Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I've decided that one of the sweetest things in life is the feeling you get on a Monday morning when you shut the front door after seeing everyone of to work and school and college .... Peace at last!!! There's nothing like it :)I think its sweeter on Mondays, I love that Monday morning feeling especially after a weekend of fun and games  and Angel antics at Church! Not again I hear you cry :) Well yes, I don't think Church would be quite the spiritual uplift it is meant to be if my Angels weren't there keeping the congregation awake with their mischief! This Sunday was definately another one for the journal :)  Miriam obviously had some concerns about her dress that she was wearing, she was pulling and tugging at it, not in itself unusual, she's the kind of little girl that should be in a pair of huckleberry finn dungarees with hole in her knees and worn out patches on her bottom :) But she'll generally tolerate a dress for Sundays. This week she just mithered all the way there and once we got into the Chapel she was still a bit crotchety ... well she certainly had the last laugh! Whilst we were settling ourselves into place ... and she was sat right next to me and I didn't see a thing!! ... I suddenly felt what can only be described as a 'swooosh'. I turned and looked towards Mim, only to see her sat dress-less next to me and looking up watching her dress ever so slooooowly floating back down to our pew. The little munchkin had somehow whipped it off  with such gusto that it was flung high into the air for everybody to see, whilst she looked on with a great big satisfied grin on her face!! {Can I just point out that Mim was in no way bodily exposed whilst undressed, she had a lovely thick pair of belly warmer tights on and a thick snuggly 'down to her bottom' polo necked jumper [I always buy BIG because I tend to shrink everything!] She was completely covered , even if she did slightly resemble a black ninja about to karate-chop someone ... probably me if I tried putting the dress back on!} I won't mention the names of friends and family that I know were sniggering at our predicament ... I could hear you!!! But needless to say we didn't last the whole service ... when it looked like the tights were possibly going to be making a journey towards the knees we beat a hasty retreat home  to the safety of a nice pair of play jeans!  Only my Angels!

All our Snow that arrived on friday had melted away by Monday morning and today you would never even suspect it had actually ever snowed!! It has all disappeared. You wouldn't believe we had blizzards and 10 - 12 inches of snow. So much that even the thoughts of going outside to do anything other than build snowmen and have snowball fights was just madness, certainly driving on the roads was only for the the poor road gritters and snow plows. But we had lots of fun wrapping up warm and playing in the garden, lots of gentle snowball fights. Esther particularly enjoyed playing with Daddy's snow shovel, moving snow whilst we tried to duck and avoid clouts on the head :)  We built a snowman but sadly this is all that's left of him ...
Not much ...  (I did have to strategically re-position my brussel sprout eyes and carrot nose for the photo... as the snow melted they had landed in a rather suggestive way and this is a family blog/journal .. hahaha)

It's probably time I showed my unmelted snowmen displays before its time to put them away too ...
My little Snow Buddies corner, not if I'm honest 'doing it' for me this year, I kind of feel it needs something to give it a bit more Ummphff, possibly a woolie snow runner or something.

Then there's my Jim Shore Snowman cubby ...
My new snow ornament treasures are as high up out of Angel finger reach as possible :)   We all know the dangers posed by little sticky Angel fingers :)  I've just noticed a slight gap at the top ... may have to work on filling that space ...hehehe

Next the Piano ...
This is mostly my collection of 'Honey and me' snowmen ... love them :) But they are soooo hard to find here, I think the majority of these have come from the US over the years as gifts from family or with a nasty little charge courtesy of Mr Import and Duties man :(

Last but not least, my little 'snow' dresser ...
Again, not quite 'feeling the snow lurrve' here either. I think I need to do some major tweaking to get the look I want ... just not sure about the old wooden snow-fence in the bottom corner...probably just over thinking things ...lol! I do have few more snowmen, and snow touches here and there, maybe I'm spreading things too thin and need to group them all together instead of spreading them around :)
I haven't really made any new additions this year. Apart from some lumpy snowman heads ...
I'm quite pleased with them :) They look quite sweet in a bowl of pine cones ... but absolutely no throwing allowed ... Snowball fights are NOT permitted .... just a friendly warning for certain members of the family ... you know who you are!!  ;)

I put the last stitch in my Monthly Cross Stitch from 'Country Threads' last night ... January ...
Not a particularly good photo, you can't quite see the snow flakes, and the snowman is a bit vague ... it's better in real life ...hahaha   I kind of feel sad having completed the final month. I've really enjoyed doing them even if some months were a little bit more of a challenge ...hehehe I'd like to get each completed into a little pocket or pillow and have them finished so I can display them , it would be such a shame to have them stashed away unfinished in  basket when I could be enjoying them :)

I worked hard today and prepped a few more projects, a loooooong snow man head runner, my Mum bought the kit for me to make it for her in time for winter :)  As usual I've not quite got there, but I have made a start and from what I did today once you actually start stitching its quite quick and easy. It's all the applique tracing and fusing that takes soooooo long. If I'm lucky there may be enough wool left from the kit to make one for myself too as its very generous in its wool pieces. I can't remember the name of the pattern but I think Mum got the kit from 'Winterberry Cabin'. I'll take a photo when there's something to show :) I also prepped another snow kit for my Mum, (she's got me working hard on orders for her ...lol) This one is a kit from 'Heart to Hand' designs 'Snowy Days' and is just gorgeous! Unfortunately this kit isn't so very generous in its woolly pieces, there definately won't be enough left-overs for me to use. I'm not sure where or from whom Mum ordered this kit from ... she's worse than me on the internet!  hahaha  Soooooooo because it is sooo gorgeoous and Primitive Gatherings just happen to have kitted it themselves, I placed a teensy weensy order today for my very own PG woolly Snowy Days kit, which I just know will be wonderful ;)  And I saved pennies because as I already have Mum's pattern I just needed to order the kit ... I must have saved myself at least $8.00 ... lol!!

Well if I'm to get all Mum's orders completed I best go do some sewing :) Soooo nice to be back in the swing of things ... might even get those lovely BOM's finally finished  :)

Big Hugs  Wendy x x

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ooooooh Nooooo!!! .... More snoooooow :(  I really don't think I can face anymore snow days off school ... I've completely run out of stickers and glue sticks ...lol! Fortunately the snow didn't start falling heavily until the Angels were arriving home from school this afternoon. But its not stopped since then, in fact it looks quite blizzardy out there right now, soooo bad infact that downstairs in our family room I think I have two boyfriends sleeping on my sofas for the night and two girlfriends sleeping upstairs in the tiny spare room (Abigael popped home {with said boyfriend, whom I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention but you know me I like to live dangerously ... hehehe ...  and also her girlfriend and her boyfriend} from University on her way to a Church dance in Manchester but they all got stranded here because of the snow! ... Home! A good place to be stranded ...lol!)

I have to admit to a teensy bit of recklessness today ... whilst everyone was panic food shopping for the predicted snow, {which I may pay for dearly now, especially with a house full of unexpected guests ... hungry student guests at that!} I was panic 'bond-a-web' shopping for my woolly applique!!! hahahahaa ...
See not a loaf of bread in sight... actually I really did forget the bread :o but I remembered the milk .. and the mini marshmallows for the hot chocolate :)  Although Hubby is probably not going to be toooo impressed when he can't have his toast in the morning! Ooops! :) But a girl neeeeeds her bond-a-web!! I also spotted those sweet snowflake candle votive holders and shade thingy ... just seemed a seasonal thing to buy ...hahahha ... If the snow has stopped in the morning I can always send Jacob down to the small local shop for a loaf of bread ... goodness me what kind of mother am I?? ;)

We've had some drama this week, not including the snow .. poor Mim had an accident at school :(  She fell quite badly in PE/Movement on Wednesday and gave her left knee a good old bashing. The bruising is quite pretty but I don't think shes toooo impressed with the discomfort ;) Lots of cuddles needed to stop the tears ... and a couple of spoonfuls of Calpol. She is moving around bit better now but whatever we do we can't mention her knee or else she bursts into tears and starts to limp or drag her foot (the mind of an Angel is a very curious thing! How does she know to limp???) Obviously it meant a few days at home to rest and allow the swelling to go down ... partly why I'm lacking in stickers and glue sticks :) But she thoroughly enjoyed time alone with her Mummy snuggling and playing .. and eating my chocolate biscuits :)

In between cuddles and snuggles I managed to finish two of the Country Stitches monthly designs and make a good start on the final one ...
November proved a challenge, the original design had a turkey and cornocopia on and I just wasnt keen on either, so after lots of dithering around , and having left it only half stitched for a few weeks, I finally pulled myself together and added a poppy for remembrance and a tree with falling leaves for the end of autumn. I'm quite pleased with it now...just wish I'd thought of it sooner :)
December was much easier and a quick  and enjoyable stitch, so much so I think I may even make a few more as gifts for Christmas ... hows that for thinking ahead?! :) So now I'm sewing the final design  which is January, I actually feel a bit lost as to what I'll do when I've finished ... actually I still need to sew up each design into either little hanging bags or doorknob hanging pillows as they are supposed to be ... so still lots of work to do yet :) If I'm really good I could even get them finished in time to be displayed for their relevant months ... not holding my breath though ... hahaha

I have been industrious this week ... maybe I should keep Mim home from school more often ....Nooooo, how can I even think that!!!??? :)) I also managed to quickly sew up this very simple penny mat for my Mum's birthday ...
Just a very simple plain red woolly mat, its not quite finished in this picture, I put the last button-hole/blanket edge stitch in this evening :) I also got Mum a snowflake candle shade and plate thingy ... 'in for a penny-in for a pound' ;) Hopefully the woolly mat is just what Mum 'idea~ed'
me to do, and I think it will look nice where she plans to display it. As long as Mum is happy with it  I'll be happy :)

I still haven't shared my Snowmen displays, will definately do it soon, especially if I'm doomed to suffer more snow days ... with a houseful of Angels, and girlfriends and boyfriends ... who incidently by the smell of it are making and eating my popcorn!!! Probably should have remembered to buy that loaf of bread ... no idea what I'm going to feed them in the morning for breakfast ... won't be toast!! But I did sooooooo need that bond-a-web!!! ;)

Yet more Snowy hugs  :)
Wendy x x x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Its a Snow Day!!! And luckily we got the 'text' from school before I'd got the Angels up and ready in their uniforms so its a Pajama Snow Day!! :) Snow day for Hubby too, no College for him today. Sadly Jacob is IN  :(  Poor boy trudged out the door at 8am to catch his bus with fingers crossed .... but it came! We were sooo hopeful that he'd be back home by 8:30 ... hope he remembered to take money for lunch ;) So whilst the Angels and I are still snuggly in our PJ's watching cartoons and munching on nibblies I thought I should take the time to catch up. I'm soooooooo behind, I feel like I've hit January at a fast running pace, and I'm already struggling to keep up ...  I'm barely over Christmas and I'm almost thru' the first month of the year! Hahaha  Where to start??? I think its going to take a couple of Journal/blog entries to catch up :)

Let's start with Christmas Goodies ...
Lots of yummy goodiness :) I Love my Cath Kidston fingerless gloves that Abigael got me, perfect for stitching in whilst keeping my hands warm :) Snuggly slipper socks for toasty toes from Jacob, perfume and smellies from hubby and history/pioneer books from my Angels ... with a little help from Mummy ;)  And Mum and Dad remembered my love for 'Little House on the Prairie' and got me the final DVD for my collection. I was sooooooooo good this year I didn't order any, not any, woolly 'just-in-case' gifties ( I had had a teensy package from PG earlier in December if you remember ...hehehe and I was poorley, ill and dyin'...hehehe) But I am thinking about joining another BOM with The Quilted Crow starting later in January ... just thinking ;) And No I've still not finished my PG Home and Heart BOM :(
I also recieved some new additions to my Jim Shore Santa's collection ....

Just love the colours and quilty/patchwork designs :) Starting to get a nice collection now, I keep telling Abi and Jake that my Jim Shores are their inheritance ... not sure they are that impressed ... lol!
Aaaaaaaand loookie some Snowmen  :) ....
These are my first Snowmen, could get as addictive as the Santas ...hahaha

I have my snowmen out already, but this is getting long and my Angels are getting fidgety so I'll share them next time. But I have one special giftie to share ....
A wonderful Winters surprise from my lovely friend Julia  of  'Bilberry Grove'.  Isn't he the cutest Snowman, love his ski's and his nose!  Thankyou sooo much my lovely Julia, I love him ... and the extra snowman tags and chocolate goodies too ....you know me soooo well x x

Well the snow is still falling, you'll be glad to know we are all dressed now, we had a little stomp around in the snow outside, threw some snowballs, soft Angelic snowballs of course, we even licked a few snowballs ... like SNOW-Angels do :)  And when our fingers got tooo cold, because Angels don't like to wear gloves, we came inside and watched Daddy build a snowman from the warmth of the patio windows - he's not done too bad a job ..hehehe :) We're now preparing ourselves for more snuggling, and settling down to watch Harry Potter on DVD  :)  I have got my glue sticks and paper ready should Angelic restlessness begin to rear its grumpy head ... hahaha ... also a hidden bar of chocolate in my sewing bag ... for my nerves you understand :) Hoping the snow stops soon ... not sure I could survive a second snow day!!! ;)

Chilly Snowball Hugs  Wendy x x

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hippedy, Hoppedy, Happedy Newbie Yearly! :) Wow ... 2013 ... Christmas is gone in a poooof! I only went for a lie down on Christmas Day afternoon, next thing I know its New Years Eve ... Booohooo, I missed Christmas :(  We aaaall missed Christmas in our house this year ... we've all been "sick, ill an' not long for tha dyin'" around here. We've had the nasty Flu bug lurgy :(     I think the munchkins managed to open their presents from Santa Claus, not sure If I got round to mine ... hehehe
 But on a good note ....
The Tree is still standing!!!!! :) And look there's proof that the munchkins must at least have opened their stockings :)  (all folded nicely on top of the piano) ...hahaha This year will probably prove to be the Christmas we lost to the flu lurgy ... not fair either as I had such a good 'plan' ;) Oh well there's always next year ...hehehe

Well that's all I wanted to share ... Happy New Year, and stay safe  ... away from the flu lurgy :)  Will try and share some late Christmas/New Year joy soon  ... maybe when we are safely back at School, College, University and Work :)

I'm going to go have a rest now ... its very tiring all this New Year excitement :)

Hugs  Wendy x x