully prep some stitching to keep me occupied whilst the Angels are home causing mischief for a WHOLE week :)  Not much planned for the holiday week as it's still cold, wet and dreary outside. Not really warm enough to take Angels out to the park but we may be brave and try the cinema but more than likely we'll bake cookies, eat ice-cream, snuggle and watch DVD's and do lots of drawing and sticking ... Angels LOVE Glue prit-sticks :)

Well I'm pooped and emotionally drained after this week and ready for my bed ... maybe one last choccie though ... hehehehe :)

Valentines Kisses & Hugs,       Wendy    x o x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Happy Pancake Tuesday! We have lots of full pancake tummy's here tonight :) A certain young Angelic lady holds the record for 5 pancakes, closely followed by a slightly younger Angel with 3 and a bit ... she got distracted half way thru' the fourth one, wandered off and hasn'tcome back to it yet .... aaawww :)  We needed our pancakes today to cheer us up. We've had some disappointing news this morning. We had a preliminary meeting today, it was a review of the respite care package that we receive for the Angels. Unfortunately it seems certain that Social Services will probably be cutting our respite hours because of cuts in government funding. This means that the Angels will be loosing out on trips to the cinema and farm and other fun times with their carers. It also means the rest of us will be loosing out on much needed breaks to catch our breath or even just do housework and nap :(  Although I'm terribly disappointed for the Angels and naturally myself hubby and Jacob, its not unexpected. Everyone knows cuts are been made by the government, I guess we were lucky to have lasted so long ... it does leave me with anxious feelings about how we'll manage over the summer holidays but I guess there's not much point in worrying about it too much now. There's always hope that we'll get a reprieve when our review case goes before the panel that makes the decisions and is finalised but  ... well who knows.

I admit to being a bit tearful and weepy today, even chocolate hasn't appeased me (and I've sampled several bars just to see if any would help ..hehehe) So I decided the best way to distract myself would be to keep myself busy with some sewing. It's surprising what I can actually do in an afternoon when I put my mind to it :) ...
I made a bag! :) Another bag! hahaha The only problem with making the bag was that I didn't spend any time preparing dinner for this evening ... Oooopps! But Hubby was most understanding when he came in from work and I explained all about the upsetting meeting. After a comforting hug and a quick comment about dinner been late followed by a 'Look what I made' show of my new bag,  his first words to me where:  "lovely dear, like you really need another bag (eyebrows raised) and I don't need feeding .... hahaha!?"  Cheeky thing :) Well today I did need another bag. And it did help to distract me ... its not easy sewing whilst your crying ... a few nudges from the machines needle against your finger nail soon sobers you up .. hehehe   I just rummaged around in my stash of fabric and found this lovely moda patchwork (you didn't think I'd sewn all those small squares myself did you? .... Course not, look at how all the points match up ...hahaha) I'm happy with it and it will be handy for holding my growing collection of cross-stitch patterns and fabric. And hubby did get his dinner in the end ... even if it was just a warm chicken sandwich ... with lots of pancakes for 'afters' ;)

I finished my cross stitch pocket/pouch for February ...
I pretty much followed the design for the pillow using the rusty bells at the bottom and the hanging ribbon attached using rusty safety pins even though I changed it into a pouch/pocket and not a pillow.  I think it looks sweet, especially when filled with some stuffed hearts, its all ready for valentines :)  I have a few more little bits and pieces in my sewing basket that I hope to finish soon and I'm progressing albeit slowly on Mum's frosty Snowman runner ... it'll be ready for next year ...hahaha

Well thats about it for now, not much to share really, just my woes ... think I need to go eat another pancake ;) My only problem is ... what filling should I have? Comforting Chocolate Nutella Spread, Traditional Sugar and Lemon Juice or Decadent Maple Syrup and whipped cream ??? Decisions, decisions :)   Ooooooh go on then ... Maple syrup it is! :)
Hugs  Wendy x x

Friday, 1 February 2013

It's February!!! Hooooray ... Birthday month and the month of Lurrrrve :) I don't know why I love February soooo much, well apart from the obvious birthday related reason ...hahaha. Its still cold and dark outside, in fact it was sooooo cold this morning I couldn't feel the tip of my nose by the time I came back inside from sending the Angels on their merry way to school on the bus (no longer the little red bus :(  Now a super duper white bus with hand rail and steps! And most exciting other children to get excited about seeing and in some cases sitting next to and holding hands with!!!) {thats Mim-Lou of course with a little boy that's in her class ...he seems to tolerate her affections quite well even if they are not reciprocated ...hahaha}

I've had a mini  Lurrrve preparation day :) I had the idea to make some hearts for a teensy basket that I found when I was rummaging around for some fabric in the quiet room this morning. I want to make another bag to hold more almost finished projects in and had just the fabric in mind to use .... but could I find it??? Nooooo of course I couldn't, made a jolly good mess of my room searching though ;) Really need to get in there and sort it out soon. I'll shame myself by showing this photo ....
and it gets worse ....
I can't even reach my sewing machine now! :( Definately a job to do this next week, otherwise all my sewing plans are likely to draw to a standstill!

Soooo these are the little hearts I decided to make on the spur of the moment :) ...
A bit lumpy, lol! But I like them, and I think they'll sit in the basket well when I've finished sewing the last one :)

I've also made progress on one of Mum's snowmen projects ....
And I've remembered the name of the design now ... "Frosty Mugs" by 'Threads that Bind'. Quite a quick easy sew. Not toooo much to do now, just the faces and more appliqued snowballs and then backing. I'm not holding my breath (as usual ... hahaha) but I could possibly have this completed and ready to give to Mum in the next week ... or two ;)

To keep my fingers occupied in the evenings I've started a new CrossStitch project ...
This is by 'Country Stitches-with thy needle and thread' "Love & be Loved"  and so far so good, I might even have it finished for Valentines Day! :)

Well since I started to write this blog/journal entry, all Angelic Chaos has erupted and I have one little Angel in the process of a very dramatic 'my life is all over' paddy. Lots of tears , even if they do resemble big crocodile ones ;) Best go tend to my cuddling duties ... be back sooooooon

Hugs Wendy x x